tagLoving WivesBorrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 02

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

You really need to read Part 1 to appreciate how this story unfolds. But in summary, devastated by the sudden death of his wife, Martin's life unravels. His best friend John sends his wife Deborah around with dinner and willing hands to bring some relief to Martin. While Deborah feels guilty for masturbating Martin, the revelation is a huge turn-on for John and their sex life is rejuvenated. But John now wants to push his wife's relationship with Martin to a new level…

Chapter 4

When John walked in the door at 5.30, Deborah still hadn't reached a decision and she told him so immediately.

"That's okay, Deb. You don't have to make up your mind until Martin arrives."

"But won't you have to tell him that you're going out if I decide to do it?"

"No, I've already told him."

"What? But I didn't agree yet."

"Doesn't matter. I called him today, told him that I was sorry but a meeting had come up, but I insisted that he should still come over."

"What did he say?"

"Said he'd still love to come. Said something about how he'd rather see you than me anyway."

"But what if I say no now?"

"No problem. If you decide that you really don't want to do it, I'll just tell him when he gets here that the meeting got cancelled. The three of us will just have a normal night together. I'm not putting any pressure on you, Deb. You have to want to do it too. I'll just tell you that I'd very much like this to happen and I have no doubts about it. I think it will be a great turn-on for us. But it's your call. I'm going to run your bath for you now, then I'm going to lay out two complete outfits for you on the bed, right down to underwear and all. I bought a little dress for you today."

"Really, how did you know my size?"

"I checked the labels on some of your other clothes, I think it will fit, although there's not a lot of it."

Deborah looked across at the lounge and saw the box for the first time. She started toward it.

"No Deb, not yet. You can't see it until after your bath. I'll leave the two outfits on the bed. The new one is to turn Martin on if I go out. The older outfit is just something I've grabbed from your wardrobe and is to wear if I stay home and the three of us have dinner together. It's pretty demure. I don't want you to tell me your decision … I will know when I see what outfit you're wearing, and I don't want you to come downstairs until after Martin gets here."

"You really have thought this out, haven't you?"

John nodded, then stepped forward, took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. As he held her close, she could feel that he already had a major erection. 'Will that influence my decision?' she thought.

"I'm going upstairs to prepare my vantage point, that is on the assumption that you will go ahead with this. Just remember when you get started, neither of you are to come over to the wardrobe doors, I'm leaving one open just a crack. Oh, and don't put the overhead light on, just use the bedside lamps. That will light you two up enough for me to see, but will keep me back in the shadows."

Her doubts returned as she listened to his planning. This seemed to her like very deviant behaviour, and she would be so embarrassed if Martin caught him watching them. Deborah decided that she would have to use her time while soaking in the bath to think it all through again.

Deborah poured herself a stiff drink and began preparing dinner while John ran her a hot bath. When it was ready, he called down to her from the top of the stairs. "Deb, your bath is ready. I'll come down and take over cooking the dinner, okay?"

It was nearly 6pm by the time Deborah stripped off and lowered her excellent trim body into the steaming bath. 'Time to reflect and anticipate,' she told herself as her mind rattled through all of the possible consequences of what John had planned for her. She couldn't be more undecided.

The water lapped at her neck as she soaked in the deep bath and inevitably as her thoughts rummaged through the sexual potential of this evening, her hands wandered down over body and her thighs parted slightly. The fingers on one hand separated the folds of her cunt lips while the other hand took the soap deep down into the water and lathered it lightly against her budding clitoris.

Deborah emitted whimpering sighs of satisfaction as her hand holding the soap worked up a rhythm against her clit. Her pelvis began to buck and it took all of her restraint to call a halt to the activity. 'If I go ahead with this, I want to be keenly aroused, not drowsy from an earlier climax,' she told herself as the reason for stopping. 'Of course, if I don't go ahead with it and the three of us sit around all evening, I'll be disappointed that I didn't take the chance to get off when I had it.'

So now, Deborah just contented herself in the steaming hot bath, alone with her confused thoughts … erotic thoughts, much of which centred on an image of Martin's enormous erection. She could see it clearly despite her closed eyes.

