tagNonHumanBound to My Mate Ch. 03

Bound to My Mate Ch. 03


The drug rep dinner was boring as usual. The same speech I've heard a dozen times on a dozen different drugs.

I drifted off into thinking about Joel midway though the meal. I was lost thinking about running my hands through his silky smooth hair. I imagined how his naked chest would feel under my fingers. I wished just once I'd taken hold of that impressive tool below his belt. I blushed at the image I conjured in my mind of Joel, even clothed the man was an Adonis, naked would be even better.

Clapping shifted me quickly back to reality. Now that is a great way to lose 30 minutes I thought to myself. Before I could make a hasty exit I was stopped by the drug representative in charge of the whole thing. Katie was dying to know what I thought of her friend Jeff. Pulling on every creative bone in my body I described a lovely romantic date I had to bail on unexpectedly.

"Well, you certainly have been popular," she gushed, "Jeff had so much fun on your date, he keeps asking about you. I've even had someone asking me if you'd be here tonight. He called my cell phone earlier today just desperate to know! You've got to tell me what you're doing to these men."

Politely as I could I excused myself, this was totally out of hand. No wonder he didn't push about a dinner date I concluded. He already knew where I was going to be tonight. My first thought was, 'I'm glad I brought my lip gloss!' I was annoyed with myself that this stalker's behavior made me happy, giddy almost.

I exited the building quickly and headed for the parking lot. I hadn't used the valet so at least I could expend my irritated energy on walking to my truck. Halfway there an explosion rocked the restaurant behind me and I fell to the sidewalk. I barely registered the tires squealing as a van pulled up beside me and hands dragged me inside.

A cloth was dragged over my eyes as my arms were pinned behind me. I started to scream and a hand came over my mouth and several sharp points were dug into the side of my face and neck.

"Quiet, bitch," was the deadly calm demand the voice made. "Condition upon delivery is up to you."

A series of growls echoed through the crowded space.

I heard the metallic click of handcuffs being closed around my wrists and then around my ankles. The sharp points over my face were dragged down my cheek as the hand was removed. It was replaced hastily with a filthy gag. I tried to turn away from the gritty, oily piece of cloth being shoved in my mouth and was rewarded with a slap in the face.

"You don't like my sock, do you?" the voice taunted. "I wonder what else you won't like."

"Throw the purse out," a voice from the front rasped.

We drove for what seemed like forever before my captors most have become bored. At first, I just felt hands roughly grasping at my breasts and hips. Their hands became more insistent until I felt cool air on my belly and chest as my clothes were ripped away. They were not very careful with the knives they were using. I cried out as the sharp tips speared into me.

Soon I felt the metal of the van's floor digging into my side and I knew I was becoming totally exposed to these men. It was far to cold to just be AC so I assumed at least one of the van windows was open.

A gasp and a growl came from behind me as my pants were ripped into shreds.

I realized they had found my phone, which I had in my side pocket, not my purse. I had been lying on my hip with it underneath me, hoping they wouldn't find it. All my hopes of being found were probably being thrown out the open window.

Tears stung my eyes and leaked around the blindfold, I did my best to keep the sobbing down to a minimum. It seemed any noise I made fueled the weird party in the van higher. The non stop growling suddenly reminded me of my conversation this afternoon at the clinic. These weren't men, these were wolves.

With my realization dawning, it became apparent the hands stroking every inch of my skin weren't hands holding knives, but paws with claws. The sharp points that would suddenly sink into my most sensitive areas were all the scarier now. I tried not to scream, but when one of the creatures slipped his hands between my legs and started to wiggle a claw into my dry tunnel I cried out. I felt flesh tearing and shrieked as the warm blood poured out onto my thighs.

He growled in appreciation and continued his bloody task while another claw rasp carelessly over my nipples. A warm wet slurp got my attention as my poor breasts were now being roughly bitten. Despite better judgment I struggled against my bonds and yelled into the gag.

"None of that now," a gravely voice intoned.

A wet nose surprised me and I yelped as it pressed itself deep into my ass. The creature withdrew only to bite my bare ass hard enough to draw blood again. My scream was followed by a series of growls that sounded a lot like laughing.

The creature continued to nip persistently at my tender ass. When he wasn't biting he was licking, most of his tongue strokes stopped just over my puckered asshole. I could feel the saliva pooling in my crevice and it disgusted me.

Deep inside I mourned, I should have run when I had the chance.

"Leave the bitch alone," came a voice from the front of the van again. "You leave too much scent on her and the Kook may lose it on us. I don't need problems from that crazy stray."

I shuddered at his words, whoever the Kook was made all the manhandling stop.

After what seemed like an eternity the van came to a halt. I had been so distracted by my companions' attention I had no idea where I was. The door opened and I was pulled out and thrown over a very hairy shoulder. My blindfold slid off and I was looking straight into a mass of fur. It was dark out, but the sound of leaves rustling in the wind was predominant.

