tagNonHumanBought Ch. 04

Bought Ch. 04



Though the world is run by various monarchies, Union has no official leader. Each group has an official of sorts that answer to the nearest law of their kind. In the long run, though, Union is lawless. Anything goes as long as one is not caught. That was why Union was home to so much scum, though they stayed in particular areas, for the most part. However, many upper class people were as much of criminals as the lower class.

That was simply the nature of Union.


The moment she was freed from the coffin, she rushed to the wash room of her quarters. For hours, something dead lie upon her. For hours, his ever stiff member anchored her to the floor of the coffin. Of course, even if he hadn't been inside her, she couldn't have made an escape. After all, she had been chained inside with the corpse.

Now Areica felt sore and dirty. She spent a great deal of time buried up to her chin in the bathtub. She would have been content to stay there for the rest of the day, if a knock hadn't come to the door.

"Mistress," Ben called from the other side.

"Don't call me that." She said, barely loud enough to be heard.

"Mistress," Ben continued, ignoring her, "Master Khelman has returned. He requests your presence in his study, immediately."

Her defeated eyes perked up ever so slightly. Master Khelman was the person between her and Rhoeshard. Without him, things like last night would happen. She knew for sure now than she had before.

"I'll be out in a minute." Her voice was as defeated as the look on her face

She took her time toweling off. What if Rhoe caught her along the way to see Khelman? What would he do to her? She couldn't deal with another punishment right now. So, she found the most unattractive pieces of garments to wear, just in case.

Head bowed the entire path, Areica made her way to Khelman's study. She knocked on the door a few times and waited for an answer.

"Come in, princess." He said from the other side of the door.

Letting out a deep sigh, Areica opened Khelman's door. Once inside, she didn't bother to look up.

"You called for me . . . Master?"

"Yes." He said, sternly, "Look at me as I talk to you, dear."

Hesitantly, she made eye contact with Master Khelman. He stared back at her with a look of anger, and maybe pity. His dark eyes bore into her as though trying to see through her or deep inside of her. She wanted to turn away, but something about his stance commanded her to keep her attention focused on him.

"Come here, Areica." He said as he took a seat in his chair.

Slowly, Areica moved closer. She went to sit in the chair opposite of his, when he held up a hand.

"Come HERE, Areica." He gestured to his side of the desk

Confused, she walked around the dark oak desk and stood in front of Khelman. He stared up at her for a long moment before he reached for her hand.

"Sit." He offered his lap

Her eyes widened as she began backing away. His hand gripped her, pulling her closer. She stood deathly still after she got close enough to brush him.

"Sit . . . " he said soothingly, "Just sit. Nothing else, princess."

Part of her wanted to run. Hell, most of her. She trusted this one more than the other, but that wasn't saying much. Either way, they were both cold blooded killers. In the end though, his sincere face had her lowering her bottom to his lap. As soon as she settled, he cradled her in strong arms.

It felt . . . safe. That surprised her. The moment he began holding her, she felt something better than contempt . . . something warm and happy. Safe. Safe for the first time in days.

His fingers stroked her cheek while he watched her warm to his hold. Her eyes were so wide, like those of a frightened child. Khelman wanted to drive some of that fear away.

"I know he hurt you, Areica. It is Rhoe's way. Some Vampire are more . . . human . . . than others. Rhoe hadn't much humanity when living. It was almost all lost when he changed." Khelman whispered to her, keeping her face close, "I cannot promise that he will not hurt you again. All I know is that attempting to run away is dangerous. Stay here. Let me protect you as much as I am able." His fingers trailed down her neck to the bruised teeth marks, "I promise that for every bit of bad, I will attempt to make it up with good."

He turned her face a little more to give the right angle. She stared down at him, her eyes full of tears that made his blood boil. This girl was a vibrant creature at heart. Why did Rhoe insist on breaking her like this? What would happen to her spirit?

His eyes closed slightly as he moved her closer. Ever so softly, he kissed her full, sweet lips. Just enough to test the waters. They felt exactly as he imagined. Warm. Soft. Wonderful. They trembled as they touched his. He could still feel the trembling as their mouths hung nearby, but not together.

"Master Khelman . . . " she said, full of fear and confusion

"Shh, princess," he consoled her, "No more tears, today. Let me take care of you."

He brought her mouth back to his. He sucked on her lips as though feasting on her. His tongue ran over the plump little thing while she moaned into his mouth. Her body pressed against his. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Khelman used his fingertips to trace her arms lightly until he heard a small giggle in her throat.

