tagLesbian SexBound and Pleased

Bound and Pleased


This is my first try to write a story in English. I will keep it quite short therefore and maybe try longer ones later. Please excuse the bad spelling and wording, but it's just not my natural language!

Acting persons:

Lisa, a young woman in her late twenties, early thirties, with a milky white skin and small but firm breasts.

Carlie, a young woman in her mid-twenties; also quite white-tanned too, all in all more curvy than Lisa.

It's been exactly one month since Lisa and Carlie have first been together and ever since they couldn't let loose of each other. Carlie just loved this young, pretty woman, her soft temper and even more her adoring body. She loved her milky white tan and her firm, small breasts, and this gorgeous ass.

For this evening she had tried to think of something special. She knew how much Lisa liked to get to know something new in sex, how much she liked to be seduced into a new experience.

So she had invited Lisa to her flat. She had cleaned up all the usual mess, she had made the bed freshly, she had darkened the room and lit some candles. She also had prepared a cooled bottle of champagne wine and she had prepared some surprises too.

Carlie was a bit nervous waiting for Lisa to arrive. She was only wearing her black silken bathrobe and underneath she was naked; underneath was her naked a bit curvy body, white skinned and the great bush of dark pubic hair - underneath was the body that Lisa had loved so much during this last month and that Carlie hoped that she would even more enjoy this night. She had taken a shower and she loved her fresh smell.

Finally Carlie heard the bell, a bit nervous she hasted to the door and opened it; Lisa was standing in front, smiling.

“Hi, Carlie; I'm a bit nervous what you may have prepared for me! Will you tell me know?”

“It depends, my dear!”

Lisa moved into Carlie's flat and softly touched her brown hair and Carlie did the same to Lisa's red hair. Lisa moved closer to her new girlfriend and their lips touched gently. God how much Carlie loved this soft and tender touch of Lisa's Lips. Her mouth just automatically opened and Lisa's tongue slid in. For some time forgetting minutes the two beautiful lovers French kissed passionately; their hands sliding over their bodies. Carlie squeezed Lisa's great ass through her tight jeans and Lisa caressed Carlie's back through her silk bathrobe.

“Is that argument enough?”, Lisa finally smiled breaking the kiss.

“No way, my dear,” Carlie teased. “I'm completely untouchable.”

And with these words she brought up a silken scarf and before Lisa could say a single word she bound the scarf across her girlfriends eyes; she blindfolded her. Lisa wanted to say something, but Carlie just gently touched her lips with a finger and then kissed her deeply.

“Tonight you are mine and much more I will be yours. You'll be my victim and I will be your love servant! Follow me, sweetie!”

Carlie grabbed her friends hand and led her to her bedroom. She kissed her neck softly and started to undress her. Oh, how she loved this gentle, pretty body, the whiteness of her skin and these little, sweet breasts. She could not resist to kiss these beloved titties and the nipples of Lisa had been stiff and hard even before Carlie's Lips fist touched them. Carlie shortly sucked on each of the nipples, let her tongue slide across them. Ah, these nipples looked so great, when they were hard on the soft, small breasts.

Finally Lisa was naked before her. She was shivering a bit of excitement. And she shivered even more when Carlie's hands moved across her whole body, across her ass, slid through her pubic hair, almost touched her waiting pussy. And then Lisa took her hands and fixed another silken scarf and then bound her face ward to a wooden cupboard.

She heard the soft noise as her girlfriend stepped out of her bathrobe. She knew that Carlie would be naked now too, as she had felt it at the greeting, through the thin cloth. And in the next moment it was proofen.

Carlie stepped close to her body, her arms circled her, moved to her breasts and massaged them and then she could feel Carlie's body on her back. Carlie's full breasts pressed against her back and she could feel the hard nipples against her skin and she felt Carlie's thick bushy hair pressed against her ass, moving slightly and caressing her ass this way. Her friend was kissing her neck, still massaging her titties.

After a view minutes Carlie sank to her knees, kissing down Lisa's back and her hands following in front. Lisa was shivering of lust even more now as Carlie's Lips touched her ass.

Carlie loved this ass, adored it. Softy she kissed every inch. Her hands meanwhile moved through her girlfriends pubic hair, moved to her thighs, the insides of her thighs and finally touched her wet pussy. She let one finger slide through her wet lips, caressing it softly and finding her clit gently again and again. Lisa tried to press her body against Carlie's hand but then their were the lips at her ass too. Carlie passionately still kissed and licked this gorgeous ass and she spread her cheeks and moved her wet tongue between the cheeks – finding her butt and started licking it. She knew how much Lisa loved these anal licking.

And Lisa loved it all. She loved the gentle finger at and in her pussy and she loved Carlie's tongue at her ass. She started moaning and groaning and then she came loudly.

Carlie kissed again her neck.

“Thank you Carlie, that was wonderful. I love you Carlie,” Lisa moaned still shivering of the great orgasm.

“Shhh, my sweetie. That was foreplay only. I will take you to bed now and I will not stop pleasuring your body tonight until you can't bare it any longer. I will now lick your sweet, sweet pussy, I will caress your breasts, I will late you taste my juices in a 69….and all the time you will be bound to the bed, waiting for being pleasured. A night that you will never forget.”

With that Carlie bound her girlfriend to the bed and a night of sheer passion, wild lust and sweet tenderness started.


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