tagMind ControlBrad, The Hypnotist Ch. 04

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 04


Thank you to everyone who took the time to send feedback. I appreciate every one of them. I hope my efforts bring some enjoyment.

The sun streamed through the small opening in the window blinds and brought me out of my deep sleep. I was alone in bed and naked. The image of my wife, Amy and my daughter, Sue sharing Brad's semen burst into my mind and my cock sprang to life. I was extremely agitated with myself for my lack of courage to stop Brad from using them and even more alarmed that it excited me.

It was then that I heard the voices, first Sue's. "How could you do that, mom?" There was anger in her voice and it was apparent that they were arguing.

Amy's voice was too soft to hear but Sue yelled again. Well, not exactly a yell but in a tone that demonstrated that she was upset, very upset. "You were selfish. You were only thinking about yourself. How could you possibly do that to me?"

Silence followed and I got up. I quickly and quietly dressed, hoping to hear more. Thankfully, Sue was putting an end to this madness. She had come to her senses and was blaming her mother for her lack of judgment. I was so glad that Sue didn't come under that black man's hypnotic suggestions. Finally, my life would return to normal but I wondered if I could ever forget the sight of my wife, kneeling before Brad, sucking his enormous cock and then sharing a mouthful of cum with our eighteen year old daughter. Thankfully the daughter had more sense than either of us.

I made my way to the kitchen. It was a big, bright, cheery place but there was no cheer here this morning. I could see Amy first, sitting at the table, sipping coffee, looking concerned. She wore a cut off t-shirt that fell just under her breasts. I don't ever remember this article of clothing but she looked great as her full breasts moved the shirt material away from her body, revealing her rather firm stomach. It looked as if the only other clothing she had on were her panties.

I didn't see my daughter, Sue until I was completely in the room. She was standing, leaning against the kitchen counter. She had her arms folded defensively around her mid section which held my shirt, my dress shirt against her. The shirt did little to hide her beautiful, long, graceful legs and I was ashamed that I had touched my own daughter the previous evening and I was concerned that it would dramatically effect our relationship. I never wanted to jeopardize our togetherness.

Sue's head was down and she looked very, very unhappy. "Mom, how could you?" she asked in a softer tone.

Amy looked at her and responded with, "I'm sorry, baby. I'll never do that again."

Sue straightened and moved quickly towards the refrigerator and opened the door. In her hand was the jug of orange juice and she had her back to me as she poured a glass. She moved back to her previous spot but held the OJ in front of her as she turned and leaned back against the counter. One arm rested on the counter top, the other brought the drink to her mouth. Her movements caused her shirt, my shirt to open and I was presented with her naked body. She stood with her feet slightly apart and my eyes soaked in her lovely, tight thighs. She did nothing to cover her nakedness and one of her pear shaped breasts peeked from behind the opened shirt. She put the OJ down and looked at me, knowing that I could see her precious pussy and gave me a smirk as she noticed my erection.

Sue looked at her mother and asked, "never again?"

"Never, but I couldn't help myself, baby, you have to understand," her mother responded.

I was confused. What would never happen again. Why didn't my daughter cover herself, surely her mother knew that she was naked before me. Why didn't she say something?

Sue softly answered my questions when she directed the following towards her mother, "You could have at least let me suck it a little."

"You have to understand, Sue, once I started, it was like all I could think about was his cock. I just had to have it. I shared his cum with you, didn't I?'

Sue finally smiled as her hand went to her bare mound and said, "I guess I do, but you have to share, mom. All I could think about last night was his fantastic cock and what it would feel like in my mouth."

Amy sighed in relief and said, "maybe next time we can both ..."

Her sentence was interrupted by the phone. I was standing motionless, listening to my family profess their love for Brad's cock when the shrill ring surprised me.

"Hello," I answered.

"Well, hi stupid," said Brad. "How's the husband of the woman who loves to suck my cock and the father of the daughter I will eventually fuck?"

"I'm okay," I said meekly. Why couldn't I stop this from happening.

"Who is it?" asked Amy.

I covered the mouthpiece and whispered that it was Brad. Both of the women came beside me and I could swear that they giggled in anticipation.

I listened to Brad as he asked questions and I relayed them to Amy and Sue.

