Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 05


As Brad felt the darkness of utter release start to descend on him he became aware of the intense feelings of being inside 'Tanaya's tight wet passage.

'Tanaya was aware when Brad rolled onto his side taking her with him, she snuggled against his chest and kept her arms locked around his shoulders. She was almost asleep when Brad started to move and he slid from her body with a soft groan; she could feel that he was still semi hard.

"Tanaya, we need to talk." Brad said in a deep husky tone.

'Tanaya groaned in compliant as he smoothed her hair back from her face; she refused to open her eyes as she felt his fingertips trace across her cheek.

"'Tanaya honey, wake up and open your eyes Sweetheart," Brad coaxed.

'Tanaya reluctantly opened her eyes and looked up at Brad; she smiled a warm smile and stretched so that her body rubbed against his.

"Stop that woman! We need to talk!" Brad said huskily as his body reacted to the sensual slid of her body against his.

"I can think of something more fun to do then talk, we can talk later." 'Tanaya said softly as she ran a hand down his chest and over his stomach to reach for the hardening shaft she could feel against her thigh.

"No 'Tanaya, we talk now." Brad said firmly and pulled the quilt up between their bodies preventing her from touching his growing cock.

'Tanaya opened her half closed eyes and frowned at Brad, he seemed awfully intense and she didn't like the way he could deny both of them when both their bodies were starting to demand more physical relief. She had thought he was attracted to her as she was to him but now she starting to have doubts once again.

"We need to talk. This is serious. I forgot to put on a condom." Brad said with a worried frown.

"Is that all? It doesn't matter," 'Tanaya said easily.

"You know I would stand by you if there was to be consequences but I really don't need that right now. I have to get my life on track for a start and I don't know how another child might affect..." Brad caught himself; he didn't want to go there at present. What he and 'Tanaya had just shared was too precious to have thoughts of another woman interfere just yet.

"I want four or five kids but not just yet, ... but if ...let's just not think that yet. We can cross that bridge if we have to. If we are together in a year or two then maybe it would be time for us to be able to take the chance then, just not yet." Brad stumbled over what he was trying to say.

'Tanaya sat up and pulled her knees up to her chest as she suddenly felt naked and vulnerable.

"It's okay," Brad said as he leant close and rubbed her back soothingly but 'Tanaya jerked away from him and got to her feet.

"I need some time to myself," 'Tanaya said as she grabbed her robe and headed for the bathroom.

" 'Tanaya," Brad called after her.

"Back off Brad, just back off will you!" 'Tanaya yelled from the doorway before disappearing from sight.

Brad watched her disappear and sat up with frustration. "Hell she knows I don't want any further complications!" He thought angrily as he reached for his jeans.

In the bathroom 'Tanaya turned the shower on and stepped beneath the spray, she closed her eyes tight and turned her face up towards the water to let it wash the tears from her face.

Slowly she ran her hands over her body, washing the sweat from her skin. Her breasts were slightly tender from Brad's attentions and her nipples pebbled into hard nubs beneath her fingertips.

Angrily she jerked her hands away from her breasts; her body still craved release even though she had cum twice. She refused to give in to her body's cravings as she reached for the floral scented soap and worked a good lather up between her hands.

The act of washing the sweat from her skin helped sooth her tattered feeling and when she stepped from the shower she was in a much better frame of mind. She was in control of her emotions and felt she could sit down with Brad and have a rational conversation.

'Tanaya wrapped her robe around herself and tied the belt tightly before heading towards her bedroom. Brad was sitting in the recliner in the lounge room as she walked through it and glanced her way with a tight expression when she walked into view.

"I'll be back in a few moments," 'Tanaya said before hurrying towards her room.

Brad didn't reply as he watched her leave the room but went to the kitchen to get himself a cold glass of juice while waited for her to return.

'Tanaya wasn't sure what to expect as she returned to the lounge room in a top and shorts. She looked at Brad where he sat in the chair with a closed expression on his face.

"There's no chance of my getting pregnant just because you didn't use a condom," 'Tanaya said levelly as she moved to the end of the lounge closest to the chair and sat down.

"No type of contraception is fool proof, or should I say fail proof. Hell Janey had an implant when she fell pregnant with Nicky." Brad said unhappily.

"Don't you trust me to take precautions against pregnancy or something?" 'Tanaya asked tightly.

"It's not that I don't trust you ..." Brad tried to tell her.

"Either you trust me or not!" 'Tanaya snapped.

"It's not a matter of trust, it's just that I have learnt the hard way some things come back to bite you on the arse!" Brad said tightly.

"No, as far as I am concerned either you trust me or not!" 'Tanaya said angrily.

"It's not that I don't trust you ..." Brad tried to explain.

