tagNovels and NovellasBrandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 10

Brandi's Slutty Adventures Ch. 10


Eric took my hand and led me around to the back of the house. We stepped through a gate onto a patio that surrounded a large pool. The pool looked out onto one of the many canals in Miami Beach. The back of the house was all glass and looked out on the pool and canal. It also had a large covered lanai with a bar, Jacuzzi tub, chairs, tables, couches and a large oversized ottoman.

I saw Roxanne lying on a lounge chair over by the pool catching some rays. She was naked. She jumped up and rushed over to us, calling out a hello. Eric was wrong, she wasn't just pretty, she was gorgeous. He said she was in her forties but she could easily pass for thirty to thirty five. She was about four inches taller than me, with a slender well-toned and tanned body. Her breasts were implants but the work was outstanding, she was a large c cup. She had beautiful nipples, large eraser sized nubs sitting on quarter sized areolas. She had long wavy dirty blond hair, lovely blue eyes and a warm welcoming smile. She had a small dragon tattoo on the outside calf of her right leg.

"Hello, you must be Brandi, I'm Roxanne. I'm so glad you could come. I hope you don't mind, Eric told me all about you" She exclaimed as she threw her arms around me and give me a hug and a kiss.

She turned to Eric and gave him a long passionate kiss.

When she broke her kiss with Eric, she ran her tongue around her lips. She turned her head to me and asked, "Is that you I taste on Eric's lips?"

"Yes, I couldn't stop him from playing with me on the ride here," I answered with smile.

"Mmm, you taste good," She said with a playful smile.

She turned a half a step away from Eric and rubbed her hand across the bulge in the front of his shorts.

"Brandi did you cause this?" She said with a laugh.

"Guilty," I said laughingly. "When Eric wouldn't stop playing with me, I decided to pay him back."

Eric spoke up, "Wait a minute, it wasn't a fair pay back. At least I got you off in the driveway. You left me with a hardon and blue balls."

"Serves you right," Roxanne said. "You're always doing it to me. You come here for a quickie, get me worked up and leave. You know I can't stop once I'm started."

Just like me I thought, I was starting to like this Roxanne more and more.

"He did the same to me at my hotel. I guess he's a regular wham, bam, thank you, mam type of guy," I jokingly added.

"I couldn't help that, I was working," Eric said.

"Well you're not working now. I thought you'd be here sooner. I guess you two got to play this morning," She said as she pulled his shorts down and stroked her hand along the length of his cock.

"Yes we did and I have to thank you," I said. "Eric tells me you taught him all about pleasing a woman. You did a great job. He's an excellent lover."

"Thank you. He is great, isn't he? That's why I was hoping he came early. The rest of the guests aren't coming until sometime after two," She said.

"Oh well I guess I'll have to take care of you ladies til then," Eric said with a laugh.

"Be careful what you promise, we may wear you out," she said.

He pulled off his tee shirt and put one arm around Roxanne. He leaned over and kissed her passionately again. She put one arm around him and continued stroking his cock with her free hand.

When she broke their kiss she looked over at me and said, "Well come on Brandi, aren't you gonna get naked and help me with this stud."

I didn't need to be asked twice. All I had to do was push down my shorts, take off my shirt, kick off my sandals and I was naked. I walked over to them and Eric grabbed me with his free arm. He was sandwiched between me and Roxanne. I reached down and began fondling his big balls.

"You're right Eric, she's beautiful," Roxanne said as she let go of his cock and reached out to caress my breasts.

I let go of Eric's balls and began stroking his cock. I could tell he was close to cumming again. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He was moaning and his breathing was labored.

Roxanne looked at me with a mischievous grin. She pushed my hand away from Eric's cock and said, "Come on Brandi, let's go over to the lanai."

She pulled me away from Eric and led me over to the lanai.

Eric was left standing there with his pants around his ankles and his big hard cock standing at attention. "Come on, I was almost there," he moaned.

Roxanne and I sat on one of the couches under the lanai.

"Come on over here Eric, we want you to be comfortable," Roxanne called out.

When Eric took his first step he almost tripped over his shorts. Quickly he kicked his shorts and sandals out of the way and hurried over to the couch. We left room and he sat between us.

Roxanne and I started talking, playfully ignoring Eric as he sat there with his hard cock standing at attention. Every once in a while one of us would stroke his cock just to keep him hard.

She asked me about myself. I told her about my marketing firm and how I was on a separate vacation from my husband. I told her my husband lost interest in sex so I indulged in it on my own.

She told me a bit about herself. She had done well in real estate in the 1990's and was able to retire before the housing bust of 2008. She was divorced; her ex-husband had tried to sell one of her properties without her knowledge. Now she indulged herself in her favorite pastime... sex, just like me.