"Brad wants to know if you were thinking about him?" I asked, fulfilling my role as the resident wimp.

"They both said yes," I relayed to Brad.

"Tell them that my black cock is hard just thinking about them."

I relayed this to them and they giggled some more.

"Are they wet?" asked Brad.

I asked the women and they both nodded in agreement.

"Don't ask them, shit for brains, check for yourself. Tell me if my two pussies are wet and anxious for me."

"You want me to touch...." was all I got out before Brad yelled, "do it now and tell me."

"Brad wants me to check to see if you're really wet," I said softly, apologetically.

Sue was the first to step forward and grabbed my hand. She bought it to her pussy and pushed a finger inside her. "Tell him, daddy, tell him how wet I am."

I moved my finger around, inside her and marveled at how slippery she was.

Amy grabbed my other hand and mimicked Sue. I had the phone stuck between my head and my shoulder and the middle finger of each hand inside a different pussy. It almost seemed like Amy and Sue were having a competition to prove who was the most excited.

"Are you checking, you idiot?" screamed Brad, making his presence felt.

"They're both very excited, Brad," I answered obediently.

"How do they taste?" asked Brad, in an obvious attempt to make me suffer.

I brought each finger to my mouth and sucked. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to sink to my knees and bury my face into each delicious pussy.

In a halting breath, I answered, "they taste great."

"Good, now get your fucking hands off my property," demanded Brad.

"Did you get the camera, yet?" he asked.

"No, I just got up."

"Listen, Dave, go out shopping today and buy two cameras. I want one video and one for stills."

"How can I operate two cameras, Brad," I responded somewhat confused.

"You won't have to, I'm bringing someone with me to help, okay Dave? You don't have a problem with me bringing someone to help film me while I fuck your beautiful lady now, do you?"

"No," I whispered.

"Ask Amy, Dave. Ask her if it's okay."

I relayed the question to Amy and her response was "fine, when is he going to finally fuck me?"

Brad must have heard Amy's response because he laughed and said, "it must be fun, Dave, watching your woman get excited over my black cock. Tell your wife that I or shall I say, we, will be over Saturday night.

"I thought you did a show on Saturday nights?" I managed to ask.

"Renovations, they're closed, Dave, but your wife's pussy will be open. Okay, Dave?"

"Yeah," was all I could manage.

I told Amy and she was disappointed and said pouted, "not until Saturday?" She then looked at the calendar that was attached to the inside of the cabinet door. The calendar is where we wrote all of our engagements.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" said Amy.

"Amy, not in front of Sue," I replied, angry that she would use such language in front of our daughter.

Laughter resounded from the phone. Brad could overhear the entire conversation and bellowed at my concern for Sue.

"You stupid shit," he said. "Trying to be fatherly and protect sweet Sue, when just a few moments before you had a finger up her cunt. Yo, dad, you're going to give me sweet Sue's pussy to fuck, remember?"

More laughter followed and I was ashamed.

"Why did Sue get angry? Let me talk to her," he demanded. His laughter for now terminated.

I gave her the phone but listened in on the hand held remote. Sue quickly explained. "I had forgotten that I was suppose to go to some educational function tonight, I'm suppose to get some stupid award."

"So what," replied Brad, "that's tonight. I'm going to make your pussy mine on Saturday, why is tonight a problem?"

"It's not, really. It's just that I'm so wet, and I don't want to go. I'll have to sit there and all I'll think about is your cock inside me."

"Where is it?" asked Brad.

"In your pants, silly"

"Not my dick, where's the award ceremony? Is that all you can think about?""

"At a local function hall. We rented one of the rooms and a lot of the teachers are going and yes, that's all I can think about"

"Is Mr. Davis going to be there," asked Brad.

"Yes," said Amy with gritted teeth, remembering that just last night her daughter told her that Mr. Davis groped her.

"I want you to go. I'll make it special for you. Wear something sexy, something that will show a little cleavage and no panties."

Sue listened to this side of the conversation, a finger moving slowly in and out of her now soaking pussy and she whispered something into her mother's ear.

"Brad, Sue wants to know if she will be part of Saturday's activities."

"Most definitely. But I'm saving her pussy. Tell her to be patient. I have to go but I think you'll enjoy tonight ."

