tagRomanceBrad & 'Tanaya Ch. 05

Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 05


The sound of laughter woke Brad and he sat up hurriedly as he realised 'Tanaya, Brent and Matty were walking into the house. He checked that Nicky was still asleep in the bed with him before getting up hurriedly hoping to get to 'Tanaya and the two men before they woke Nicky and Janey who was asleep out on the lounge.

"Hey," Brad murmured as he walked out of the spare room to find them heading towards the kitchen.

"We decided to come back tonight because we can't visit Ren in the morning, long story." 'Tanaya said as she smiled at Brad hopefully.

"Janey's asleep in the lounge room and I got Nicky in with me in the spare bedroom." Brad said quickly in a quiet voice.

"You did have that talk with her didn't you? How did it go? Is she okay with us or...?" 'Tanaya suddenly broke off with her excited questions as it dawned on her that Brad probably hadn't said anything to Janey for him to be staying in the other bedroom.

"We'll talk in the morning you and I, don't worry. Sorry Brent and Matty but Nicky and Janey are asleep..." Brad said softly.

"Brad? Everything alright?" Janey called in a sleepy voice.

Brad walked to the entrance of the lounge room and looked around the corner, he could see Janey sitting up in the faint light that reached the room from the toilet.

"It's just Brent, Matty and 'Tanaya getting back earlier than expected." Brad said quietly.

"Do you want to bring Nicky out here to sleep with me, so he's not in the way." Janey said softly.

"As far as I'm concerned he's fine to stay where he is." Brad said softly. "He'll be fine, I promise."

Janey looked past Brad's dark form at the end of the room but couldn't see anyone behind him, she wanted to protest Nicky staying near where 'Tanaya would be but knew she had to trust Brad. Reluctantly she lay back down and pulled the covers back up. She heard Brad move away quietly and strained her ears to hear what he was saying to the others but their voices were whisper quiet.

* * * * *

Brad watched as Janey's vehicle disappeared around the corner. It was only ten thirty in the morning but his day with Nicky had been cut short when Adam had appeared and took Janey aside for a private talk.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Adam was behind Janey having to leave, taking Nicky with her.

Brad had seen the signs of strain on Janey's face and had reframed from asking her to let Nicky stay longer. He didn't want to be the cause of trouble in her relationship even though he believed Adam was all wrong for her.

"You coming back inside?" 'Tanaya asked quietly from the doorway.

Brad turned to face her, hesitated a moment then went back inside; the house seemed empty and silent without Nicky crawling around the rooms laughing and talking to himself in his baby talk.

"You said we'd have a talk today, you'd tell me what Janey said. You did tell her about us didn't you?" 'Tanaya asked nervously.

"Yes I spoke to Janey. She's not too happy about having you around Nicky but she isn't going to make an issue out of it as long as you don't mistreat Nicky. She put several stipulations on it; her and Adam are never to be put down in front of Nicky and when I eventually settle down and my partner and I have children Nicky is not to be pushed aside or treated differently because of who his mother is. They are her main concerns." Brad said quietly.

"Janey is being quite civilised about it isn't she. And after the way I had been acting towards her, I know I wasn't rude or nasty but... I'm so glad Janey is being like she is," 'Tanaya said with a relieved smile.

"Yeah well she is being far more reasonable than I could have hoped was possible; she said she wants me to be able to get on with my life as well." Brad said recalling the long talk they had had when Nicky had fallen asleep the night before.

'Tanaya turned away with a frown as something Brad had said came to mind again, she composed her self before turning to face him again.

Brad stepped forward to enfold her in his arms; he lowered his head and sought her lips with his. He felt her lips part beneath his and plunged his tongue into her mouth hungrily. He absorbed the soft moan that came from her lips as he kissed her thoroughly.

When Brad finally stopped kissing her and raised his head 'Tanaya was clinging to him, one leg wrapped around his as she pressed herself against him. Slowly she opened her eyes to look up at him and found him studying her face with dark hungry eyes.

"So ... so what do we do for the rest of the day?" 'Tanaya asked, her voice thick and husky.

"How about we work on building a relationship?" Brad asked with a grin that spread across his face slowly.

'Tanaya swallowed unable to speak and nodded before pulling Brad's face back down towards hers, she felt his lips brush against hers before he raised his head once again.

