tagBDSMBook Store-ies 03

Book Store-ies 03


Book Store-ies 3: Horsing Around

Knock off the horse-play. No, don't.

The characters, situations and actions in this story are merely figments of an unusual imagination. So unusual, in fact, that the author doesn't actually exist.

NC<18 -- No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.


It had been about a month since the last time I had passed through this area and had a very interesting afternoon with a beautiful young lady I had met in this particular bookstore. Being a man of my word, I stopped in like I told her I would.

It was a Wednesday so the new books for the week should have come out the day before. And yes, there was a bookstore in the town I stayed in last night. Right across the street from the motel, in fact. But I didn't go. I had plans. Maybe.

So anyway, I walked in and went straight to the section I usually browse through and began to look for anything new. I didn't consciously avoid anyone, I just didn't happen to run into any employees. I didn't find anything new, so that part of the stop was a bust at least.

I was mentally wrestling with myself over whether to make my presence known or just try to leave without being noticed. I mean, come on, a guy my age thinking that a girl hers would want anything to do with me?

I was standing at the rack (one of the few in the store that I could look over the top of) and checking out both the register area and the route from where I was to the door to see if I could make it out without being recognized. It looked clear.

I had seen a few employees walking around the store, but none that I recognized. I had just decided I was going to leave and save myself the embarrassment of finding out no one knew who I was and just being considered a goofy old perv for asking after her by name when I heard footsteps a few rows behind me.

Those racks went pretty much floor to ceiling and had solid backs, so whoever it was hadn't seen me yet. I instinctively backed up to the end of the shelving unit and was listening to see which side of it whoever it was might be coming up and because of that I wasn't watching the far side of the store.

The manager had apparently just stepped out of the door from the back room and was staring at me when I glanced over and made eye contact. She squealed, which is an unusual sound to come from a woman who was about my age. Sure, on an 18 or maybe even a 22 year old it might have appropriate, but not for someone our age.

She ran across the store, threw her arms around me and gave me a hug that came close to crushing the air out of my lungs.

"We thought you weren't going to come back!" she said. "I know you told her you were just passing through and that you'd stop when you came through, but you didn't give her any idea how often that might be. It was bad enough that I had to refuse to allow her to work every hour we were open, but then I had to run her out of here to take car e of the horses and stuff. She's going to be pissed she wasn't here when you got here. How long are you going to be here today? Please tell me you can stay for a few hours at least and aren't just checking the books and leaving?"

"No, ma'am. I don't have to be at my next stop until the Friday and it's not that far up the road. I wasn't sure what the situation was here since it's been a month. In fact, I was just about to leave and get a motel in that area and just relax tomorrow when you saw me."

"That would have been a huge mistake. She's been checking out the surveillance video every day. If she'd seen you were here and left without saying anything, you'd have not been able to stop again without something happening to you or your car. I won't say she's 'obsessed', but she's really, really looking forward to sharing some time with you again. And I can tell you you really gave her what she needed."

"Um, yeah, about that... She told me you pretty much set her up?"

She smiled and said, "I didn't really try that hard. You can't really just ask people at random if they'd be willing to spank your daughter. I think it was just the right circumstances when you were in that day. She's normally really anal, no pun intended, about her dealings with customers and the register, so when I realized what happened I knew she was at least intrigued by you if not that she was flat-out hot for you."

"And you had no problem just offering her up for that?"

"I knew what she needed because I've needed it before. I just went about it the wrong way and wound up married to the wrong guys as a result. Blinded by lust, I guess. Since then I've become a better judge of character and you seemed like the right guy. I have to admit that I wanted so badly to have followed you out there, but less to make sure you were treating her right than to see what you were going to do to her. She told me what you did to her here in the store, but won't say a word about what happened at the farm. So what DID you do to her out there?"

"Well now, ma'am, if she doesn't want to tell you herself, and I know that now because you just told me, what kind of a man would I be if I told you? Probably not the kind of guy you and she'd appreciate, huh?"

