I paused, and looked back down the track I had followed up the hill.

The Downs in high summer have a special quality. The sweet smell of bracken, the softness of the rolling hills, the cool and quiet of the patches of woodland, the hum of the insects in the hot sunshine and the tracks leading mysteriously away from the ridge path through the brilliant green of the tall bracken. They are places of beauty whatever the season but most especially in late July.

I had been walking steadily for most of the morning having risen early and driven out from the town of --------. I had parked my car in the shade of overhanging beeches, just below a favourite track up onto the Downs, before ascending.

I reached into my day pack and pulled out the water bottle and watched as below me a young couple ascended the path I had already climbed. Their heads bobbed as they worked their way up the hill. The sound of their voices reached me through the warm air.

The wonderful thing about bracken is how concealing it is. I put away the bottle and turned right into one of the tracks leading off the main path. I then immediately turned sharp left into the bracken and lay down parting the fronds to either side of me rather than crushing them beneath me. As they closed over me I was immediately hidden from view in a shaded damp, peat smelling warm micro universe. I watched an ant walking round and round a bracken stem as it made its way upwards towards the light above me, and waited. The voices of the couple came closer,

"....wonderful place to stay, all those beams and that sweet dog. I'd have loved taking it along this morning."

"What a breakfast, shouldn't have had so much tea - I need to pee."

"Me too."

Two pairs of brown legs crossed my field of view through the bracken. Sensibly shod in good walking boots, one pair of legs (rather hairy) disappeared into a pair of shorts, the other pair into a green denim skirt, its hem stroking just above the knees. "Pretty knees," I thought, "nicely prominent."

I heard the soft pad of footsteps stop. I waited a few moments. "Time", I thought, "for a closer look." Now I expect many of you like to watch couples, particularly perhaps girls, out of the corners of your eyes or through your dark sunglasses but it has to be a fairly discrete look. I have a bit of an advantage in this. I can stop time. How do I do that? Well, that would be telling.

The world fell silent as I stood up, the hint of a breeze that had been trying to move the fronds of bracken stopped, a chaffinch in mid-flight hung suspended in the air just to the right of me. I pushed through the bracken and onto the path. Ahead of me and about twenty feet away were the couple, motionless. I walked up to them. The lad clearly did need to pee as his hands were already at his fly and his penis extracted. The girl a little ahead of him was ready, hands on hem of skirt.

I don't have to hurry when the world has stopped: it waits for me. I can look and examine at my leisure. I walked up to them. The girl was turned to look at the boy, her eyes downcast looking sidelong at his fly. Long blond hair, tied back in a pony tail, ran down her back over her white shirt.

Carefully I made my way into the bracken near them trying to pull the fronds upright after me. The trouble with arrested time is when it starts up again your actions can have consequences. I did not want a ripple of delayed movement betraying my passage. Kneeling I positioned myself a little to the front of the girl, but hidden in the bracken, and lay down. I could see through the green stalks of bracken her brown legs perhaps a yard to the front of me. Comfortable, I started time.

"Can't you go with me watching?" laughed the girl to the boy as she bobbed down. I had positioned myself well. Before me were those beautiful pair of knees but now I could see further to where the skin was no longer brown. Very fine golden hairs on her legs gave way to a stronger and curlier outcrop framing her open sex. No sooner had my eyes moved to her secret place than, with a gush, she started to relieve herself. Her pee arched upwards and towards me. I could see the stream leaving her. I was spellbound with this intimate and unusual view. To my left the boy finished, shook and began to pack away his equipment. "No, leave it out," said the girl, " I like to see it."

"But we might meet someone."

"Well, I'll walk in front and lead your prick!" She laughed.

Turning my head I could see them walk off, the girl ahead, her right arm reaching back and, momentarily, I could see in her hand, between finger and thumb, the boy's penis. I let them walk on for a bit before, once again, I stopped time and left my hiding place. Catching up with the couple I carefully edged around them. Not surprisingly, the boy was no longer being led by a flacid penis: the girl had a substantial handle to pull on. She was not grasping it but lightly holding it just below the head with the circle of her finger and thumb. I could imagine the light but insistent touch of her fingers on the sensitive ring. I was tempted to move her hand around my own penis which was now in a similar state to the one she was holding. I decided to wait. It was clear what would be happening shortly, the foreplay was obvious, if unusual.

