You wake in a dark room, your head groggy with a slight headache. You try to stretch and find that you can not move your arms. You strain some more and realize that both your arms and legs around bound. You snap awake and try to figure out where you are.

You can't see much in the room. The windows are covered with what appears to be black blankets that do not let much light in. You are tied with arms and legs outstretched to king size 4 poster bed. You can barely discern a door on one side of the room. There are small side tables with drawers on either side of the bed.

You try to remember how you got here but the last thing you remember is eating lunch at work earlier. You think it is earlier, you really have no idea what time it is, other than there is still some daylight left that seeps through the blankets over the windows to give you a little light to see by.

You hear a click and the door starts to slowly open. Whatever room is behind the door has no light so you can not see who has opened the door. You see a shadow enter and close the door behind it. Your heart starts to pound in fear as you wonder who could have brought you here and what could they possibly want with you.

The shadow moves to the foot of the bed and tests the ropes on your legs to make sure they are still tight. They move to the sides to check the ones binding your wrists. You think by the shape of the shadow that it is female. A hand reaches down and slowly traces in invisible line down your cheek. You suck in a sharp breath at the warm touch.

"I see you are finally awake" a soft voice whispers.

"Where am I?" you ask. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Where you are is of no consequence, and you will have to wait and see what my plans are for you."

The hand moves down to your chest and slowly moves down to your stomach. Her finger trails down past your belly button in small wavy lines to the button of your pants.

She sighs softly and says, "I should have done something about this earlier, oh well."

You hear her grab something off one of the tables and see the silhouette of a knife in her hand. Your heart starts pounding in fear. You try to say something but find that your mouth has gone dry and the words die in your throat as she gets on the bed with you.

You feel the cold steel of the knife as she slides the point softly up your arm. You shiver at the cold touch waiting to feel the bite of the blade when she cuts you. The knife moves up to your bicep almost in a caress the touch is so soft. You close your eyes, holding your breath, awaiting the bite of the knife.

You hear a ripping sound and realize that she is cutting away your shirt. You feel the pressure as the knife cuts from the arm of your shirt to the neck, then down the side opening up one side. You keep your eyes closed as she repeats it on the other side. You feel a small draft as she removes your shredded shirt.

She straddles you and runs the point of the knife down your chest softly. You open your eyes to see her on top of you. You are scared to death but at the same time you can feel yourself reacting to this scary but strangely erotic experience. You wonder to yourself what is wrong with you.

I could die and here I am getting hard with some crazy chick that could potentially slice and dice me, you think to yourself.

She sets the knife down beside you and leans down inches from your face.

"Are you scared?" she asked softly.

"Yes, please don't hurt me." Your voice sounds weak and scared to your ears.

She laughs softly, "Don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you....much."

You feel the soft caress of her breath on your face as she leans closer and kisses you softly on the lips. She runs her tongue across your lips then gently nips your bottom lip between her teeth. You feel her breasts slide across your chest. Your body reacts with a jolt as you realize she is naked on top of you.

Her soft lips trail down the side of your neck, her hot breath moves across your skin. Her tongue swirls across your neck before she nips you again. Your breath catches in your throat at the sudden pain and pleasure.

She moves down to your chest, her soft breasts sliding across your stomach. The warmth of her soft flesh on your skin sent jolts of electricity through you. She softly kissed your chest then ran her tongue lightly across to your nipple. You let out a soft gasp and she slowly suckled your nipple, circling her hot tongue around your nipple. You grunt as she bites down on it sending waves of pain and pleasure throughout your body.

She sits up, her firm round bottom pressing down on your very hard cock. You moan aloud as she squirms against you, the friction almost driving you mad. She shifts off of you, you raise your hips trying to keep in contact with her but she pushes you down roughly.

"Ah, ah ah my pet," she replies.

She picks up the knife and presses it against your throat. "You will only be touched when I want you to be touched, do we have an understanding?"

"Yes Mistress," you breathe, fear creeping into your voice again as you strain to obey her.

