tagIncest/TabooBrad Gets Out of Control

Brad Gets Out of Control


All characters are 18 or over. Warning: contains nuts.

Also contains incest, non-consent, occasional male-male sex, prostitution, blackmail.


Brad entered the kitchen, stood behind his mother who was eating her breakfast cereal, and plunged his hand straight down her pajama top, fondling her breast. Jane closed her eyes for a moment, and then opened them and kept eating. She was used to this, used to being under her son's absolute control. Summer or winter, it was all the same. And this was definitely summer. She had on a light cotton top, semi-buttoned, the way her son liked.

Peter, his father, compressed his lips as a mixture of conflicting emotions roiled through him. As usual he felt shame, shame that he couldn't prevent his own wife being felt up in front of him. Disgust at himself for letting himself be caught and blackmailed by his own son. Incredibly horny because his son was touching what he himself wanted to touch, but was not allowed to any more without permission. Powerless, because he couldn't relieve the huge erection he had almost perpetually nowadays.

His hand dropped down in frustration to his lap, and rested on the chastity cage his cock was padlocked inside. Occasionally, under supervision, Brad would let him have sexual relief. If he was very, very good. Peter shuddered to think what being good would involve this time. But he felt so desperate that he would do virtually anything.

He glanced towards Brad, keeping his face expressionless, contemplating for the thousandth time whether strangling his son might be a good idea. Almost certainly not, apart from the pointed questions the police might ask. For one thing, he didn't know where the key to the chastity cage was, so that would entail an incredibly embarrassing trip to the locksmith. Second, the hold his son had over him, involving certain papers and other items he had discovered, were, he knew, in "button down" mode somewhere. In the event of Brad's death, it would all become public, the entire sordid, illegal, disgusting mess.

Peter's cock throbbed and twitched inside the cage, where he couldn't touch it or help it. Help it release its pent-up load. Meanwhile he was forced to watch Brad feel up his wife, as he did every morning. He would start begging soon, he knew. Begging for the key, to have the cage unlocked, to be able to release the tension, the almost unbearable pressure.

Brad glanced towards his dad, knowing the effect he was having. He reached down and grabbed his mother's other tit, and kneaded it as well, smiling directly into his father's eyes. "Want some, Dad?" he asked, grinning. Then Brad stopped kneading the whole tit and started rubbing his finger over one of her nipples, twisting very slightly, pressing very slightly. It was in his power to twist harder, clamp his fingers together painfully, and she knew it.

Jane knew she must submit, and do everything Brad wanted. Major defiance on her part, and she knew Brad would release the tapes, the photos, the files, all the evidence he had collected. Release it to the police, the news outlets, and worst of all, to her own very conservative family. For a moment she felt physically sick at the thought of what her father would say when he saw the photos, that photo in particular. The one involving her and — no she couldn't even think about it.

Minor defiance, on the other hand, would bring a quick nipple twist, short-term pain. A reminder that she had to do everything she was told. Or else.

Moderate defiance, she had already learned, had very unpleasant consequences. She remembered the last time she had baulked at one of Brad's orders. He had grabbed the hair clippers, held her tightly, and shaved a big X though her beautiful hair. She had looked hideous. She had to cancel meetings with friends for a month after that until it grew back. During that month she had begged and begged for Brad to do something. Well, Brad did something all right. He fucked her constantly while she begged. He pointed out, as his strong arms held her, and his rigid cock pounded her, that next time he wouldn't be as lenient. Eventually he relented and used the clippers to give her an even haircut, and suggested she make up a story about needing a special medical treatment that had made her hair fall out.

Oddly enough, she had started enjoying it. Being dominated by a man, a real, strong man, was a big turn-on. She looked forwards to having Brad inside her. Telling her what to do, ordering her what to do. Brad had warped her mind. She wanted to please him, more than anything else.

That morning, as Brad groped her tits, with Peter watching, she hoped he would go further. She could feel her arousal building. Her disgust at her own husband rose. Pathetic weakling. Being stupid enough to be caught with the evidence, to give Brad the lever over him. Submitting to the cock cage. And now sitting there practically drooling at her, hoping Brad would let him fuck her. She hoped Brad wouldn't. She couldn't stand Peter's tiny cock any more, being inside her. The cock of a useless weakling. A loser's cock. But if Brad ordered her to, she would. She knew that. She would do anything for Brad. Partly because she had to. Partly because, now, she wanted to.

