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Bottom of the Ladder


Meredith strode around in her black and silver pinstriped skirtsuit, arms crossed with her silver-framed glasses pulled down just far enough to rest on her nose. Her hair was pulled back and tied up, exposing her lean neck that poured down into the tanned skin of her upper chest.

Another day in the office monitoring her staff and making sure that no covert windows of social networking appeared on the computer screens. It's funny how sales and production slipped between the hours of her-not-being-around a.m. and her-not-being-seen p.m.

Meredith understood that unsupervised employees would do what they could to get over on any policy. Still, she didn't like it. Her father had taught her, "Hard work wins the race every time!!!" She didn't particularly believe in this fully, but knew that this would be how she ran things.

As she paced down aisle after aisle checking to see who was working and who was "faking it", her leather round-toe heels silently stretched and exercised her calf muscles. It didn't matter to her the pain of it all as she had to take the good with the bad; the resulting roundness and tightness of her ass as it stretched through the skirt had several of the office men stealing glances after she passed. It amazed her how the gentlemen disregarded discreetness in their stares as she viewed them from the slight reflection in her glasses.

She continued walking past several of the personnel, however, a bit slowly. Had she the time of day, she would've fucked one or two of them just to relieve herself of some pent up stress and enjoyed the sensation of some good hard dick inside of her again. Running a company left the meaning of personal time to be just a passing fantasy.

Meredith eyed Pete, the obvious arrogant one of the bunch as he dared to stare at her directly as she neared him. His heavily muscled chest was obviously too large to be contained in that pansy dress shirt. Pete just methodically tapped his pen on the desk as she was but one foot away from him, still eyeing her. Meredith was sickened of him and his attitude; he looked as if he knew that, at any moment, he could fuck her if he wanted to. She frowned at him just a bit as she was passing him, rotating her head around to keep her eyes locked on his. His reaction: While rotating his chair around to follow her, there was a smile, an obvious perusal at her ass, and then a wink. Was there an erection in his pants?

Meredith turned back around quickly continuing on down the aisle. That arrogant asshole probably didn't know what to do with that huge dick of his. He probably wouldn't even make it feel right as he threw her on her office desk spreading her legs far apart. His penetration would be weak as she locked her legs around his strong back begging for more as she rubbed at his chest and pinched her breasts. The strong dick that he forced inside her, stimulating her lips and clitoris, probably wouldn't even make her cum -- not that much.

Meredith was ripped from her thoughts, about Pete's dick marauding her pussy, as you-know-who walked in, late: Stacy Gamble. A Complete, Cluster, Fuck-Up. Meredith cringed with immediate hatred. This was the office's weak link. Always late, disheveled as ever, and producing mediocre work, Stacy had definitely made a rather weak name for herself.

Stacy's entrance had included an unsurprising stumbling on her part with dropping some books and falling to her knees.

Meredith shook her head. Well, at least the girl was actually dressed decent today, though she still had the appearance of someone rushed through several parties before making it to work. The girl donned a tan pencil skirt with a slit up the middle front and back. The skirt was matched with a slingback pump with a square-toe. A tattered white blouse with a plunging neckline struggled to hold in her young breasts as she reached over to retrieve her books.

Stacy finally raised her head to see Meredith peering down through her glasses.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry, Ms. Jones...I was going to call, but—"

"I don't need to hear it, Gamble." Meredith's voice was stern and calm. She had had enough with the tardiness, excuses, etc. "Go to my office, please."

Stacy appeared as if she was about to cry. Her delicate little face was all confusion with all the traces of naïveté. As she stood up, she trailed her way to Meredith's office with her head drooped down and her little bottom swaying.


Meredith had just re-entered her office, glad to finally be able to rest her feet from the pumps that gave men the prized view of her nice ass. She disregarded the downcast looking Stacy sitting on her office couch as she walked past her. Finally having reached her desk, Meredith began to slip off her shoes as she sipped from her "special coffee". A little Bailey's and coffee kept her going throughout the day.