"Good, please me and you will be rewarded, displease me and you will be punished," she replies. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," you reply.

"Ok, this is your first test. I am going to untie you and you are going to turn over onto your stomach. Try to get away or touch me in any way and you will regret it," she says with slight menace in her voice. "And you can call me Mistress when you answer me."

"Yes Mistress," you say.

You watch her slide off the bed and move to one side. She unties the rope binding your left wrist. She then moves to the foot of the bed and unties your shoes, slips them off and pulls off your socks. She unties your feet and moves to untie your right wrist.

"Now when I untie this last rope, you can stretch if you like, but you will not touch me or yourself. You will turn over onto your stomach and lie down for me to tie you back up. Are you going to behave yourself my pet?" she asks.

"Yes Mistress." You say as she unties you. You want to grab her, throw her on the bed and have your way with her, giving her a taste of her own medicine, but you hold back. You still do not know who she is or what she is capable of, or what she will do if you disobey her.

You stretch your arms and legs and slowly turn over onto your stomach. When you go to spread your arms and legs out you accidently brush your hand along her stomach. She grabs your wrist roughly and ties it tightly, the ropes cutting painfully into your flesh. She moves to the end of the bed and grabs your ankles, roughly spreading your legs and binding them again.

"You touched me, my naughty pet." She says as she grabs your free hand. "Although I do not think it was intentional you will still be punished. But other than that slight problem you did well and you deserve a small reward."

You feel her move closer to the edge of the bed; you feel the heat radiating from her naked body.

"You may touch me, my pet," she says as she spreads her legs.

You move your hand up a little to run your fingers through her pubic hair. As you touch her you realize that she is freshly shaven. You trace your fingers down to her lips. You hear her softly gasp as you run your fingers across her lips. You slide one finger between them, feeling the hot warmth of her wet pussy. She pushes against your fingers as you slowly tease her clit. She moans softly. You think that if you get any harder it will become painful.

She grinds herself against your fingers for a few minutes, her moans getting louder and her pussy getting hotter and wetter at your touch. She suddenly pulls away and squats down next to the bed. You almost cum right there as she slides one of your fingers into her hot moist mouth and sucks off her own juices. You squirm as your erection becomes painful as she licks and sucks your fingers. She finally pulls your fingers out of her mouth and ties your wrist again.

She grabs the knife again and moves down towards the bottom of the bed. You feel the tip of the knife on your ankle and hear the fabric of your pants ripping as she cuts your pants all the way up the side of your leg. She does the same on the other side, then slowly pulls off your tattered pants.

She slowly runs her hands up your calves and along the back of your thighs. She climbs back onto the bed and kneels between your legs. She slides the knife up the back of your thigh then slowly cuts your boxers off. You tense, awaiting her soft touch. The bed shakes and you grunt in pain as she slaps your ass hard.

"That is your punishment for touching me earlier," she says softly.

Your ass burns with the force of her slap. She shifts and straddles one of your legs. Her hands run up your thigh slowly. You gasp as she traces a finger over the sensitive skin where she slapped you. She leans forward and softly kisses the burning spot on your ass. As she runs her tongue over the sore spot she lowers herself onto your leg. You feel her hot wetness press against your leg.

One hand slides up the inside of your thigh to softly cup your balls. You moan as she slowly massages them. She slides her other fingers slowly over your ass, one finger sliding along your crack then down along your taint. You moan louder as her hands work their magic on you and she starts to grind herself on your leg.

As she continues to grind on your leg you almost can't handle it anymore. The grinding is moving your cock over the soft sheets creating an intense friction. If this goes on any longer you will cum before she even touches your cock. As your moans get louder and you think you can not hold out any longer she suddenly lifts off of your leg and gets off the bed.

You hear her rummaging through one of the dressers. You suddenly feel something light and soft touching your back. It slides down your back and along your ass and down your leg. Its touch so light you can barely feel it. It must be a feather or something. You moan softly as it slides over your balls and up the crack of your ass.