Peter tore his eyes away from the hand moving inside his wife's top, kneading, touching. Touching the breasts that used to be his to touch. He couldn't stand it any longer. He rose to go.

"Sit down and watch, Dad," Brad ordered, "or I'll tie you to the chair, and then slap you silly and call you Susan."

Peter sat, resigned to another session of sexual frustration.

Brad reach down and pulled his mother's top off, exposing her naked breasts to the morning air. Both men watched them. Only one could touch. "Come and sit next to Dad," Brad ordered his mother. She moved closer so her breasts were just a few inches from Peter's face. He couldn't take his eyes off them.

Brad moved his fingers over them in lazy circles, tracing around the nipples, standing behind her. "You like that, Dad?" he asked. "Want to suck them? Touch them?"

"Yes please, son," Peter replied, desperately.

"Later, maybe." Feeling up his mother had given him the usual hard-on. He pulled his cock out from his pajama pants, and pointed it at his mother. "Suck it, Mum," he ordered.

Her will had been broken by Brad a few years ago. Following his orders was what she lived for now. She felt the usual wetness as she turned and put Brad's large cock into her mouth. She felt the heat and moisture from being ordered to suck his cock. Inches from Peter's eyes. She saw Peter following the cock as it moved in and out of her mouth. As punishment for the weakling, she put on an extra good show. Tongue darting around, licking the outside, making slurping sounds. Emphasizing what Brad was getting, and what Peter wasn't.

Peter groaned in frustration. His cock had swelled up and was now painfully constrained inside the cock cage. He was desperate for release. "Brad, for pity's sake. I'll do anything. Please let me fuck her, it's painful. Unlock me, please, please," be begged. He dropped to the floor and grovelled at Brad's feet. Started licking them, kissing them.

"Suck my dick, Dad," Brad ordered.

"Anything, just let me fuck her," he begged again, raising his head and taking over the cocksucking job.

"Tell you what, Dad. You make me come, then swallow all of it, and I'll let you fuck her."

Peter grunted agreement, trying to make his son enjoy it. He knew Brad would get bored quickly if he didn't do an excellent job. He swirled his tongue around, got a firm grip with his lips. Being male himself he at least knew what other men liked. It was working! He felt Brad's hips start to move in rhythm. Faster and faster, and then a sudden push down his throat. He resisted the urge to gag, now was not the time to fuck it up. The hot cum spurted into his mouth, he gulped it down. Mission accomplished. He looked at Brad with doe eyes. Now the fuck, please?

"Lick it off, Mum," Brad ordered. His mother cleaned her son's sperm off his cock. Once done, he continued, "Go get onto the bed, Mum. Take your gear off." She looked disgusted at having to have that weakling's cock inside her, but she knew much better than to disobey or even complain.

Brad got the cock cage key from its hiding spot, released his father's bulging member from its prison, and said to him, "five minutes."

Peter rushed into the bedroom, flung himself onto his wife, and within a couple of seconds was pounding away at her. Her pussy was already wet from being fingered by Brad earlier and participating in, and watching, the cock sucking. A minute later, with a cry of pleasure he released the load he had been building up over the last couple of weeks into her. The relief was immense. He knew the next fuck might not be for a month or two, but that wait had been terrible. Brad had watched, tapping his foot, and getting mildly aroused watching his father's antics.

"Come here, Dad," Brad ordered. Peter complied, too weak to resist. A moment later the cock cage was back in place, and he was back under control. "Now go and wash the car." His father slunk out of the room, grateful for the release he had been granted, and prepared to do anything to stay in Brad's good books. He got the bucket, soap, sponge, and got on with what he was told.

Meanwhile Jane had been eyeing off Brad's thickening cock. Brad had an immense capacity for repeated sex, and watching his father fuck his mother had helped him recover. She didn't move as he shrugged off his remaining clothes, and climbed onto her. She groaned with pleasure. Her son's cock was thicker than her husband's, and he had more energy. Plus more power. Power over both of them. Power she enjoyed being under. She felt wet and slippery as he moved in and out.

