tagErotic CouplingsBrad's Road Trip Ch. 03

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 03


Note: This is the third in what will probably be a fairly long series. If you haven't read Chapters 1 or 2, this section won't make any sense. Thanks for reading! Special thanks to LilTexasSexFiend for helping me clean it up. Also, there is group sex in here, but the majority is 1-on-1, thus the listing in Erotic Couplings.

Day 2
June 13, 2007
Tulsa, OK

There are really just two things any exhausted, hung over man wants in the morning: darkness and silence.

The blazing sun took care of the first part and someone on the other side of the tent divider was taking care of the second. And while I doubted the sun really cared much whether it shined or not, the girl providing the noise definitely sounded like she was enjoying herself.

Despite being in a tent in the middle of some wheat field in eastern Oklahoma, I'd slept more deeply than I had in weeks. As soon as my head hit the pillow I'd made from the blue jeans I'd been wearing, I was out, and the next moment it was light outside. No dreams, no conscious tossing and turning, no middle of the night urges to go take a piss. Just deep, deep sleep.

Sometime during the night, I'd wrangled out of the sleeping bag and was laying on top of it wearing exactly what I'd been wearing when Kelly and I had hung up - not a damn thing. It was bright outside, but I knew it was still fairly early, because some chilly morning air was causing my cock to stand at attention.

Well, it wasn't just the air. The moaning coming from the other side of the tent was more or less one steady string now, with a few choice bits of the English language mixed in for good measure. The voice was very throaty, and the breathing was so ragged that it could only mean one thing. I was absolutely sure, since I'd heard the same thing twice in the past two days, albeit over the phone - this girl was about to cum.

I tried to move into position to get a better look, but as I did, I realized why the noise was so pronounced - either I'd forgotten to zip the liner, or someone had unzipped it during the night. I could see her face clearly, and if I was judging it correctly, she could see me, too. All of me.

Not that she was looking right that moment. Her eyes were closed, and her head lolled to one side as she continued to touch herself. Her long blonde hair fanned out underneath her head, and her red, blushing face made for a nice contrast against some of the palest skin I'd ever seen. Unfortunately, the tent blocked my view of the rest of her body. No complaints though, because what I could see was pretty damn good.

Her eyes snapped open suddenly, as if she could tell she was being watched. I made eye contact with her almost immediately, and I felt sort of guilty for intruding on a private moment. Although, it wasn't really private -- it was pretty clear she'd been looking at select parts of my body. Whether that's what got her started, or if she'd begun on her own and just used the scenery along the way, I didn't know. But if she was going to use me to help her out, I felt like I had a right to watch.

The look on her face was a mixture of surprise, fear and excitement. She certainly didn't expect to get caught, and I could tell that part of her wanted to bolt out of the tent. I could also see that she was far too close to give up that easily, though.

I smiled at her; one of those slow, sexy smiles that take a while to fully reach your lips but also takes a long time to leave once it arrives. I also sort of half batted my eyes at her. I didn't want to break the mood by saying anything, but I wanted her to keep going, and after being awake for three minutes, batting my eyes was the best I could do.

She still didn't look convinced, but I could see her shoulder flexing again, meaning her hand was back to work. I maintained eye contact with her as best I could. She was lying just on the other side of the divider with only her head visible to me, but I was more in the middle of my half of the tent, so she had a pretty good view of my entire body. She was apparently a fan, either that, or she was just getting way too close and was moving her eyes everywhere, because she was taking in every inch of me that she could see.

The hesitation was gone now, and her face had reverted back to the on-the-edge look it had when I'd first spotted her. I tore my eyes away for a minute just to have a look around the tent and see if I could spot any shadows nearby - I saw nothing - and when I got back to her, she was staring right back at me. She licked her lips and gave me a half-smile before shifting her view back down to my cock. Being the good soldier it is, it was already at attention, very pleased with the events of the first few minutes of consciousness.

I knew what she wanted - or thought I did, anyway - so I reached down and took my cock in my left hand. I have pretty big hands, but even I needed two to cover the whole thing. With just one, I left the top two or three inches exposed. I jerked slowly, not expecting to even come close to cumming. I was more interested in giving her a visual she could use.

