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Brad's Sister


[Author's note: This story is dedicated to 'Jackie' who read the first draft of this story, (in August 2012), and inspired me to exert the effort necessary to make it into what it has become. I also want to extend a special thanks to 'mandabo1018' who assisted in its editing. All characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.]

Chapter I.

Ashley Adams entered her bedroom and went to the closet. She picked out some sleep clothes in preparation for her nightly shower. Exiting the closet she took a couple of steps toward the bathroom, then froze. She looked with disbelief at the wall of glass separating her bedroom from the backyard. The drapes that usually provided her privacy were gone.

"Daaa... deee!" she hollered loudly enough to be heard throughout the house.

Her father, Morgan Adams, was in the living area at the other end of the house. He had just turned off the television when he heard his daughter scream. He double-timed it to her room. In the doorway he stopped. "What is it?" he breathlessly asked.

"Look," Ashley said loudly, wagging a finger toward the uncovered windows, "What happened to my curtains?"

Still labored in his breathing, Mr. Adams hastily replied, "Oh kitten, I am so sorry, we should have told you. Your mother had the maid take them down today and sent to the cleaners." Seeing the still dazed look on his daughter's face, he added, "They have been hanging in your room for five years and we were sure they were just full of dust."

Ashley was flustered. "But... but... I mean, what am I supposed to do? How do I keep someone from looking in?" Ashley was eighteen and like many girls her age had become very protective of her privacy.

Mr. Adams explained patiently, "Look, sweetheart, it's just for a couple of days and you can be careful till we get them back, and besides, there's no-one out there to look in."

It bothered Ashley that she couldn't see what, (or who), was on the other side of the glass. Flailing her arms wildly she protested, "How do you know that, Daddy. There might be a peeping Tom out there right now."

"Ashley, please, calm down," Mr. Adams pleaded, "The whole yard is surrounded by an eight foot high fence and there's a lock on the gate. The only way anyone can get into that yard is through this house. There is no-one out there."

"You're sure then," Ashley asked. Mr. Adams nodded. Ashley knew he had to be right. On the other hand, there was still a possibility, no matter how small it might be. A little shiver went up her spine. It scared her alright, but the possibility also caused a bit of excitement.

"Well, at least my bathroom is still private," she lamented. "You didn't take those curtains, too, did you?" She saw the look on her father's face and immediately knew the answer. "Oh, no, please tell me you didn't, please, please -"

"I... uh... I'm sorry, but yes those were taken down too. You're just going to have to be careful for a couple of days," Mr. Adams replied sheepishly.

Ashley looked at the diaphanous gown she held in her hands. Seeing that her father's eyes were locked on the gown, she hastily said, "I think I need to wear something else."

"You be as careful as you think you need to be," Mr. Adams said as he turned to leave, "I'm sure the curtains will be back in place before the weekend."

Ashley hesitated as he left the room, still wondering what it might be like to at least pretend she was being watched. She dismissed the thought and turned back to the closet.

Chapter II.

When school started in the fall, Ashley would be a freshman in college. Although still a virgin, Ashley was a not a complete stranger to sex. She had a brother her own age, (a twin actually), and ever since they had been old enough to realize they weren't identical, they had played games that gave them an excuse to check out each other's equipment.

As they grew older however, the sexual games had become less and less, until now they were virtually non-existent. It had always been just brother/sister games anyway, nothing more serious. Both were attractive and had been among the most popular in school, but as each had become interested in others, the games with each other seemed increasingly inappropriate.

Several weeks ago Ashley had broken up with a boy she had been going with for most of the last year. She had thought for some time that he might even be the one. They had studied after school at his house on a number of occasions. As neither of his parents got home until around 6:00, their studying frequently turned into a hot make-out session with a lot of loosened, (and sometimes removed), clothing.

A few months back, just after they had turned eighteen, Ashley allowed him to unsnap her bra, and a few days later, to remove it altogether. She had been reluctant, even somewhat resistant, but when she felt his hands on her bare breasts and his tongue flicking over her nipples, it was like a narcotic -- she had to have more. Thereafter, Ashley undid the bra herself, often as soon as they were alone.