She had nearly drifted off to sleep when she heard the doorbell ring downstairs. 'Damn, he must be early,' she thought as she checked the clock on the vanity table … 6.45pm. 'I'll have to get out now,' she realised as she gave her body a quick soap to be sparkling clean, spending extra time on and around her mound and in the cleavage of her arse.

She rose and stood drying herself as the bath water drained from the tub. She checked her body out in the vanity mirror. 'Not too bad,' she thought as she admired the fact that she curved generously in all the right places. 36-inch bust, with perfectly shaped breasts that arced into a peak at her turgid nipples, already somewhat aroused by the hot water or her own caresses. The underside curved perfectly down from the nipples, sitting pert.

She carried no fat on her narrow waist. From there, her body flared out to her hips. In front, her pubic region displayed just a light thatch of sparse hair, neatly trimmed to follow the line of her slit. She turned her body halfway around, trying to check out her arse and smiled to herself, content that it would pass any male inspection, no matter how up close and personal. She seemed to have become more aware of her arse as a sexual attraction, particularly after John's finger had intruded beyond her anal ring two nights ago.

Her body was now dry and Deborah moved to the vanity, picking up the bottle of perfume. She tipped a little on her finger and lifted one leg onto the stool, dabbing the scent from her finger on the stretch of skin on both sides of her outer lips. She applied a touch more in the region between her breasts and reached behind her and wiped a smidgen between the cheeks of her arse. The aroma was light and wouldn't overpower the recipient.

That done, Deborah moved to the bed she shared with John and saw that he truly had laid out two completely separate outfits for her. 'Decision time,' she thought. 'What will it be? I still have no idea which way to go!'

She surveyed the choices John had picked out. The new outfit stood out, mainly because it was red, and indeed there wasn't much of it. The top was a halter design with a thin strip of the bright red material going around the back of the neck. It was completely backless to the waist. The front wasn't much better with the two sections of material barely wider than her breasts, intended to cover them, but only if she stood or sat completely upright. Otherwise, any forward movement of her upper body would expose most of her breasts from either side.

Indeed, not just from the sides because in the front, the gap between the two strands of material was in the form of a vee, dipping almost to her waist before joining up. The material was a very silky satin and holding it up in front of her body, Deborah decided that it would stop at least 4 inches above her knees.

Partnering the new dress was a black garter belt and sheer black stockings with a red G-string thong. 'Not much of that either,' she thought. 'Obviously, no bra to be worn with this outfit.'

She turned her attention to the alternate outfit and the contrast couldn't have been greater. Knee-length, a deep blue dress with long sleeves and no gaps to reveal any form of cleavage. Alongside that, John had left one of her standard bras and a pair of cotton waist high panties and a pair of pantiehose. On the bed between the two outfits was a handwritten note that read 'No Substitutes'.

The exceptionally revealing nature of the new red outfit that John had picked out today almost made her decision for her. 'I don't want to flaunt myself in front of Martin, I'd rather be subtle about it. I don't want to look like a tart. Still, I'll take the time to try each one on before I make my final decision.'

Standing there totally nude, Deborah was startled by the bedroom door opening. She looked up, surprised. "Sorry darling, it's only me, just making sure you're okay. Err … Martin's here, you would never know him after the way he's looked the last few weeks … the way you would have seen him on Wednesday night. You have obviously done wonders for him. He's had a haircut, clean-shaven, new suit. Deb, he looks a million bucks. Will you be long?"

"No, I'm on my way now, John."

He leaned forward and gave his wife a tender kiss on the lips, whispering to her, "I love you," then paused to give her an affectionate smile. John lingered for a moment longer, his eyes roaming, admiring her naked body, then he retreated and closed the door without another word.

Deborah never even tried on the blue outfit, those few words from her husband about how well Martin looked, and the loving look in John's eyes had made up her mind on a decision that she had agonised with all day.

