tagBDSMBonnie Lavigne Ch. 04 - Ringed

Bonnie Lavigne Ch. 04 - Ringed


Bonnie didn't know why He put her in the box. Normally He used it as part of her conditioning. Did He think she needed a refresher? A stream of questions began running through her head.

He built the Sensory Deprivation Box off an experience he had back when he had had a cast on his arm. When it was removed, his arm was very sensitive to the touch. The slightest breeze over it felt as if a hurricane was blowing. He did some research and found denial would influence sight and hearing the same way.

She remembered when he built it. He had done all kinds of measurements of her lying on a table. Her arms by her sides but not touching her sides and her legs slightly spread.

One day, He came home with lumber and what looked like foam mattresses.

He had her lie down on the foam he had placed in the box he built, in the same position he had had her in on the table when he was measuring and traced the profile of her body on the foam. Every now and again, he would have her lay in the cutout he was working into the foam.

When he was satisfied with the cutout, he laid more foam that covered her. He formed one side of it to compensate for her body contours and cut a hole out, freeing her nose and mouth. The hole aligned to holes he had drilled in the cover.

When the box is closed, the foam would press together to mold to her body. Other than the little bit of give the foam allowed she could not move. Although she could not move, she was very comfortable and she quickly lost any sense of time. So here she was, closed in a box, immobile, with almost no sense of smell, deaf and blind.

Her mind began to wander. She had the feeling of floating in the middle of a huge nothingness. Her thoughts were fading away, the answers to her questions un-important now. She flowed into the nothingness surrounding her - Thoughtless...

After a time - she had no idea how long; she thought she heard soft whispers. At first, she could not make them out and they were only a disturbance. Slowly though she began to understand what was being said, "Submit... Follow orders... Never say 'no'..." before they would fade off again.

Another time she thought she understood, "Your' body is not yours... You are His property... He will do with you as He pleases... Do as you are told... Submit... Never say 'no'..." before the whispers faded again.

The pressure released from her body. The box had been opened. Bonnie came back to reality.

When the cover foam was raised, it felt like an arctic blast of air on her body. She wanted to shriek, but caught herself at the last second.

As he got her out of the box, the arctic blast of cold caught her backside to a second shock.

Though very much awake now, her mind was still numb from disorientation. Her mind had not yet started to speed up.

He waited.

It took a short time for the motor that was her mind to start and "Reset". Everything was brighter. The sounds of the house were louder. The room smelled stuffy and the heat was even more intense now.

The sun was shining through the window and once her mind cleared a bit more, she realized she had been in the box at least the entire night.

Hr grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, bending her into the box. Her face was in the cutout and the sensitive nipples of her 38 double D tits rubbed against the foam.

Only now did she realize that He had nothing on as He began stuffing His cock into her pussy. He quickly found his rhythm, pumping into her.

She was bracing herself on her forearms, His pumping made her tits swing back and forth, rubbing her nipples against the foam, making them even more sensitive than they already were.

From the intensified sense of feeling, she started building to orgasm even faster than she normally would so it did not take long before she was grinding into Him, begging, "May I cum, Sir?"

"No, hold it, slut," he commanded.

He knew she was on a "Feeling Trip" spending eight hours in the box but wanted her super sensitive for what he had planned for her today.

Bonnie fought. She was going crazy. Just getting out of the box, everything was extreme. By the time he dumped His load into her, she had come very close to breaking His command.

His load was not very good after the explosion that he had last night but that was not the point. He wanted her as sensitive as he could get her.

He had her clean him the same way he had last night, massaging him to get the last drops out of his tube and put her in the box, closed the lid and went to shower.

When he finished, he got her back out of the box to have her get ready, telling her also to wash out the inside of her pussy.

During her shower, the water feeling intense, she douched. The water streaming into her pussy almost made her cum.

When she came out, He had laid clothing out for her to put on.

After she got it on, he inspected her look. He wanted her to look like a street whore, knowing the look made her feel un-comfortable.

Her top was white with a deep V-neck, showing off lots of cleavage and so short that it barley covered her nipples - showing off lots of under-boob. The material was thin enough that the brown of her nipples shimmered through.

Her skirt was black and as short as the one she had worn to the bar. Barely long enough to cover her shaved pussy while standing and showing off the underside of her ass quite nicely. Underneath she was bare assed.

He had her put on tight black patent-leather knee-high stiletto boots to finish the look of her clothing.

Not wanting her long, bottom of the ass cheek, straight strawberry blond hair to hide anything, he had her do her hair in a farmer's braid. This could be moved from side to side as needed later.

When she had gone out to the car to go to the bar, it was dark and she felt like she had hundreds of eyes from the neighbors looking at her. Now the sun was out and it felt like millions. She turned beet red even before she went out the door. He just smiled inside, knowing that it actually turned her on - making her even more sensitive.

Once in the car, he had her hike her skirt up and keep her legs spread. Her hands were not to leave the seat. Then he blindfolded her so she could not know if she was being ogled, hence, she had the feeling of being ogled the whole time.

As they were driving, he kept his free hand busy stroking her pussy lips and playing with her tits. By the time they got to where they were going, she was squirming.