"Look, Ms. Jones I'm really sorry—"

"I haven't addressed you, Stacy. I will do so when I'm ready to speak with you." Meredith slipped into her leather recliner and slowly slid away from behind the desk to get closer to her huge office window. The only thing separating her from Stacy was a Persian rug and a glass coffee table. Meredith mindlessly stared out into the big city, completely disregarding Stacy to her oblique back right who was sitting on the couch and anxious about what may happen.

As Meredith crossed her legs, she gracefully stroked her right knee while taking in the sight of her freshly painted toes. Her legs belonged to that of a younger woman's and she often fawned over them. As she stroked her knee, she started thinking of Pete from before and let her left hand start to teasingly slip down her upper thigh until the hem of the skirt bunched up to just below her ass. She heard a rustling to her right.

Meredith slowly rotated around, only stopping once she was fully facing Stacy. She wiggled her toes a bit enjoying the air that passed through them. She glared at Stacy with her eyes glowered down just a bit as she sipped on her "coffee".

"Ms. Gamble, how old are you?" Meredith slowly rocked from side to side, rotating her chair but never too much to not keep focus on Stacy.

"Um ...I'm twenty four, ma'am." Stacy had the eyes of a deer caught in head lights. She didn't know where anything was leading or might lead to.

"Do you know how old I am?" Meredith looked at the way Stacy's brunette strands just hung about her shoulders as limp and lazy as the girl whose head they sprawled from. Despite her nervous and weird demeanor, the young woman had a symmetrically angled face and the immaturity on her face was cute in and of itself.

"No, I don't..." Stacy was looking down at her hands in her lap.

"Stacy, I'm forty-three years old. And I didn't become owner of this company by being a rather lack-luster employee. Do you get my drift?" Meredith had stopped spinning her chair and moved it a bit closer to Stacy's location. Her coffee finished, she just placed the mug on the floor.

"I do, Ms. Jones. It's just that—"

"Stacy, excuses don't get you very far in this world. And as such, I'm afraid that you're not producing enough to continue on with this company."

"No! Please give me another chance, Ms. Jones!" Stacy had finally looked up, bewildered. Tears were starting to fall from her eyes, all of which had no effect on Meredith. Stacy reached out and grabbed the edge of the coffee table as she knelt down to the floor. Her pencil skirt had ridden up just a bit and, with the slit in the front, it was showing quite a bit up her inner thighs.

"Please, Stacy. Begging is quite unbecoming." Meredith showed a look of disgust as the girl continued crying. "I say now, STOP IT!!!" She had had enough of the loud disturbance. "Explain to me why you have performed so lowly."

Sobbing quietly, Stacy began. "I've been having problems with my boyfriend and the bills. We bought a house together and he's been spending large amounts of his check on frivolous things. We end up fighting all night and then I'm so exhausted for the next morning and I oversleep." Stacy ran her nimble little fingers through her hair as she told her story. From her kneeling position she looked up at Meredith. "I'm really sorry and I will try and do better. Please, just give me another chance."

Meredith had been scooting her chair over closer to the poor girl as she told her story, mesmerized at the stupidity of young folks.

"Why would you go in on a housing agreement with someone you're not married to? Don't even answer because I know the answer is stupid." Finally next to the poor kneeling girl, Meredith peered down at her. The white blouse clearly was too loose for the ample bosom of the woman and stressful tears and sweat ran the length down the young woman's neck and chest.

"Please, Ms. Jones...I really need this job." Stacy was staring into the older woman's face, no shame about her begging whatsoever. Her lips were pouty and mascara ran down her little cheeks.

Meredith looked down the length of her leg to her toes, yet again.

"The issue is why I would want to keep you, Ms. Gamble. You're providing me with nothing but a loss of money."

Stacy drooped her head back down, the silent tears racing down her face and into her blouse.

"Do you, in fact, want to keep this job by all means? Perhaps, even a special assignment?" Meredith sharply aimed her eyes into the poor girl's face until the girl looked up. Stacy's lip was quivering with fear as she was forced to eye her menacing boss.

A precious little nod came from the twenty-four year old.