"Yeah, you're right. So you're free for the rest of the day at least, and maybe part of the evening?"


"OK. Let me check something real quick." She pulled out her cell phone and sent a quick message. A few seconds later she got a reply.

She started typing a new message into her phone as she asked if remembered the way to the farm. I told her that I really good at finding places I'd been to before, especially ones that were particularly memorable. Part of my job is to be observant without seeming to be, so I was able to get a look at the message she had composed just before she hit "send". "Red, 5, chilly"? Sounded like a football play, but was definitely a code for something.

I flicked my eyes away from her phone to hide that I had read it and my eyes just happened to fall on two of her employees across the room as their phones beeped, buzzed, dinged, whatever, to let them know they had a message. They both pulled them out and their eyes scanned the room before locking on the manager and me. I was just registering the huge smiles on their faces when I heard running footsteps behind me turn into a skid. I turned in time to catch another employee as she slid past the end of the shelves.

She looked at the manager and said, "Really?" with a glint in her eyes. Then realized I was holding her by the upper arms to keep her from falling.

"Oh. Oooohhh. Ooooooooohhhhhhh!"

What the heck was THAT all about, I thought.

"Why don't you head out to the farm? She's expecting you. She knows what's going on."

That makes one of us.

I drove out to the farm and when I pulled in saw her truck and a car. I was momentarily disappointed that someone else was here because I had been looking forward to playing -- assuming she HAD wanted anything to do with me. I heard a piercing whistle as I stepped out of my car and walked through the barn to see what was going on. And hell yeah, I paused for a few moments in the tack bay where we had played before. The device was still attached and the cord was still dangling. Hard to tell whether it had been used or not.

I walked out the back of the barn into sunshine again and saw her standing with her boots on the bottom board of the corral fence and her tightly denim clad ass slightly poked out at me as she leaned over the top board. I walked up next to her and leaned my elbows and forearms on the top board.

She reached over and gave me a big, but quick, hug and turned back to the corral. In the corral was a chestnut gelding, being ridden by another good-looking young lady. The horse was walking around the ring in a counter-clockwise direction. The gal on the horse had blond hair with brown roots and was wearing boots, a long skirt flowing skirt that was tucked between her and the saddle-horn in front and draped across the back of the saddle behind, and a tight t-shirt with a sports-bra beneath -- not that the sports bra was having to work hard to contain what were probably B-cup breasts sitting high up on her slender body.

As I watched, the girl next to me gave the occasional whistle and, to my surprise, the horse would switch direction, stop, and begin walking again.

She looked over at me and said, "I think the training is going pretty well, don't you?"

"How long have you been training her?"

"About three hours, with a couple of breaks."

"That's amazing!" I said.

"Oh, she still needs some work, but she's getting there."

"What? I've not been around a lot of horses so I'm not sure, but if you got that one to respond to whistle signals in a few hours, I'd say that was definitely amazing and I'm not sure what else you could do with her."

To my surprise, she busted out laughing. Laughed so hard she actually fell of the fence in fact.

When she finally brought her laughter under control, I asked her what was so funny?

"Oh mister! You don't have a clue, do you? It's not the horse I'm training!"


She gave another whistle or two and the horse slowly walked over to just the other side of the fence from us then stopped. I noticed that the closer the horse got, the less success that sports-bra was having at containing the expansion of the girl's nipples.

"I got this idea from you, you know?"

"What are you talking about? I don't know anything about training horses."

She laughed again, then said, "Lift your skirt girl! Oh, wait, you can't can you?"

It was then that I noticed the girl's wrists were lashed together with a strip of familiar-looking leather that was then wound around the pommel of the saddle so her hands were held folded atop the pommel.

"Lift her skirt for me, would you?

The girl groaned as I reached out and lifted the hem of the long skirt. I pulled it up and out and the sun shone through it to illuminate the scene beneath. I kind of got an indication of what she had been referring to when she said it was my idea when I saw the bases of two dildos stuck to the top of the saddle and smiled over at her as I lowered the skirt part way. I knew SHE was good for anything (at least I thought she still was), but I had no idea who the girl on the horse was and what she thought about what was going on.