Turning my head slightly, the fear overwhelmed everything. Bright golden eyes were looking back at me from the four creatures that walked along side and behind my captor. They moved on two legs but had the face and head of a wolf; they were covered with fur and moved with a stealthy grace. One of them noticed me looking and lunged forward snapping at my face. I cringed back and heard barking laughter fill the trees.

Deposited like so much trash on a bed in the cabin, I pondered my fate. My hands and feet were left bound. I shuddered as my probable future crashed down on me. I was here for pleasure and not mine to be sure. Shivering I curled into a tight ball and tried to will myself anywhere else.

The growling and yelping continued unabated outside and no one seemed the least bit interested in me. As the sun rose hours later I just prayed it would warm the cabin up a little. My nose was running with the cold and I was shivering almost uncontrollably. I had almost begun to relax as the room slightly warmed when the area became deathly quiet.

Stomping boots came to the door outside of where I was laying and I heard a hand on the door knob. The door swung open slowly to reveal a mountain of a man. Tangled black hair fell down to his shoulders and a black matted beard covered most of his face. Dark eyes seemed to be sunk all the way back into his head. His clothing was an odd assortment of a camouflage jacket, muddy brown pants, and a bright orange vest.

The man approached the bed I was on with purpose leaning over me and sniffing. His thick dirty fingers took up a strand of my hair and played with the texture. I tried to pull away from him but he just laid a hand on my shoulder to still me.

He pulled a quilt from a small chest in the room and placed it over my naked body. One final glance my way and he was out the door closing it behind him.

Voices filled the cabin for several minutes, and then I heard an engine start up and it sounded like the van was driving away. I listened; barely breathing waiting for what I was sure was coming. The dull thud of boots on the floor came back to the door and stopped. As the door swung open, the giant reappeared in the entrance moving to sit heavily on the bed.

Using a rusty blade he cut the filthy gag at my cheek and pulled it away from me. He came to stand behind me. He reached under the blanket and toyed with my bound wrists for several minutes. His breathing was coarse and etched up several notches while he was behind me. With a metallic chink the handcuffs were separated into two pieces and he grunted appreciatively. The bindings at my feet received the same attention.

Pulling the blanket tight around me I stared at the giant wondering when the real horror would start.

Swiftly he reached down and picked me up carrying me outside the cabin. I wasn't expecting that. We walked a good 25 yards away before he sat me down in front of an ancient outhouse. Keeping a hand on my arm, he reached inside and dusted spider webs out of the door way, then roughly pushed me inside.

Having no want to spend anymore time in that bug infested hole than I had to I quickly relieved myself and walked back out. The rough treatment from my captors the night before left me sore and uncomfortable; using the area brought back those memories to the forefront. I found myself hobbling slightly, still wrapped in a blanket from the bed.

Outside the outhouse was no one. The giant was gone and I was alone. The cold was intense here. My feet felt frozen on the ground and the wind whipped uncomfortably under my sparse cover. Feeling little choice I slowly made my way back up toward the cabin.

The area outside the cabin was deserted, so I looked around. There was a dirt road leading away, but it was overgrown and ill cared for. After about a hundred yards it appeared to just stop. The van I had been brought in was gone; the only evidence it had ever been there were a few tire tracks in the grassy overgrown patch in front of the cabin. Otherwise we were in the middle of a forest, the cabin sat on a small rise, and all I could see for miles was wooded.

No telephone poles or cables stretched into the small cabin. I couldn't recall seeing anything in the cabin that looked electric. A rusty water pump sat several yards away with some water dripping from its main spout. I realized then how very thirsty I was.

I stumbled on my blanket a little and made my way to the spout. Remembering history class I pumped the handle several times and was rewarded with a clear gush of fluid. Cupping my hands quickly and dipping my face into the stream I managed to catch a little and I felt better. The cold water splashed down my front. It made me realize how much I was shivering so I limped slowly toward the cabin door.

Inside the cabin a roaring fire was going in the main room. There was also a pail of clean water on the table. Sitting on a dirty chipped plate beside the water were several long strips of what looked to be dried meat. Dipping a small cup into the water I greedily drank my fill. My grumbling stomach encouraged me to take a piece of the meat and try it. The smoky tang was delicious and I quickly finished the piece I had taken and then all the rest on the plate.

Fear of the giant was a distant memory as I huddled close to the roaring fire in the main room. A stack of pelts lay on the floor in front of the fireplace and I sat on them absorbing the warmth from the fire. Curling into my blanket I ended up lying down on the floor and was soon fast asleep.

Noises woke me many hours later. The afternoon sun was streaming in the windows and the fire had reduced it self to a slow steady burn. Bumping and scrapping got my attention and I turned back in the direction of the small table.