"If you trusted me then you would take my word that there won't be a problem!" 'Tanaya snapped angrily as she stood to face Brad.

"I don't want to fight with you," Brad said tightly.

" I got one question, are more kids so important to you?" 'Tanaya demanded.

"Actually yes, I want a family eventually. I want more than just having Nicky each weekend, every second weekend or one weekend a month!" Brad snapped.

'Tanaya turned away from Brad and stood there for a second or two before shaking her head and heading for the hallway towards the front door. She halted halfway to the front door and stalked back to stand just into the lounge room and glare at Brad angrily.

"You want, you want, you want! Everything in a relationship has to suit you! Fuck anyone else in it!" 'Tanaya yelled at him angrily, suddenly she turned away from him. "Well fuck you too!" 'Tanaya yelled suddenly before she rushed from the room and slammed out of the house.

Brad got to his feet hurriedly and turned to face the hallway; he felt anger welling up and after a moments hesitation he walked to the room where his belongings were stored and got his bike boots, gloves and helmet.

He went out the back door and to the shed where his bike had sat for the last few months. Angrily he wheeled it out into the open and suited up for a ride before straddling his bike; it took several attempts before it roared to life and then he rode it out the driveway and onto the street. He gunned the motor as he turned down the street to head out of town. * * * * *

It was well after dark when Brad rode his bike into the driveway he had left earlier that morning. He parked the bike just outside the shed it had been in before he turned the motor off and put the stand down. He had removed his gloves and was removing his helmet when Brent came striding over to the bike.

"Where the fucking hell were you? 'Tanaya has been worried sick because you cleared out on your after you got mad!" Brent snapped.

Brad turned to face his friend but couldn't read his face as there was a light on at the house behind him.

"Where I was is my business," Brad said coldly before stuffing his gloves in his helmet.

"Well when you go upsetting 'Tanaya like you did it becomes my business. 'Tanay' is very special to me and anyone who goes causing her grief answers to me." Brent fairly growled at Brad.

"If she is so special to you then you should move in with her and do whatever she wants to keep her happy. Or are you like Jake is and Hawk was and have Matty bending over for you?" Brad shot back angrily. With the light behind Brent Brad didn't see the rage flash across his face and had no warning before Brent led with a hard left to his mouth.

Brad backed up several steps with shock and the pain of the punch; he spat then wiped the back of his hand across his mouth as he tasted blood before lifting both large hands folded into fists.

"Okay boy, let's see what you got..." Brad snarled as he moved away from his bike and to the side so the light would fall on the side of Brent's face and hopefully show any reactions he had.

Brent lifted both his fists and moved cautiously towards Brad. He knew the other man had more reach then him and greater strength but he figured he was just as good a fighter as the bigger man and stood a better than fair chance.

As Brad moved closer Brent darted in, faked a punch at his chin and landed several quick jabs in his stomach instead. Brad swung an open hand at the side of Brent's head as he stepped back and rocked him on his feet as the hit connected.

Both men circled the other more warily and were unaware as two forms rushed from the back of the house.

"Stop it! Both of you stop it!" 'Tanaya yelled as she reached them.

She would have run in between the two men but Matty managed to grab hold of her and drag her backwards away from the fight.

"Keep back 'Tanaya!" Matty said worriedly as he tried to prevent her getting in harms way.

Brad and Brent seemed unaware of their audience as they moved forward to exchange several more blows.

"Let me go you idiot before they kill each other!" 'Tanaya snapped at Matty.

Matty hesitated a moment but kept hold of 'Tanaya and pulled her back away as the fight came towards them.

"We need to stop the fight before the police are called!" 'Tanaya snapped as several neighbours turned their backyard lights on.

Matty's hold loosened and 'Tanaya jerked free, she ran to where her garden hose was connected to a tap and picked up the nozzle before turning the tap on as fast as it would go. She ran with the nozzle to the two men and turned the cold spray onto them; she directed the spray first at one face and then the other.

Both men backed off slightly and looked her way warily but 'Tanaya gave both men another dose of the cold water and kept the spray running. Brent looked from 'Tanaya back to Brad and earned another dose of the cold water for his troubles.

"Stop it both of you before someone calls the cops!" 'Tanaya snapped angrily. When her order got no result she turned the hose on full and sprayed Brent in the face before turning the hose on Brad as well.

Both men backed away and lowered their fists but their hands were still clenched in fists at their sides.

"Let's go inside. Youse can talk about what ever caused the fight at the kitchen table all civilised or I'll take the broom to you!" 'Tanaya snapped as she turned the spray off and walked to the tap. She didn't look back as she turned the water off then headed towards the house.

