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Bother's Mother-In-Law Repeats


The first day visiting my brother had turned out to be a most unusual day. It isn't every day that you get laid by your sister-in-laws mother. If this was any indication as to what the life style was like in California I was beginning to enjoy it.

I had come to realize that my brother and I had very little in common, so the conversations were thin and almost transparent. He had left home when I was about 9 years old and never came back to visit much, so he really was a stranger. He spent long hours at work every day in an attempt to get ahead in the company he worked for. The aircraft industry was booming in California at that time, so the work was plentiful.

My internal clock was still running on Vietnam time, I was ready to get up in the middle of the night. I laid in bed and waited for the sun to rise, then got up and prepared for my second day back in the US. I put on a slightly wrinkled khaki shirt and pants, pulled out of the middle of a packed duffel bag. It was clean and the wrinkles would soon fall out, so I was not going to worry about it. By force of habit I pushed my beret under my belt at my back, out of sight when it was off.

I sat in the bedroom waiting until everyone was up and moving around before I went into the kitchen where they were at. I felt good that morning, I was in a good mood and made my presence known. I could sense that there was some stress between my brother and his wife, I wondered if it was because I was staying with them for a couple of days. They tried to hide their differences when I came in, so I pretended that I had not noticed.

My brother said he would be a little late that evening, they we in the middle of a project and it was critical that they complete some task by tomorrow. I wasn't sure if this was the cause for their stress with each other, or not. I told him I would occupy myself until he got home.

As I sat at the small breakfast table his wife sat down with her coffee. We talked about the life in the area, and what there was to do close by. She seemed to be much friendlier today, smiling and talking. She was really a very common woman, not pretty, not ugly, just normal. I found out that she was working as a substitute teacher for an elementary school nearby. This is why she was out of the house during the day.

After she had gone for the day I sat on the couch reading the morning news paper, I wasn't interested in watching Captain Kangaroo on television. I read the latest news from Vietnam, hoping that it was good news. I wasn't sure what I was going to do to pass the time of day after I had finished reading the morning paper, there wasn't much around the close neighborhood.

I was just sitting on the couch, staring into space when the phone rang. I wasn't sure if I should answer it, but also had to locate where the phone was. When I did answer it I was surprised, it was Lynn, my sister-in-laws mother. She asked if I had any plans for the day, and suggested that we go to one of the beaches. I was all for that, get out of the house and occupy some of my time.

When Lynn arrived she came in, kissed me and sat down in a chair by the living room window. She was dressed in a summer sun dress, very feminine and attractive. She was a very attractive woman, in her late 40's and in great shape. She was very outgoing, easy to talk to and had a great sense of humor. I enjoyed being around her, she could make any situation fun. She was in a very good mood that morning, I found myself laughing at her comments and being very relaxed around her.

We locked the house and hid the key in the carport. She drove through the neighborhood, every house resembling the one next door, a rather boring design. She turned onto a major street, with its morning commuters, all trying to get to the same place. The traffic didn't seem to bother her as we went from one stop light to the next, all the while keeping the conversation going. I wondered if her husband had any clue what had happened between Lynn and me the previous day. She had an incredible bedroom appetite.

You could now smell the ocean, it was not far from where we were at. When we got there I was surprised, it was almost empty, and the beach appeared to be clean. She parked the car and we took off our shoes throwing them into the trunk of the car. I took off my shirt, just wearing my t-shirt, fortunately it was a white one, not the olive drab like most I had were. We walked out on the beach, the sand was cool and damp, the smell of the ocean was fresh and alive. She put her hand in mine as we walked at the waves edge, the waves barely lapping at our feet. We walked down toward a rocky outcrop, leaving a trail of footsteps in the wet sand.

When we reached the rocks we sat there watching the ocean, the waves coming in toward the beach. We didn't say much for some time, just watching the tranquil setting around us. After some time Lynn said that she really enjoyed my company yesterday. I interpreted this to mean that she loved the sex we had had, which I did as well. I told her how much I enjoyed her company as well hoping that she understand just how much I had enjoyed it.

As we sat there, she leaned against me, my arm around her shoulder. I liked how she felt against me, her head resting on my shoulder. It was difficult to realize that she was married and her daughter was married to my brother. All I could do was to think how nice it was to be with her at that very moment. We sat like that for some time, very little being said. Soon the beach started to have a small crowd show up, some playing in the surf, some just sitting in the sand watching the waves come in. Lynn suggested that we leave, do something else for awhile.

