tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBrad Watches Me

Brad Watches Me


My best friend and I both got married within two years out of college. Our husbands are close friends, too, and we do almost everything together as two couples. Last summer, we planned a road trip to the Ozarks for a week of hiking and boating. After a full day of driving to get to our destination, we grabbed a quick dinner at a local diner and then checked into our hotel.

To save a little money, we had reserved a room with two queen beds. My husband was a little disappointed that sharing a room might make it difficult for us to be intimate. I assured him that we would find private times to satisfy our urges, and that we could quietly have some fun under the covers at night, especially when our friends were asleep.

We unpacked a little, then all changed into athletic shorts and t-shirts for bed. We all were exhausted from the drive, so we decided soon to just go to sleep and get an early start the next morning. As we laid down in bed, my husband leaned over to kiss me, and I playfully grabbed his crotch.

Our kiss went from a peck to tongue dance, and my husband's beautiful 9" cock started to thicken under my touch. He then pulled his hips away from my hand, removed his tongue from my mouth and said "I can't do this now - I am too tired, and not ready to put on a show for our friends. Maybe later this week." With that, he kissed my forehead and said goodnight.

In a few minutes, a low snore came from my husband's side of the bed. I also could hear nothing but slow breathing coming from the other bed. It appeared I was the only one awake.

I was really tired, but I was also horny. I slowly started rubbing my legs and shorts under the covers, gently working my hands across my warm mound. My hands were on top of my shorts, but each lazy stroke of my hand gave me shivers. Careful not to wake my husband, or our friends sleeping in the other bed, I kept my rubbing slow and quiet, but I was heating up very quickly.

I slid my hand under the waistband of my shorts, and down across my panty-covered pussy. I felt a wet spot already forming on my French-cut panties as my fingers did a slow and steady dance along the folds of my labia, gently rubbing toward my love button. When my fingers first contacted my clit through the fabric, I closed my eyes, let out a huge sigh, and turned slightly away from my husband.

When my eyes opened, my friend's husband (Brad) was staring directly at me from the other bed a few feet away. Our eyes made contact, and a huge smile crept across his face. He knew exactly what I was doing under the covers. I smiled back, stared at him, and pulled my covers off to give him a better view. I was very aroused, so I pushed my shorts down and off my legs, too. I closed my eyes to focus on my touch.

My right hand kept stroking my pussy through my panties, while my left hand slid below my shirt to caress my breasts. I pushed my shirt up to expose my nipples to my admirer as they hardened quickly. I alternated from one nipple to the other, pinching each one and twirling it between my fingers, as the hand on my crotch picked up its pace, too. I was hot and wet as my body reacted to each sensation. Knowing that a few feet away Brad was watching me intently even heightened the pleasure.

I wasn't ready for an orgasm just yet, so I paused my rubbing, opened my eyes and looked over at Brad. His mouth was wide open, and it took him a minute to move his gaze from my lower body to my eyes. I gave him a shrug and a "Well, now it's your turn" look, and he obliged.

Brad's hands slid down his stomach to his athletic shorts. He gently rubbed his crotch, and I could see a very clear rise in his shorts. He wasted no time in pushing his shorts and boxer briefs down to his knees. His cock sprang to life at that point, quickly hardening to his full 7". It wasn't quite a big as my husband's, but Brad's cock had a very nice curve to it. I smiled as I wondered what places that curve could tickle inside of me. I licked my lips as I stared at his cock. He flexed his hips a few times, making his cock twitch and dance.

He then made a circle with his thumb and fingers around his throbbing member and started a slow stroke from his balls inch-by-inch to its beautiful plum tip. Up and down, up and down, he stroked, gradually increasing his pace. After about 10 minutes, I expected him to climax, but he had a staying power far beyond my husband's. Suddenly, he stopped, looked at me and gave the "Your turn" look right back.

My pussy was soaked, so I rubbed my panties deep into its juices to soak them as much as I could. I peeled the panties down my legs, over my feet, curled them into a ball, and tossed them to Brad. He unfolded them and held them to his nose and mouth. As he smelled and tasted my sweet juices, I continued with my show.

I turned completely on my side to face him, bent my top leg to open my pussy as wide as I could, and went to work with my fingers. He could clearly see my neatly trimmed hair and my swollen lips as I rubbed and played with my hot, soaking pussy. My fingers found my clit, and I stifled a moan as best I could. I pulled my shirt completely off, and I was now completely exposed to Brad.

Almost immediately, I felt the chill and thrill of an impending orgasm. My legs shook and my body tensed as the fingers on my clit triggered a sensual release that I had never felt before. My husband has never ignited a response or a feeling as wonderful as that moment in front of Brad. I just laid there panting, afraid that my husband might wake up and ruin this incredible feeling.

As I struggled to catch my breath, Brad started to stroke his beautiful cock again. He still had my panties in his hand, and I enjoyed watching them glide up and down along his hard shaft. He looked at me while he stroked, giving me another round of shivers and making my nipples stand straight out.

Very soon, he mouthed the words "I'm cumming" and a couple of spurts of white jism came flying towards my bed, landing on the floor between us. Brad quickly covered the tip of his cock with my panties, and the rest of his load shot into its fabric. He held my panties there as his cock started to soften.

Brad tossed my panties back to me, and I licked off every bit of his semen that I could find. His spunk was a little sweeter than my husband's, and I savored every drop. When I had licked my panties clean, I slid them back up my legs, much to Brad's delight. I put my shorts and shirt back on, blew a kiss to Brad, and drifted blissfully off to sleep.

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