You close your eyes and revel in the soft feeling as she caresses you with the feather. It's soft touch driving you crazy.

"Ok my pet, I am going to untie you again and you will turn over once again. Remember the rules this time."

She unties you and you slowly turn over, being very careful not to touch anything. She grabs the remainders of your pants and tosses them off the bed.

She takes the feather and slowly slides it down your chest towards your stomach. You moan softly as it trails towards your extremely hard cock. But just before it touches it she moves it away and down your leg. You almost grunt aloud in frustration, but you catch yourself just before it happens.

Just as you realize that she has not tied you back up, she moves to the foot of the bed and begins to tie your ankles. After she has you all tied up she gets back on the bed and straddles your stomach. You can feel her hot wetness as she presses against you. Your erection throbs as you think of what it would be like to plunge deep inside her.

She leans forward and softly kisses you on the lips. "You were good that time, my pet, so you will get a reward. I will allow you to lick my pussy."

She moves forward until her dripping pussy is above your face, and then slowly lowers herself to your mouth. You run your tongue along her lips tasting her sweetness. She moans softly and begins rubbing her fingers through your hair. You tongue finds its way between her lips and softly begins rubbing her clit. She gasps as you plunge your tongue inside her. Her moans become louder as you work your magic on her.

Her hips start moving as she moves with your tongue. Her moans becoming louder and more frantic as you massage her clit with your tongue. She reaches back and traces a finger along the hard shaft of your cock. You moan against her as the sudden sot touch almost drives you over the edge. She traces a fingertip along your head, before she wraps her fingers around you and exceedingly slowly begins to stroke you.

You moan against her and she grinds against your face. You can tell by her quick breathing and moans that she is close. Her hand around your cock feels like heaven as you try as hard as you can to control yourself. Suddenly her moans become louder and faster as she begins to cum, in her ecstasy she starts stroking you faster and you can no longer control yourself you cum all over your stomach and legs.

As she gets her breathing under control she moves from your face and slides down your body. She softly kisses you, licking her juices from your mouth.

"I can't wait to taste you," she says.

She slides down your body some more and begins to lick the cum off of your stomach and legs. Then she slowly runs her tongue over your cock, swirling the tip of her tongue over your head. You moan as her soft warm mouth envelopes you. Her lips slide down until your entire length is in her mouth. Her hand softly cups and rubs your balls.

Her head moves up and down slowly, her tongue running up and down your shaft and around the tip. Every now and again she pauses and sucks the tip of your head, flicking her tongue along the underside of your head as she circles the base of your cock with a few fingers and slowly jerks. Her other hand slides underneath your balls and she gently runs a finger along your taint. You moan in pleasure at the soft touch.

She moves her head down some more and begins to lick and kiss your balls. Her tongue glides over them softly as she stokes your cock with one hand, the other sliding up and down your thigh. You gasp as she softly takes your balls into her mouth and begins to slide her tongue up and down in-between them.

She moves one hand underneath your ass, gently pushing up making you arch your back. She licks and kisses your balls some more then her tongue slowly slides down. Your breathing gets heavier as her tongue flicks over your taint. She squeezes your ass as her tongue runs along your taint.

She moves her head up again and licks the pre-cum off the head of your cock. Her tongue slides over the tip of your head making you moan loudly. She slowly takes just your head into her mouth her tongue still teasing the tip. She moves up and down lightly brushing her teeth along the base of your head as her hand slowly jerks your shaft. Your moans become louder as you feel yourself getting closer. She begins to lick the tip again, then pauses, inserting her pinkie into her mouth and sucking on it.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth?" she asks as she withdraws her finger from her mouth.

"Yes Mistress," you can barely reply as you watch your cock slide into her mouth again. The hand that was in her mouth moves underneath your ass. Her finger slides along your taint and lower to your anus. You instinctively jerk up as you feel her finger touch it.

"Relax, my pet. Trust me," she says as she smiles and winks at you before taking you in her mouth again.