We returned to her car, brushing the sand from our feet and putting our shoes back on. I put my shirt back on, tucked it in and put my beret back on, looking every bit the soldier again. She drove from the beach to a small café, not far from where we had parked at the beach. We had coffee, talked about nothing in particular, just enjoying the moment of the morning. I couldn't help but notice she was not wearing a bra, she was showing through her sun dress. I knew that she was watching my eyes, enjoying that I was admiring her breasts.

I paid the waitress for the coffee and we left the café, driving along the coast when Lynn turned and we were in a neighboring town. The downtown shopping area was much nicer than where my brother lived, more of a Spanish Colonial appearance. A short drive and Lynn turned into a drive way, the house was cream stucco with a terra cotta tile roof, much larger and nicer than those where my brother lived. It even had a garage, not a carport. Lynn said, "A friend lives here, come on, lets go in".

We went to the door and rang the bell, no one was there. Lynn took a key out of her purse and opened the door. The house was decorated exceptionally well, and had a lot more space that I thought it would. As we closed the door, Lynn turned to me, pressing against me, her arms around me. I leaned down, kissing her, feeling her lips part, their moistness, so soft. Our tongues danced with each other, touching, curling around each other as though in an embrace. My hands touched her shoulders, her skin was so soft and smooth to the touch. I let my hands run down her back as far as they could, softly pulling her into me. Her arms were wrapped around me, pulling into me, straddling my leg.

We parted slightly as she unbuttoned my shirt, laying it on a nearby table, and then removing my t-shirt. She kissed my nipples so softly, sending a chill over my entire body. Her lips tugged at my nipple resulting in both my nipple and my cock becoming erect. I held her head gently, enjoying her attention, running my hands through her hair. As she continued to kiss and suck my nipple I slid the zipper of her sun dress down, opening the back of her dress. I slipped the shoulder straps from her shoulders, letting the dress fall to the floor.

She stood there in nothing but her panties, like a Greek goddess, beautiful in her near nakedness. She unbuckled the brass belt buckle, unzipped my trousers and let them slid down my legs. My cock was erect, protruding out on my boxer shorts. I stepped out on my trousers, both of us in nothing but panties and boxers.

She took my hand and guided me into this bedroom, with a huge bead, and thick soft carpet on the floor. We sat on the edge of the bed, again in a passionate embrace. My hands running over her, the feel of her softness, her roundness was intoxicating. She pushed me back, laying on the bed on my back, my feet dangling over the edge. She kissed me deep on the mouth, her nipples gently rubbing against mine.

She was straddling my leg, letting it push against her. She moved slightly against my leg, already wet. Her kisses now went back to my nipples, her hand cupping my balls, gently kneading them as she sucked each nipple. Then her kisses trailed down my stomach, her hand now grasping my cock.

She licked the tip of my cock, then letting her tongue run around the head. She took my cock into her mouth, such an incredible touch she had, sucking it in, all down my shaft. She let her tongue run around the head, then down my shaft, teasing the underside on my cock each time. Her mouth had perfect pressure and was so moist, it slid effortlessly on my cock. After a few minutes of her treating me to such an incredible blow job I had to stop, I was just getting to close to loosing it and cumming.

We kissed and cuddled for a little while, letting my urge subside for the moment. I pinched her nipples gently, causing her to arch her back with each pinch. I took one into my mouth, running my tongue across it, massaging her breast with my hand. It was incredible how firm her breasts were, just a slight sag in it, but round and still slightly firm.

I kissed her stomach, letting my tongue play with her naval. I touched her labia, feeling her wetness as I slid my finger up and down each side. This touch sent a shudder through her body as she seemed to quiver from the touch. She spread her legs slightly, opening herself in the process. I teased her labia minora with the tip on my finger, making the touch light like a feather. Slowly I let my finger find her vagina and it easily slid inside of her. I gently made a tiny circle inside of her with my finger, feeling her and causing her hips to gently buck toward my finger. I stroked her with my finger, kissing her mons, feeling her soft pubic hair brush my lips. Her hair is so soft, a light brown color, very sexy. I lick her prepuce down along her thigh, still stroking her, keeping her intensity level high.

