tagNonHumanBound to My Mate Ch. 15

Bound to My Mate Ch. 15


Thanks again to mokkelke for help! Hope you all enjoy this chapter DW


It wasn't but a couple days later as Joel and I sat in a business meeting with the pack Council that a commotion started in the hall. The voices outside the door were loud and they sounded upset. I recognized the agitated voice from Joel's growing computer squad and rose from my chair to see what was going on.

Outside the door the kid was in a complete state of panic talking to the Betas watching the door. He was speaking so quickly I couldn't understand him at first. I wondered how much caffeine he'd had in the last twenty four hours.

"Billy," I commanded, "speak slower and talk to me. What happened?"

"On the computer, we've been looking. You have to see what we found. There are more spells. Lots of places to buy. New spells. Some protect, some hurt. Come look now, please," he said bouncing up and down in front of me.

I sent the message to Joel and the doors opened behind me.

"Billy come in here and show us on the computer. Ryan," Joel said addressing the large Beta protecting the door, "go get Billy's friends."

"Chris and Kiki," Billy told Ryan still bouncing up and down.

Billy was a skinny kid with blonde hair that seemed to fall in his eyes no matter what he did. He was jumpy on a good day and today wasn't a good day. I put a hand on his shoulder to lead him into the room as the door shut behind us.

The boy was beyond nervous and being surrounded by the pack's elders seemed to making it worse. He typed a series clicks into the computer as Joel hooked the computer up to show on the room's projection screen. Billy was shaking with anticipation as the screen popped to life.

The ad had us all staring in shock. It was directed to werewolves.

'Werewolves, need protection from the new spells that are out there? Tired of having the skin melted off your pack? Invest now in these protection spells. Need only be drunk by your pack once a day. Each protection spell sold separately, buy today.'

"We found it while we were looking for new spells," Billy said. "They are all over the place. Chris and Kiki found places where you can buy the original spells. We also found places you can buy different spells. The reviews on line for the other offensive spells are all that they don't work, though."

"What other offensive spells?" Joel asked crossing his arms with a deep frown on his face.

The aggressive stance spooked Billy and he backed nervously toward the door.

Ryan came in with the other two kids about that time. He herded them all to the front of the room. They were so anxious it was starting to make me nervous.

Joel sighed and motioned them forward. He touched them on the arms and soothed them which seemed to work. I stroked the back of the kid closest to me and he relaxed into my hand.

"Show me the other sites you have found," Joel said sounding calm. "I am not angry with you. You have all done a very good job. I am upset with what you have come across. None of you should be afraid of me."

What the kids had discovered was mind boggling. There were new offensive spells on the market, but the kids were right. Reviews rated those spells as not working like the first spells. The original offensive spells were advertised and sold multiple places.

"Check out these message boards," Kiki said bumping Billy out of the way.

She had found a place where a man would sell you the spells at a club across the state. The message board said it was safer for the buyer that way. You could test the spells before you left the club to verify they worked. He said he took all the risk out of buying bogus spells, by acting as a middleman. His prices were higher, though.

The Council was angry and so was Joel. Every eye in the room was gold and glowing. The kids weren't nervous now, though. Joel had promised he wasn't angry, his word was law. They just kept pulling up the sites they had found. Several Council members started to pace as they watched the screen in agitation.

It suddenly struck me we should be writing this down. I grinned looking over at my personal assistant. Emily was dutifully recording the information for future reference.

"This is what really freaked us out," the kid named Billy said nervously.

The advertisement was on another anonymous message board.

"We think it is run for the benefit of rogue packs, but we don't know who is posting it," Chris said quietly.

The boards gave hints on which packs to hit, who had the most unmated females, and even gave dates when the Alphas should be out of town.

"That's last year's meeting schedule," one of the pack Council announced in a growl.

"Is it valid anymore?" I asked quietly.

"No, Madam Alpha, it is not. That won't stop rogues from using those dates, though. We'll be prepared," the Council member said.