Prior to this, I'd been in the middle of my half of the tent. Now, though, I pulled my sleeping bag closer without making too much noise. She had her eyes closed anyway, and when she opened them, she found my hard cock about a foot away from her face, twice as close as it had been the last time she'd looked.

A sudden breath caught in her throat, which I perceived as her hitting the right button to set herself off. The moaning, which had been a constant throughout, rose sharply then abruptly stopped. The scream wouldn't be far off now, I thought, except she wasn't going to let herself.

Scooting closer like I had, I took away some of her view, but I got a better look at what she was doing. As I expected, her right hand was moving feverishly between her legs, with her fingers flicking back and forth over her clit. She had a belly shirt on, so I couldn't see her tits, but her pussy was clean-shaven as far as I could tell. She had a pretty nice body, for a girl I'd known for four minutes.

Her mouth stayed closed, but she let out a long, high-pitched moan, almost like a soprano humming the same note for 20 or 30 seconds at one time. Her entire body tensed up, but her eyes shot open, staring intently at my cock. I held it there for her to look at, not moving it or any other part of my body, trying to stay in the moment with her as well as I could.

The entire thing, from me waking up to her orgasm, probably took about five minutes.

She finally came down off her self-induced high, and immediately pulled her eyes away from the look we'd been locked into for the past few minutes. She did manage to throw a shy smile at me as she looked away, and I returned something like it, just in case she looked back.

I chuckled silently to myself and reached down for my boxer shorts and the blue jeans I'd been sleeping on. I stood up to put everything on, then my plan was to step through the divider and make my introduction. By the time I got through there, though, her side of the tent was empty. I noticed another sleeping bag besides the one she'd been using as I stepped out of the tent altogether and back into the campground.

"Jesus.. put a shirt on, man." That was J.T. He was sitting on a picnic table, holding a half-full bottle of Coors Light in one hand and a half-eaten Snickers bar in the other. "Might be starting a riot coming out here, showing off your six-pack for the world to see."

"Ignore his drunk ass," came the reply, from a short blonde girl sitting behind him. Not the girl I'd just seen in the tent, but not bad looking herself. A little chubby, maybe, but not enough that it hurt her facial features, which were very eye-catching. "You can leave it off all you want, far as I'm concerned."

I smiled at her and laughed in J.T.'s direction. "I appreciate that, hon, but I think my nipples will freeze off if I don't put something on. It's a bit chilly out here this morning."

My car was parked behind the tents, so I popped the trunk and fished a T-shirt out of my workout bag. I needed a shower pretty badly, but the shirt I'd worn last night was soaked in the cum I'd wiped up after Kelly and I had finished on the phone.

"I'm Zia," the blonde girl said when I walked back by the picnic table. I stopped and shook her hand.

"Brad," I replied. "There was another girl in the tent, right?"

"Belinda," J.T. blurted out. "My sister."

Woah. Semi-truck, meet ice-covered tightrope. Tread carefully, fair Bradley.

"Yeah, okay," I said, doing my best to be nonchalant about the whole situation. "I just thought I'd seen two sleeping bags on the other side of the tent when I came through there."

"Yeah, you did," Zia said. "She actually came out right before you did, just a couple of minutes I think. She seemed like she was in a hurry. Practically ran off toward the showers."

"Hey, when you need one, you need one," I said.

"You need one?" J.T. asked me, and just when I thought my cover had been blown, with him asking me if I needed a shower, I noticed he was looking at a cooler sitting on the ground in front of him. There were a few more beers in there, and he had his hand around the neck of one of the bottles, ready to hand it to me.

"No. Oh, Lord, no," I said. "What is it? 8 a.m.?"

"Close to 9," Zia said. "Not an early drinker, huh?"

"I don't like to start before 10, usually, no," I said. J.T. shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "More for me," and then closed the cooler. "Have you slept, man?"

"Little bit, I think," he said. I waited for him to fill in the blanks, but he didn't, so I looked at Zia. She didn't respond verbally, but she made a motion with her hands - sticking an index finger through a hole she made with her other hand, then putting her hands together beside her head in a sleep gesture. I nodded.

"Where is everybody?" I asked.

