tagNonHumanBound to My Mate Ch. 05

Bound to My Mate Ch. 05


I woke with a start about an hour later as Joel slid his now flaccid, but still impressive cock out of my weeping cunt. It felt like a flood followed him out. Moving quickly out of the bed I rushed to the bathroom to clean up. I turned on the shower and started as a hand darted past me and turned it off.

"You may wipe away my excess or I will clean it off for you, but you may not wash my scent off for now," said Joel sternly.

"Why?" I asked flabbergasted. "I feel all sticky and sweaty, and just LOOK at what's running down my leg!"

"Women in my community would let it run. That sweaty smell is my smell and marks you to every man in this community as mine alone. No one will dare touch you as long as you smell like me. It would be a personal affront to me," he stated proudly.

"Can I ever shower again?" I asked plaintively. I loved feeling clean and fresh. Freshly fucked was an entirely different feeling. Joel looked confused as he ushered me back out of the bathroom.

"Go lie on the bed and let me clean you," he coddled continuing to nudge me away from the shower and toward the bed.

"I smell Joel, wolves must have sensitive noses. Isn't body odor a bad thing?" I asked as I lay down obediently and splayed my thighs open.

I felt fur on the inside of my legs and looked down to see a huge black wolf looking at me. I was shocked at his size; he was almost as big as a small horse. I was captivated by his huge jaws and the razor sharp teeth that lined them. With his tongue lolling out it did make him look distinctly less terrifying.

Joel nuzzled my legs then went to work cleaning with vigor. His tongue was delving deeply into my womanhood as his nose ground constantly against my exposed clit. Despite the purpose of what we were doing I still managed to orgasm and force another round of cleaning.

Unlike me, Joel showered and shaved in the bathroom. He talked while he got ready.

"I have things to take care of today, love," Joel said as he dressed in a crisp shirt and slacks, "I expect you to stay in my rooms and listen to Nate. I have a couple trusted female members of the pack he will introduce you to. They will teach you etiquette."

"I have put off introducing you to the entire pack due to our recent security breach. I want the rogues caught before I allow you to mingle with everyone. Not to worry, though. I will have you under constant guard here, where it is safe," he said.

"Wait, if I'm staying in here, tell me again why I can't shower," I raged. "If this is some macho thing," he cut me off with a raised hand.

"The women that are coming are wolves," he interrupted me. "They need to sense me on you; it gives them a reason to respect you. As it stands now you have no rank and that puts you in a rather interesting no man's land, so to speak."

He bent to place a kiss on my head as he headed out. I sat on the bed feeling more than a little disgruntled. The comment about staying here struck me suddenly.

"Hey, what about my job, can I go back to work on Monday?" I called to him.

"No," he said walking out the door into the hallway. Sensing me coming he raised a hand to stop me as he turned, "Stay here we will talk later."

The look on his face brooked no arguing. He was the boss giving orders, well fuck that. I walked into the hall screaming at him. The two guards standing outside stared at me with a mixture of shock and amusement on their faces. In my peripheral vision, I saw heads pop out of rooms down the hallway, but that didn't stop me.

"No, I worked really hard for my job; you can't keep me here reeking of sex just waiting for you! Just give me a damn phone and I'll call a cab and go back to my home. The one I bought by going to work every damn day. I have a contract at my job and I have my student loans. I can't just walk away when I feel like it..."

As he stepped back toward me I remembered how much bigger he was than me. It should have deterred me, but it didn't. He stalked back to me and corralled me into his rooms, his eyes glowing slightly. "Enough woman, you are my mate, you will stay here where it is safe. I tried things your way once and it got you kidnapped and nearly killed. We are doing things my way now."

"Your home will not be lost, it is here now. Your job is here now. There are no contracts that you have been placed under that will supersede what I want for you. Your loans will be repaid. Now please stop arguing with me." His eyes burned into mine, but lost the fierce amber glow and returned to blue grey.

I was furious, but had to agree with him about the danger. Nobody seemed to have had any trouble getting to me out in the world. He got in my house. Those creepy dogs got me at the restaurant. Once he had me, Lucas could have done anything he wanted, too. It was humiliating to be the weakest link.