Ashley and Rob, that was his name, still hadn't actually done it, but they were very close. One afternoon, shortly before graduation, alone in his house, they stretched out on the couch and quickly got pretty much naked. Rob's hands were all over her but mostly between her legs. Ashley's hand was inside his shorts, wrapped lightly around his cock, slowly stroking it.

Ashley had spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about this. She knew what was about to happen and had decided she was ready for it.

Ashley slid Rob's shorts down and off. Then brushing his hand aside, she did the same with her panties. She took hold of Rob's cock and brushed the head of it against her pussy lips. She was about to push it between them when they heard the garage door. One of Rob's parents had come home early. Ashley jumped up, hastily grabbed her purse and clothes and raced to the nearest bathroom. She dressed, applied make-up and brushed her hair.

Exiting the bathroom she was greeted by Rob's mother who was just coming in from the garage. Rob had also dressed and was seated at the table where their books and papers were carelessly spread before him. Rob's mother had no reason to believe that her son and his girlfriend hadn't actually been studying.

Ashley was polite to Rob's mother but expressed the need to get on home. She gathered her books and headed out the door to her house, which was only a few doors away.

On the way home though, Ashley made an important decision. She decided that she wasn't quite ready to lose her virginity after all, and although Rob could certainly get her turned on, the sex was really all there was between them. It was a good thing Mrs. Wilson had come home when she did.

Ashley decided it was time to end the relationship with Rob. It wasn't likely that his mother would show up again, just at the right time, and Ashley wanted more than just sex in her relationship.

Chapter III.

Ashley hung up the gown and selected a crinkle cotton sleep set, pullover top and loose fitting panties, boy-shorts style, and very definitely not see-through. In the bathroom she only needed to worry about her top as the window ledge was just above waist height. She could keep her back to the window until she had the top on. Her legs would still be bare but that would only matter in the bedroom and she wouldn't have the bedroom light on very long. If anyone was in the backyard watching, they wouldn't see much.

In the bathroom, she dropped the sleep set on a chair and stripped off her street clothes, being careful to keep her back to the window.

While looking at herself in the mirror, Ashley began thinking about her brother's friend, Jarrad. Ever since meeting him at fourteen, she had had a crush on him, but although he had always been friendly, and sometimes even a bit flirtatious, he had generally treated her more like a sister than the way she wanted to be treated.

Ashley couldn't understand why Jarrad hadn't already made some moves on her. She was tall enough, but not too tall. Her hair was blond, but she could dye it brown, or even black or red, if that's what he wanted. At fourteen she had been skinny, but you wouldn't say that now.

Ashley was still slim, but she was also nicely rounded in the right places. And her breasts were of the size and shape that made the guys drool and other girls jealous. She lightly pinched her nipples.

It was the beginning of summer and Ashley was going to spend most of it in a bikini at their backyard pool. Her brother and Jarrad, who were also going to be college freshmen next year, would be spending lots of time around the pool too. Ashley considered how she would look in a bikini and was pretty sure it wouldn't be long before Jarrad was thinking of her as a woman, not as a little girl.

Naked, she stepped into the shower, still being careful to keep her body turned away from the window. With the water running over her naked form, Ashley slowly and sensuously soaped herself. The bedroom with its wall of glass and no curtains would be no place for sexual stimulation tonight, and even though she had to be careful in the bathroom too, at least the shower was still private.

Ashley soaped her breasts and washed between her legs. She imagined that the hands bringing her so much pleasure were not her own. In spite of panting for breath and crying for release, she forced herself to stop short of orgasm, fearing it might leave her rubber legged and out of control.

She shut off the water and reached from the shower for a towel. Before stepping out she wrapped it demurely around herself. Once in front of the mirror and with her back to the window she let the towel drop to the floor. She again studied herself in the mirror. There was a slight sensation of excitement caused by standing naked in front of the bare window, even if the only thing visible to someone peeping through the window would be her bare back.