"So what, you're using those dildos to keep her centered on the saddle or something?"

"No, she's pretty good at keeping centered left-to-right and in pretty good position front-to-back. What she's had problems with is keeping herself up in the stirrups. I took your idea and changed it a little."

I still had no clue what she was talking about until she pulled the tip of a riding crop out of the side of her left boot and used it to nudge my hand to lift the skirt again. When I did, she moved the leather tongue at the end of it over to point at something on the saddle. I saw what she was pointing at, drew the appropriate conclusion and laughed.

The cunning minx had taken a couple of pieces of leather and pushed tacks of some kind through them, making a grid. Then she had fastened them to the saddle around the bases of the dildos. I now understood the occasional wince I had seen on the face of the girls on the saddle. It looked like every time she would either intentionally lower herself onto the dildos or let her legs relax too much, she would have those tacks driven into the tender flesh of her ass cheeks and the tops of her thighs.

"Watch this!" and she whistled. The horse moved away at a walk. She whistled again and the horse began to trot. I could hear the girl groan from where we stood and saw her wince as her body rode up the dildos, then hard down onto them

I thought this was going to get interesting, then she surprised me by bringing the horse back to a walk over to us and stop.

""You have a knife?"

"Of course I do."

"Do me a favor and cut that skirt off?"

The blond on the horse groaned as I climbed up on the fence, pulled my knife out, grabbed the bottom of her skirt and slowly ran the knife up the side of it. At first I was able to hold it away from her leg, but eventually I had pull harder to hold it away from her thigh to keep from cutting her.

I'm sure the horse moved. What I'm not sure of is whether it moved on its own or if it moved because she nudged it. Either way, her thigh rubbed against the back of my hand. The higher I cut, the harder she pushed against my hand.

I finally got up to the waistband and cut through it.

As I did, I glanced up past those perky nipples and into her face. She was biting her lower lip between her teeth and her eyes had a look of pure desire.

"While you're at it, why not take the shirt and bra, too?"

This time I reached out and slid the tip of the blade up under that tight t-shirt. She shivered as she felt the flat of the blade touched her skin. She watched as I turned it so the blade faced away from her skin and slowly began to run the back of the blade up the skin of her belly.

I continued to slowly raise the knife and the taut fabric separated to either side of the blade. I slid it up until I felt the tip lightly touch the bottom of her sports bra, then pulled it outward a little and continued, lowering the back of the blade against her skin once it was past the bra. She watched as long as she could, then instinctively pulled her chin up and away from the blade. I slid it up until the neckband parted.

But I didn't pull the blade away from her skin. I let the back of it slide up the left side of her neck and she shivered again as she moaned.

I pulled it away and used it to cut up the outside of each arm and through the neckband, then pulled the ruins of her t-shirt away from her. I finally slid the blade under the shoulder straps of the bra and they parted easily. That left only the main part of the bra to go and it didn't stand up to my blade any more than the rest of her clothes had. Her pert breasts bobbed as I pulled that fabric away as well.

"Thanks! This is going to be much better now." And she whistled.

The horse began to walk. She whistled again and it began to trot again. At first the girl on the horse (and her little titties) just bounced up and down with the rhythm of the horse, then started to slide upward and forward then back and down on the dildos. She seemed to be pushing herself down with a little more force than before.

Then the girl next to me whistled again and the horse broke into a canter. The girl on the horse groaned as she was forced to plant her ass and thighs firmly onto that tack-covered saddle and rock back and forth on them. Her nipples were pointing out from her tits.

She let them move that way for a few more minutes and the girl's moans became more frequent and her nipples became harder.

"Like the show?"

"Hell yeah!!"

