tagMatureMother-in-law Has Passion

Mother-in-law Has Passion


It was the summer of dissent. The war in Vietnam was now a huge political issue on almost every college campus and every city in the US. People were wearing their hair long, dressed in tie dyed clothes and thinking they were very intellectual. Some of these people would end up in the very place they were dissenting, Vietnam. Most were very naive and actually gave the enemy comfort in knowing that if they could continue to hold out, they would eventually emerge victorious.

I had just returned from Vietnam, after spending almost 14 months there. The difference between the US and Vietnam was immense, but this change happened literally overnight. One day you were boarding a plane in Saigon, the next day you were in the US, total culture shock. You leave the war zone behind you but your comrades are still there, facing the danger every day. You feel the guilt of being able to leave, to get away from the war, but you are also relieved that you are a lucky one, you were walking off the plane.

We landed in Northern California at an Air Force base, not far from the Bay area. They took us by bus from the base to San Francisco where we could catch commercial transport home. The ride was not very interesting, the grass was dry, resembling stray, but it was just rolling hills most of the way into San Francisco. They made two stops, one at the rail station since there was still passenger service at that time and another at the bus terminal. If you wanted to fly you would need to catch a commercial bus to the airport. There was an airline strike at that time, so no one was even going to the airport, just wanting the cheapest and qui8ckest way home. Most guys got out at the bus terminal since it was most likely to have buses leaving soon.

I had an older brother who lived in the south bay area, but we had never been especially close over the years, possibly since he was about 8 years older than I was. I decided to give him a call before purchasing a bus ticket, just to say hello. A woman answered the phone and I asked her if he was at home. She informed me that he was still at work, but I could reach him at a number she gave me. I called that number and he answered, a little surprised when I told him it was me. We chatted for a few minutes, then I told him I needed to catch a bus in San Francisco. He suggested that I stay at their place for a couple of days, they had extra rooms that I could use. I thought about the offer and decided that it sounded like a good chance to meet him and maybe get to know each other better. It must have been 5 or 6 years since we had seen each other when he came home for Christmas. That was the first time I had met his wife and young daughter.

I caught a bus to San Jose which was not that far from where they lived. Although San Jose was not that far it took almost three hours to get there, stopping so many places. When I got off the buss I went across the street to a restaurant and waited for him to pick me up. I had a cup of coffee, still in uniform and duffle with me people would sit and stare. I never knew if they were just curious if I had been to Vietnam, or resented me for the fact that the US was there. It didn't matter, I didn't have to wait long before he drove up. He came into the restaurant and we talked for a few minutes, then he helped me get the baggage into his car. It was a short drive to the town they lived in, the houses all looked the same, small ranch houses with a carport attached. The only thing making them unique was the house number. The conversation had been mostly idle talk, nothing important or personal.

We pulled into their drive and parked under the ever present carport. I left the duffel in the car for the time being, just going in the house. His wife and daughter were there, as was his mother-in-law and father-in-law, making the living room rather crowded. I didn't see much resemblance in his wife and her mom or dad. We all sat in the living room, making me feel as though I should have gotten the bus going home rather than stopping here. I was here so I would make the best of a couple of days before leaving. His in-laws were much more outgoing and friendly than his wife was, I was relieved that someone had humor and could carry on a conversation. I had a feeling that my brother was going to catch hell from his wife later about my staying there at all.

His father-in-law suggested that we all go to a local Italian restaurant for dinner, which sounded good to me. I was not doing well in the crowded room and feeling that his wife was going to jump at both of us. We got into the two cars and went into the shopping area of town, where there were a number of restaurants and bars open, most with outside seating. The restaurant was typical, lots of red checked table cloths and green table mats. The waiter took everyone's drink order, most had wine, but I'm a beer guy, so I had an Italian beer. After the food had been ordered the second round of drinks came, and the second beer was better than the first one. I listened to their conversation, mostly things about their daily lives, but I was not really interested. I kept looking at a waitress, she has a gorgeous body, nice curves and the flattest stomach I think I had ever seen. She seemed to know that she had a great body, presenting it well.