"Belinda took off for the shower like somethin' bit her in the ass," he said, apparently not hearing Zia tell me that exact thing a few seconds before. Hell, I thought.. the ass was in the right region, at least, though I was pretty sure nothing had bit her. "Paul and Becky are still crashed out in there," he said, and pointed toward the other tent, a solid green one set up on the other side of my car. "I'm 'bout to head in there in a minute, get some sleep before I get drunk again."

"You planning on ever not being drunk over the next four days?"

"Why the hell would I do that?" he replied, laughing as we bumped fists.

"And Bobby," Zia said. "I think he's still over there with those other people we partied with last night."

"Yeah," J.T. said, sounding more and more Southern with every line. "Boy done got him some nice pussy last night, prob'ly didn't wanna leave it."

I laughed, but Zia reached over and slapped him playfully on the shoulder.

"J.T.!" she said. "We have company!"

"Aww, Brad don't care," he said. "Boy was getting himself some ass last night during the Sawyer Brown gig."

I laughed and shook my head. Zia grinned at me and winked.

"I know," she said, which got J.T.'s attention. And mine, for that matter.

"Huh?" he asked, looking first at her, then at me, then back and forth. "Aw, hell. Looks like everybody here got some ass."

"I'm sure we'll do it all over again tonight," I said, clapping him on the shoulder as I took the bottle out of his hands. He looked like he was ready to fight me for it - till I turned it upside down, showing him he'd already killed it. "For now, brother, get some sleep, all right?"

He looked at me like that was the best idea he'd ever heard. Right now, it probably was. I helped him stagger toward the tent, and I unzipped the tent door for him. I caught a shock of red hair sticking out of a sleeping bag on the far side of the tent, which had to be Becky, and Paul was on the other side of the tent, wearing camouflage boxers and snoring away happily. J.T.'s sleeping bag was in the middle.

As soon as he'd collapsed, I turned back to see Zia looking at me.

"What was that about?" I asked her. She returned the most innocent look I've ever seen, despite the fact that I knew she knew what I meant. "You know I got laid last night?"

"Hehe, well, yeah, I do," she said. "For one, I heard you and Paul talking about it at the concert. I was in that group of girls in front of you. Two, you still smell like it."

I sniffed the air. There were a bunch of smells out there to be whiffed - beer, bacon and sausage that were being cooked in nearby RVs, and crisp, clean morning air. Pussy was definitely in there, though. I didn't technically get laid the night before, but I figured it was all semantics.

"Yeah, okay," I said. "But why make him think it was you and me?"

She giggled. "The more you get to know J.T., the more fun you'll have fucking with his mind. Besides, if he remembers any of this conversation when he wakes up, he'll probably remember that I'm still a lesbian."

That one caught my attention. I'd grabbed a bottle of water from the car the same time I'd grabbed my shirt, and I nearly spit the water out.

"Very, very nice," I said.

"What? The joke on J.T., or that I'm a lesbian?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, which made her laugh some more.

"I would have thought you'd at least want me to be bisexual," she said, only half-joking, I thought.

"Well, there is that. But hey, I still have a couple more days here, right? I've turned a straight girl into a lesbian once before - stands to reason that I have the ability to turn 'em the other direction, right?"

We both laughed.

"But we can always talk about that later," she said. "After all, we are sleeping in the same tent."

I figured that, but I acted quasi-surprised. "Yes," I said, cocking an eyebrow. "Yes, we are."

She ignored my tone of voice and smiled. "But for now, I think we both need showers. You want me to lead the way?"

"Actually, I have that covered," I said. "I have someone I need to meet with in Tulsa, and I can grab a shower at his place."

"Okay," she said. "You'll be back, right?"

"Oh, of course," I said. "I can't miss an opportunity to try and steal one away from the dark side."


I did have some business to tend to in town, but I could take care of that whenever. Really, I just wanted to use the 20-minute drive into Tulsa to call Kelly. Throughout the morning's activities and the ensuing conversation, my mind had kept drifting back to the woman on the other end of the phone. I mean, sure; watching Belinda stare at my cock while she fingered herself was great. I loved flirting as much as the next guy, and something about Zia told me that she wasn't strictly a lesbian.

