Brandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 01


"Yes, oh god yes," I moaned.

He grabbed my hair, turned my face toward the club and snarled, "Look at those people in the club. They're looking right at you. I wonder if they know I have my cock in your ass... Do they know you begged for it? Would that turn you on if all those people knew you begged for my cock in your ass?" I just groaned.

"Come on Brandi, answer me. Would it turn you on if all those people looking over here knew, you begged me to put my cock in your ass?" He roared.

"Yes, oh god yes," I cried out.

Tony pulled his cock half way out of my ass and slowly worked it back in. Back and forth his cock slid through my asshole. He started slow, working his cock back and forth, going faster with each stroke, driving his cock harder into my ass. With his body pressing me against the window I could hardly move but I tried, shaking and rolling my ass as I could. The window shook as Tony mercilessly hammered his cock into my asshole.

"Oh god, oh my fucking god, fuck me Tony, your cock is so fucking good...Oh god, I love your big fucking cock in my ass. Come on, fuck me, make me cum, "I cried out, urging him on.

Tony reached around and rubbed his hand over my pussy. With his fat cock in my ass and his palm rubbing my clit, he slipped a finger up into my pussy. A fiery hot explosion rocked my body as I came. My pussy clamped tight around his finger He repeatedly slammed his cock into my ass over and over aggressively driving me against the window as my pussy erupted, and squirted all over the window.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, gonna fucking cum," He shouted.

"Yeah, that's it Tony, that's it, cum in my ass, shoot your hot fucking cum in my ass," I cried. He buried his entire cock in my ass, holding me tight against his hips as the first spurt of warm cum exploded in my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing and spurting as he filled my ass. He held me tight, flat against the window, unable to move, as the passion of our orgasms faded.

When Tony's breathing returned to normal he laughingly said, "Holy shit Brandi. You're one fantastic fucking woman. You're beautiful like an angel and you fuck like a slut, the perfect woman."

I giggled and said, "You're not bad yourself, handsome and with a magic stay hard cock."

He laughed and loosened his arms from around my body. I moaned as he slid his softening cock out of my ass. A river of cum leaked from my ass down my leg. He released me and stepped back by one of the chairs. I slid down the window and knelt on the floor.

"I guess it's not so magic. I need a break to recharge it." He laughed.

He sat on the edge of the chair with his legs straight out and his semi hard cock dangling between them.

I looked at my reflection in the window and took stock. Hair all tangled, mascara running, lipstick smeared, face and body covered with sweat and cum, hand marks on my ass, hips and tits, and my pussy and ass leaking cum, just as a slut should look.

I looked at his cock. It was covered with cum and pussy juice. It had cum in my mouth, pussy and ass. I should be satisfied... but I wasn't. I wanted more.

"I hope it only needs to be recharged. I didn't want to break it. And you did tell me you wanted fuck all night long didn't you?" I asked.

"Well if he can't, maybe we can help?" A voice from across a darkened area of the living room called out.

I turned toward the voice and watched as Luis and Angie step into the light.

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