"Stacy. Stacy Gamble...How do you like my toes?" Meredith had taken on a foreign strange look of niceness. She flailed her toes while pointedly looking at Stacy.

Stacy's look was that of horror and confusion. What did this have to do with anything? Looking down at Meredith's toes, she commented. "They are beautiful. Your toes are very beautiful."

"You know, Stacy...I don't like lying little women, especially on my work force. Do you or don't you like my toes?" Meredith snarled her face at the young woman.

Stacy started shaking unsure as to what she should do. The older woman's toes did, in fact, look very young and vibrant and she didn't want to seem like a liar.

Stacy bent over forwards feeling the plush Persian rug under her hands. In this position, her breasts dangled heavily against the cheap cotton blouse. She reached up and brushed her hand through her hair again to get it out of her face. She began moving forwards on hands and knees.

After several moves forward, Stacy was right in front of her boss, Meredith, with the older woman's dangling foot inches away from her face.

"I really do like your toes, Ms. Jones." Stacy remained on hands and knees, peering up at Meredith like a worried child.

Meredith had watched the girl proceed on hands and knees from the couch and kept her face in a stern gaze. With the girl right down below her, she transformed her snarl into a look of blankness. Meredith slowly started rotating the chair again after she moved forward several inches first.

Swaying from right to left slowly in her leather chair, Meredith's right toe grazed underneath Stacy's nose. The young girl didn't flinch, however. Meredith continued the arc before stopping and beginning the return trip the other way. Again, her toe lightly brushed under the young woman's nose again. All the while, the girl continued looking up at Meredith with drying tears on her face.

Upon the third time of Meredith brushing her toe under Stacy's nose, she stopped right there leaving her toe on Stacy's upper lip. Still looking at the unmoving young woman, Meredith slid her toe down slowly until the tip of it pressed at the crease between Stacy's lips. Giving the pressure behind it a bit of force, Meredith forced Stacy's mouth open with her toe. Stacy's eyes closed.


A toe had forced its way into my mouth and I was in shock and didn't know what to do. I needed my job, and I needed it badly. I didn't have time for this invasion that was occurring; my boss was in the middle of talking to me... That being the case, I remained on my hands and knees allowing the digit entrance into my warm mouth, hoping that it would soon be over to return to my boss again. With my eyes closed, it was easier for me to wait out this violation...

Bit by bit, inch by inch, the salty toe entered into my mouth. My mouth having enveloped the toe all the way, I heard a distant command from worlds apart: "Stacy, show me how much you love my toes..." Immediately, my tongue began to swathe over the toe. It was such the perfect size for my little mouth and I had to hurry and get this over with to complete some sort of special assignment. Yes, I had to do a special assignment...

Soon enough, however, I felt that I had to try harder to get out of this weird world I was in so that I could get back to the real world of saving my job. I reached up my right hand and took hold of the heel of the foot. With the foot locked in place, I began licking down the length of the entire foot. At times, a foreign image would appear in my eyes and I would see a woman delving her hand into a jacket and seemingly rubbing her chest.

Whenever I reached the arch in the foot that I had possession of, I would bite into it sensitively, causing a moaning sound to infect my hearing. I had to disregard it, though, because my focus was on my special assignment...

Soon, a hand was on the back of my neck and my head followed: it had apparently been lead to a warm polyester enclosure and soon my vision and head was enshrouded in darkness. Once again, the voice from far away echoed some command to some poor person: "Show me how hungry you are to keep the job; I need a young tongue to touch it and suck it." What a poor person, I thought to myself. At any rate, I felt an emanating heat in front of my face and, without my vision, I searched the area with my tongue. At first, I felt smoothness like that of skin that seemed to be split on either side symmetrically. On one of my tongue explorations, I found a mound in between the "split" and when my tongue circled over it, I realized the hand on the back of my neck ceased some of its pressure.

I figured that I had made some sort of breakthrough. I had been talking to my boss earlier and then, magically, slipped into another world. But I needed to escape this world and return to the real one in order to complete my assignment for my boss in order to keep my job. Realizing that I had eased the hand from imprisoning me by circling, what felt like, a fleshy button, I continued to work my tongue.

