tagErotic CouplingsBoss Lady For A Day

Boss Lady For A Day

byMorgaine LeFay©

The morning had been crazy at work and she had hardly had a chance to talk to him. Looking over towards his desk she could see that he was stressed and not being able to talk to him she felt helpless to relieve some of the tension he must be feeling. He looked really good in the gray shirt and black pants. She could feel herself starting to drip just thinking about what it would feel like to run her hands over his naked chest as he ran his hands over her ass. She was able to pull herself back to the present just as her boss came over and asked her to take care of some things in his office.

He had a meeting to go to that would keep him out of the office all day and there were some accounts that needed to be worked on under his ID. She took the keys to her boss' office and closed the door behind her. She looked around the office with a sly grin on her face. It was set apart from the main service floor and had no windows to the hallway. The desk was very neat and there was a couch along the right hand wall when you entered the room. She sighed as she plopped down in the over stuffed chair and started on the accounts he had left her.

The accounts that he thought would take her the rest of the afternoon were done in under an hour. She wrote out a note to her boss explaining that she needed help on one of the accounts and had called in an exception for one of the other employees to help her - she figured two hours would be enough time. She then called his extension with a sly grin on her face. She could hear the confusion in his voice as their boss' name appeared on his phone and her voice came through the receiver.

"I need your help on a little problem that has come up. Please sign off the phone and come into the office."

She hung up and moved around to the front of the desk. The smirk came back to her lips as she looked around the office. Satisfied with the way everything looked, she smoothed out her skirt and released her hair from the clip. Sitting on the edge of the desk, she let her legs fall apart just enough for him to see up almost to the top of her thigh. He knocked on the door and she told him to come in.

He came into the room expecting to see their boss sitting behind his desk, and when he saw her waiting for him he grinned deviously. Closing and locking the door behind him he walked over to where she was sitting on the desk. He put his hands on her knees.

"So I guess you’re the boss for the afternoon huh? And what could I help you with boss lady?"

In response, she slowly pulled her fingernails down the front of his shirt before pulling the end of his shirt out from his pants.

"I was watching you out there on the floor and it seems like you’re a little stressed today. Luckily for you, I’m a lot horny today so I thought we would help each other out with these little problems. Any complaints?"

He shook his head no. Moving back up to the collar she started to slowly unbutton his shirt, one button at a time. She kissed the nape of his neck as she moved down to the next button. With each button she kissed a little further down his chest. He slowly started moving his hands up her thighs and under her skirt, not wanting her to stop what she was doing. She stopped him just as he was reaching the top of her legs and gently pushed his hands back down to her knees and then finished unbuttoning his shirt. Sliding the shirt over his muscular shoulders and down his arms, she slid off the desktop and pressed herself against him. Trailing her fingers back up his arms and down his sides, she reached for his belt. He lowered his head and started nibbling on her ear lobe as he undid the tie on the front of her blouse then the two buttons and pulled it up over her head.

Her red hair cascaded over her shoulders as she stood in front of him in a black shirt and black lace bra. She had removed his belt and his pants were bunched around his ankles. He kissed her shoulder blade and ran his hands down her stomach. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as he removed her bra straps with his teeth. She could feel his breath on her breasts as he nibbled one then the other before she felt his thumbs hook under the elastic of her skirt. She raised her head and looked at him before removing his hands and taking a step back from him. She loved looking at him standing there naked in front of her. He stepped fully out of his pants as she watched. She traced the outlines of his muscles with her eyes as he moved to take a step towards her.

She put up her hand to stop him and let one finger slide down the center of his chest to the top of his boxers. Smiling slyly at him, she hooked both her thumbs under the elastic of her skirt and bent at the waist as she slowly pulled it down her legs and stepped out of it. She wasn't wearing anything now as she stood in front of him and she was glad she had shaved that morning. She stepped back towards him and pressed her breasts against his naked chest, slowly grinding them against him. He let one of his hands trail down her back before squeezing one of the cheeks of her ass. She kissed him just below his left ear and then left a trail of small kisses down his neck and chest and stomach as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

She kissed over his belly button and then trailed her tongue down the rest of the way to the base of his cock. She placed her hands on both of his outer thighs and slowly let her tongue lick down the top of his cock from the base to the tip and back down the underside. She flicked her tongue across his balls and slid her hands down the length of his legs. She felt him lift her hair off the back of her neck as she kissed the tip of his rock hard cock. She gently massaged his balls in her hand while licking his cock, slowly taking it in inch by inch until the whole thing was in her mouth and he could feel the tip pressing against the back of her throat.