"You just don't know how boring these things are, Brad," explained Amy but Brad had already hung up.

Later that day, Brad called again and told me to get dressed, that we were going to go to an awards ceremony.

Amy had already left and I was amazed at how sexy she looked. Normally she would dress very conservatively for a school event but at Brad's demand she wore a black dress, that fell mid thigh. The top reveal a good amount of cleavage and was held up by two spaghetti straps. Amy did wear a business jacket and looked very, very nice. I just knew she was naked under her skirt.

Brad picked me up and we headed for the hall.

It was a large place with many different function rooms but we eventually found Amy, sitting at the head table, Mr. Davis right beside her. There was about 200 people there, mostly teachers and administrators and some students but no one noticed as we sat in the back. Amy didn't even notice us.

"She's the best looking woman here," added Brad and I had to agree with him.

"Although that redhead over there is a nice piece."

I didn't look because I was watching my wife. I saw the woman that excited me and wondered how I got in this predicament.

Nothing much was happening, yet. People were milling about and waitresses were bring around plates of cheeses and crackers.

I found myself getting a little excited as I watched Amy bring food ever so deliberately to her mouth. I thought of the pleasure that her mouth could give and I yearned for her. I wish I had a better seat from which to watch.

I thought of the nights with Amy, and I could feel the beginnings of an erection. The waitress snapped me out of my dream-like state and I ordered a wine.

It was then that Brad turned and noticed me gawking.

"Having some regrets, Dave?"

"Yes," I said wearily.

Brad took out a cell phone and punched in some numbers as I stared at my wife, my beautiful Amy.

Suddenly, Amy bent and took something out of her bag. It dawned on me what was happening when she put the phone to her ear.

"Hi beautiful," said Brad.

I could see Amy talking into the phone but not looking around. She didn't know we were here.

I couldn't hear what Brad was saying but he had finished his conversation and tossed me one of the heavy napkins from the table.

"Hold this," he ordered.

I saw Amy excuse herself from the table and head for the exit.

"Come along, I want you to witness something."

I followed Brad out of the room and realized that we were headed towards the restrooms.

We saw Amy enter the ladies room and waited. I felt foolish standing there but we watched and waited. Another woman exited and then we saw her. She stood at the door and nodded and then reentered.

"Come on," demanded Brad and I followed him into the same restroom that my wife entered. We did not immediately find her, but as we walked down the row of stalls, I turned a corner and saw her sitting on a couch.

I never realized they had such things in a ladies room. She was sitting at the edge of the cushion, waiting.

Brad moved in front of her and you stared at his fingers and all we could hear was the sound of the zipper being lowered. His cock was not hard but still bowed out away from his body and I swear it grew all by itself, seemingly stretching towards her.

"Put the napkin on the floor for the lady," Brad demanded and I instantly spread out the heavy cloth so my wife could kneel in front of him.

Amy slid off the couch and leaned forward. Without using her hands, which she placed on each side of Brad's waist she first kissed the bulbous head of his cock. Her tongue eagerly licked one side of his cock and she swiveled her head so that she could lick down the other side.

His cock now poked straight out and it looked powerful and Amy opened her mouth and accepted its head.

The sight of this huge, black cock jutting out from the front of his pants into my wife's stretched mouth was captivating.

I watched as she stared straight up at him while sucking his cock. It was if she was making love to his organ, leaning in to him so that more of his black cock slid between her beautiful lips. He leaned his hips towards you, making his cock more accessible to her hungry mouth. His was slick with her saliva as she moved back, letting it slip out of your mouth so that you could lick the head, swirling your tongue around, enjoying every inch.

Amy was so sexy as she knelt in front of him. Her jacket opened and her chest heaving in total lust. I got excited as I watched my wife, completely dressed, dangling earrings, the tennis braclet that I had given her on her wrist and then her hand moved to his cock. Amy had spectacular hands, long, thin, manicured nails and she made a tiny fist around his cock, fingers barely able to close around him. The sight of her wedding ring and diamond against his black cock made my heart ache and my cock expand.

She then pushed his cock up against his belt buckle and licked his balls, slowly wetting one then the other before opening wide and slipping one round nugget into her mouth, then the other, bathing them with her tongue.