The taste in my mouth was tangy and extra juices always seemed to flow down my chin. At times, my tongue would become tired and the licking would slack off but then the pressure on the back of my head would increase. So, I learned to always flicker my tongue in a steady clockwise motion. After a bit, I felt warm skin on either side of my ears and then I heard yelling from that other world again: "Yes, lick my pussy just like that...don't stop, please don't fucking stop! Stick your fingers inside of me and feel my wetness" Strange words, I thought to myself.

Anyway, disregarding the strange commentary from the other world, I felt the need to explore the cave my tongue was in with my fingers. I reached up my right hand and took its middle finger and felt into the darkness until it plunged into a warm moist hole. Again, as with the tongue action, I found that pulls on my head were less strenuous when I plugged the hole below the fleshy mound with my finger.

I, then, decided to keep plunging the hole while tasting with my tongue until that other voice said more weird things: "I'm about to cum Stacy, oh yessss! Let me cum inside your mouth..." I shrugged at the cryptic nature of the statement just in time to move my mouth to the hole I had been plunging. At the same exact instant, a slight sweetness entered my mouth...


Stacy blinked back, a bit baffled. As she had remembered, she was kneeling in front of her boss waiting on hearing a way to salvage her job. However, Meredith was leaned back in her leather chair and her skirt was hiked obscenely high and showing a bit of her womanhood. Stacy looked away a bit embarrassed at Meredith's lack of modesty.

Stacy was further confused: for some odd reason or another, her chin was completely moist as well as her right hand. She shrugged it off as excessive crying and peered to her boss waiting on the outcome of her job status.

Meredith finally leaned forward again and looked down at Stacy.

"Go over to my desk and search for my next week's flight itinerary." Meredith had a cluster of papers on her desk and she hadn't been able to successfully locate some things.

Meredith watched as Stacy stood up, the front of the young girl's blouse completely wet with sweat amongst other things. As the young woman made her way over to the desk, Meredith slowly slid the chair back over to her desk as well.


Stacy was unsuccessfully trying to locate anything that remotely appeared to be an itinerary on her boss' desk. Meanwhile, she was aware that her boss was directly behind her sitting in her chair.

Stacy began to become more and more nervous: Her special assignment of just having to find an itinerary would cause her to lose her job??? She reached further over the cherry-wood desk in a desperate effort to find the document. As she did so, her skirt with the high split in the front as well as the back showed more of her legs.

Meredith had sat back silently, waiting on the young woman to do what she had asked of her. She had straightened her own skirt back out and reorganized her hair. There could possibly be promise for this young one. As she viewed the woman becoming more desperate and reaching forward over the desk, she saw the split in the skirt revealing more of her olive-skinned toned back thighs.

Meredith ran her right hand under her skirt and found her still spittle/cum-soaked pussy pulsating with life. She hooked two of her fingers inside and immediately reached up to her G-spot. She dug up and around within her vagina, making huge swirling motions while riding her fingers at the same time. The memory of that young face down under her skirt lapping up her pussy wouldn't leave her mind. As she continued her own molestation, she focused her eyes on the tan pencil skirt in front of her. The ass underneath it was so plush and round and the thought of the set of huge breasts around front had Meredith starting to silently groan.

On one of Stacy's particular reaches across the huge desk, Meredith couldn't help herself and reached a hand between the young professional's legs...


I remember I had been put on a special assignment to find something but now I had an obstacle. Some slithering snake with seemingly five heads was creeping its way up my legs...

There was nothing I could do about it as I was frozen in fear and, yet, I still had to find a way to complete my task. I decided to try and ignore it as I continued on my search.

More slithering, more squeezing: the snake was relentless between my legs and it was using all five of its heads to snake around the inside of my thighs. I squeezed my legs tightly and continued bending over and focusing on getting out of this strange land again, and continuing on with the business at hand. However, the snake had different plans for me...

It had snaked its way up to my deep dark recesses. I gripped onto a wooden object in front of me as I was caught off-guard. But the serpent didn't stop there; in a winding gloating way, it curved around and sent one of its five heads into me.

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