He got out of the car and opened the door for her, getting her out and led the way. As they were getting close to the entrance, he said to her, "These are friends of mine. While here, you refer to me as "Master". You will refer to the others as "Sir". You will remain silent unless you are asked a direct question. Regardless from whom you get an order or instruction from, you will follow it unless I tell you differently. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." she obediently answered, already getting more wet than she already was from Him playing with her in the car.

"So that was it...I am going to get passed around." she thought.

She had been passed around before, but He had not done it so secretive. He had packed her bare assed in the trunk of the car, brought her to a BDSM club, and dressed her there - if at all.

As soon as they got inside, he ordered her to strip, leaving only the blindfold on and get in position.

During this, he made his greetings and a little small talk.

After Bonnie was bare assed, she assumed her position, placing her feet shoulder length apart. Bending at the waist until her upper body is parallel to the floor, keeping her legs straight. She reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, making sure she opened her ass and pussy. Then she picked her head up and opened her mouth.

"Turn real slow, don't stop" he ordered her and slapped her hard on the ass, leaving a red hand on it. She jumped a bit more than she normally did when startled and began to turn, displaying her from all angles to her un-seen audience.

"Looks like you still got your' fuck meat," Bonnie heard somebody say from right in front of her.

"Yeah," he said, "but I'm looking to freshen things up. It's been a long time and I need some spice. That's why I brought her to you today. Had her in the box all night and been teasing the fuck out of her all morning getting her sensitive. Want to get her ringed for a leash or weights, nose, tits an' clit hood and I want her to feel every bit of it."

As he said "Ringed", Bonnie's eyes got wide under the blindfold. She almost dropped a step while turning, just catching herself.

"I can't pay you much, but I think we can come to terms," reaching his hand down to her open ass, shaking it vigorously.

She heard the voice say, "I don't want your' money, but it'll cost you four. For me and the other three here. Since you have her all steamed up, I think I can help you with your plan of her feeling it - but that'll cost a rack of beer along side."

"Done," he agreed.

Bonnie lie down flat on a padded table and her legs were put up, as they would be at the Gynecologists.

She felt many hands playing with her body. Grabbing and pinching as they inspected her. Fingers went inside all her holes, fucking her.

She was pulled up so her head no longer had any support, forcing her to let it hang back.

She felt restraints put on her. Her arms were bound to the tabletop. Wider straps were put over her chest, just above and right below her tits. Another wide strap over her hips and her legs were bound to the supports holding them up. Finally, she felt a strap across her forehead, pulling it back more and forcing her to open her mouth.

"All right, Gentlemen. We are going to do a "Special" for the Customer. He wants her to feel it, so we are going to do four at the same time. Each of you get a tool, and at the count of three, we drill," said a different voice this time.

"Fred, you got her nose, so don't fuck up and make it bleed. Her head is tied, so she'll choke," the voice explained.

"We'll cauterize her so they can be used right away, within reason. That'll keep the bleeding down if you tug. It will still take time to heal, but you can lead her on a leash," the voice continued.

"One...Two...Three..." and Bonnie passed out.

When she woke up, she didn't know if she had passed out from pain or anxiety, but it didn't matter. She was still tied as she was before. The only difference was that her "new holes" burned.

She heard Master saying, "...back to the living, I see."

After a minute or two, she was with it enough to feel the many hands pawing her body.

She felt a cock go down her throat. As the balls touched her new nose ring, she winced back.

The side of her 38 double D tit was slapped. "Don't move, bitch," came Masters voice. The shaking of her tit hurt more than the slap, although she knew she had been slapped hard. She resolved to stay still.

Another cock went up her, somehow already greased, ass. As that cock plummeted, it rocked her forward, shoving the cock in her mouth deeper down her throat.

All the time she was being shaken back and forth from the cocks pumping her, her new piercings ached and burned. She had to concentrate not to move as Master had ordered.

Her hands were released and each was filled with a cock. She closed her fingers around them and masturbated them.

After a short time, all four cocks were pulled out of her reach, only to be replaced a second later. The cocks in her hands were now wet, so she assumed the men had rotated.

"Nye Ah un, asser?" she mumbled through the cock in her mouth.

Master answered, "You've been a good cunt. Cum yourself out."

She came. Because of being over-sensitized, she squirted all over the cock in her pussy.

All three holes were stuffed by the time they were through. Bonnie ached, her rings burned but after they released her, she had to clean all of them orally.

He was happy with the new rings and didn't know why he hadn't done this earlier in their relationship. After getting her dressed, he tied her hands behind her back with her farmer's braid.

Placing chains on her tit and clit rings, he jiggled them a little just to watch her wince. He led her around the room. Thanked his friends and led her out to the car, careless to anyone that may see chains protruding from her barely there clothing.

Just before he had her get in the car, he released her hands. Ordered her to sit the same way as when they had driven there and played with her sore pussy and tits on the way home.

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by Anonymous

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by KathyYes07/05/18

Great Development

The sensory deprivation box was a nice touch. It was time for Bonnie to be pierced. This continues to be a nice, detailed depiction of a bdsm relationship. It is clearly mutual as the slave loves itmore...

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by desj04/03/18

I like your writing and details not so sure I like him it always makes me sad for the girl when treated like she's nothing and I read the stories like this one hoping for so show that she's more.hope thatmore...

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