tagBDSMBound Friends Pt. 05

Bound Friends Pt. 05


Part 5 - Lea and the Role Reversal

Sophia lay spread out on Lea's bed, not remembering the last time she felt so content over such minor luxury. She had fixed herself a sandwich, downed a can and a half of Diet Coke, and was now clicking around Lea's computer trying her best to find out what all she could do with her newly claimed power.

Upstairs, Andrea was having a very different kind of relaxation. Andrea had been in these cells a few times before and she had come to find a certain calm in them. There were no comforts to be had, but everything was so far out of her control that it was almost reassuring. And when Lea put her up here it had always been at the conclusion of some grand event that left her both euphoric and drained, which might go a long way to coloring her view of these metal prisons. Things this time had been a little more chaotic, but at least this time she had a shirt she could use as a pillow and she had Lea sitting just a few cells over.

Lea was finding it a harder adjustment. She occasionally kicked herself for letting Sophia get the upper hand. She occasionally had passing thoughts of dread as she ran through every single instrument of pain, restraint or humiliation she had acquired and stocked throughout the property. But those thoughts were the exception.

More often she fidgeted around in her cuffs, it had been a long time since she had last tied herself up. She had usually seen it as a stand-in for being alone and not having anyone else to tie, but this wasn't as bad as she was remembering. She knew at least part of that must be that she was never brave enough (or stupid enough depending on your view) to tie herself up without constant access to a form of release. There were always some scissors or a spare key tied to a string or something, she could get out of her own bondage whenever she felt like it. It meant she had felt restrained before, but she had never felt helpless. Right now she couldn't do a damn thing to get out on her own, she couldn't even call out with words without getting shocked by that devilish dog-training collar locked around her neck.

But just as much as anything, Lea was thinking about Andrea. When she had locked her up here in the past, she always made sure to have the camera open on her laptop at all times. She told herself at times it was just for safety, but she spent far too much time curled up in bed watching Andrea try to get comfortable to believe that safety was the main reason.

Some may have called it unhealthy, she called it safe. From a distance Andrea could never feel uncomfortable with her stares, she could never tell her to look away, she did not even need to know she was being watched at all. Now it was different. It wasn't a picture on a screen, and Andrea was fully capable of noticing when Lea gawked too long.

There were not many ways to get comfortable. The metal floor was uncomfortable, the periodic holes were a tad unsettling, and the bars were a little skinny to lean comfortably on any one alone. Andrea was laying on her back with her arms above her head helping to hold her shirt in pillow form. Her breasts lay slightly to the side but still remained fairly prominent, it was a similar position to how she always slept. Lea found her only comfort came by lying on her side. Even though it put the skin exposed between the laces of her top in direct contact with the cold-ish metal, it also kept her weight away from her cuffed elbows. It also gave her a natural and direct line of sight, something she was currently taking full advantage of. She could not see too far without her glasses, but when laying as close as she was currently, Andrea was just close enough to be seen without any blur.

Lea had no idea how much time passed this way, each of them laying as they were. It was more than minutes but less than hours, beyond that she had no reference point at all. Andrea turned her head to face Lea and had her body follow soon after. At first it didn't occur to Lea that she might be staring too much. Andrea smiled which only further lost Lea's attention.

"So should I be posing then?" Andrea joked.

Lea's face turned red and she instead tried looking up and away, but no one was buying that she suddenly got interested in the feet of a padded bondage chair.

"Oh, hon, it's ok. You know I'm just teasing, you just look like you're really worried for me." Andrea said as she brought her arms around to help giver her head a taller place to rest. "Don't. I'm feeling better. I don't know what caused my last two little freak-outs, but one thing I do know is I was alone both times. I know you can't talk but you being over there still means 'not alone.' And you've been watching me like I'm about to catch fire or something when you really don't need to."

Lea had almost forgotten that Andrea panicking was a possibility. But at least Andrea thought the staring was innocent without her needing to make excuses. She gave up pretending to look somewhere else and turned her gaze back to meet Andrea's.

"So I bet this isn't something you saw coming is it?" Andrea asked. Lea just looked at her with frustration, trying with her eyes to point down to the collar locked around her neck. "Oh right," Andrea said after realizing her mistake. "Ok, yes/no questions then. Same as before I guess, bark for yes, growl for no."