She heard him groan and could feel his knees start to get shake as she swayed her tongue side to side underneath the entire length of his shaft. She moved her head back, letting a little more of him slip out of her mouth and sucked in air as she pulled him back in. She felt him clench her shoulder as the first orgasm flooded through him. Swallowing every last drop, she slowly slid him out of her mouth and licked the last remaining drops off the tip of his cock.

She leaned back on her legs and looked up at him through her hair. She caught the momentary look of rapture on his face as he reached his hand down to help her up. When she got to her feet, he pulled her to him and kissed her. Gently opening her mouth with his tongue, he pulled the breath out of her and massaged her tongue with his. He placed one of his hands in the middle of her back and slowly slid the other one into her already dripping pussy. She moaned in her throat as one of his fingers entered her. He moved her over towards the couch and leaned into her until she was sitting in front of him. She again reached up to take him in her mouth and he moved back out of reach. She tilted her head to the side to look at him and he knelt down in front of the couch.

He trailed his finger down her chest and over her right breast as he nibbled on her left nipple. He continued to move his hand down her stomach and kissed down her torso. Reaching her hips, he licked inside her thigh and buried his face in her pussy. She leaned back on the couch and rested her head on the back. His tongue darted out, flicking over her clit and she pulled in her breath. She raised her head and ran her fingers through his hair as he slid his tongue further into her. He reached up one hand and started kneading her breast and pinching her nipple. That coupled with the little biting and intense licking he was doing brought her to an orgasm that left her gasping for breath.

She removed her fingers from his hair and let her hands fall to her sides. She could hear him laughing softly as he trailed his fingers up her legs.

"You're not tired already are you?" he whispered as he kissed her neck.

She smiled and replied, "Just gathering my strength again."

She reached out and stroked him. She pushed him back and stood up, leading him over to the chair. She had him sit down and turned her back to him before lowering herself onto him. She stopped herself just as he started to enter her and rubbed herself back and forth over the tip, using her already flowing juices to lubricate his cock. He reached both hands up under her arms and massaged her chest. Without warning she sat down on his lap and felt every inch of him fill her up at once. She leaned forward letting his hands on her breast keep her balance and slowly started grinding up and down on his lap. He released one of her breasts and gently slapped her ass as she raised herself off of him almost to the point of releasing him and then contracted her muscles and pulled him totally back into her. She could hear him grunting as he softly bit her shoulder and she sped up her pace. She reached for his free hand and sucked on his finger as he thrust deeper into her with her every bounce. He started kissing her back and she moaned with his every thrust. She felt him explode in her and with his final thrust she came.

She leaned back against him and he laced his fingers over her stomach. She kissed his cheek and raised herself up off him before kneeling in front of him. She ran her finger over his cock and licked their mingled juice from her fingertip before taking the tip into her mouth again. The taste of the two of them mixed together was different and aroused her more than she thought possible. She licked every inch of his cock, making sure not to miss a drop. He stopped her before she was able to once again take him fully in her mouth. He stood up and pulled her towards him.

He kissed her, licking the taste of the two of them into his own mouth. She pulled away from him, determined to taste him one more time. She pushed him down on the floor behind the desk and crouched between his open legs. She slid her lips to the base of his prick while looking up into his eyes. After sliding him out of her mouth slowly, she stood up and looked down at him grinning. He reached up and pinched her ass before she turned her back to him and stood over his face.

"I want to taste you again … and I want you to eat my pussy while I’m sucking you off."

She pressed her body against him with her pussy against his face her felt him reach around her legs and open her cunt up before his tongue flicked against her. She groaned around him as she felt him fully bury his face in her pussy and start licking and sucking her.

He reached around her legs and spread her ass to get deeper into her. She ravenously began slurping him, licking him up and down was massaging his balls. She tensed up right before she gushed onto his face. She could feel him slowly licking up what she had just released and she lowered her head to the base of his cock and trailed her tongue along the underside of it as she pulled back. He groaned into her as she started moving up and down on him faster and faster. He squeezed her ass tightly as he blew his load in her mouth. She held it all in until he finished and swallowed it all in one gulp.

She released him from her mouth and kissed the tip before rolling off him and sitting on the carpet. She smiled at him as he stood up. He sighed as he reached down to help her to her feet. She asked him if he was less stressed now and he just smiled in reply. She handed him his clothes and she slipped back into her skirt and started to put on her bra. He stopped her long enough to lick each of her nipples.

"Well Ms. Boss Lady, when do you think the next time would be that we will have the availability of the office to resolve our problems?"

She laughed, "I'm not sure about that, hopefully it will be soon. There are, however, other places where similar problems could be ... worked out."

She kissed him and unlocked the door with a wink.

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