His mouth released hers again as a smile grabbed a hold on him. He watched her, eyes still closed and savoring the gentle union. He brought his fingers to her round cheeks, leisurely moving along the contours of it. Her face pressed into his fingers, desperate for the gentle touch.

Khelman slid the girl off his lap, though she greatly objected. He chuckled under his breath as she whimpered sadly. Poor child. When he still breathed, he had a loving home. He couldn't imagine a life without any gentle care. At least, he could grant her that now.

He grabbed onto her hips as he stared up at her. Slowly, he bunched up her dress. Until it reached mid-thigh, Areica had allowed it. When it hit that point, her hands reached down to stop him.

"N-no . . . please . . . "

He frowned up at her. Areica couldn't even breathe thanks to the fear of his touch, that made him feel awful for her.

"Trust in me. Please. If only a little now. Try to trust me." He asked

His sincerity confused her. The look on his face couldn't be a lie. It just couldn't. But how could she trust him with her body after it had been so rudely violated. After it had betrayed her so many times.

She hesitantly moved her hand away. The skirt continued to bunch up her body until Master Khelman found her undergarments. Keeping her eyes focused on his prevented her from running away screaming, even when he pulled the flimsy piece of material down her legs.

"Sit on the desk, little one."

She nodded, then did as he asked. His cool, but soothing hands parted her legs wider and wider. A few times she nearly shut them and got up, but he did it so slowly, that the threat she would have felt diminished.

He knelt down before her now opened legs. The entire movement, he kept his attention focused on her weary face. His hands stroked her inner thighs while waiting for her to release some of that tension and fear. He had to smile at the clean scent wafting to meet his nose. A woman after a bath was always wonderful, he mused. Many days from his youth came to haunt him as he breathed her in.

Khelman put her legs over his wide shoulders, close to the tops of her thighs. This gave him good leverage and kept her opened for him. He looked down at her with a smile. She gasped as his mouth made its way closer to that sweet smelling femininity.

Areica groaned as his tongue swept through the partially opened slit. He gave two long ones, causing her to tighten.

"M-master!" she yelped. That was so . . . wicked!

He smiled at her, still kindly . . . almost fatherly. That playfulness in his look caused her heart to leap into her throat. Ignoring her surprise, he got back to work, this time focusing on her little nub that hardened the moment he licked.

His tongue was persistent as it circled her quickly, then darted back and forth. The pattern stayed unpredictable. Each moment served as a surprise to her body. Warmth surged through her as he kept it up until she nearly felt faint.

His tongue moved down her, pushing into the still hurting center of her. Areica whimpered and cried out in pain. Rhoe looked up at her sadly.

"I am sorry, princess. That was careless." He said, then gave her outer folds soft kisses.

She shook her head, "It is fine."

He nodded, then got back to work. Swirling, swirling, his tongue went. Her hips bounced off the table as pleasure continued to rock her over and over again. She didn't moan loudly, but she panted. Each jolt of pleasure caught her breath until it passed. Khelman moaned at the light pants while his tongue pressed harder and harder, sending her closer and closer. Her eyes rolled back in her head while her hips continued to jump despite his efforts to keep her still. Her fingers dug into the edge of his desk, nearly splintering a part of it.

"Oh, Master . . . Ohhhhhhh . . . " she murmured as Khelman's licking pushed her off that edge

She convulsed over and over again while Master Khelman licked up her juices. When she finally quieted, her master returned to his chair, pulling her into his lap. She rested her head on his shoulder, while he stroked the length of her back. The pair stayed this way for a long time. Areica savored every moment of the safeness she felt. She nearly drifted off to sleep before he spoke.

"Some people use the advantage of this town to meet certain means. I know that I am a criminal in my own right, but I do what I must to survive. But, some things are simply cruel. Nothing can be done since everything is behind closed doors, so to speak. Sometimes it is safer just to play dumb. Do you understand what I'm telling you, princess?"

She nodded in the crook of his neck.

"Good. All I need from you is some amount of loyalty. I'll try to keep your tasks from going too far against your grain. That's all I need . . . anything else . . . we can discuss later. Right now, you should return to your room and get some rest. I will see you when night falls again." He kissed her forehead then helped her sit up, "Good rest, princess."

She nodded. Still shaky from their encounter, Areica made her way out of the room. At the wall opposite the door, Rhoe stood there with a scowl on his face. Giving him a slight bow, as any good slave would, she headed for the stairs that led to her room. On the way, she heard a door slam. It sounded angry. For some reason, that made her smile.

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