Then Brad turned her onto her side, got behind her, reached out for a condom and slipped it on, reached his finger into her cunt for a nice coating of her juices, and wiped them over the condom. He then gently pushed himself into her arse, thrusting slowly but surely into that tight hole. With a free hand he started fingering her clit gently. The combined effect of his cock up her arse, the wetness, his strong body, and his finger, brought her quickly to a screeching orgasm. At the same time the tight grip of her sphincter around his solid cock gave him a second climax for the morning. "Not too bad for nine o'clock," he thought to himself.


"Come on, Mum, let's go down to the beach!" Brad suggested, in a way that made the answer "yes" seem the only sensible one. "Wear a bikini, bring a few dozen condoms, and a big tube of lube."

She sighed inwardly. A few dozen? What the fuck was he going to do to her now? Something disgusting no doubt. A small shiver of pleasure went up her spine.

They left for the beach, after he ordered Peter to mop and vacuum all the floors, and mow the lawn.

In the car, Jane asked "What do I have to do?"

"What you are fucking told."

She felt another tremor of pleasure. "What you are told." That was what she liked doing.

They arrived at the local beach. There was a beach house there renting out boats, with quite a brisk trade. A small room at the back used for storing the boats was empty for the day, as they were all pulled out onto the foreshore.

Brad introduced his mother to his friends and their friends. She looked quite stunning in her bikini. She had kept her age well, and her large breasts, the result of bearing Brad and breast feeding him, bulged out of the bikini top. The ogling was strong in them.

Brad led her away, to the back room, and explained his plan. "I'll bring a guy back every 10 minutes. Charge $50 a root. We should make $500 in a couple of hours. Easy money. Lie there on that towel, Mum, make them wear a condom, and lube them up. Make sure they come in 10 minutes, we can't waste time. Love you." He grinned.

Her eyes opened wide, but she agreed, as there wasn't much alternative. He kissed her on the mouth, pushed himself up against her, grinding into her.

A few minutes later the first guy arrived, dick bulging out of his swimsuit. He paid Brad. She pulled him to the towel, got him hard (which was easy) and got him up her within a couple of minutes. Brad led the next one back to the room during this so he could watch. Watching another guy fuck her helped the next "customer" get ready. This one was even faster. Brad felt his cock starting to rise again, ah well, it tended to do that every few hours. He might fuck her at lunch time, he thought. Maybe get his father to help in some kinky way.

As Brad went to collect the next guy, he noticed a few had quickly departed with a view to getting the money from ATMs, friends, parents, whatever worked. A quick fuck at the beach on a warm day was not to be missed. Even the volleyball game came to a standstill.

Brad led a larger group back next time. For a bit of extra payment he let them suck his mother's tits while she was fucking the next guy in line. It also helped get them ready for their turn.

A few of the more creepy guys wondered aloud why they should have to pay. Why not just help themselves? Brad patiently explained to them, with the help of a Karate kick to the head, why that particular idea wouldn't fly — however they would fly if they mentioned it again. "The next kick will be to your balls," he suggested softly, "in case you haven't got the message yet."

After an hour and a half Brad had $500 in his pocket, and thought it was time to move on before some of the older guys from the nearby town heard about what was happening, to say nothing of law enforcement officers.

"Put the bikini on, Mum," he told her, and led her out by the hand. She had on her face the slightly glazed expression of one who had just fucked 10 people in recent memory, none of them her husband or indeed, her son. She suspected her son would be dipping into the pool again later on.

The local authorities had moored a large raft a few hundred feet offshore, so Brad suggested that the two of them swim out to it. Eager to wash herself after a lengthy fucking, she agreed. They swam out to the raft, climbed aboard, and enjoyed 30 minutes of sunbaking.

Feeling quite hot after that, they dived back into the sea. The raft was made of planks strapped to 44-gallon drums, so there was some shady and private room directly underneath it. At Brad's urging they surfaced underneath the raft, where things were somewhat more secluded.

She gasped as she felt Brad pulling her bikini bottom down, and shoving his thickening cock straight up into her. The sea water lapped around her cunt, as he started pushing into her, getting thicker all the time. She grabbed onto part of the raft for support, which let him stop swimming as such, and support himself with his cock up inside her, her back to him, and his hands grasping a breast each.

"Am I a motherfucker, Mum?" he asked. She nodded and gasped as his thrusts became deeper. The heat from their bodies was cooled by the seawater, it was an extraordinarily erotic experience. She hoped she could do it again soon. "You are a slut, you know," his voice caressed her. "A sleazy whore. What are you?"