I remove my finger, letting my tongue replace it as I try to insert it deeper inside. I gently push at her hood with my finger, feeling her clitoris touch the tip on my finger. Her body spasms to the touch of my finger on her clit each time it is brushed. I move my attention to her clit, lightly running my tongue across it, with the same result each time, her body shudders. Her legs push against the sides of my head, her hands now on my head, pulling me into her. I let my tongue explore all of the pussy, taking in her taste and aroma. She convulses and she climaxes, her juices flowing from her body. The musky aroma gives way to the slightly salty, but wonderful taste of her orgasm. I stop for a short period of time, letting her body recover from her orgasm. I kiss her, letting her taste herself on my lips, enjoying the wonderful taste.

After a few minutes she lies on top of me, kisses me, our bodies on fire. I rub my cock up and down her labia, making the head wet. Then I insert my cock inside of her, slowly letting it go deeper inside of her. She sits up, holding on to my arms for support, allowing my cock to get completely inside of her. I hear her breath in short, but deep as my cock is fully 8 inches inside of her. I lift my hips, pushing up into her, our mons touching. I feel her, my cock pushing toward the front of her vagina, causing her back to arch, her breasts stand out, nipples rigid. I feel her work at my cock, her muscles massaging it with each stroke.

After a few minutes I feel a hot flood of juices on my body, she has just ejaculated and was flowing over me. I didn't stop, I kept pumping into her, fucking her as deep as I could. We rolled over, I was now on top of her, pounding into her harder now, pushing into her clit with each stroke. Her head was moving from side to side each time, her eyes close , her mouth open. I squeezed her breasts, holding them tightly brushing her nipples. Her legs now wrapped around me as best she could, bouncing slightly each time I pounded into her.

It was not long before I felt her cum, she was so wet inside, making my cock slide easily inside. It was just a matter of seconds when she came again, this time it seemed as though she would pass out. She wrapped her arms around me, kissing me, my cock still buried inside of her. She slide out from under me, pushed me onto my back stroking my cock. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to suck me off, she wanted me to cum for her. Her mouth slide over my cock, again her tongue danced around my cock. After a couple of minutes I was at the edge, so close.

I tried to whisper I was close, so close to cumming, but I'm not sure if it was what I said. I felt my groin tighten, my cock was so sensitive. Suddenly the first spurt shot into her mouth, then it was one after the other, I was shooting my load into her mouth, It felt as though I would never stop, I just kept cumming. When I did finally stop, she slid up my body, kissing me and thanking me for my treat. My God, this woman could suck cock, she had swallowed every drop.

As we lay there kissing, my cock never went down, it was still proud. I could taste my cum on her lips, salty, just slightly bitter. I let her lay on her stomach, kissing her back, her cheeks, then down, between her cheeks, along her crack. He hips raised, exposing her anus, her rose bud staring at me. I ran my tongue around her anus, hearing her load moans to this. Her ass now fully exposed, she was on all fours. I licked at her anus, teasing it, then down to her vagina, making her crazy with desire. I was behind her, my cock rigid. I slid it into her vagina, doggie style, my balls touching her as I was as deep inside of her as I could be. I started to fuck her, gently at first, but then increasing my tempo. My balls now slapping each time I was deep inside of her.

I fucked her with more intensity when I felt her hot wetness again, she was cumming again. I didn't stop fucking her, I kept the same tempo, getting as much of my 8 inches inside as I possibly could. She came again in a matter of seconds, then she climaxed again and I was cumming inside her. I was shooting inside of her and her juices mixed with mine and lubed my cock. She milked my cock, squeezing every drop of cum from me. I lay on her back for a moment, spent from my last orgasm.

We lay together on the bed, cuddling each other, savoring the moment we had just had. She was an incredible woman

After a little while we got up and went into the shower, washing each other off and the dressing. We returned to the same café we had been at earlier and got something to eat. I kept admiring Lynn, she was such a fantastic person and incredible sexual partner. She said that everyone would get together again tonight, but wanted to know if I could spend some time with her and her husband later. I replied that I would love to and then suddenly wondered what she had in mind.

She drove me back to my brother's house and went inside with me. My sister-in-law was already home and asked if we had a good time looking around. Little did she know just how good of time we had just experienced. Lynn said she had to run and left my with my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law smiled, seeming to tell me something, making me wonder if I was missing something.

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