tagIncest/TabooBranching Out with Sis Ch. 02

Branching Out with Sis Ch. 02


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack


This is a continuation of "Branching Out with Sis". Thanks for everyone who loved the story and motivated me to continue it!


I had just awoken pretty late the next day after being used by my sis, with all the cum stains on the bed and me feeling like I got hit by a truck as soon as I got up I took a shower and threw all the laundry in the machine. I pondered on all the nights' events and wonder how it turned out like that and I couldn't comprehend. I knew I wanted to go out in the evening so I went to tell my sis that I needed the car. It was around 5, I knocked on her door.

"Come in." she replied.

As I opened the door I saw her in the shortest red dress that was tight on her ass but loose on the top.

"Dam!" escapes my lips as I ogle her perfected body.

"What do you need?" she says bending over the dresser putting on her eye liner. I walk over as if caught in a trance till I am right behind her.

As if possessed I reach for her ass and let my hand hold the deliciousness. I could feel her eyes looking at me through the mirror but I can't help but want her.

"Did you want something?" she says perking her ass more into my hands.

"Yea..." I get out "you going somewhere? I need the car at 9 to go catch a movie with the group." I ask while focusing on her body.

"mmm.." she starts by biting her lip catching my eye in the mirror "Chelsea and I are going out for a bit...gotta find me a man." she continued as if looking for an expression.

"Well why bother going anywhere when we could branch out a bit more." I comment as I move my hand to her stomach to get a feel of her amazing cleavage.

Before I could go any further she stands up straight and turns around "key word is MAN." she states as she pushes me back with just her pointer finger and walks out the door.

For the longest I stood there dumbfounded but decided to pass my time with some movies and beer, but as the time passed I noticed my sister stayed later and later and I was getting more and more irritated, it was till 11 o'clock she pulled into the drive way. I was way passed being pissed I met her at the door in the hallway with my beer.

"So where you been?" I asked sternly.

"Hey lil bro!" she slurred drunkenly.

"Don't hey me!" I shouted "You dam well knew I wanted the car and you just take it for however long you want it!"

"Yeah... that's what I do..." she said more calmly "I want something... I take it..." she said before starting to walk by me.

Before she could get passed me I grabbed her furiously and threw her to be bent over the small dresser at the front door.

I smacked her ass. "I am tired of your shit!" I shout "... from now on I am gonna do the taking!"

"And just what do you think you are gonna take... bro..." she says laughing and very slowly at the end.

In a swift movement I hike up her dress and move my fingers under the thong, I make eye contact with her, ripping her thong I see a seductive smile as she hikes up her ass more.

I drop my shorts freeing my 7 inch cock "You fucking slut!" I take a swig of my beer and then pour half the bottle on her ass while penetrating her hole in one swift movement.

"AHHHHHH!" she squeals as I have my full shaft in her tight hole.

I pull out and slam my cock back into her wanting hole knowing how much I wanted this. Before long, her face was up against the mirror and her ass was trying to come back to meet my thrust.

"Take it bitch!" I added knowing I was so close to blowing my load. As I picked up pace I grabbed her hair and pushed her face in the mirror so she could know just how much we were both enjoying this.

The most powerful orgasm rushed over me as I emptied my seed into my sister's asshole.

As I stood there still exhausted on what had just happened she started laughing "Haha, that's all you got!" she taunted.

I silently grabbed her hair again throwing on her knees beside the dresser. "SUCK IT!" I say but still forcefully grabbing her head till her lips were around my cock.

She started bobbing on my dick and twisting her tongue, as soon as I felt my cock harden again, I took control and started face fucking her till I heard her gag.

"That's what you want?? Huh?" I ask "A man! Your own brother???" I was possessed I wanted, needed to own her.

Grabbing her by her chin I raised her up throwing her so she was now sitting or half lying on the small dresser.

"What do you want??" I ask moving my cock along her slit.

"Don't stop!" she screams while smacking me in the face.

I grab her arms and put them over her head "What do you want sis?"

"Your cock..." she whimpers softly.

"I can't hear you..." I wait.

"Fuck me please!!" she pleads "I need your cock so badly..."

I penetrate.

"Yes!!!" she moans "Don't stop..." As she shutters and an orgasm rushes over her.

"Your mine bitch!" I state "...from now on this is my pussy!"

"Yes!!!" she continues meeting my thrust.

I reach down and bite on her nipple, she screams in pleasure, I connect our lips and half way in she bites my bottom lip.

"You little shit!" I state as I turn her over to fuck her doggie style.

While I am fucking her I pick up the pace smacking her ass, waiting to cum.

"You can't cum in me!!!" she pleads "I am not on the pill."

"I don't care, I own you, Slut!" I say picking up the pace.

She could have stopped or tried to but she just kept matching my thrust, so when it came to it I did it.

"I'm cumming!!!" I stated as I blew my load deep in my sisters pussy.

She slowly dropped to the floor looking up to me. "Clean it." I state.

Before I could move she used her tongue to clean my dick and balls. I stopped her from continuing so I didn't get hard again and knew she was mine.

"You were right sis, branching out is fun." I said walking to my bedroom, leaving her to clean up the spilt beer.

To be continued...


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

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