A faint reddish glow appeared in the mirror. Ashley blinked her eyes a couple of times, trying to make it go away, before realizing that what she was seeing was coming from outside the window. She dove for the light switch, plunging the room into darkness.

It had dawned on Ashley that whoever or whatever caused the glow not only had a view of her backside but also, through the mirror, a very clear view of her front-side and her bare tits. She crept to the window and looking just over the top of the window ledge, peered into the backyard in an attempt to see who or what was watching her.

Ashley thought the strange light had come from near a table situated between the pool and her room. She was just able to make out the figure of a man, (or at least she presumed it was a man), sitting at the table. She was on the verge of calling to her father when the glow appeared again. It was a cigarette, and it lit up the face of the person seated at the table. Ashley's hand shot to her mouth as she realized it was her brother, Brad.

"Of course," she thought. "He has been home all day. He would have known about the drapes being removed. And now he's been watching me, naked, but Brad?... my brother? ... brothers aren't supposed to do such things."

It was a good thing she had decided to wear something other than the filmy gown. With Brad sitting no more than twenty feet on the other side of the uncovered windows, it would have been as if she wasn't wearing anything at all, not that he hadn't already seen plenty!

Crawling around on the floor in the dark, Ashley managed to find the sleep set and get it on. Exiting the bathroom, her first instinct was to run hastily to her bed and snap off the light. But if she did that, her brother would know for sure that she knew he was watching. She didn't want him to know that she knew... at least not yet.

As she moved nervously but unhurriedly past the uncovered windows, Ashley felt a tingle of excitement over the knowledge that she was being watched by Brad. She figured though that he had already seen even more.

Brad had indeed seen more, looking through the bathroom window and watching his sister's reflection in the mirror. Seeing her now through the undraped sliding-glass doors of her bedroom, he was at first disappointed to see that she had put something on.

Still, what she was wearing was not something she would ordinarily wear around the house, at least not when he was home. The panties were really loose fitting and not all that heavy either. The top was on the short side, more like a camisole, exposing about an inch of skin between the top of the panties and the bottom of the topper. And with the night-stand light behind her, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Brad felt himself getting hard.

At the edge of the bed Ashley hesitated. She had a pretty good idea what kind of picture she would be presenting when she bent over to fold the covers down, especially with the over-sized leg holes in the panties. She considered turning off the light and doing it in the dark but she was beginning to like being watched and decided that turning off the light was unnecessary.

Brad watched intently as his sister slowly bent over, accentuating her butt and the firmness of her legs. "Holy shit," he thought, "With that light behind her... oh my God!" Ashley slowly folded the sheet and coverlet halfway down the bed, then crawled in.

Ashley was unaware of the effect the light was having. When she extinguished it though, Brad knew the show was over. He had hoped for more, but all in all, it was still way more than he had seen of her in the last couple of years.

Brad was definitely sexually stimulated but he wasn't totally comfortable with the feelings he was experiencing. Granted, he couldn't imagine himself having sex with his sister, but he did want to see her naked. He was pretty sure that wasn't completely okay.

Ashley went to sleep that night with nervous thoughts of being watched. Knowing that it had been her brother Brad though and not some stranger, she felt only minor discomfort, not real fear, and she had to acknowledge that there was a certain element of excitement to it also.

Chapter IV.

The next morning the siblings were seated across from each other eating their breakfast at the kitchen table. Mr. & Mrs. Adams were already gone for the day.

Ashley's head was bent over her plate, deep in thought. She wasn't ready to admit it yet, not even to herself, but the sight across the table of her brother's manly physique was causing any concern she had over the events of the previous night to be replaced with a desire for a repeat.

She startled Brad when she raised her eyes, and with fork in mid-air, quietly said, "I need to ask a favor."

Brad too had been bent over his food. "Huh... oh sure... whatever," he responded as he looked up at his sister.