I walked on up the path to where some trees overhung the path and hid myself. With a rush sound returned and before long I heard them coming up the path.

"Go on, take your shorts off ."

"Someone might come."

"I hope to soon! But we haven't seen anyone for an hour."

"Take your skirt off too and we'll walk into the bracken."

She slipped off her skirt and panties. They stood there looking at each other and embraced, the boy's penis poking into her blond curly pubic hair as they kissed.

They moved off into the bracken, two pink bottoms beneath shirt tails disappearing into the green foliage.

Faintly I heard, "I love the feel of this swishing against my legs, I'm getting wetter and wetter."

I was minded to test the veracity of that last statement! I glanced at my watch, 1 o'clock. Really I needed to be at the pub for lunch by 1.30pm if I was to get some food. Still I could always make up the time by stopping it and walking on outside it. So, effectively, I had half an hour of real time which should be sufficient for what I was expecting. It would be pleasant to watch a little light, or not so light, copulation, and perhaps join in and add my own contribution, unnoticed and outside of time of course.

It was unnecessary to hurry. It seemed unlikely they would go far: the urgency was on them. I let them find a place to settle for about five minutes, then stood up, and stopped time. Rejoining the path I soon discerned where they had pushed through the bracken. It was not too difficult to follow their tracks and soon, pushing aside bracken, I found them. They were lying side by side. The boy had undone the girls shirt and exposed one of her breasts which he was cupping in his hand. They were kissing. The girls hand encircled his penis near the head and was probably engaged in a gentle rhythmic up and down motion though, with time stopped, this was difficult to tell. The girl's legs were parted. I knelt for a closer look. Her sex framed by the golden hairs was very pretty and enticing. I reached forward and gently pushed my index finger into her. She was indeed wet. I swirled my finger around feeling the wetness and warmth. I was tempted to insert something rather larger and more substantial which was making a considerable bulge in my own trousers. I restrained this urge as the angle she was lying at was not terribly conducive and, in any case, I wished to see them in action before reaching my own climax..

I moved carefully into the bracken, positioning myself with the sun behind me and with an excellent view through the bracken stems. With the sun in their eyes, not that they would be looking around, I did not think my face would be spotted. If it was I would of course be gone, disappeared, before they could even be sure somebody was observing. The ability to stop time does make you very safe, if used wisely.

Lights, camera, action! Well no lights or camera but certainly sound, movement and action! I watched as the boy's hand undid more buttons and released the second breast from its covering. Rather large prominent pale pink aureoles surmounted by hard nipples stood out on her smooth white breasts. A pleasing contrast with the tanned skin to her face, The boys hand began to manipulate the newly exposed breast and the erect nipple. The girl's hand was indeed stroking the much larger erection rising from the boy's dark pubic hair, her hand gliding up and down just where the head joined the stem retracting and stretching his foreskin. Breaking away from their kiss, she looked down at the erection. With a smile her hand went to her mouth, moistened her finger and returned it to the penis where she ran it up and down the sensitive underside ridge to the tip and down again. " Saliva and penis," I thought, "might she be about to suck on the cock?" She shifted position turning so her legs were towards the boy and, leaning on one elbow, she moved her face close to the erection. The boy's hand leaving her breasts went to her knee and then up the inside of her thighs. From my point of vantage I could not see what exactly his hand was doing but there was a very audible intake of breath from the girl. Her pink tongue came out from between her lips and flicked lightly across the head of the boy's cock. Opening her lips, she half took the head into her mouth, released it again, licked the tip and then with her eyes closing drew the erection into her mouth.

The bees continued their buzzing, the sun beating down made the volatile oils in the plants evaporate filling the air with a heady sweet scent. Lying where I was this was mixed with the earthy peaty smell of years of bracken growing on the Downs. I felt very animal like hiding and watching as these young creatures in heat prepared to engage in coitus. Lying on my stomach my own penis was pressed into the ground through my shorts. I would shortly need to release it from its confines and put it to use.