I turned on my heel and walked back to the bedroom, tears starting to form in my eyes. Now he had me, he could do whatever he wanted with me. If he wanted to keep me on a leash to show his friends, he could. 'How long would it be before this Adonis got tired of boring old me and moved on to the next piece of ass?' I wondered.

Strong arms wrapped around me and I struggled to get out, "Let me go!" I snarled.

"I heard that loud and clear," he whispered in my ear, "I won't keep you on a leash, you aren't a pet. I love you, you are my mate, and I will never get tired of you. Please stop fighting with me. For the record, you smell wonderful." At the end of his statement he nuzzled in my hair and gave me a minute to compose myself.

Wiping away unshed tears, I turned into his arms and hugged his waist.

"Go to work, I'll be here when you get back."

I wandered around his suite for a while and just when I wondered about food there was a knock at the door. Nate ushered in two women, both who appeared about my age. They scented the air in a way that was becoming way too familiar to me.

Each woman was carrying a tray covered with plates. My stomach growled hungrily and the smaller woman laughed.

"He's not feeding you enough! Good day Madam Alpha, I'm Katrina," she said then continued quickly, "not to imply Alpha Latro would not feed you well, I'm sure he's fed you very well."

I stopped her as politely as I could, "I'm very hungry, you're correct about that. I get that you were joking and please call me Elizabeth."

"Sure, Elizabeth, I talk a lot it gets me in trouble sometimes, but I was human like you before Saul changed me. I guess that's why I'm here," she giggled a little at her last statement.

I got the feeling she probably giggled a lot. She looked like a pixie with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her clothing was a bright array of pink and yellow, even her jeans were shocking pink.

The other woman walked confidently into the room and sat her tray on the coffee table, gesturing for Katrina to do the same. She was a tall woman with deeply tanned skin like Joel. Her black hair flowed like a mane down her back. She approached me with confidence.

"I'm Nate's mate, Shawna, it is a pleasure to meet you. We've heard a little about you, but I believe the topic of today's discussion was to be more centered on what you need to know about us."

I liked Shawna and smiled broadly at her. This woman did mess around with the crap; she got down to business.

The rest of my morning and afternoon passed quickly. I tried to pool the important things I learned into a couple of simple categories. The biggest categories were definitely pack organization and etiquette. Joel was at the top based on skill and bloodlines, which I remembered he had already told me. The pack council advised him and they were made up of the oldest and wisest in the pack.

The rest of the pack was divided into three groups: betas, thetas, and omegas. The skill and strength level went down as you traveled through the levels. Someone who worked hard could move up through the ranks. However, upper mobility was definitely limited. Everyone seemed to be born with an innate 'place'.

Etiquette and rules were in some ways more complicated and in other ways simpler than I was used to. You had to defer to anyone with higher rank than you, but abuse was not tolerated. If you had a real problem with someone you could demand to fight it out. That wasn't typically done anymore because the stronger wolf always won whether they were right or not.

Most matters were taken through the pack council and their decisions were absolute. Fights were unofficially reserved for those trying to change their rank by entering in a series of challenges.

Rule breakers were subject to the mercy of the pack's Alphas. In this pack that was Joel. His decisions were deemed final. Historically, the Alphas of this particular pack were not known for their mercy, Joel was no exception. It surprised the women another wolf would have attacked someone he was so obviously protecting, that was a death sentence.

As far as living arrangements, most of the pack lived in large group lodgings owned by the pack. The one we were in now was located at the edge of the national forest and sported individual apartment style dwellings. For miles around the pack owned what wasn't national forest. This location was midway between the shipyard down south and the businesses held in town. It was convenient for all involved, but allowed plenty of room for the wolves to run which they loved to do.

Everyone had a job, whether you worked in the den or in one of the pack's businesses. What you did depended on what you were good at, which made sense. Most revenue for the pack was generated by the import/ export shipping business.

Business was good and the pack lived well on its proceeds. Over the years they had developed substantial holdings. The financial security had allowed several adventurous pack members to start the businesses in town.

The thing that really got me was the way the pack handled sex. I hardly had a puritan upbringing, but it sure seemed like it. Katrina seemed to find my modesty humorous, but she didn't strike me as the kind of girl that would have been modest as a human.