She wrapped the thin black garter belt around herself and attached the hooks, straightening it for the suspenders to hang limply down each thigh, front and back. Then she sat to draw the sheer black nylon stockings up high and attached them to the suspenders. She stepped into the new red thong and drew it up her long legs, pulling the band up tight until the thin strand disappeared into the crack of her arse, the material at the front barely covering her pubic mound.

Deborah slipped the red dress on and fiddled with the material, trying to spread the two sections wide enough to cover her breasts without embarrassment. She watched herself in the mirror as she made all sorts of manoeuvres with her body to see how much could be seen when she leaned forward. 'Damn, it reveals everything,' she said to herself. 'My tits will be totally on show if I bend forward.'

She slipped on some high heel shoes and checked herself out in the mirror. 'Not half bad,' she thought. 'I think that I might carry it off. I feel that I look more sexy than tarty, and that's a good thing.'

Deborah was ready and she drained the last of the drink she had started an hour earlier and stepped out of the bedroom to the top of the stairs, remembering to walk quite upright to stretch the dress material so it displayed her breast contour in the best light.

She looked down the steps and saw that the two men were standing at the foot of the stairs. John had positioned himself so that for now, only he could see Deborah, Martin had his back to the stairs. When John saw that his wife had chosen the sexy new red dress, his face lit up and he felt his erect cock jerk with anticipation.

Martin saw his friend's face spread into a huge grin and he turned to see what had sparked his interest. Looking up, he caught sight of Deborah coming down the stairs, she was a vision in red. He was startled, he had never seen her looking quite so glamorous. Each step she took, her leg pushed the silky dress forward and he saw a flash of thigh. He too felt a surge in his pants as his cock reacted to the vision approaching.

"Deb, you look truly amazing," said Martin as he stepped forward and took Deborah's hand as she reached the last step. "I love the dress, you look a million bucks in that."

"Thank you Martin, it's good to see you again," she said, remembering to keep her frame upright. 'No free peeps too early in the night,' she thought.

John moved to the other side of Deborah and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "You do look really special tonight, I am sure that Martin will appreciate you dressing up for dinner."

"Well honey, when you told me that he had shaved and cleaned up and was wearing a suit, I figured that I had to dress up too." Turning again to Martin, she added, "You do look handsome again, Martin. I was so distressed to see how you looked the other night."

"I owe it all to you, Deb. Your words and your warmth inspired me. I had to get myself right because you told me to."

"Thank you," responded Deborah with a warm smile and her other hand raised up to softly touch Martin's cheek.

"I'll leave you two for a minute, I've just got to check the dinner," said John as he departed for the kitchen.

Martin still held Deborah's hand and together they strolled into the living room. It felt odd to Deborah, but she didn't try to withdraw it until she reached the liquor cabinet. "Excuse me while I get myself a drink. Martin, can I get you another of whatever that is?"

"Just a Perrier thanks Deb," said Martin and Deborah looked at him, surprised.

"Perrier water, what's with you?" she asked as she poured herself Vodka straight up.

"I'm cleaning up my act, Deb. You will never realise what a powerful effect you had on me on Wednesday night."

"Oh, Wednesday night again! Martin, can we not talk about that, I'm just a bit embarrassed about what I did."

"Don't be," said Martin, moving closer than Deborah would have liked with John next door in the kitchen. "You were fabulous, in more ways than one. As well as making me feel tremendous, you know, inside … your words made me realise that I had to pull myself together. So I went out yesterday, had a haircut and a shave, bought this new suit, and I feel a lot better for it."

"That's great, Martin. I'm pleased that I could help you."

She walked over to the lounge chairs and perched on an arm, not wanting to slump into one and have the dress separate in front. Martin followed, again standing very close to her.

"So John tells me he has a meeting to go to, looks like we're going to be alone, just the two of us."

Deborah felt just a bit uneasy. Martin was in her space and John was so close by in the kitchen. "Guess we'll have to play Scrabble … you know, to pass the time," she said wickedly.

"What?" Martin looked at her, puzzled. "Oh, sorry, you're joking."

She gave him a cheeky wink and was relieved when John appeared in the doorway to announce that dinner was ready. The three of them sat down at the dining table and John began carving the roast. Deborah jumped up and helped by spreading the vegetables over the three plates.