The food came to the rescue, I was really hungry form not eating much in almost two days. The beer was having an effect on me, with an empty stomach so the food would certainly help. I sat across from my brother, next to his mother-in-law. I actually liked her, she was funny and seemed to enjoy having a good time out. I was glad she was better looking than my brother's wife, she was really very plain and not much of a body. We talked a lot about the families, then it turned to Vietnam and what it was like. I tried not to disturb them, after spending almost a year in various camps in the middle of nowhere. I made light of most things, keeping the evening pleasant. As the evening went on his mother-in-law, who now insisted I call her Lynn was really having a great time. My brother and his father-in-law had had just a little too much wine, so when the time came to leave the women had to drive.

I unloaded my duffel from the trunk of the car and took it to the room I was given. It was a small room, about the size of a large closet, so much for California living. I hung up my uniform and laid down on the bed, exhausted for the days travel. I was asleep in a matter of seconds not waking up until almost mid morning the next day. I got dressed and went into the living room, surprised that no one was home at the time.

I sat down on the couch and read the morning news paper, most of the news was about the war. The door opened and it was Lynn, smiling and saying hello. I said. "No one is around right now".

She said that my brother was at work and his wife had an appointment that should take awhile. She had a grocery bag in her arms and she took it into the kitchen where she sat it down. Moments later she came out with a beer, the same beer I had been drinking last night, an Italian beer. She sat down on the couch, handing me a beer and sipping hers. Her lips on the beer bottle had a strange and sudden erotic impact on me. She was very easy to talk to, much more open and knowledgeable than her daughter.

I found my eyes drawn to her breasts, her nipples were hard and poking holes in her blouse. I realized that she was not wearing a bra, and they were standing proud. I looked up to see her looking at me smiling, knowing that I was admiring her breasts. I must have turned red, she started to laugh and said it was fine, she understood. She got up to bring us another beer, I watched her walk away, she had a great ass on her. When she returned with the beer, she sat down right next to me, her leg touching mine. She would touch my arm and leg as we talked, as if to make a point. It did make a point, it was starting to show. I put my arm up on the back of the couch and she seemed to take that as a hint and got even closer to me.

I put my arm on her shoulder as we talked, feeling the smooth material of her blouse. She was now leaning into me, resting her shoulder against my side. I gently pulled her yet closer and she followed by allowing herself to be cuddled. As she looked up at me, I leaned down and kissed her, with her lips parted and moist. She kissed me back, her tongue tracing along my lips then entering my mouth. She had the softest kisses I had ever experienced, so passionate, feminine, yet totally sexy. The kisses became more passionate, her breath was no halting, heavy, her chest was heaving.

I started to unbutton her blouse, all the way to her waist, exposing her chest and cleavage. I was kissing her neck and ears getting her response with even heavier breathing. I slowly moved down lower, kissing her chest, noticing the goose bumps and color coming to her chest. Kissing her cleavage, my hand cupping one of her breasts feeling its firmness and heavy weight brought her hands to pull my head against her. I kissed the side of her breast, it roundness, the softness of her skin, then her aureole, flicking her nipple with my tongue.

I pulled on her blouse, letting her help me remove it while never stop kissing her breasts. Her hands were now guiding my head gently to give her the most pleasure. I took her nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue travel over it, yet sucking it in softly. I felt her leg wrap around mine as I sucked her nipple, and massaged her breasts. I slid my leg between hers, pushing into her crotch, moving against her. She was moving against my leg in a passionate response. I reached down to unbutton her slacks, touching her stomach with my hand. As I slid my hand down she was not wearing panties, I felt her monds and the pubic hair covering it. I touched it like my hand was a feather, ever so lightly brushing her pubic hair. This caused her to jerk as she felt her pubic hair being brushed, her monds so gently touched.

My lips trailed down her chest to her stomach as I kissed her. I pulled her slacks down at the same time as she lifted herself up from the couch. She kicked them off as they reached her ankles. I removed my shirt and threw it on the floor. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers, wiggling to get them to start to move. Reaching down I pulled them down, then kicked to get them off of my legs. My cock was rigid, like a piece of rebar standing straight up.