But Kelly had me more intrigued than both of those girls. All of them combined, really. There was just something mysterious about the unknown. It was like knowing I had a great Christmas present waiting for me in the attic, but I couldn't get it for another two weeks. The wait would be maddening, but the anticipation would only heighten whatever happened when I got there.

She answered on the first ring.

"Mmmm," she said before saying anything else. "Good morning."

"I'll tell you what," I said. "Every time you answer my call sounding like you want to fuck my brains out, I'll find another way to make the first time I see you extra special."

"I'm sorry," she said, with absolutely zero trace of remorse in her voice. "I was just thinking that your voice isn't the worst thing in the world to wake up to."

"Speaking of waking up," I started, and proceeded to fill her in on the first five minutes of my day. It was too early in the morning to get her motor running without being there in person to turn the key, but it sounded like something that could have set off some fireworks with her had she been properly warmed up first.

"So, are you going to fuck her later?"

I swear, every time she said that word, or talked about me having sex with her or any other woman, my heart rate heard a silent "Start your engines!" command and went off to the races.

"I'm not sure," I said honestly. "If she saw me right now, she'd probably jump out of her skin."

"Maybe so," she said. "Still, you should try."

"Well, of course," I said, laughing.

"What about Zia?"

"She definitely seems like the freaky type," I said. "She said she was a lesbian, but I also caught her admiring my body when I went to get a shirt out of my car. I have a feeling the line gets blurred sometimes."

"And you're more than happy to help blur it?"

"I'd be more than happy to erase it," I said, making her laugh again. I swear, I never had to hear another sound again.

For the rest of the drive into Tulsa, we just talked. Not about sex. Not about anything, really. Before I knew it, I was in downtown Tulsa, sitting in the parking garage of a large high-rise. I sat there in the driver's seat of my car for another half-hour, just chatting away. I probably could have stayed there all day, but she had to get to work.


"Yes?" She drew out the "s" at the end, making a simple word sound like the naughtiest of double entendres. You can't teach that.

"I know almost nothing about you."

Silence. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad, though no scenarios under which it was a good thing immediately came to mind. She stayed silent for so long that I started to wonder if she'd heard me at all.

"I know," she said.

"And.. I'm not really happy about that." It might have been a bit sterner than I wanted it to come out, but hey. It was the truth.

"Uh oh," she said, getting that sing-song in her voice where the words say she's afraid, but the tone says she's anything but. "You might have to give me a spanking when you get here."

"You would like that far too much to be considered actual punishment," I replied, and got her laughing again. "Seriously, though. You know what I've been doing for the past five years, you know what I look like, you know at least a little bit about my family. You even know that I'm not all that old, by looking at the picture."

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Twenty-three in two weeks," I said. "I'll answer any questions you have about me, anytime you want to ask them, but... I know nothing about you. You could be some 50-year-old hunchback who just escaped from the psycho ward last week. You could be one of those little Oompaloompa's from the Willie Wonka movie, complete with sideburns, the mustache and the weird glasses."

"Well, I'm 20," she replied. I kind of figured she was somewhere in that range from listening to her voice. "And I have no facial hair," she added with a laugh.

"Okay, that's a start," I said, laughing with her. I waited for her to offer more, but it didn't seem like she planned to.

"I just don't want to give away too much at once," she said. "I'd like to get to know you the old-fashioned way, not over a cell phone from 1,500 miles away."

"Fine," I said, a plan already forming in my mind. "Why don't we do this? We'll talk every day from now until I get home, right?"

"I hope so."

"Good. Every day, we trade off. Today, we told each other our ages. That can be enough for today. I'll start tomorrow. Every other day, we'll take turns telling each other something about ourselves."

"Do I get to ask questions?" she said.

"Yes, but I don't have to answer them, and neither do you, if we ask something the other doesn't want to answer. The only rules are, they have to be non-sexual and, if you decide to answer the question, you have to do it honestly."

"Why no sex?"

"Because we'd end up spending every one of them asking about past experiences or favorite positions or the thousands of other things we'll talk about anyway, since we can't seem to go two minutes without talking about sex. I want to get to know you as a person during those couple of minutes that we spend talking about it. We can spend the rest of the conversation on sex."

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