"How about we take this to the bedroom?" Brad asked, his voice rough and husky with need. He untangled their bodies enough for him to lift 'Tanaya into his arms and carry her to her bedroom.

'Tanaya noted how gently he placed her on the bed before reaching for the fastenings of her top. She sat on the bed and allowed him to undress her. He paused after each garment taking in the sight of what part of her body he had uncovered.

Brad eased her bra off and leant close to press a gentle kiss where her neck joined her shoulder. He lifted his head to watch as he stroked a large hand across her collarbone before running his fingertips lightly down between her breasts. Her ribs lifted as she took a deep breath and he ran his hand down over them to rest flat on her stomach for a few seconds before reaching for the waistband of her jeans.

'Tanaya licked her dry lips as Brad slowly unzipped her jeans, slowly and gently he worked them down over her stomach. She lay back and lifted her hips from the bed as he pushed the jeans over her hips, one large hand skimmed under her rounded arse raising goose bumps as he leant forward to nibble as her neck just beneath her jaw.

Brad moved down the bed to slip the shoes from 'Tanaya's feet before pushing the jeans from her legs in long slow and gentle strokes. Gently he lifted first one foot then the other as he slipped the jeans off her legs. He slid his hands back up her legs slowly, skimming the outside of her hips and ribs before running his hands up the inside of her arms to her hands, raising her hands up over her head as he stretched out on the bed beside her.

Brad leant over 'Tanaya and kissed her, easing into the kiss slowly as he twined his fingers with hers. He groaned as he raised his head and sat up before pulling his shirt off over his head roughly then reaching for his boots. The boots made solid thuds as they hit the floor and then his jeans and underwear joined them.

"You got condoms in here?" Brad asked as he stretched out beside her once again.

"We don't need them," 'Tanaya said breathlessly as she reached for his shoulders.

Brad groaned and sat up, brushing her hands aside. "I'll be back in a moment," he said as he got to his feet and left the room.

'Tanaya watched the doorway apprehensively until he returned and she frowned when she saw the packet of condoms in his hand.

"Is there some reason I should know about why you insist on using them?" 'Tanaya asked firmly.

"If you mean do I have any disease or is there a possibility I could have then the answer is no, I'm clean. But I don't intend to end up a father a second time because of some mess up with the pill or an implant." Brad said as he sat down on the edge of her bed once again.

Looking into Brad's face 'Tanaya could see how serious he was about this, she decided to let him take the precautions he felt were necessary.

Brad watched as 'Tanaya lay back down and stretched with a wicked smile on her face; he felt his body harden further as he watched her long slender body move sensuously.

'Tanaya watched his face as he stretched out beside her on the bed, she smiled into his face and reached out with one hand to touch his cheek when he remained motionless.

Brad took her hand and pressed the palm to his lips before starting to slowly work his way down her arm towards her elbow.

'Tanaya could feel the heat pooling in her stomach as Brad slowly worked his way to her shoulder then across her collarbone to her throat. His progress was unhurried and it was becoming increasingly obvious that he intended to make the foreplay stretch out as long as possible.

"Enjoying yourself?" 'Tanaya asked breathlessly as Brad trailed kissed up her neck.

"Immensely," Brad said huskily as he shifted to brush light kisses over her eyelids to close them.

'Tanaya ran her hands over his shoulders, feeling the ripple of the muscles beneath the skin as he moved. She tilted her head back to allow better access to her neck as he nibbled a slow path down to where her neck joined her shoulder. She felt his teeth graze her skin lightly then he was soothing the spot with his lips and tongue.

'Tanaya sighed with pleasure as he cupped one breast in one of his hands as his thumb flicked across her nipple making it harden beneath his touch. She arched into his body as his lips found her breast, circling the nipple, teasing her.

Brad laughed deep in his throat before taking her nipple in his mouth and sucking deeply, giving her what she wanted. He felt her body quiver with reaction and he pulled his head back enough so that her breast slipped from between his lips with a moist sucking noise before turning his attention to her other breast.

'Tanaya groaned in frustration, she was a tangled bundle of need and Brad hadn't reached her waist yet. Almost angrily she pushed against his shoulders and Brad laughed as he allowed her to roll him onto his back.

"Think it's funny do you?" 'Tanaya demanded as she looked down into his face.

"Enjoyable, not many women aren't intimidated by my size." Brad said huskily.