"Careful", whispered the boy, "you are just too good, I'll come where you don't want me to."

The girl raised herself off the boy's now wet cock. "It's not that I don't like you coming in my mouth, I do. I like the feel of you throbbing in my mouth, the pumping, the spurts. But I don't like you going all soft so soon afterwards. I need your hardness in me, between my legs."

The girl clamped her legs tightly around the boy's hand, arched her back, pushing her breasts towards the sky and said, echoing my own recent thought, "I feel so like an animal here out in the open rather than constrained in sheets and duvets in a bed however comfortable." She rolled away from the boy and got up on her hands and knees. Crawling towards the boy, she leant across his stomach and began to lick his penis like a dog might lick your hand.

"Pretend I'm a heifer and you're the bull, take me from behind like a great big bull." The boy took the hint and got up on all fours. "Yes, yes, just like a bull with your big balls hanging down." The girl reached out and touched his scrotum. The day was hot and the boy's ball sack was relaxed, not tight but swinging freely as he moved. The girl swung the sack from side to side, then, gently bent down on her forearms and took his right ball into her mouth. Releasing it she looked towards the boy with wide open eyes and, rather like a calf feeding from its mother's udder, leant forward, parted her lips and once again sucked on his cock.

The boy pulled away from her and came round on all fours behind her. She was facing away from me. The sun coming behind me shone on her rounded bottom and to the wisp of fair hair showing between her legs. The boy came up close behind her, grasped her thighs and pretended to have difficulty in climbing up and onto her back. Positioned there he reached under to grasp her breasts whilst pushing into her. He seemed to slip in easily and the front of his thighs connected with her bottom.

"Missed!" said the girl, reaching, under her and grasping his penis, "you silly bull. You need more practice at mating. You're too used to manual extraction of your semen for artificial insemination." She laughed, "Too much wanking I mean! I'll have to help you."

The rhythmic pushing of his thighs indicated she had indeed assisted him. The proper connection was in place and the combination of wetness, warmth and friction would no doubt shortly bring the desired result. The girl was not talking now, she was pushing back against the boy, neck arched and panting. "Yesssss!" she hissed. The boy, if anything, pushed harder and with an "argh" the boy's pushing became very active and then started to slow and, after a few more pushes, stopped. Their laboured breathing was clearly audible in the warm air. The girl slumped a little forward onto her elbows and the boy slowly withdrew his cock. I stopped time, stood up and walked towards them. I stood in the sunlight looking at the scene before I unbuttoned my shirt and removed my shorts.

Imagine the scene. Me, it could have been you, standing there. Very consciously erect, my penis itching to be active. A beautiful young girl, bottom in the air before me in the bright sunlight. Her lover, just leaving her sex, penis moist with her wetness, had a thread of semen perhaps a foot long stretching from his softening penis back to her vagina, bowing gently downwards.

I knelt to the side of the girl and ran my tongue along the serried bumps of her backbone from her bottom to neck. Turning, I lay on my back and eased myself under her with my face beneath her breasts. I looked up at them, just hanging there, waiting to be touched. My tongue lightly licked one of her pendulous nipples causing the breast to move gently one way, then the other. I sucked harder drawing her right breast into my mouth as I moved my hand up and down my penis at last stimulating myself and easing the aching feeling. I moved my head down and under the girl's sex. Above me and very close were those golden curls. Raising my head my nose took in the strong scent of sex. I licked around the little nub and eased the fleshy wetness into my mouth. Not a lot of point really as she would feel very little of my attentions when I restarted time. Just rapidly cooling breasts due to the evaporation of my licking.