"Look here," Chris pointed pulling another ad, "this person is talking about how to use the spell they call 'the destroyer' more effectively. They say it can take out whole lines of advancing wolves."

All the kids shuddered visibly. The pack was watching Lucas's wound heal with trepidation. They had never seen anything like what happened to him. The wolves never healed that slowly.

We all read the ad closely and our horror grew. The system they were selling claimed to be very effective. A sensor tracked when the wolf passed by and the potion was released from above a set time later. It was all based on mathematics, so it claimed great accuracy.

The promotion gave statistics on average wolf speed. According to the ad, a line of wolves moving at full speed could be coated with the potion and taken down by one witch chanting in under fifteen seconds.

Like the good leader he was, Joel didn't let on to the kids he was nervous. He congratulated them and praised their work. After a short discussion it was determined which sites were the best to try to hack. When the kids left, I felt the resolve settling across the Council and my mate.

Joel got on the phone and called Nate ordering him to get the weapons in good working condition and the ammunition updated. Joel told him hand to hand combat was going to be limited in case of attack. The wolves would have to depend on methods of defense that did not require them to be in striking distance of their opponent.

The Council sat back down and Joel spoke, "We have a double threat we are currently facing. The witches are certainly a problem, but they are using our own weakness against us. The remains of the De Santos pack still linger around us. These rogue groups have been a constant reminder of bad times and we have not been proactive enough in stopping them. It is time to stop waiting for them to attack. Within my territory, I call for war on the rogue packs."

The Council howled its approval of that idea.

"We must find and question anyone we can that is selling these spells. I am sure there is a salesperson out there with some knowledge of where this is coming from. This will be a two pronged battle. We must stop the spells and stop the rogues at once."

Joel and the Council delineated a game plan. Several high ranking Council members were put in charge of the rogue operation and several were put in charge of the witch operation. Joel planned to coordinate between the two groups.

Calls to the leaders of the other packs soon had them on board with the plan. The packs would stop the rogues, since they seemed to be the intended buyers of the spells. In addition, the wolves would try to track down the witches. The packs united against the threat.

"It's going to be different," Joel warned me. "We have enjoyed a period of laxity and freedom, but it must end for a time. Things will be much stricter until this is over."

I'd never lived anywhere all that military, so this was new to me. The den was on an almost perpetual lock down. It ran like a regimented unit. No one came or went without checking in or out. Our every move was monitored for our own safety. No one else seemed bothered, but I found it strange.

In addition to the change in lifestyle I learned more about weapons. While I was hardly a sharpshooter, I did have decent aim. Joel taught me to clean, carry, and use a semi automatic firearm with proficiency. Like me, most of the pack now went armed.

"When we start to attack the rogue packs," Joel warned me, "there is the chance they will try offensive maneuvers here. Of course, some of them will hide, but others would try to take what we have by force."

"So be prepared for anything," I said gripping the firearm strapped to my side.

"Yes, love, be prepared for anything," he smiled.

Joel went on of the raids, especially when they found large rogue packs. I never went. It soon became obvious my talents were for patching up the injured afterward. Every time I saw him walk unscathed into the den after a battle I always I breathed a sigh of relief.

The threat was real and I could see the reason for Joel's concern. I was shocked at the damage done to the warriors in my pack during the raids. The rogues were violent and lethal. If they managed to get into the den they could do untold damage.

Judging from the wounded, the battles with the rogues were intense. Sarah, Will, and I ran the pack's infirmary like a trauma unit. The three of us seemed to be working day and night.

Luckily for us, most of the warriors weren't injured by the destroyer spell. The bites and slash wounds were hard enough to deal with. It amazed me some of the wolves made it back to us at all.

To our horror, there were casualties due to the spells. The wolves that survived the spell took an eternity to heal and were in terrible amounts of pain the entire time. Even with all the human narcotics we could purchase, we barely managed to keep their lives bearable. It became a non stop, daily struggle.

Besides the wolves we cared for there was also a small cadre of human females handed over to us by the warriors. The rogue packs liked to kidnap and use human females to sate their sexual urges. The women we took in were near destroyed.