'Tanaya reached down between them to take his engorged cock in her hand; she began pumping her hand up and down it. His hips bucked as her hand moved rhythmically.

"So do you mean this ... or the fact you stand head and shoulders above most men and have the shoulders to go with it?" 'Tanaya asked with a cheeky grin.

"Bit of both I think," Brad grunted enjoying what 'Tanaya was doing to him. He watched as she slowly lowered her head to where her hand moved; he jerked in reaction as she dragged the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock.

'Tanaya set to work slowly licking around the large purple head of his cock before working her way down the underside of it. She could feel every ridge and groove as she licked and slurped her way enjoying the task.

Every now and then Brad would groan and jerk or gasp as she found a particularly sensitive area.

'Tanaya worked her way back to the head of his cock and began licking it until she had it wet with her saliva, slowly she began to ease it into her mouth taking care not to let her teeth graze it.

"Shit woman!" Brad growled when her mouth engulfed the entire head of his cock, few women had attempted to do it and fewer had succeeded.

'Tanaya hummed a reply and felt Brad's body tense and shudder under the hand she had on his stomach. Carefully she began working her head up and down, attempting to take as muck of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Brad groaned as he watched 'Tanaya slowly engulfing the top of his cock, her eyes were on his face as her head moved up and down.

'Tanaya managed to get nearly four inches into her mouth before she started to gag and had to stop; she lifted her mouth back along Brad's cock slowly letting her tongue flick over the slick surface before the head slipped from her mouth.

She smiled as she worked her jaw for several moments before moving back up his body to kiss his lips hungrily.

"I guess I should return the favour," Brad said gruffly as he slid one hand down to cup her firm arse and press her hips against him so that his hard on pressed against her lower stomach.

'Tanaya wriggled against his hard muscular body and smiled when he gasped and rolled her beneath him with a guttural groan, she sighed and arched her neck back as he trailed his lips down over her jaw to the soft skin beneath.

Brad took his time kissing and teasing his way down to her collarbone and down over her chest to her breasts. He cupped one breast and rolled the nipple between his thumb and a finger while he pressed kisses to the underside of her other breast.

When his lips closed over her nipple 'Tanaya gasped and clutched his head to her chest as she struggled to catch her breath.

Brad suckled strongly until her nipple was a hard bud in his mouth and then he let it go to turn to her other breast.

'Tanaya eagerly guided him to her other breast and moaned with delight as his lips closed over her puckered nipple and he sucked it deep into his mouth.

"Oh fuck you're good at that!" 'Tanaya exclaimed as each tug at her breast sent pulls from her stomach down to the core of her femininity.

Brad laughed in appreciation against her breast before releasing her nipple from his lips and trailing his mouth and tongue down over her ribs. He circled her navel with his tongue before flicking his tongue in and out of the centre several times.

'Tanaya groaned and writhed beneath him as one hand slid down over her hips to skim across her mound before slipping between her thighs to run down one leg to her knee.

Brad took his time working his way down over 'Tanaya's flat stomach, he kissed his way down to the hairless mound before raising his head to look up at 'Tanaya's face.

"What are you waiting for?" 'Tanaya demanded as he paused for several seconds.

Brad merely smiled and pushed her thighs apart then moved so he knelt between her thighs. He used his fingers to open her labia so he could view her moist and swollen opening before he ran both hands down the inside of her thighs to her inner knees where he drew erotic circles with his fingertips and the tip of his tongue.

'Tanaya moaned as Brad slowly worked his way up her leg from her inner knee; she took a deep breath as he reached the top of her thigh but groaned in disappointment as she felt his fingers on the inside of her other knee.

Desire swirled and flowed low in her hips making her feel empty and throbbing as Brad took his time kissing and nibbling his way up her second thigh.

Brad finally raised his head and looked into 'Tanaya's face as he reached the top of her second thigh. Her breasts were rising quickly as she panted with barely controlled desire and her eyes were so dilated they appeared black.

Brad watched as he spread her soaked folds with his fingers and saw her opening; moisture glistened wetly and 'Tanaya spread her legs wider in reflex. Slowly he lowered his head breathing in the heady aroma of her arousal; he paused a second and then licked the length of her opening in a slow measured move. He placed his tongue firmly just below her opening and then licked in a steady move up the length of her opening and over her clit that was a hard nub peaking out of its hood.