Brad and Brent exchanged angry glares before Brent turned and followed 'Tanaya; Brad went to where his helmet and gloves had been dropped and picked them up before heading towards the house. Matty watched the others walk towards the house for a few moments before following them; he had no intentions of getting in between them if they started fighting once again.

In the kitchen 'Tanaya turned to look at the doorway and subjected both men to glares as they walked into the room.

"Brent you sit there, Brad you sit over there." 'Tanaya directed putting the length of the table between the two men in case hostilities broke out again.

"Are you two going to tell me what the hell that was all about or do I have to beat it out of you with the broom?" 'Tanaya demanded angrily.

Brent moved to where 'Tanaya had indicated but didn't sit down until Brad had moved to the other end of the table and sat where 'Tanaya had ordered.

Brad's remark about moving in with 'Tanaya had really hurt Brent; he still loved her deeply but too much had happened and too many words had been spoken in anger for their relationship to ever work.

"It was nothing, too much testosterone probably." Brent said when Brad failed to answer.

'Tanaya turned her eyes on Brad but he didn't answer as he looped one arm over the back of the chair and stared at the tabletop.

"You're both a pair of knot heads!" 'Tanaya declared after several minutes silence.

"Why stop there Darlin'," Brad drawled, "you know you want to call us worse."

"Don't darling me!" 'Tanaya snapped angrily.

Brent growled low in his throat and Brad glanced his way, Matty cursed under his breath and skittered nervously backwards towards the door.

"Either of you start fighting again and I will make you both regret it! There'll be no more Sunday b-b-ques for you Brent and Brad I'll toss your arse out on the street and you might as well know right now the only other place who'll let you stay belongs to the guy whose face you'd be trying to rearrange!" 'Tanaya snapped as she shook her finger at the two men as if they were children.

"Uh-oh," Matty muttered under his breath as he saw 'Tanaya pointing and shaking her finger at the two men.

'Tanaya turned her head and spared Matty a glare and he ducked his head with a grimace.

"Do you both want to end up in jail? You're both on bonds and you know they'd shove Brad back in jail as quick as blink. What would Janey think if you ended up in jail for fighting with one of your mates? Do you think she'd want you around Nicky?" 'Tanaya demanded harshly.

Brad sucked in a sharp breath and Brent glanced at 'Tanaya with a frown.

"You got your baby and Sky wants you in his life, don't fuck it up." Matty said softly.

"You going to start as well?" Brad asked tightly.

"I know what I'm talking about," Matty said with growing firmness, "I got a daughter out there somewhere. I've never seen her; her mother left my name off the birth certificate and put her up for adoption. All I know about her is she has my dimples."

Brad looked at Matty with a sinking feeling; he had often tried to imagine how he would feel if Janey had had decided not to let him have anything to do with Nicky.

"Hell Matty, I never knew." Brad said softly.

"I was nearly seventeen so was my ex-girlfriend when our baby was born. Maybe her parents made her leave my name off the birth certificate; maybe she wanted it that way. The first I knew that the baby had been born was when she stopped me in the street to talk to me; she'd obviously had the baby and told me she'd put her up for adoption. Said she had fixed it so I couldn't get near her. Before she walked away she told me the baby had my dimples." Matty said in a strained voice, he was studying his shoes as he spoke.

"I don't know what to say mate," Brad said quietly.

"Nothing anyone can say or do will make a difference; just don't do anything that stuffs things up with Sky and Nicky." Matty said seriously.

Brad glanced at 'Tanaya almost guiltily and she glared at him angrily. He noticed that Brent was resting a hand over one of her hands where it sat on her hip, it was almost as if Brent was comforting her. Just the notion made Brad's temper start to rise again.

"I won't do anything that could cause problems for you where Nicky is concerned, you got to trust me on that." 'Tanaya said tightly.

"Sometimes things happen that are out of our field of control and they cause trouble. All I been trying to tell you is we have to be extra careful." Brad said tightly.

"Why can't you just trust me on this?" 'Tanaya demanded upset.

Brent glanced from 'Tanaya who was nearly in tears to Brad and glowered at the other man; finally Brent cleared his throat and Brad looked his way warily.

" 'Tanaya would never do anything that could cause you to loose touch with your kid because she knows what it's like to loose a child," Brent said tightly.

"Brent!" 'Tanaya snapped angrily but it had no effect on Brent as he held Brad's gaze levelly.

Brad looked at the way 'Tanaya was now holding Brent's hand and he narrowed his eyes in distrust, was there something going on between Brent and 'Tanaya?

"Just how many men are you sleeping with?" Brad snapped before he thought wiser of it.

Brent growled almost feraly as he released 'Tanaya's hand and launched himself along the table at Brad. 'Tanaya screamed with fright and took an involuntary step backwards as the two men met with an audible thud.

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