"You want what's in there, Amy?" asked Brad and she licked that spot behind his balls and groaned a yes.

"Tell us what you want Amy,"

Amy didn't hesitate, "I want your cock. "

"What else, Amy?"

"I want your cum."

Brad looked at me and I didn't know what to do.

As if sensing my apprehension, Brad ordered me to kneel beside my wife and watch her suck his cock.

Amy moved back in front so that he pointed at her and she again took him into her mouth. She were oblivious to everything except that black tube in her mouth until Brad broke your concentration.

"See, Amy. See what happens when you sit at the head table."

I swear my wife smiled around his cock.

"You'll do anything for me, right Amy?"

"Anything," my wife tried to say around his shaft.

"Take my cock out of your mouth," Brad said sternly.

She kept sucking until he repeated the command, more forcefully, this time.

She reluctantly released his cock but her eyes never left his shiny cock and the saliva that hung from the end of it.

"Look at your husband, Amy."

Amy looked at him quizzically.

"Look at Dave."

She did, finally looking away from his cock but she brought up a hand so that you could lovingly stroke it, keeping it hard, keeping it near her cheek.

"Do you love your husband, Amy?"

The long unanswered seconds hung in the air until she said, "Yes."

"Tell him."

"I love you, Dave."

"Kiss him."

Amy leaned forward and kissed me, softly at first and then more passionately than she had in years. Her tongue probed my mouth, the same tongue that just seconds before was licking a black cock but I returned the kiss, also with passion.

"You have an incredibly sexy wife, Dave."

"Amy, tell Dave what you like to do."

Amy's lips were inches from mine, her eyes staring at me when she said in a husky, sexy voice, "I like to suck Brad's cock."

"What else, Amy."

"I want his cum in my mouth."

I stared at my wife as she stared back, as she knelt before this black man, gently pumping his cock that was beside her face and I felt that I loved my wife. She was under the control of his cock and in her world that's all that mattered.

"Look at her, Dave. She loves you but she never wants to let go of my cock. Now Amy, they will probably be missing you at your banquet. I need to cum. Suck my cock again but I want you to watch your husband."

Her eyes met mine and the sight of his cock in her mouth, her lips stretched around his black cock was more than I could handle. I moved a hand under her chin and held it as he fucked her face...such a beautiful face, such a talented mouth. My beautiful wife and I held her face so that a black man could slide his enormous cock in and out of her mouth.

You pulled back for a second, looked up at Brad and asked, "should I swallow?"

Brad laughed and said, "See Dave, Amy is always thinking."

Brad let Amy's mouth recapture his cock and said, "No Amy, don't swallow. I think I'll send you back with my seed in your mouth. Don't swallow until I give you a signal, Okay."

"She went back to work on his cock, lovingly sucking it into her mouth, licking its length, until she held her lips tightly around his organ. Amy's face moved forward and his cock started to disappear inside my wife's mouth until it bumped into the back of her throat. She then moved away and opened her mouth wider so she could breathe, deep, gulping breaths. With enough oxygen in her lungs, she repeated moving forward and back, his shiny cock slithering in and out between her lips.

She seemed to sense it coming and grabbed his cock and aimed the huge head directly in front of her wide open mouth as her eyes stayed on mine. Suddenly, he groaned loudly as he shot a thick stream of cum that twisted out the end of his cock and flew deeply into her mouth. Amy's head snapped back a little with the force of the cum blast. She had to squeeze his cock to stem the flow as it was obvious that it had reached the back of her throat. Amy had to swallow but did so quickly and aimed his cock again and released her grip. It was shot with such force and I watched him fill your mouth as a second, then a third, stream followed. Amy moved her mouth so that it was positioned below his cock in order to catch the last few streams that lazily oozed out

Our eyes never left each others as his cum slowed to a leak.

You looked so incredibly sexy as you savored the offerings that came from his cock, slowly lapping at his cock.

Your hand squeezed the last few drops from his cock and you kissed the head sweetly after you released it from your mouth. Your make-up was slightly smeared as you rose.

Your lips were pursed, containing the flood of cum but I kissed you.

"Isn't that romantic." Brad said sarcastically, "the husband softly kissing his wife while her mouth is full. I think I'm going to like you two."

"Show your husband the fruits of your labor, Amy."

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