It was an enjoyable meal, the food that John had cooked was good, the wine flowed, but Deborah noticed that Martin drank very sparingly and had only the one glass. She drank two or three glasses as she tried to calm her nerves. John was as always the expert conversationalist, keeping the talk flowing throughout.

When they had all finished, John pushed back his chair and announced, "I'm going to have to get a move on if I'm to make this meeting. Martin, I am sorry again that I have to leave you when you are here as my guest. But my very beautiful better half is going to do her best to entertain you tonight. I don't know what she has in mind, but I am certain that you will enjoy yourself."

Deborah blushed the same colour as her dress as Martin responded. "Just looking at her in that dress is entertainment for me. John, what time do you think you'll be home?"

"Definitely not before midnight!" said John quite pointedly.

"That's great," said Martin enthusiastically before adding "I mean, we will miss you, but maybe we three can have a nightcap when you get in."

"Yes, I would like that very much," said John. "Excuse me, I must get ready. I'll pop in and say goodnight before I leave."

Deborah again felt a bit awkward with just the two of them in the dining room together. She rose from her chair and moved around the table to collect Martin's plate. That put her alongside his chair and as she bent forward to pick up the plate, he could glimpse her full left breast side on in profile, barely contained by the silky material. Only the tip of her breast and the already erect nipple was obscured.

Deborah tried to bring her left arm forward to block his view, but he pushed it behind them and his head came forward to the side of her body and he planted a soft kiss on the smooth skin of the side of her breast. She jumped, surprised. Then she felt his hand touching the back of one knee and quickly sliding up the back of her thigh.

"Don't Martin, please." Deborah tried to pull away, but his hand was firm, holding onto the back of one leg under her dress, just above the stocking top.

"Deb, I want you so badly. I can't tell you what happened to me when I saw you dressed like that. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen, and here you are, you've been under my nose the whole time. I never knew."

"Martin, John's still in the house, he could come back any minute."

"It's okay, Deb. I'll bet he knows what's going to happen in this house tonight."

"What do you mean he knows?" Deborah looked at him, alarmed.

"You, dressing like that and him having to go out for the night. And me having told him how horny I've been lately. He'd have to know that I'd make a move on you when you look a living, breathing sex goddess. I guess he's okay about it or he wouldn't go out and leave us."

Deborah was relieved. For a minute, she wondered if Martin knew all about John's plan, but his answer didn't seem to indicate it. She hadn't moved from the spot, standing alongside the seated Martin, although she probably could have. His hand moved up, lifting the back of her dress with it, and gently passed across the bare cheeks of her arse and he again kissed the side of her breast, this time lingeringly.

Unbeknown to the pair, John had not gone upstairs to get ready to go out. He simply went out the dining room door, stepped deeper into the shadows of the hallway and watched his wife and his best friend. He didn't have to wait long as Deborah began to clear the plates away.

John watched, aroused, as Martin slipped his hand up under the back of Deborah's dress and now he could see that the hand was obviously on her arse. John couldn't see the hand, but he could see the dress bulging around that hand as it fondled his wife's arse. It turned John on to see Martin's soft kiss on the rounded side of Deborah's breast through the big gap that the dress provided.

Deborah's head kept turning nervously toward the doorway as Martin's hand fondled her arse cheeks under her dress and his lips sucked on the smooth rounded side of her breast. "No panties, I like that!" his voice mumbled against the soft skin of her breast.

"I'm wearing a thong," she whispered back and she felt his finger delve in between her arse cheeks to confirm the thin band of lace that barely covered her anus. While the lacy material prevented his finger from actually touching her sensitive anal ring, she felt the skin of his finger rubbing against the inner cheeks of her arse and her whole body shivered.

John coughed from the darkened hallway and Martin just got his hand away from Deborah's arse before John re-entered the dining room. "Well, I'll be off, be good you two."

Deborah pulled away from the table and turned to greet John, but her face revealed her guilt. "Have a nice time, John. Hope the meeting's not too boring," she told her husband.

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