The women were badly damaged, but the Latro pack took them all. The plan was to heal and eventually change all the women, if they would agree to it. If they didn't agree to change, death was their only other option. It was a harsh reality for women that had already suffered.

They screamed and railed at us once they got healthy enough. They wanted to escape and go back to their former lives. They swore to me they would not go to the police or tell any one about us, but it was a moot issue.

All of them were stuck in the den and more specifically the infirmary where they were housed. They were not permitted to contact their families and they were not going to go back. Joel kept them under constant watch and did not allow them to leave.

The policy on handling humans was as old as the wolves' history. They would change or they would die. No one that knew about the pack was ever allowed to live outside of it.

Joel struggled with the idea he would have to kill the kidnap victims to keep the pack's secret. He was a good man and the idea of slaughtering innocent bystanders disturbed him. It was my mission to see he didn't have to do that.

I spent hours with the women letting them know all werewolves weren't evil. I was glad for all the reading and studying I'd done on counseling. That was unfortunately turning out to be a very useful skill.

All told it made for very long, agonizing days. I was glad for any moment Joel and I could spend together. Even eating breakfast alone in our suite was a treat anymore.

I hated to spend the time talking about our problems, but it was an ever present discussion.

"How long does this last?" I asked Joel as we sat and had a quiet morning meal in our sitting area. "Do you know how many more rogue packs there are?"

"We've almost cleaned out our territory," Joel told me. "We completely missed one small group living in the city. By the smell of it, that pack is keeping a single human female. Oddly, we didn't smell any blood or sex. We aren't sure what they are doing with her. There is a much larger group we just missed, but we were tracking them carefully."

"How's about the salespeople? Are you all still finding people willing to sell you the spells?" I asked.

With all my time dealing with the wounded, I felt a little behind on what was going on. It felt like I'd stepped into the role of trauma surgeon in the middle of war zone. I ate, slept, and did my job. I rarely had time to ask about the bigger picture.

"That's been a problem," he said. "There aren't many left. The team has determined the spells our coming from our territory, though. I find that very troubling. It's as if we found just one more person, we'd know who was doing this."

A polite knock at the door indicated Emily was there. The girl entered looking sheepish.

"Good day, my Alphas," she said and bowed much too low.

I groaned. That behavior usually meant she had bad news someone else wanted her to deliver. My mate was much gentler with Emily than he was with his Betas.

Joel stretched back in his chair and watched her.

"Let me guess, they lost the last two packs of rogues we've been looking for?" he asked.

"Yes, my Alpha, they can't find either of them. Both the large and the small groups have seemingly disappeared. In addition, they are having trouble finding anyone else to buy the spells from. The street market for it has dried up. With all the packs detaining and questioning the sellers and no rogues to do the buying, the profit has long since died," she said.

"Exactly how many of my Betas stopped you to give me messages?" he asked with a smile tugging at his mouth.

Emily knew Joel by now and she knew his moods. She lightened up a little and looked at him thoughtfully.

"Three of your burliest, nastiest Betas, my Alpha. They decided it would be safer to send me in rather than come themselves. I must be terrifying, don't you think, sir?" she said sounding cheeky.

Joel roared with laughter and I had to laugh myself. Emily had a medium build and a sweet face. The Betas had been right, Joel would never give her the reception they would have gotten with that news.

"Wimps," he chuckled.

I was glad to see my mate in something other than a foul mood and climbed onto his lap to straddle his waist. With everything going on we'd barely had time together. Since he wasn't pacing or yelling, I took a moment to rub over his front and mark myself.

"Are you feeling ignored, mate?" he asked me as I rubbed on him.

"I miss you is all," I sighed.

I missed everything we used to do. We barely even had time to run in the woods at night together. He was busy trying to keep the pack safe and I was busy caring for the injured.

Joel bounced up and I ended up thrown over his shoulder. I wiggled to free myself, but he just held me tighter.