"Time to probe", I thought. Standing, I stretched my back and shoulders and came round to the girl's bottom. The boy was a little close but I could just get in beside him without knocking him over. Gently kneeling I moved forward. I watched my penis as it edged towards her waiting hole. With my finger I broke the thread of semen across my way and eased into her. Warm, very wet and very comfortable. I reached forward and under the girl and took hold with both hands those hanging breasts and began to repeat her boyfriend's movements. In, out, in, out, in, out. I increased my manipulation of her breasts. It was delightful. Yes, perhaps the movement a bit too free and easy; she was certainly wet and the phrase "sloppy seconds" did come to mind, but the experience was nonetheless very good. I paused. I was near coming. Should I be doing anything else, any other play I could have with her? I decided this was, in Goldilocks' words, "Just right." I speeded up and a faint "splish, splosh" sound came from the joining of my organ to her wet sex. I reached the point of no return, felt the semen rise and I was coming, steadily spurting into her as I pistoned in and out. I eased my movement to a halt and rested, lying forward and onto her back. I did not withdraw until I almost flopped out with my penis shrinking back to its resting state. I sat back on my haunches and pulled the girl back into the position she had been in when I started my activities. Gently reaching out and into her with my finger I drew out a thin thread of semen and joined it once more to the boy's still semi-erect cock. Not the original semen of course, this would be from the second deposit, but it would feel the same. Picking up my discarded clothes I returned to my hiding place and lay down to watch.

The boy glanced down at his cock noticed the thread of semen and smiled as he continued to pull away from the girl causing the thread to break. To him it appeared one fluid movement, out and away, but rather a lot had happened during his withdrawal. The girl stood up, stretched and bent down to rub her knees.

"Oooh, that was good. I love being fucked in the open."

"Open what?" said the boy. They laughed and embraced. The boy's soft wet penis nestling into her pubic hair leaving a sticky patch that glinted in the sunshine as she turned. The girl buttoned up her blouse and pulled on her skirt. She turned towards me and suddenly a look of puzzlement crossed her face.

"What's the matter?" said the boy concerned and looking at her.

The girl's hand went to her thigh a little above her right knee. "I am leaking your cum, it's running right down my leg, look" she said, raising her skirt a little, "I was right about you being a bull. How much of that stuff do you keep in those balls? There's more coming now! You don't normally fill me like that. I hope there's some left for later."

I left them then, once more frozen into immobility, and sauntered off down the main track in search of the pub. "A successful morning", I thought, "an exhilarating walk and an equally exhilarating fuck." I descended a hill, circled a wood and came upon a farm track leading into a small village and my lunchtime pub. Close to the pub I passed three other walkers, one a very pretty girl, albeit with boyish hips and rather small breasts, and it occurred to me it was time to put my clothes on. Tempting as it was to examine this other girl I was thirsty so I pressed on rounded the corner and ahead of me was my goal, a picturesque old red brick and beamed pub. I still had not dressed. It is an odd feeling walking into a totally silent but busy pub naked. I pulled my clothes on in the "Gents" and came out into a still busy, but now noisy pub, and ordered my beer. An excellent pint, fruity and at cellar temperature: not frozen to death like so many beers these days.

Sitting in the garden enjoying my second pint, I was pleasantly surprised to see my couple walk through the gate. I noted the girl's brown knees below her skirt were still a little green stained from her earlier kneeling. The boy went to buy drinks and the girl seeing the only half vacant table was the one I was sitting at, came over to me and asked "would I mind?"

"Been walking far?", I asked.

"From ____", she answered. "Keith and I have been walking all morning."

This was not strictly true but it would not have been exactly tactful to comment on this or explain how I knew in detail, indeed intimate detail, why this was not the case.

"Lovely day for walking", I said, "perfect weather. Where are you heading?"

"We're walking on to _____ tonight, a bit of a trek but..."

Keith returned, placing a glass in front of the girl, and said, as he sat down, "that's better, Vickie, good to be sitting down, its been a tiring morning."

I let my conversation drop. When they began poring over a map my ears pricked up as I heard Keith say, "we're booked into a B&B in that village there, can you see it on the map? Just off the Downs, it's called Honeysuckle Cottage."

It had been a good day so far: I wondered whether it could be yet better. Would an opportunity to explore Vickie further arise if I was to call at Honeysuckle Cottage that evening?


It is wonderful to find yourself dropping down on a well worn track off a hill towards a sleepy English village on a balmy summer's evening. Everything feels right with the world: it is a time of contentment and peace.

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