"A sleazy whore," she breathed, loving every moment of it.

"Whose whore? Whose slut? Whose body it is?"

"Yours, baby. My baby."

"Baby is it? Let me breast feed from you again."

She turned around facing him, and he started sucking her breasts. Her nipples were stiff from both the cold water, and the extreme arousal she felt. Dominated. Fucked. Cool. Hot. It was amazing.

His hand found her clit and stroked it. The combination of sucking of her tits, the arousal from the stroking, the coolness of the water, and the fact that they could hear kids playing and shouting happily above them, on the raft, did her mind in. She had an intense orgasm, jerking and kicking wildly, the sea absorbing her passion. She knew then that she loved Brad, her son and lover, much more than her weakling husband. Maybe they could elope? Could you even do that? Elope with your son? Well, her body wanted to. Her mind had already disintegrated into shards of pleasure, pain, submission, passion.


Back home, Brad's eyes narrowed when he saw that his Dad had not mown the lawn as ordered. He would be punished for that. First, he would let the sexual tension build up over the next few days, and then get his mother to tease him until grovelled and swore never to disobey him again.

Inside the house, he told Jane to stay in her skimpy bikini for the rest of the day. He planned to watch her cook their dinner in it, getting in a few feels as she did so. He watched her bustling around the house getting dinner things ready. Her body was really in good shape for her age. Brad had made sure of that, by insisting his Dad buy an exercise treadmill, and made her use it every day, in her bikini. He would sit nearby in an easy chair, stopwatch in hand, watching her tits jiggle as she jogged. He would have made her run in the nude, but was worried that the bouncing action would make her breasts sag, and didn't want that to happen.


As the summer heat drifted into the bedroom window, Brad decided to make his father squirm. He waited until his parents went to their bed, the king-size bed in the master bedroom. Following them in, he grabbed a tie from his dad's wardrobe, and quickly trussed Peter's arms to the top of the bed so he had no alternative but to stay and watch. He thought he could manage without any grovelling or other commentary, so he used a second tie to gag Peter, so all he could do was grunt. Then a third one bound his feet to the foot of the bed. He wanted Peter to take what was coming to him.

His mother watched with approval as Brad turned Peter over so he could watch the action; the action of her getting fucked in front of her husband's very eyes. Thoroughly fucked. As Brad stood up to remove the last of his clothes Jane reached out to her husband's balls, dangling uselessly beneath the cock cage. Gripped them tight and squeezed. "Wimp," she whispered in his ear, squeezing harder. He doubled up in pain and humiliation.

Brad glanced over at what she was doing. Smiled. "That's enough, Mum," he ordered, " you can have another go of that later."

She let go after one last, painful, squeeze. "Later," she smiled, licking her lips. "Later," she whispered into Peter's ear, licking his face dismissively. "I'm looking forwards to later."

Peter's cock lay limply inside the cock cage, with plenty of spare room. Brad glanced at it. His plan was to tease his father by making him watch the two of them fuck, until that cock swelled and painfully filled the cage. And then, to not let him release it. He would have to wait until some sort of auto-release happened, like in a wet dream. If it happened.

He reached for his mother, lay next to her on the far side from his dad. He started tracing lazy circles over her sweaty tits. The summer heat filled the room, so there was no need for bedclothes. They were all hot enough, and about to get hotter. Outside was the chirp of the cicadas.

His father had no alternative but to lie there, watching his son playing with his wife's breasts. Watching Brad's other hand move slowly up and down her leg. Watch Jane part her legs to allow him easier access. Easier access to her wet cunt. Peter bit his lip with frustration and desire. His eyes were fixed on Brad's hand, imagining that it was his, his own hand stroking, moving, sliding, getting closer to its goal.

Brad was taking it slowly, moving his hand up, and then back, getting higher each time. She closed her eyes, willing the hand to move further each time. She sighed with pleasure when it did. Heard moans from Peter, watching the action, getting vicarious arousal from the thought that it might be his hand. Eventually it reached the lips of her opening, started teasing and stroking them. Just fractions of an inch from her clit. She stopped breathing for a moment, stopped moving, willing him to just move that extra fraction and stroke it. Finally he did and she exhaled a shuddering breath.

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