You relax as she sucks the head of your cock, then takes all of you in her mouth and begins to fuck you with her mouth. Her finger trails along your taint, then moves down a little and just barely touches your anus. The slight sensation causing your to shiver. Your breath starts to catch as she works you with her mouth and tongue. You moan louder and louder as she quickens her pace.

You start moving your hips as she slides her mouth down the shaft as one hand slides up it, then down as her head moves up. The alternating motion of her hand and mouth driving you over the edge, you're breathing coming in gasps between your moans.

You feel the very tip of her pinkie penetrate you, you lose control, cumming harder then you have ever cum in your entire life. Your hips thrusting you deeper into her mouth as she sucks the cum out of you. You can feel her swallowing again and again as you continue shooting your hot cum down her throat. You gasp as she sucks hard getting every last drop out, and then slowly licks the very tip.

She starts to kiss her way up your stomach as you try to get your breathing under control again. She runs her tongue around your belly button before moving up to your nipples. Her warm tongue teases them, flicking across them before she takes one into her mouth and suckles it. She flicks her tongue over it as she gently applies pressure to it with her teeth.

Trailing kisses up your chest she moves to your neck, softly licking and gently biting your neck. Trailing kisses over your adams apple she moves to the other side of your neck and repeats the licking and biting. She moves up to your ear, gently nibbling on the lobe. Her tongue runs along the outside, before she bites the tip softly.

Her body pressing against you, you feel her hard nipples pushing into your chest as she softly kisses your lips. She straddles your leg and you can feel the heat of her pussy as she lowers her hips until she is resting on your thigh. The heat from her pussy on your leg mixed with her soft kisses and the feel of her thigh rubbing against your cock with every little move she makes gets you turned on again in no time.

She bits your lower lip as she rubs herself against your thigh. You can feel her hot juices coating your thigh as she rubs against you. Her tongue runs along your lips teasing you.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she asks seductively.

Instead of answering you kiss her hard on the lips, pushing your tongue in-between her lips and massaging her tongue with yours. As you kiss, she shifts position so that she is straddling your hips, her dripping pussy inches from your hard cock. You moan against her mouth as she rubs herself against you. Your cock slides in-between her warm folds as she moves her hips down, sliding herself along your shaft.

She positions your cock at her entrance, the head just resting against the opening. With mind numbing slowness she pushes down, enveloping you in her hot, tight sheath. When you are fully inside her she reaches between your legs and gently grabs your balls. Massaging them as she slowly rides you, taking her time moving up and down your cock. Her breasts swaying slightly as she moves on top of you. You moan loudly as her hot tightness surrounds you.

"You may touch me," she breaths softly, "I didn't tie the ropes around your wrists tight."

You pull against the ropes and free your hands. You reach up to cup her breasts, your thumbs lightly running over her hard nipples. She moans softly as she continues to ride you slowly. She leans forward and begins to kiss you softly. Your hands run down her sides and down to her ass where you softly begin to caress it. She moans against your mouth before she takes your bottom lip in-between her teeth and bites softly.

You run a hand in-between her thighs and slide a finger along her lower lips. She kisses you more forcefully and teases your lips with her tongue. You push your finger into her folds and slowly begin circling her clit with your fingertip. She begins to move faster on top of you, you can feel her warm breath tickling your lips in-between her kisses. You begin to move your hips with her, pushing yourself deeper.

She leans back arching her back, her breasts sway as she rides you, her breath coming in soft gasps and moans as you tease her clit faster. She is so hot and wet around you and her moans are driving you insane as she rides you faster. You feel her clench around you, gripping your cock making it even tighter as you slide in and out of her.

With her back still arched she runs her fingers down your chest, her nails digging into your skin as her moans intensify. Your hips move against her driving into her as deep as you can. Your hands grab her ass impaling her down on you harder and harder. Her moans coming faster and louder as you pound into her. Her body clenches around you as you feel her start to cum, her pussy gripping your cock tight as wave after wave of pleasure tear through her.

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