Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #05


When he turned his back on her to gloat to his son and walked away to drink more from his bottle without untying her, lashing out at him, she grew strong instead of meek and angry instead of apologetic. If the advocates for women's rights along with the rest of the suffragettes were there in the barn with them, they would have beaten Hugo to death with their placards. The opposite in what her husband was trying to accomplish in showing his son how to control a woman, obviously fortified instead of beaten down by the extent, length, and brutality of his abuse, it was obvious from her sudden, disobedient outburst that she'd rather die than to be so controlled by him.

"I'm sorry for meeting you," she yelled. "I'm sorry for marrying you. I'm sorry for having your children, especially your son who strips me naked while you watch and touches and feels me where no son should ever touch and feel his mother. I'm sorry that your son forces me to suck his cock and cum in my mouth with your blessings."

"Shut up!" Hugo advanced menacingly towards her.

"Instead of respecting me, your wife and the mother of your children, you disrespect me by allowing your son to inappropriately touch me, fondle me, and feel me while you masturbate. You vile, filthy pig, you're a horrible man to watch your son fondle my breasts, finger my nipples, and suck my tits. You watch him force me to blow him and watch him cum in my mouth me while you masturbate your soft, little prick," said Olga repeating herself and no longer begging her husband to stop.

"That's enough out of you Olga," said Hugo slapping her hard across the face again. "This is why you're here in the barn again Olga. You're an unappreciative woman. I give you a roof over your head and food to eat and what do I get in return? I get your disrespectful and disobedience."

"I'm sorry for living my life as a woman. I'm sorry for having been born a woman. I wish I was born a man and you were born a woman so that I could discipline you for all that you've done to me," she said bursting in tears.

With a red face full of rage, Hugo turned to confront his wife, the once love of his life.

"Because of your stubbornness, obstinance, and disobedience, and for bringing shame on me, I could kill you Olga. I'd be within my legal rights as a German man and my God given rights as a Christian man to end your life for the disrespect and disobedience you've given me," said Hugo stepping closer to her and close enough that, when he spit out his words, his spit fell on her face.

"Just let me go back to bed. Untie me. I beg you."

"Don't you understand how you disrespect and disobey me? Why can't you understand that?" As if trying to knock some convoluted sense in her by knocking her head sideways, as if she was the crazy one and he wasn't, Hugo paused in his verbal assault of her to push at her head with his hand.

"You're no Christian. You're no man. What I do understand is that I'd rather be dead than to continue living with you and being your wife," she said giving him a foul look as if he were a big bug found in her kitchen that she needed to evict from her house.

"You'd rather be dead? You don't want to be my wife? Is that it? I can arrange that for you, if that's what you want. I can bury you in the back of my land where no one will ever find you," he said staring at her before speaking. He remained quiet until a menacing smile took hold of his face.

"Do it then. Kill me. I don't care," she said looking at him with defiance and hate. "Better I should be dead than to live another minute with you."

Hugo gave her a long, hard look before speaking. As if suddenly becoming lucid with insight, he replaced his anger with a slow, sinister smile.

"If you'd rather I not discipline you to respect me," he said pausing. "If you'd rather I not force you to submit your will to obey me," he said pausing again to give her a toothless smile. "Perhaps I should drag Rachel from her bed, pull her down the stairs by her hair, and have Karl carry her out to the barn, tie her to the horse stall, and strip her naked."

"No! Please don't," cried Olga.

"If you refuse to respect and obey me, Rachel can take your place in the barn. Maybe I should discipline her instead of you. Maybe my daughter would be less resistant to respecting and obeying me than her mother is," said Hugo with a vindictively victorious smile.

"No!" Olga withered at the mere mention of her daughter's name. "Don't you dare touch her! You leave my daughter alone!"

"Maybe I can show you how to obey me by disciplining her. Maybe by watching my daughter submit to her father, you'll see how a wife must conform to her husband. Maybe by watching your son having sex with his sexy, shapely sister--"

"No, please don't touch my Rachel. I beg you," cried Olga. "Leave her alone Hugo. Please leave her alone."

To be continued...

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