Brad's ears pricked up at what Ashley said next, "Last night... in the backyard... I think someone was watching me."

Brad tried to hide his guilt, "In the backyard? ... How is that possible?"

Ashley adopted a conspiratorial tone. "I don't know but I was wondering... Would you be willing to sit in the backyard tonight while I take my shower and get ready for bed... you know... make sure no one's out there."

"Holy shit!" he thought, "Does she think that just because I'm her brother I'm not going to look?" Brad replied with considerable disbelief, "Uh, yeah... if that's what you want,"

"Yes, thanks," Ashley replied. She was nervously excited but wanted to change the subject. "Will you be playing football at college?" she quickly asked.

Brad understood there was to be no more discussion of last night or tonight. "If I don't they'll be wasting a scholarship," he responded. The conversation continued and although Brad and Ashley both thought anxiously about what that night might bring, there was no further mention of it.

Chapter V.

When Ashley got up from the television later that night, Brad got up too and headed quickly for his room. Ashley stopped in the kitchen for a glass of milk to give him time to get into the backyard.

In his room, Brad hastily stripped off his clothes and slipped into a pair of loose-fitting shorts. Without any underwear, Brad was prepared for watching. He went out through the sliding-glass door and took a seat at the backyard table, facing his sister's bedroom.

Brad watched through the uncurtained bedroom windows as Ashley entered her room and turned on the bedside light. She opened her closet and took out a badly worn man's dress shirt. She slung it over her shoulder and disappeared into the bathroom.

Brad shifted his gaze to the bathroom window, similarly uncurtained and dimly lit by the light coming into it from the bedroom. Understanding full well that Ashley had to know he would be watching, Brad expected her to settle for the light from the bedroom and leave the bathroom light off.

When Ashley unexpectedly flipped on the bathroom lights, their bright light startled him. His hand clasped his hardening cock through his shorts. "Well," he thought, "This could get interesting."

Ashley hadn't yet decided how far she was going to go into the sexual unknown but however far it was, she was going to go slowly. As the bottom ledge of the bathroom window was around waist height, so long as she was turned away from her brother's gaze she wouldn't be exposing much. Carefully keeping her back to the window, Ashley stripped off her clothes and entered the shower. Brad saw nothing but her bare back.

She didn't spend long in the shower. Although she felt a sense of foreboding about what was to follow, Ashley was still anxious to get on with it. With her heart racing, but telling herself she really wanted to do this, she stepped out of the shower and briefly exposed her bare breasts to the undraped window before covering herself with a towel. Brad was looking through the window as she had expected and marveled at the sight of her dripping breasts. "God," he thought, "Even as close as this is, I still wish I had binoculars."

But, other than those few seconds, Ashley kept her back to the window and stayed clear of the mirror. When she was done drying herself, she wrapped the towel around her damp hair instead of her body, leading Brad to believe he was in for a real show. Ashley however lost her nerve and instead blocked Brad's view by positioning herself between the mirror and the window, leaving him with only a view of her back from the waist up.

Ashley continued to frustrate Brad's view while brushing her teeth. However, after removing the towel from her head and beginning to blow dry her hair, her nerve began seeping back. Much to Brad's delight she slowly stepped from side to side affording him ever lengthening views of her bare breasts. Brad unzipped his shorts and took his cock out, stroking it as he watched his sister though the window.

Ashley had regained her confidence and was able to act totally unconcerned by the curtain-less window as she nonchalantly picked up the worn-out dress shirt she had brought into the bathroom with her. Brad watched as his sister carefully buttoned the shirt over her naked body. He was sure she hadn't put her bra back on and unless she had put them on when she was bent over drying herself, she wasn't wearing panties either.

Brad wondered what was going on in his sister's head. Ashley had to know he was watching but acted as if she could care less. She turned off the bathroom light and stepped into the bedroom. As Brad watched her walk away from the windows and toward the bed, the light next to the bed silhouetted her body in such a way as to make her appear almost naked.

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