Lea thought she might rather prefer to shake or nod her head in response, but she was finding it hard to argue with the pleading face Andrea was making. She seemed to be finding a certain kind of joy in the thought of watching her former dom bark like a dog and it showed all over her face. "Ruff" Lea let out somewhat quietly, which only caused Andrea's stupid grin to grow larger and Lea's resolve to take that away from her grow weaker.

"You didn't.. wait.. I mean this isn't part of a plan right? It's real? Sophia actually just broke out and took you down?" Andrea asked incredulously, as the thought slowly crossed her mind. Lea growled repeatedly in response. It was the only "words" she had but she was doing a fine job convincing Andrea that this wasn't her plan.

"So did you ever think you'd be locked up in one of these cells?" Andrea asked. Lea replied with a low growl.

"Well are you at least enjoying it a bit? I mean you certainly hammered into me how important consent is supposed to be and all that. So if you didn't plan on this ahead of time, and you don't like what's happening to you, that's a big problem. So are you at least liking what's happening?" Andrea asked with true seriousness.

Lea thought, she hadn't technically consented. In fact really consented in any way. But the fact that consent hadn't crossed her mind until just then told her at least a little something. This wasn't what she planned, but she certainly didn't see it as totally out of bounds either. And after all she wasn't feeling like she was in real danger, this was Sophia. As much as her friend might rant about payback, Lea trusted she wouldn't go too far.

Before Lea chose to answer, Sophia came jumping up the stairs two at a time after rather loudly closing one of the doors. "Oh my god, are you barking?" Sophia said as she made a beeline right to the door to Lea's cell. "Is that what that collar did? I figured it would just zap you for any sound but it's letting you bark and growl? That is so much better!" She said with absolute glee. "Seriously, you should label some of this stuff, I can't make heads or tails of half the stuff I'm finding."

"Well I guess she wasn't planning on a hostage taker needing her stuff," Andrea said in Lea's defense.

"Oh quiet you, why do you care who's in charge? You'd still be locked up," Sophia snapped without even breaking eye contact with Lea's increasingly confused eyes. "But there are some things I can figure out," she said as she pulled a handcuff key from her pants pocket suddenly sounding much more serious. "Now I want you to slide over here so I can unlock those cuffs ok?"

Lea looked briefly at Andrea, who seemed about as confused as she was, before she finally slid over to Sophia with her back facing the door. Sophia unlocked one cuff above the elbow and one at the wrist, freeing Lea's hands before simply handing Lea the key.

"Ok, now it's your turn to strip, everything, and throw it all through the bars when you're done," Sophia said as she walked back and took a seat on the edge of a padded bench. She had the kind of smug victorious look that cried out for her to be smoking a cigar and swirling a snifter of brandy.

Lea undid her cuffs and stood up. She thought about protesting but what good would that have done? She felt the lock around her collar and it wasn't coming off with the key she had, so what kind of protest could she really mount? The skirt unzipped from the side but the top took considerably more work. It took time to loosen the laces on both sides before being able to slip her top down past her waist. She wore no underwear and had been diligent about keeping herself hairless, now all that she wore was her collar and that made her feel very vulnerable. She tried handing the cuffs and cloths to Sophia through the bars but she refused to get up, so Lea simply threw them at her feet.

"Kneel." Sophia said with a commanding voice. Lea had never seen Sophia so confident or commanding, she couldn't help but obey. She knelt down in front of the door and placed her hands behind her back like Andrea had gotten in the habit of doing whenever she knelt. He skin sat pale and exposed and the lights of the ceiling caught the chrome studs she had in each nipple.

"Now, I don't know your fancy gizmos," Sophia said as she finally stood up and slowly walked to where Lea knelt. "But I don't need your fancy high tech toys. In my pocket right now, I bet I have enough stuff to make you completely and utterly helpless, even if I unlock this cell. Wanna test that?" Sophia wore tight shorts with small pocket and it was clear there was not much in them. Lea couldn't imagine how but Sophia's confidence made her curious how she thought she would do that.

