tagIncest/TabooBranching Out with Sis Ch. 01

Branching Out with Sis Ch. 01


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack


It was late on Friday night when I was coming home from another disappointing party I had one of the biggest surprises of my life. Let me tell you a little about me before I get started. My name is Dean, I was 18, 6 feet, light brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. Personality wise I was very social and got laid when I could and always suffering from the perversion of my mind.

My sister Jessica is a looker 19 long dark hair, hazel eyes and had a killer smile that could always brighten a room. She was always a free spirited girl and never stuck with sports or activities, even though she was pretty good in them. My parents we understanding in our choices and pretty much understood our opinions, my sister on the other had got bored pretty easy. Body wise I am not blind my sis was 5'5 gorgeous ass and 36 c rack, growing up with her made puberty hard especially when you are stuck at home and you have a hot girl walking around with a tight t-shirt and booty shorts acting like its nothing while I transition through a state where everything gets me going and I'm beating my meat 24/7, so yes she was a fantasy.

I usually don't get home till 3 in the morning, especially on weekends like these, when our parents go off for the weekend and my sis and I have the house to us. After grabbing a beer from the kitchen I crept up the stairs to probably end up watching a movie and passing out. When I reached the top of the stairs just before I entered my room I saw that my sisters door was cracked a bit so I decided to say hi and have a little small talk, but as I approached I could hear murmurs and knew she was not alone, little did I know it was much more than that.

As I pushed open the door slightly there was my sister in all her glory standing fucking her best friend Chelsea over her bed! It was the most exotic thing I have ever seen in my life.

"FUCK me Jess!" was all I could hear from Chelsea's in between moans of being pleasured. She had one of the sexiest looks of pain and pleasure. "No..." was the next thing she moaned.

"What do you want?" my sister asked and teased as I just then noticed the huge strap on my sister was teasing her hole with.

"Put your hard cock back in my ass..." she moaned and begged "I need to cum, please... I'm so close!"

My sister had a smile of knowing she had what she wanted, control. Without waiting she penetrated her best friend's ass and resumed the playing.

What's a guy to do at such a rare occasion so I did what I did without thinking; I dropped my shorts and started stroking my cock, as my sister kept rhythm with her.

I knew I wouldn't last long especially since my sister picked up her pace and started smacking Chelsea's ass. "Take it you dirty slut!" Was the last line to push me over the edge, my knee's got weak and grabbed the door way to keep balance. It was the biggest load of my life and it went all on her door. As I composed myself I noticed my sis looking in my direction with a smirk on her face, caught in a trance she picked up pace while keeping eye contact with me.

Our stare is interrupted by the cry of Chelsea "I'm Cumming!" her body shakes and her body goes limp as her orgasm washed over her. If she looked back up at the door I was already gone back to my room.

I waited in my room till I heard them both go downstairs for me clean up the door, as I was cleaning it I noticed that the streak of liquid that a line as if someone moved their finger through it, as I cleaned the stain I decided to grab another beer.

As I was standing at the fridge door I noticed a cucumber on the shelf, my mind flashed back to the device my sister demolished her friend with, and why was I getting aroused.

"Did you enjoy the show?" I was scared shitless to see my sis in her robe with her arms folded.

"Hey, sorry about..."

"Don't worry about it..." my sister interrupted "I should of closed my door." we kept eye contact like we did upstairs, it wasn't awkward, it was knowing silence.

"Are you a lesbian?" I just had to know.

"No!" she immediately replied "I just love experimenting and having fun and Chelsea loves getting fucked in the ass."

"Thanks! I was just curious that's all." I cut her off.

"No need to get all defensive because you don't know the pleasures of branching out!" she snapped.

"Whatever." I said running upstairs leaving before the conversation got any more awkward.

By the time I got upstairs I was pretty heated, her telling me that I don't know how to branch out! As soon as I got to my bed I realized I ran up the stairs with the cucumber still in my hand, and as a horny teenager my mind once again drifted to my previous thoughts, my naked sister and her hard tool.

One thing led to another and I was stroking my cock wondering how could all that fit into Chelsea's ass being mine was small, and then it got me to wonder if it was true of guys actually enjoying anal stimulation. Now I am the furthest from being gay but with all that happened tonight I just said fuck it and tried but it wouldn't go in, the stimulation was helping so I kept the pressure of the cucumber on my ass as I stroked my cock thinking about my sister.

Here I am on my back, legs up beating my meat with a cucumber that won't go in and I forget to lock the door!

"Am I interrupting something?" my sister asks standing in the door way in her robe as I leap off the bed onto the floor throwing myself in a curl on my knee's to cover most of my shame. "Well well..." my sister says as she slowly approaches me.

As I look up I probably had the most shocked expression on my face as my sister's robe was open and hanging from her legs was the beast that took down Chelsea. I could only stare. "Jessie ... what..." I didn't have words.

Not caring about my nakedness any more I straightened my back and made eye contact, she had a look I never seen from her, it was lust.

Still having eye contact she stopped, right in front of me, I couldn't take the anticipation I glanced noticing the strap-on was right in front of me. My throat went dry as I couldn't take my eyes away from how big it was. My stare is broken when she touches my head and pulls me closer.

"Suck it..." she whispers, she follows with "...suck my COCK!" grabbing my attention I make eye contact and opened my mouth. As I wrapped my lips around her hard cock I was consumed by lust seeing my sister's beautiful eyes and perfect tits from below.

She was moaning as she looked down on me while tweeting her nipples "you're such a good slut, water it up real good.".

I was lost, I never dreamed of doing this but always saw how my girlfriends did it and how I wanted it, something about the way she was treating me made me lose control and I picked up my pace of sucking, I was a slut, her slut.

"Enough!" she states "be a good boy and turn over...". I knew what was coming, I knew deep down I wanted to try it, so eventually I lean over the bed just as I seen Chelsea do no more than 3 hrs ago.

"What do you want?" my sister asks while smacking my ass.

"Please go slow..." I whimper.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT...? SLUT!?" she asks again more impatiently.

"Please fuck me?" I ask, hearing a smirk slip from her lips.

"Relax..." she says as she slowly tries to penetrate without success.

"mmmmm.... awww.." escapes as she continuously tries to penetrate my virgin asshole. I felt so dirty with my ass so high in the air.

"I guess we are just going to have to go with plan B" she says with irritation "it will only hurt for a bit" before I could get a word in she slams her cock all the way in me, it felt like she tore my asshole. I couldn't help but scream as my whole body was against the bed. I don't know what consumed her but she didn't stop there she just kept fucking me.

"Take it bitch!" she moaned as she fucked me. She was an animal as she picked up her pace. "I'm cummmmmmmiiing!!" she moans as she falls on my back, still slamming me with her cock. I don't know if it was her tits on my back, the way she treated me like a slut, the fact that she was my sister or my ass but I came so hard without touching my cock, it was so intense I almost blacked out.

About 5 minutes of her just lying on me she kisses the back of my head, pulls out her cock and walks for the door.

"See branching out is fun!" she said while closing the door.

Too tired to move I pass out thinking about other ways to branch out with my sis.

To be cont'd

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