Sex was far from a taboo subject with the wolves. They lived to fuck was the impression I got. Sex in public places was common, having multiple sex partners before mating was common, and same sex relationships were not looked down upon even after mating.

"The men sometimes just aren't around," giggled Katrina. "Although Saul prefers it when he gets to join in. That totally defeats the purpose if I wait till he's home and have a girlfriend over, you know?"

I smiled and tried to nod sympathetically, but no, I had no idea.

"What about the men?" I asked, "Do they engage in same sex relationships?"

"It's not unheard of, but most of the men here prefer women," said Shawna.

"Alpha Latro is very accepting of gay wolves," giggled Katrina. "So we have more than most packs. He's welcomed in several pack members that have been cast out of other packs for being gay."

I felt pride in knowing my man was so forward thinking and smiled. I was glad we agreed on that. Suddenly it struck me how little I knew about Joel. Sending up a prayer, I hoped I'd made the right decision. I'd never been rash and I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

My brain felt full to bursting as Shawna and Katrina got up to leave. I was glad to see them go, because I really needed to process what was going on. On the other hand, having them there gave me something else to focus on. I ended up drifting through Joel's rooms aimlessly.

Sniffing myself for about the hundredth time I decided I'd bathe. Of course I'd been told not to, but certainly that wasn't for forever.

The Jacuzzi tub really called to me and I turned on the taps and then peeked out to make sure no one was going to come crashing through the door to stop me. I found some frilly girly bath oils deep under the counter and I loaded the water up with them.

Part of me wondered who had left these here and I had a large pang of jealousy. I snottily hoped it would irritate him that I had found them and bathed. Obviously his other girlfriends hadn't walked around all the time smelling like sex.

As I undressed I noticed the well healed bite mark where my neck and shoulder joined. I stroked it gently and was surprised it didn't hurt. It felt good to touch it. There was so much weird stuff to learn here, my brain was on overload. I shrugged it off and continued undressing.

Soon I was soaking in the tub. I let the water and jets soothe away all the tension in my muscles and was really getting comfortable when water splashed in my face.

"Didn't I tell you something about not bathing?" Joel asked sitting on the edge of the tub. He didn't seem to be irritated, although he was definitely enjoying the view.

"I was unaware you meant never again, Alpha Latro. Perhaps you'd like me better if I looked and smelled like Lucas," I taunted him.

"I like it when you smell like me, not like whatever this stuff is," he said picking up the pink bottle and inhaling. "Where did you get this anyway?"

"Under the sink," I shrugged.

"Get up," he ordered eyes burning with internal yellow fire, "Now."

As I complied he reached down and released the drain on the bathwater. Turning to me, his eyes still glowing, he picked me up and moved with me into the shower. Without even removing his clothes he turned the water on.

"You're going to get soaked!" I chastised him trying to push him out. I was completely ineffective in moving him. Taking up a washcloth he started to scrub me harshly.

"Nate," he bellowed sharply as he washed me. "In here now."

I didn't have time to voice my objections when Nate appeared in the doorway.

"The soap, same as before, get me the antidote," Joel commanded as he continued to wash and rinse my skin brusquely.

I'm no genius, but antidote in my mind meant poison.

"What did I do?" I whispered to Joel.

"A perfectly normal human female thing; I assume they thought you would do this first thing after I left this morning. The poison is effective, but takes time to soak in to work properly," he growled, eyes still glowing.

"Am I going to die?" I whispered rubbing my hands over my arms.

"No," rasped out of his mouth as his snout started to lengthen and his shirt split along the sides. I heard bones rearranging and his movements became rougher and less controlled.

"Please, love," I begged using his pet name for me. "Please be calm," I reached out and stroked the slick black fur on his neck and cheek.

By the time Nate had come running back in, the wolf had almost totally receded leaving the very angry man. Nate smelled the air and seemed to take in Joel's mood before approaching us. He bowed his head and offered a small glass bottle to Joel's outstretched hand.

"My Alpha, are you sure it's the same, should we call the witches?" Nate asked head held submissively.

"Call the witches, but yes, I'm certain it's the same," Joel answered his voice still filled with a slight gravely edge.