"Turn around and put your hands up behind your back," Sophia commanded, not waiting for any kind of response from Lea. Lea felt Sophia reach through the bars and pull her hands close together and high by the shoulder blade. She felt warm metal encircle around each thumb as Sophia placed thumbcuffs on either hand. She then felt something thin being wrapped around one thumb and then the other below the cuff, it was just a little scratchy so Lea assumed (correctly) that it was twine. With a coil around each thumb and the thumb cuffs making sure the twine can't slip off, Lea felt Sophia take two loose ends from either string and tie a simple knot around the front of her neck. Sophia did leave quite a lot of slack so Lea wasn't worried about it cutting off air even as she lowered her hands a bit.

With her hands and not words, Sophia indicated she wanted Lea back around facing her. There she pulled out another small piece of twine, this one seemed to have a noose on either end. Reaching in she grabbed Lea's right nipple, placed the noose under the stud piercing and then tightened the knot. She did the same to the left and while there was no tension of the nipples pulling at each other, there was not a lot of slack either. But Sophia wasn't done. She untied the knot around Leas neck and pulled on both strings, pinning her arms back up the height they were at when Sophia applied the thumbcuffs. Then she tied the twine, this time securely, around the piece connecting her two nipples. If Lea tried to pull her hands down she would be tugging on her pierced nipples to do it. Last came a small leash that seemed to take up the entirety of Sophia's other pocket. She attached it to where the ropes all met, meaning if she tugged it would pull on the arms and the nipples.

Lea was clearly wrong. She was absolutely and totally helpless with just a miniscule amount of material. It was mesmerizing, Lea had never seen Sophia like this. She was so commanding, so confident, and treated her dominance with such cold matter-of-factness that Lea wasn't sure she even wanted out any more.

Covering the keypad well, Sophia typed in a code to open up Lea's cell, the whole time making sure to maintain a firm grasp on Lea's leash. Sophia pulled up, bringing Lea to her feet before leading her out and under a hanging ring. Sophia fed the end of the leash around it and tied it off with a simple double knot. It was only by standing on her toes that it was in Sophia's reach at all and with arms behind her it was very far outside of Lea's. "See, no fancy tricks or computerized locks. Yet somehow I feel you're probably going to have a harder time getting out of this than I had breaking out of your high tech cell," Sophia said as she backed up towards the far wall to admire her work.

Lea gave it a tug to test and it did indeed hold her trapped. With almost no force it pulled painfully on her nipples and as she looked down she saw the twine was solidly held in place behind her studs and weren't coming off. But she found if she stood still, with her hand held high, there was next to no pressure at all. It was all so beautifully minimal, something her nudity only heightened.

Despite the reservations she held just a short time ago, Lea was finding she was really enjoying herself, becoming quite turned on by such exquisite bondage. And the fact that it was at the hands of someone else, that it wasn't something she had to come up with, meant she was strangely not worried. She was Sophia's responsibility now, her mind could focus entirely on what was going on in the moment. It was a moment that was suddenly interrupted as she felt her own NESIC turn on to a high setting, sending waves of arousal throughout her helpless form.

"So how does it feel?" Sophia said as she surprised Lea with a swat to the ass from a flogger Lea hadn't even noticed her friend grab from the wall. "I mean sure you left me on a bed... but I.. couldn't... talk.. either," she said, punctuating each pause with another hit. Lea instinctively tried to move her hands down to cover her ass but that only pulled on her nipples which even hurt worse than the hits.

"Stop it," Andrea cried out. "You don't need to make this so personal."

"Oh on the contrary," Sophia said turning her gaze to Andrea. "'Personal' is when you get creative. And besides this is all just a game, remember? That's what Lea's always said. But now Lea here just got herself a little go.. directly.. to.. jail.. card," Sophia continued as she turned back to Lea and accented her pauses with another series of swats. "Be a good little doggie, bark if you like it."

Lea barked almost immediately upon being asked. She hadn't thought about it before doing it, her thinking was starting to feel kind of fuzzy. Not slow or absent like being tired, more like it was preoccupied. It was swept up in all the competing sensations; the yanks to her sensitive nipples, the feelings coming from her chip, the effort of keeping her hands held up by her shoulder blades, the swats that had now moved from her ass to inner thigh. There was just a pink euphoric cloud forming around all of it.