I kissed my way down to her monds, feeling her pubic hair brush my lips. Her scent was so erotic, musky, sexy, feminine, all at the same time. It filled my nostrils, making my mind numb to anything except her. I softly let my tongue trace a path down her pussy then back up bring a load moan from Lynn. I touched her thighs, the softness of her skin, letting my fingers trail up to her stomach, then down to cup her monds. I let my finger slowly enter her as I licked at her lips. Her hips seem to quiver as my tongue slide between her lips, touching my finger which was stroking her. She was wet, her scent was intoxicating and the taste of her was incredible. I pushed my tongue inside of her vagina which resulted in a sudden thrust of her hips toward me. I let my fingers now so softly touch her clit, just ever so lightly. She started to flex her ass muscles causing her to hump her pussy into my face with the short movements from the flexing. Her juices was covering my face around my mouth, she was becoming wetter as I continued to eat her. Suddenly her hands clasped the back of my head, pushing down, I felt her wetness flow into my mouth, she was cumming. Her body convulsed as my tongue touched her clit then back to her vagina. The taste of her juices was incredible, that feminine, slightly salty yet musky fluid. I stopped, she was at the point she need to recover, her clit was so sensitive at that point. Our lips touched as we kissed deeply, my face was awash with her juices. She could taste herself on my lips and tongue as we kisses, her passion was still hot.

Her hand wrapped itself around my cock as we kissed, running the tips of her fingers around the head of my cock. She did this so gently, it sent a bolt of electricity through my body, my cock jerking to her touch. Her head moved down where she licked the tip of my cock, her tongue running around the pee hole. She slowly went down, taking my cock into her mouth, all the way to my pubic hair. She was beyond belief at sucking cock, very good at it. As she sucked me her hands played with my nipples, send me to the brink. I pulled her back up, kissing her, letting her know how good she was at sucking cock, I just didn't want to cum at that time.

I slid between her legs, my cock rubbing her pussy as we moved into a comfortable position. I rubbed the head of my cock along her pussy, letting her juices lubricate the head. My cock slide inside of her, feeling her incredible wetness and heat. I slowly pushed until our pubic bones crushed against each other, and then slowly pulled out as I moved my hips to one side. She was incredible, not so tight, but just right. She wrapped her legs around me as best she could as I started to hump against her clit with each downward stroke bring a deep moan each time. She was gripping my cock as I started to pull out each time, letting her pussy press against my cock. I continued to slowly fuck her for several minutes until she gasped and I felt a hot flood covering me, she was ejaculating. I could not hear her breathing, I thought she had passed out. I slowed to a stop, my cock was a deep inside her as I could get it. She gripped my cock with her pussy again, humping against me, sliding up and down on my cock. I resumed thrusting into her, feeling my cock slide easily after her orgasm, the head touching her.

The short break had allowed me to recover and continue with more drive and intensity. With each thrust I pounded into her clit resulting in her body jerking violently each time. I moved my hips to one side as I pulled out, then the other side the next time, pushing the head of my cock against her pussy. I started to increase my pass and my thrust became harder, feeling her thrusting up against me with each thrust. I was rapidly approaching the point of no return, I felt my groin tighten and the head of my cock was become even more sensitive. I tried to tell her I was cumming, but I was not sure what I actually uttered. As I thrust deep inside of her I felt her juices flow around my cock. I started to cum, my cock pulsing with each spurt which never seemed to stop. Slowly I stopped thrusting; it was now painful to continue.

We lay in each other's arms, spent and sated. We kissed, her passion was still simmering, her kisses were still deep. I ran my hand over her breasts, her nipples were hard like small pebbles bring sighs and moans from the throat. I had this need to have more of her, so I trailed my kisses down her stomach, touching her soaked pubic hair. I touched her clit with my tongue, running it softly over it. She started to become vocal as I let my tongue massage her clit. Her hip thrust up, letting my tongue slide down to her vagina, which was open. I inserted my tongue tasting all of out juices, but causing her to move around over my tongue. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth as I stroked her vagina with my tongue. I suddenly felt this gush of hot fluid shoot into my mouth, she was ejaculating into my mouth. I swallowed her juices as quickly as I could, drinking her in, enjoying her passion.

We lay there for some time after that, just caressing each other. I told her I would be there for another day and I hoped she had time to meet again.

It was very difficult at dinner that night, her husband there. All the time I wondered if he had a clue what had happened earlier that day.

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