"Come on ladies, you're killing me. My balls are full and need relief," Eric jokingly moaned.

"What do you think, Roxanne? Should we give him some relief?" I asked.

"I don't know, he looks so cute with his big cock standing there straight in the air but I do love to see and taste his cum," She answered. "I guess we should take mercy on him."

Roxanne and I scooted back on the couch and knelt on either side of Eric. She leaned in and dragged her tongue up the length of Eric's cock. I leaned in and did the same on my side. Eric leaned back and moaned.

"I think he likes it. What else can we do?" She asked.

"Let's suck him together," I answered her.

We each started with our tongues on the base of his cock. Slowly we licked up each side of the long shaft. When we got to the head we flicked our tongues all around it before kissing with the head of his cock caught between our lips. We broke the kiss and licked our way back down his cock. Up and down we licked his cock, meeting at the head to share a kiss until Eric cried out that he was cumming. We broke our kiss as the first spurt of cum fired into the air. It shot up about a foot and at an angle and landed on Roxanne's tits. I leaned in and swallowed the head of his cock as then next couple of spurts fired into my mouth. I took my mouth off his cock and held it for Roxanne. She moved in and she swallowed it. Eric arched his hips and appeared to shoot several more spurts into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off his cock as the last spurt fired in the air and landed on his stomach. Eric groaned as the last of his cum dribbled out of the opening and slowly slid down his cock.

I leaned across Eric and licked up the cum that had landed on Roxanne's breasts. She moaned as my tongue slid across the nipple, causing it to grow into a firm hard nub. She leaned over and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we swapped the cum back and forth. We broke our kiss and she leaned down and licked the cum off of Eric's stomach. She brought her mouth back up and we kissed and swapped his cum again. We broke our kiss and turned our attention to Eric. His cock was semi hard and covered with cum. It was leaning back against his stomach. A tiny string of cum was still leaking from the opening. We took turns licking and sucking his cock and stomach clean.

"Holy shit, you ladies are fucking awesome, I don't think I've ever cum that much before. I need a few minutes to recover" Eric moaned out when his breathing had returned to normal.

"It's ok baby, sit back and rest. Brandi and I can think of something to do," Roxanne said with a playful smile.

"Yeah Eric, sit back and watch, we'll amuse ourselves," I said.

She stood up and moved over by me. She put out her hands and helped me up. We stood, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes for a few seconds before she tilted her head down and kissed my lips. Not a long hard tongue filled kiss, but a gentle melding of our lips. I wrapped my arms around her thin waist and pulled her tight against my body. Her hard nipples poked into my breasts. Just the sensation of her warm flesh pressed against mine sent my mind reeling. Her kiss became more passionate as she slipped her tongue across my lips and into my mouth. I kissed her back and slipped my tongue into her mouth as I slid my hands down her back and caressed the warm flesh of her taut buttocks. Roxanne moaned as I slipped a leg between her legs and ground my thigh against her soaking wet pussy. We stood there for a while, kissing and grinding our bodies together, lost in the pleasure of naked flesh against naked flesh.

We broke our kiss and embrace and looked into each other's eyes again.

"Wow that was amazing. It's been a while since I was with a woman. I forgot how good it can be," Roxanne said as she reached her hands up and caressed my breasts. "Sit down over here, I'll show you how good it can get," I said as moved her over to the oversized ottoman that was in front of the couch where Eric was still sitting.

Roxanne sat down on the ottoman and I pushed her down onto her back. I knelt on top of her with my hands holding her arms over her head and my legs straddling one of her legs. I planted tender kisses on her lips, face and ears as I worked my way down her neck to her firm breasts. I let go of hers arms and took hold of her left breast. I ran my tongue around the areola before flicking it across her already hard nipple. Roxanne groaned as I increased the speed and pressure of my tongue lashing of the sensitive nub. I moved my mouth to her right breast, giving it the same treatment as the left. I rubbed the left nipple between my fingers, drawing a gasp from her as I pinched and pulled the sensitive nub.

Slowly I explored her body, licking and kissing my way down her stomach and hips to her thighs. I slipped off the ottoman and knelt between her legs. I pushed her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs, working my way closer and closer to her pussy with each kiss. Her lips glistened with her juices. I leaned in and gently kissed the lips as I slipped my tongue into the folds of her pussy. I worked my tongue and mouth all over her pussy, everywhere except her clit. I didn't want her to cum just yet.