"You ain't seen nothing yet. Check this shit out!" and she whistled yet again. I'm not sure why you would train a horse to buck to a whistle, but apparently that's what she had done. It didn't buck hard, but the girl on the horse clamped her hands on the pommel, squeezed her knees into the horses chest and screamed as she was flung up and down on the two dildos impaling her cunt and ass.

The screaming quickly lost its note of surprise and took on a note of passion that didn't take long to transition into a really loud orgasm.

When she was done, the girl next to me whistled the horse to walk over to us. She opened the corral gate and the horse followed us into the barn. Once we got inside, I was asked to cut the straps off the girl's wrists then help her off the horse.

I untied them instead and said, "Never cut good rope or good leather. You never know when you're going to need it again," and she smiled up at me.

I wrapped my hands around the girl's slender waist and I could feel her still trembling -- whether from the strength of her orgasm, from the pain of having had those tacks driven into her tender flesh, or from the stress on her thigh muscles from trying to stay off the tacks for that long I wasn't sure.

"Can you take her up front, help her get cleaned up and put something on her ass and thighs while I take care of the horse?"

I wrapped an arm around the girl's waist and she laid her head on my shoulder as we walked through the barn. Her hip made almost constant contact with mine as we walked since we were both about the same height.

I got her up front and into the shower of the little apartment.

"Can you wash my back for me, please?" Well, shit.


She turned her back to me and I began to soap her up. It didn't take long to wash that slender back and I was about to hand the scrunchie over her shoulder when she turned around.

"Now my front, please?" Double shit!

So I soaped up her shoulders and took a quick pass between her breasts and down to wash her belly.

"Uuummmm, mister? I think you missed a spot." Triple shit!!

I'm not even sure what's going on with the first girl and now this one wants to tease me? Is this some sort of test?

So I soaped her little boobs, running the scrunchie around and around them with the edge of it only occasionally touching her nipples.

"Can you do my legs, too, please?" as she lifted one graceful leg up and out.

I held her ankle as I soaped up her leg to about mid-thigh. I stopped and motioned for the other one and she gave a little groan of frustration. I glanced at her and lifted one eyebrow in a question and she complied. I soaped that slender but well-muscled leg to about the middle of her thigh as well, then let go of her leg and her foot dropped back to the floor of the shower.

I held the scrunchie out to her and stood there looking into her eyes.

Finally she broke the silence and said, "Would you please wash my pussy?"

Hell, I like to think I'm a gentleman (sometimes) so I told her to spread her legs and I washed the fronts and sides of her thighs before finally getting the scrunchie up into her crotch.

I really didn't wash her then. I pretty much just held the scrunchie as she rubbed her cunt furiously against it until her body spasmed as she rocked through another orgasm.

When she was done, I told her to turn around and gently washed the backs of her thighs and her ass cheeks.

I tried to be gentle. Really, I did. But it was hard to be gentle with this woman constantly pushing her ass and thighs into the scrunchie harder and harder.

I scrubbed (what the hell else was I supposed to do at that point?) her ass cheeks, and when I slipped the scrunchie between her ass cheeks to scrub her little asshole, I'd swear she had yet another orgasm.

We got her out of the shower and dried off. I was looking around for something for her to wear or to put around her when I heard, "You'll probably need to put some antibiotic on those."

She handed me a tube of something and told the girl to lie down on the bed. I tried to be gentle again as I spread the gel around her ass cheeks and thighs. It was making me just a tad uncomfortable with one girl moaning and pushing her body back against my hand and the other looking over my shoulder and breathing in my ear.

The girl on the bed said, "Oh, fuck, mister! You're making me all sticky down there!" Down there, um, where?

The girl behind me finally said it looked like that was good enough and the one on the bed groaned.

"Suck it up, bitch! You know the plan for later, right?"

The one on the bed nodded.

"OK. We'll see you there. Now go."

The girl jumped up and walked out, still naked. I started to wonder whether she had another set of clothes and whether she could sit to drive her car, then stopped thinking as I was a little distracted by lips grinding on mine.

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