'Tanaya gasped and nearly jerked upright at the first sweep of his tongue; she took several deep breaths and fisted two handfuls of bedclothes as she opened her thighs as wide as they would go.

Brad grinned to himself as he felt 'Tanaya's reaction and moved in for a second sweep of his tongue.

"Oh God!" 'Tanaya exclaimed as her body arched. Brad chuckled sending vibrations through the sensitive flesh between her thighs and she gasped as his tongue flicked across the opening of her passage several times before slipping into her slick passage slowly.

"Oh fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck," 'Tanaya groaned as she felt her hips jerk involuntarily. She could feel her desire tightening in her lower stomach and groaned with pleasure as she lifted her thighs to hook her heels behind Brad's back.

Brad grasped the curve of her hips in his large hands and held her body still as he flicked his tongue deep into her passage before withdrawing it and spearing it into her again and again.

When he felt the walls of her cunt tense around his tongue; grasping as if to pull him further inside he withdrew his tongue and closed his lips over the hard nub of her clit.

"Ohohohoh ...fuckin'ell!" 'Tanaya screamed as her body convulsed in an intense orgasm. She didn't realise it when she clenched her thighs around Brad's head as her body bucked with her release.

Brad continued to suck her clit until her body stopped bucking and he gently loosened her thighs from his head and shoulders. He looked down at her where she lay on the bed beneath him, the odd tremor still shaking her body occasionally.

Brad stretched out on top of her body taking care to support his weight on his elbows as he nestled his hips against hers.

'Tanaya opened her eyes to smile a very satisfied smile at Brad before slipping her arms up over his chest to rest her arms along the tops of his shoulders.

"There's more where that came from I hope," 'Tanaya purred and pulled his head down towards her.

"Whatever the lady wants," Brad murmured before taking her lips with his.

Brad controlled his desire as he kissed her gently; he felt her move beneath him and groaned into her mouth as she brushed against his rigid cock.

Now it was 'Tanaya's turn to laugh as she wriggled her hips beneath him.

"Damn woman! You're going to be the death of me!" Brad groaned as he pulled away from her slightly as he tried to calm his raging desire.

"I aint no delicate thing, fuck me and fuck me hard," 'Tanaya demanded as she hooked her heels behind his thighs.

Brad leant to one side and reached down between them, forcing 'Tanaya to loosen her hold with her legs. He grasped his rigid cock and guided it to her entrance; she was still slick and softly swollen open.

Brad groaned and tried to control his entry as he pushed into her slowly but 'Tanaya would have nothing of it as she thrust her hips up against him.

She groaned in pleasure as he slid deep into her, stretching her tight pussy making her feel impossibly full. She smiled up into his face as Brad groaned once again and she pulled his head down to hers once again.

Brad kissed 'Tanaya hungrily as her lips met his but when she thrust her tongue into his mouth and flicked it in and out in an imitation of the sex act he lost control and began to thrust into her roughly.

"Oh ... fuck yeah!" 'Tanaya almost groaned as she bucked her hips up against Brad's. 'Tanaya hooked her heels harder into the back of his thighs as she gasped and bucked beneath him.

Brad could hear and feel 'Tanaya smothering little gasps and sighs against his shoulder as he pumped into her mercilessly. Even though he had nearly lost control he was aware that 'Tanaya was enjoying the rough sex as much as he was.

'Tanaya bit Brad's shoulder as she felt his balls slapping against the sensitive skin between her cunt and arsehole. She felt him flinch from her teeth and contritely kissed where she had bitten him in apology.

"I'm not ... gonna last long," Brad grunted against 'Tanaya's ear and turned his head to kiss her lips once again.

'Tanaya kissed him hungrily then turned her face away as she panted for breath, "I'm about to cum!"

Brad turned his face into her neck and sucked at the tender skin for several seconds as he felt the tightening in his loins; he turned his face away as the tightening moved to his balls.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" 'Tanaya gasped as the tension in her lower stomach became almost unbearable. She pushed her hips up against Brad's frantically as she felt him reach down and cup her arse in his hands.

Brad felt the first quiver in the walls of 'Tanaya's cunt and let go of the control he was trying to keep of his own release. He felt his balls tighten one last time and then the hot rush of release as his cum shot up his shaft to be released deep in 'Tanaya's body. He was dimly aware of 'Tanaya climaxing beneath him; of her gasps and squeals as her hips bucked in his hands against him.

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