The giant was busily chopping large pieces of vegetable into a pot. He had noticed I was awake and came toward me. I tried to move but he was fast. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the table, my blanket lying forgotten on the floor.

"Linda, help me," he said in grating tones as he handed me a large hunting knife.

I took the knife and contemplated using it to over power him. Re evaluating his size and speed, I thought better of that and started chopping carrots into the large pot. Already inside were chunks of meat and other vegetables.

"For Linda," he stated as he pointed to a large cup on the table now holding an assortment of small purple flowers.

"I'm not Linda, I'm Elizabeth," I said back to him continuing to cut the vegetables with shaking hands.

"No, Linda, my Linda, you came back to me. Friends found Linda, brought her back," he said matter of factly.

Done with his stew preparations he hoisted the large cast iron pot to hang over the fire. Glancing back at me he seemed to take in my whole figure, he sniffed the air and then his face clouded. I tried to back away but was too slow. He scooped me up over his shoulder and marched outside with me in tow.

Off to the side of the cabin was a strange contraption I couldn't place. The small wooden enclosure was open at the top and the wood only went down to about my knees. Over the enclosure were a series of 50 gallon drums. The giant stood me up in the enclosure then turned a handle and water poured down over my head. It was freezing cold

The giant handed me a slippery bar I recognized as homemade soap then commanded, "Wash, clean away the other scent."

"What other scent?" I blurted out shivering.

"The other wolves, the ones that brought you, they leave their scent. My Linda."

"Who are you?" I asked him starting to wash as he had asked me to do if only to make the chilly experience quicker.

The giant stared at me for a minute before answering. "Lucas, I was called Lucas," he finally replied.

I washed quickly while he waited. I considered my circumstance and tried to think of a way out. Lucas didn't seem dangerous, not like the ones that kidnapped me. His comment confirmed what I had hoped was just a bad dream, werewolves had brought me here. If this was all true then Joel was probably a werewolf, too. I had to ask.

"Lucas, do you know Joel Latro?"

It was the wrong thing to say, Lucas screamed as if bitten by something then backed away from the enclosure.

"Latro killed my Linda, KILLED MY LINDA!" he hollered.

His face started to lengthen as did his hands, the dirty outfit he was in split away at the sides and I was suddenly 1 piece of plywood away from the largest scariest creature I had ever seen.

The wolf man had to be eight feet tall, he towered over me. He stared at me with large golden eyes, his long ears twitching and flicking. Suddenly he changed again, shifting into the form of a large wolf with no human characteristics at all and bounded off.

I was terrified and wanted to run back into the cabin, but the idea of smelling like those awful dogs was disgusting. I heard a mournful howl in the distance and decided the giant was not coming back anytime soon. I soaped and washed quickly figuring the bath out faster than I thought I would.

I ran back into the cabin and dried off with a clean blanket I pulled from the bedroom. Looking around I found a dress in the closet, it was so old the fabric nearly crumbled under my fingers. In the dresser were several newer sets of men's undershirts and boxers. They smelled clean, so I slipped them on.

Wandering back into the kitchen I drifted over to the pot by the fire and stirred it absently with the large hunting knife. Not being someone that cooks I had no idea if I should be doing anything to it or not.

My shivering slowly abated and I started thinking back on the last twenty-

four hours. I tried to come up with some semblance of normalcy.

I tried to reason why I was here. Joel was obviously not the reason, Lucas had confirmed that. It looked like I was being taken from Joel, not taken to him. There was unexpectedly a deep sadness in me when I thought about never seeing Joel again.

Looking out at the gathering dusk I suddenly remembered a barely heard conversation that happened during my torture in the van. I was so wrapped up in what was happening to me I had barely registered it at the time.

"Why not just kill her?" the first voice whispered, "It's what she asked us to do."

"Haven't you ever heard of insurance?" came the second voice quietly, "If this goes badly we tell Latro his girl was kidnapped by that stray in the woods. We'll tell him we saw them while we were on a run. The old Kook won't hurt the girl; she looks too much like that old bitch he used to have. If we need to be, we'll be the heroes for finding her."

"How do you know what the stray's bitch looked like? That was years ago."

"Eve has that old family album, before the great rift. I looked though it, saw the Kook and his girl, and recognized him from up on the hill. He's so crazy now he'd never be able to tell them what really happened. How many times have we been up here and what's he ever said to us?"

I cried a little as the rest of the memory crashed down. I was still huddled beside the fire when I heard the steps on the cabin's front porch. The steps were lighter than the giant's and then I realized I heard more than one set of feet.

Gripping the hunting knife tightly I backed toward the wall next to the fireplace. If the monsters from the van were coming back I would at least manage to draw blood this time.

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