Andrea tried looking into Lea's eyes to get some kind of reassurance, but the eyes that stared back seemed vacant and dim. Andrea thought she must really be caught up in it, making herself feel a little embarrassed for saying anything earlier. She flipped over to her other side facing away from the action and tried once again to get comfortable on her shirt-pillow. She could still hear the blows but at least she didn't have to watch it.

Sophia switched from the flogger to a more solid paddle feeling accomplishment as she saw no sign of resistance left. She felt she had won and that it was time to take a victory lap. Unlike the flogger, each hit came with enough momentum that it seemed every hit forced Lea forward, which only pulled on her nipples forcing her to take a step back to prepare for the next hit. It even seemed that Lea was presenting her ass after each hit, not simply standing there but arching to make it more prominent like she was inviting the next hit. Sophia couldn't help but smirk that this used to be the one demanding things of her, and look at what she's become now. After dozen or so hits, Lea's ass was extremely red, including a few raised welts from the flogger and what looked to be the start of bruising in other parts. Sophia felt that was enough.

"OK then, lets get you somewhere else. Somewhere that certain nosey people wouldn't be trying to needlessly stick up for you," Sophia said as she started to untie Lea's leash. Andrea could hear but didn't feel like looking over to acknowledge it. She heard them coming near and watched as Sophia lead a very compliant Lea down the stairs beside her and out of sight. Andrea was now once again in the very familiar situation of being locked in a cell alone.


Lea felt wonderfully strange as she floated behind Sophia into the master bedroom. Each time Lea fell behind she felt a tug on both nipples, sending bolts of warm sensation racing through her. While that was no longer purely painful it was still something she tried to keep to a minimum as she was lead beside the bed. Sophia held the leash tight as she bent down to cuff one ankle to the bedframe to make sure Lea couldn't run anywhere when she let go.

"Now, I think this goes without saying, but just in case it doesn't don't try to move you hear me?" Lea said as she was attempted to get Lea's attention by grabbing her chin and looking her right in the eyes. Lea did not respond in any way. Sophia briefly stopped to wonder if Lea even heard her, but thought "how could she not when I'm inches away? No, she just can't talk so she's got nothing to say."

Sophia typed in her new code to unlock a drawer, making very sure to hide it as she did. Though when she looked back, Lea didn't even seem to be attempting to peak. She grabbed what she needed and came back.

Lea watched her captor walk back into her range of sight. She saw what she was getting out. She knew what it was but strangely felt not bothered by it at all. It was all very detached, like it was all an enjoyable dream rather than real life. She also didn't recognize this as a problem. She had fallen deep into subspace, but it was something she was incapable of noticing in her altered mental state and something Sophia had not even heard of. She watched herself from above, like some kind of out of body specter as Sophia removed the twine and cuffs and fed each hand through a sleeve of the straight jacket she had retrieved.

It was, like most of Lea's purchases, from the same company that made the collars and Megan's maid outfit, Alternative Dynamics. The outfit was black latex with red straps to give it color and made it look like there was a secondary, separate body harness worn over top. The part that ensnared lower torso was hard and firm, similar to a boned corset but not nearly as strict. There were two straps that ran between the legs keeping it from sliding up but had no other fabric, leaving the ass and pussy very exposed. It stopped just shy of the neck and left notches that could normally attach to one of AD's printed collars, however Lea had a much different collar so the red flaps simply sat a little loose around the neck. The outfit closed with a series of padded buckles in the back, placed strategically on all the red straps to pull the outfit tight against the body while allowing the wearer to still lay on their back comfortably.

Once the main body was tight, Sophia took Lea's encased arms and fed the long strap of fabric extending from each hand through their own individual red loop slightly below the breasts. She pulled tightly making sure each arm fed all the way through before slipping the fabric through more loops in the back. The flaps then ended by attaching to just above the elbow of the arm they originated from. It was harder getting the second one to give enough slack, but once they were attached the arms were not only secured to the jacket but around the torso and back to themselves. There was almost no movement it allowed.

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