I saw Nate turn and give instructions to a trim man outside the door.

Turning the water off, Joel uncapped the small glass vial. "Drink this," he commanded.

Me, the queen of mixing pills and alcohol the week before, hesitated. I didn't know what I was drinking.

"NOW!" he shouted eyes glowing, his face taut.

I shuddered and looked up at him, quickly tipping the flask to my lips. The air around us seemed to vibrate with his contained rage. When the fury turned I could have breathed a sigh of relief.

"Who has had access to this room in the last week?" he asked looking to Nate.

"I'll have a list provided to you, sir," replied Nate head still bowed.

"Leave us," Joel said turning his attention back to me.

I wasn't sure what the poison was so turned back on the water. Joel didn't stop me as I started rescrubbing every inch of myself. I realized he had left the bathroom and I shivered remembering the angry outburst. I wondered if he would come back.

Joel returned after I had soaped my skin for the third time. Stripped of his ruined clothes he stepped behind me in the shower and cuddled me close under the water.

"The poison is off your skin, love. What you absorbed will be counteracted by the antidote," he reassured.

"I'm not sure how you can be so sure," I said turning to get out of his embrace. "If it is still on me, it'll get on you."

"Superior sense of smell and a prior experience with this particular toxin," he whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry I scared you."

"You didn't scare me," I lied.

"I smelled your fear, it made me ashamed. I never want to see you look at me like that. I didn't even see that much fear in your eyes when you first saw my wolf," he whispered the last of his statement into my hair, running his hands over my stomach.

"Is it always this bad, a death threat every day around here? How can you live like this?" I asked him changing the subject.

"No, it's usually not like this. Usually it's boring," he said.

"I'd like boring," I yawned leaning back into him.

"None of that, love," he said shaking me. "We've got to keep you awake and active for now. It's safer that way."

As Joel dried me off he seemed to spend and abnormal amount of time rubbing up against me.

"Do you mind!" I asked snatching the towel from him and re-drying my back for the third time.

"I can't stand how you smell right now, frightened and alone. It's making me crazy," he said pulling me against his naked and still wet chest.

"Get dry," I ordered pushing the towel at him, "then we work on the smell."

Once we were both dry I wrapped my arms around Joel and let him carry me. He laid me down on the rug in front of the fireplace in the sitting room. It was warm here and the rug underneath me was soft, but I still found it an odd place to go.

"There are more comfortable places to lie," I teased him.

Before my eyes he became the shiny black wolf man and I decided all teasing was done. The wolf man rubbed his head into my neck and pressed his body against mine. I tentatively rubbed his arms with my hands and felt the sinewy muscle beneath.

Two strong hands came underneath my buttocks as the creature ground us together, chest to chest. Running his tongue across my neck several times I shivered. He shifted lower and started to bathe my breasts, working slowly around the outside and avoiding my puckered nipples.

"Please," I begged him grabbing his wolfy head and dragging it down. A small sound like laughter sounded in his throat. He nipped and licked at both nipples until I pushed him away, breathing heavy.

He continued his descent rubbing his head and neck against my stomach and thighs. His clawed hands opened my legs. The wolf man rubbed and licked everywhere except my center. The anticipation was making me wild.

Flipping me agilely the wolf man started at my feet and rubbed himself liberally across my thighs and buttocks. I finally decided to relax and enjoy the furry massage, its not like I had much choice in the matter. Separating my legs the wolf man lay between them and started licking, from my clit across my tight asshole several times. I squirmed at the intimate caress.

Continuing to move the wolf man was soon rubbing against my back, grinding his hips liberally against my ass. I felt his face rubbing back and forth across the back of my neck. Feeling frisky after his tongue bath I raised my hips in blatant invitation to him and spread my legs wider.

The fur slowly receded from my back and I felt human hands pressing me down and turning me back over. I was a little disgruntled that I wasn't wanted in that way.

"Hardly love," Joel chuckled in my ear as he spread my thighs and lay in between them.

"I just didn't want to get tied to you right now, which the wolf would do. I'd like to take you down to dinner before too much longer," he finished as I felt his prick sliding up and down my slit.

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