"You didn't sleep well last night, mate," he told me.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"You need more time in bed. Emily," he called as he closed the bedroom doors, "put off our schedules for a few hours, would you? The Alphas are indisposed for the time being. Tell my Betas I was fuming that they didn't have the sense to face me. Tell them how nearly out of control I became and my mate is trying to deal with me. That's an order!"

I could hear him grinning. He thought this was too much fun.

"They are going to be cowering in the hall when we get done!" I said trying to escape from him. "And how do you plan to explain to them why you smell like sex? Or are you just going to laugh at them?!"

Joel tossed me on the bed and watched me right myself. "You used sex to tame my savage beast," he said stripping off his shirt. "You relaxed me by taking my mind off everything here."

"How do you want to be relaxed?" I asked him sitting on my knees on the bed.

"Anything you want, love, just so long as it involves the two of us," he said pulling at his belt.

I reached out and stopped him. Running my hands over the planes of his stomach and chest, I felt his sharp intake of breath. It had been far too long since we had taken an intimate moment. I wanted this to last.

Kneeling on the bed I appraised the gorgeous man in front of me. I slowly licked at his chest and made my way up to his neck. His hands rested at my waist, but they didn't wander. He seemed content to let me control the pace this time. I planned to take full advantage of him.

Joel is not a submissive creature, so he never bared his throat to anyone. It surprised me as I sucked lightly on the rough stubble that he allowed his head to fall back. My beast surged forward in my mind. I licked and sucked at the skin of his neck until I heard him groan my name.

"Lay down on the bed," I growled running my hands down his body.

Joel complied without a word and lay across our bed spreading his arms wide. I crawled over him as he bared his throat to me again and closed his eyes. Leaning down I panted warm breath into his ear. The submissive positioning was making me wild, he'd never been that way with me.

I coated every inch of his face and neck with kisses and licks. Joel didn't move a muscle. I straddled him and ground down over him. He moaned and started to bring his arms up to grab me.

"No," I whispered in his ear, "you can't touch, yet. Just lay still for me."

His arms flopped back on the bed and I grinned.

Looking down I saw my mark sitting proudly beside his neck. Bringing my teeth down, I bit lightly at the scar. Joel's whole body shuddered beneath me.

There was no way I could hold Joel down for real, he was much too strong. This morning he didn't seem to mind being dominated, though. I grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed. With him 'secure' I bit down hard on my mark.

Joel's body writhed beneath me and his hips pressed hard into mine. He let loose a string of curse words. I released his skin and he continued to rub his throbbing manhood against my center.

"Elizabeth, I need you now," he said hoarsely

"Not yet," I whispered in his ear, "I want to explore you first."

He groaned and smiled, opening passion laden eyes to watch me.

"You'll be the death of me before noon time," he said continuing to subtly grind his hips in small circles.

Our outfits were a nuisance to me. My clothes were removed in between kisses and bites. I pulled his remaining attire from his body and licked at his shaft once I freed it. With our clothes gone I coated my skin with his scent.

Eventually, I was satisfied with his front so I rolled him on the bed. I tasted his entire back and over the firm globes of his ass. I ran my mouth down his muscled hamstrings and across his powerful lower legs. I pulled myself back up his body to cover his back with my front.

"Love," he said, "I can't take much more of this."

"Why?" I asked him, sucking hard on my mark.

Before I could blink he had me maneuvered in front of him on my knees. He plunged inside of me before he answered.

"I will not spend myself on the bed, love," he said pulling out and moving back inside. "If you had kept stimulating your mark, we may not have been able to enjoy this."

He rode me hard. The short strokes were driving me to distraction and I didn't notice I'd grown claws. The fabric tore beneath me as I gripped the sheets for balance.

"Naughty, love, very naughty," Joel scolded pulling out and flipping me onto my back.

My wolf was salivating in my mind. I wanted to shift and feel him locked inside of me. With that idea in mind, I rolled off the bed and onto the floor. My claws would do less damage down here and I knew I'd see them again soon.

Joel lunged after me and we struggled for a moment in play. The hybrid form of me emerged and Joel followed suit. We tussled, each seeking to subdue the other, but it was a draw.

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