tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBottomless at the High School Play

Bottomless at the High School Play


Until I was a senior in high school, I was pretty much a nobody. Then I tried out for the school play. In the play, I wore an elaborate gown even though I only had a small part. The auditorium was packed and things were going great until I went backstage between scenes.

The drama teacher, Mrs. Bates, said, "Shelly, we had a no-show and I need you to fill in. Quick, change into this costume."

I said, "But I don't know the part."

Mrs. Bates said, "You're just playing a little peasant girl. All you have to do is stand there until the King comes up to you. Then bend over so he can put a medallion around your neck. Once you get the medallion, turn and walk off the stage."

I said, "It sounds simple enough. I'll do it."

She said, "Terrific. Now get changed. You're on in a minute."

In the backstage darkness, I removed my gown. I was a little nervous because I was out in the open and all I had on was my bra and black tights. A few boys were staring at me so I quickly slipped on the peasant smock. Then I reached underneath and removed my black tights.

Even though I'm only five-foot-one, I was still a couple inches taller than the girl I replaced, so I was shocked to discover how short the character's costume was. I was barely able to fasten the snaps up the front of the little dress and the hem rested just below my pussy hair and butt cheeks.

I said, "Mrs. Bates, this smock is too small for me."

She asked, "Aren't you wearing shorts underneath it?"

I replied, "I don't have any shorts. I didn't know I'd be playing this part."

Mrs. Bates gave me a funny look and then she said, "Well, it will have to do."

Then I looked down at the floor and I was terrified to discover that my panties were bunched up inside my black tights. In the commotion of the quick change, I accidentally pulled my underpants off with my tights. Glancing in the mirror confirmed that I was bare-assed naked under the smock and the costume offered very little coverage of my private areas.

As I frantically tried to free my panties from my tights, Miss Bates grabbed my arm and said, "It's time for you to go on stage."

I yelped, "On stage? But...but..."

Before I could explain, I was thrust onto the stage in a tiny dress with nothing on underneath. The smock was made of a thin off-white material, but I have blonde hair so I was pretty confident that no one could see my fair-haired bush through the light fabric. However, I was still nervous because I had to stand near the front of the stage. Looking out at the crowd, I quickly sensed that the people in the front three or four rows could see right up my dress!

The character I portrayed was supposed to be a young peasant girl. Although I didn't have any lines, it was easy to see that I was becoming the focal point of the audience. Both younger boys and older men were slouching down in their seats to get a better view of my eighteen-year-old pussy.

My face turned red, but my nervousness intensified when I remembered that I had to bow before the King and allow him to put a medal around my neck. I didn't know what to do, so I made up my mind that I would bow and then I'd hurry off the stage. When it came time to bow, I leaned forward and I could feel the hem of the short dress riding up on my bare ass.

There was a collective gasp from the audience. It was very embarrassing because the act of bowing forced me to expose more than half my butt to the crowd. In my bent over position, I kept hoping that the King would put the medal around my neck quickly, but he was taking forever. In the mean time, everyone was treated to a clear view of my young bare buns.

Then, just as the King finished putting the medallion around my neck, a young boy yelled, "Hey mommy, that girl's not wearing any underpants!"

The crowd burst into laughter and I was humiliated in front of my fellow students, parents and faculty. I quickly stood up and spun around so that I could rush off the stage, but I'd forgotten that the snaps holding the smock together in front were barely fastened. Due to my abrupt movement, all the snaps from the waist down popped open and the dress flew apart in front of me as I tried to run off the stage.

The entire audience could see the soft fuzzy patch of golden pussy hair between my legs when the short dress separated in front. My choices were to continue off the stage and leave my bush exposed, or stop and snap the dress back together, which would prolong my public humiliation. I chose to continue running and swiftly left the stage with the dress flung to my sides, exposing my blonde girl fur to everyone.

I didn't stay for the encores, I didn't go to the cast party, and I didn't want to go to school ever again. Unfortunately, my parents were angry at me for going on-stage without underpants in the first place, so they felt that going to school would be a worthy punishment for my act of indiscretion.

As I walked down the hall to my locker, I felt like everyone was staring at me, and they were! A few boys made rude comments so I tried not to make eye contact with anyone. Then, as I was opening my locker, the beautiful captain of the cheerleading squad walked up to me followed by a few of the guys on the football team. Josie reached for the front of my jeans so I put my hands in front of me.

Josie said, "Stand still and put your hands down. I want to settle a bet."

Josie was the most popular girl in school. Everyone was watching, so I felt as though I had no choice, but to comply with her authoritative commands. I just stood there motionless as she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans right in front of everyone!

Then Josie put her finger down the front of my pants and began wiggling it around. I couldn't believe it. The captain of the cheerleading squad was touching my panty-clad pussy while the best looking boys in the school watched. It gave me a funny feeling and made me tingle all over.

As she continued gently rubbing my pussy lips over my panties, Josie said, "I win. Shelly's wearing underpants today."

One of the guys said, "Double or nothing. I bet you can make Shelly wet between her legs."

Josie smirked, "That's no bet. She's already getting wet!"

I blushed as everyone watched Josie caress my pussy. However, the feeling was incredible and I was powerless to stop her. Josie looked me in the eyes and smiled, as if she liked what she was doing to me. She knew that I was enjoying her soft touch and sensed that she had complete control over me. Then the bell rang and she removed her finger from between my legs, much to my dismay.

As the in-crowd walked away, Josie winked and said, "See you later, Shelly."

One of the guys added, "Shelly, you put on a great show Saturday night."

As I fastened my jeans and pulled up the zipper, I suddenly came to the realization that until last weekend, the most popular group in my high school didn't even know I existed. Now they all knew my name. I began to wonder who else caught my performance Saturday night and how were they going to react.

Could it be that accidentally exposing myself in public could make me the most popular girl in school? If so, should I accidentally expose myself again? I daydreamed about the possibilities for the rest of the school day!

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