tagBDSMBound and Teased

Bound and Teased


The smell of the damp air, and the hard rain falling outside, trails inside the darkened empty building. You scan the room with you eyes until you fixate on the shadow of my naked body, the only inch of fabric touching my body are the silk scarves you tied me up with. My ankles bound at the legs of the chairs, my hands tied behind my back...and I'm still sitting there with my eyes covered, just like you left me an hour ago. You left me sitting there, not knowing where I am, or who is even watching me. You smirk to yourself. 'what a beautiful body, look at the way the lightning dances across her naked breasts. Look at the way her chest rises and falls every time the thunder claps loud outside' You can't help but get excited seeing me sitting there helpless, your growing cock getting thicker in your jeans. It's about that time to tease me again.

You begin walking towards me, but approaching me from behind. Your erect cock guiding you to me. As you reach my back you take your right hand and place it onto my shoulder and you feel me jump under your heavy hand. You tell me to SHHH... Your right hand now moving up my slender neck and through my soft hair, you gently pull my head back and lean it onto your stomach. Your right hand following the lines of my face and down under my chin. You rest your right hand on my neck, making me breath out loud. My breath trembling, I can feel your hot breath on my face, you're now leaning into me but not letting our lips touch, I can smell the faint scent of rain on your face and sweat, your sweat drips onto my lips, that was all that you would let me have of you.

Looking down onto my naked body, you can clearly make out my erect nipples in the soft moon light mixed with the lightning still filling up the sky. With each crack of thunder and eruption of lightning you pinch my nipples, making me bite my lip hard. With all the action going on out side the empty building my hard nipples are sure getting a work out from your strong hands. How badly I want to feel your wet lips across my tits, even more so does my wet pussy. I'm getting very uncomfortable sitting on this hard wooden chair and not being able to satisfy my throbbing clit. You sense the restlessness in my body that makes you want to tease me further.

You walk around so now that you're standing in front of me, looking at my naked body. My bottom lip quivering, my chest heaving up and down, my full tits with hard nipples staring right out at you...and my wet pussy lips that are now glistening from my juices. 'Jesus look at you' you exclaim out loud. Catching me by surprise. Your deep voice has now only made me want to feel your lips on my mouth, giving me a hard passionate kiss. Instead, you have something else in mind. You take your index finger on your right hand and just gently slide it along the slit of my pussy...enough to wet your finger, enough to let me taste me, on you. Your finger is now moving up to my lips... you trace your finger on my lower lip, wetting my lip with my own juices. You tell me to stick out my tongue. I do so, and you place your finger onto my tongue and now you tell me to close my mouth. When I shut my mouth over your finger you begin to swirl it around my tongue, letting it dance across the wet tongue, what's even better is tasting how good I am, how turned on I am. You start fucking my face slowly with your finger, and I fuck back with my mouth. As good as this is...I would rather that hard thick cock in place of your finger. But maybe if I'm good I will.

And that's when you stop, and pull your finger out of my mouth, and slip away. Back, into the dark. I'm left there, sitting, wet and badly needing your hot body. As I sit there panting, and wondering where you have gone to, you're standing against the wall. It was getting too much for you. Your cock just ripping to get out of your jeans. As you lean against the wall, you pull out that huge cock and can't help but stroke it to the sight of me, sitting there, whimpering in the dark, scared and nervous. And that's when you see me fully when the brightest crack of lightning awakens the darkened room, standing directly across of me you see my legs spread tied to the legs of the chair, you see right to my tight wet cunt. That's when you couldn't take it anymore.... you had to.

You step out of your jeans, and crawl on the floor to me. Your mouth knowing exactly where it will stop. You stop when you reach my feet. You're now kneeling on your knees. You take your big strong hands and slap them onto my knees. Scaring me, making me jump in fear SHHHHH you say. Even though my legs are already bound you push my legs further apart. You inhale the sweet scent and begin kissing up my thigh, never stopping right on my soft lips, but anywhere else you know would have me begging. And that's when you let your tongue trace the outer lips, I hear you sigh... it's a sigh that sounds like you have just tasted the sweetest piece of fruit. Ohhh you know I am so close to cumming hard.... and you stop there. 'That's enough for you' you say to me.

You stand up right and straddle over me, still standing... your left hand placed on the back of my head. Your right hand wrapped around that rock hard cock. Gently and slowly you begin to guide my mouth since my eyes are still covered. You let my lips tease the head of that thick cock... but never letting me actually wrap my mouth around it. After all you're in control of my body. As your head teases my lips I can feel your left hand rubbing the back of head... letting me know that I'm doing a good job. You ask me 'Want this in your pretty little mouth?' I go to speak but you hush me once again, 'nod yes or no' you order me. I dutifully nod yes. God how bad I want to show you what I will do that that cock. This will be much harder than I thought, knowing my hands are tied behind my back.

The head of your cock pushing past my mouth, my warm mouth all over your cock, mouth stretched. You feel my wet little tongue slipping up and down your shaft, and back up to your big head... My moans tell you I want more. Fuck how long I was waiting to finally have this cock, and now I do. But you're all in control of it. Now both hands are on the back of my head, you begin to inch your way to the back of my throat... I guess you forgot that I can handle your big cock all the way down.

Fuck, here I am sitting here my mouth filled with your wonderful cock, your hands wrapped around my hair, yet my throbbing pussy is so badly wanting to be fucked , whether it's by your mouth, your hands or this now fully erect cock that is still sliding down my wet throat... you pull your cock out and you see how wet my mouth really is, spit just dripping from all around your hard fucking cock. Just for good measure, you slip it back deep down my throat.

Will I ever get that cock buried into my cunt? Or will you surprise me with something else... perhaps letting part of me free?

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