I wet my middle finger with my own pussy juice. Roxanne moaned as I gradually worked the wet finger it into her. She cried out in pleasure when I found her magic g-spot. Now I used my tongue to push the hood off her clit and stimulated her sensitive nub. She jumped like she had been zapped with a jolt of electricity. Over and over I flicked my tongue across her clit while I worked my finger over her g-spot. She forcefully pushed my head into her crotch and wrapped her legs around me as she came again and again.

When she finally pushed my head away, I knelt up between her legs. She lay back on the ottoman panting and moaning, waiting for her senses to return. I looked over at Eric. He was standing next to us. I guess he wanted a closer look at Roxanne and my lusty activities. I could see that his cock was getting hard again. "Let me suck your cock and get it nice and hard so you can fuck Roxanne," I said.

Eric stepped closer to me. I took hold of his cock and stroked my hand up and down his length. He moaned when I took him in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down on his cock. He was hard in a minute. I moved out from between Roxanne's legs. Eric dropped to his knees in my place, eager to fuck her but I told him to wait. I climbed up on the ottoman and lay down next to Roxanne. She moaned when I slid my hand along her body down to her pussy.

"Do you want Eric's hard cock Roxanne? Do you want him to fuck you?" I asked.

"Yes, oh my god yes, please Eric, fuck me," she moaned.

I sat up and held her pussy open with one hand while I guided his cock with the other. I love watching and helping people fuck almost as much as I love to fuck myself. "Come on Eric, you know she wants it. Fuck her," I said.

I rubbed his cock against the lips of her pussy before I lined the head up with her opening. One long hard push and he was balls deep in her pussy. Eric held his cock deep inside her before he slowly slid it back out. Roxanne moaned as the big shaft slid out of her pussy.

I lay back down alongside of Roxanne as Eric slid his cock back inside her. I leaned over and gave her a sloppy passionate tongue filled kiss.

"Eric's wonderful cock is inside you. He fucked me so much this morning. I want you to feel the same pleasure." I said when I broke the kiss. "Come on Eric fuck her hard, you know she wants it hard," I urged him on.

Eric began slamming his cock into her. Roxanne wrapped her legs around his ass and began flexing her hips trying to match Eric's driving passion. I ran my hand all over her body, caressing and fondling her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples before sliding my hand down to her pussy. She was moaning and panting as Eric hammered his cock into her and I knew she was close to cumming. I rubbed my fingers across her clit, leaned over and sucked one of her nipples.

Roxanne cried out. "Oh my god, oh god, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming."

Roxanne's body tensed up and she locked her legs around Eric's ass as a powerful orgasm racked her body. She grunted out a succession of incoherent cries of delight. Eric rode out her orgasm with his hard cock buried deep in her quivering pussy.

After her orgasm passed, Roxanne fell back flat on the ottoman. Her legs slipped from around Eric's body and dropped off the edge of the ottoman. Eric stepped back and his cock slid from her pussy. I got up and knelt on the ottoman near Eric.

"Give me your cock. Let me taste you and Roxanne," I told him.

"Ok but I didn't come yet," He said.

"Don't worry Eric, we not through with you yet," I said.

Eric moved and I took his cock into my mouth. The taste of Roxanne's pussy on Eric's cock inflamed my senses. The only thing better would be his cum added to the mix. That was coming soon.

After a few minutes Roxanne pushed herself up until she was lying on her back, propped up on her elbows. "Oh my god Eric, that was fucking incredible, you really have become a wonderful lover," she said.

"Are you ready for more? I've kept Eric hard for you," I asked as I took my mouth off his cock.

"I'm afraid to admit it, I'm always ready for more," She answered.

"It's the same with me, I like that about you," I said as rolled over onto my back with my head at the edge of the ottoman. "Come over here and get over my face. I want to watch Eric fuck you from behind."

Roxanne got up and moved over to me. She put her knees on the edge of the ottoman on either side of my head. I pulled her down and ran my tongue through her pussy. She moaned and ground it into my mouth. Eric must have been impatient or horny because he forced his cock between my mouth and her pussy. He worked his cock back and forth a half dozen times, getting the best of two worlds, my tongue and lips on the bottom and her pussy rubbing along the top of his cock.

I pushed her up and held open the lips to her pussy. Eric lined his cock up with the opening and slowly slid it in. He pushed forward until he was completely buried in her pussy. She moaned as the hard fat cock slid into her. I lifted my head up and flicked my tongue across their connected organs. Eric slid his cock out until just the head was in her. He slowly slid it back in with my tongue sliding along his length. Back and forth he went, slowly driving his cock in and out of her pussy. I got a great close up view of his fat cock parting her pussy lips on each inward stroke.

All of a sudden Eric stopped fucking Roxanne. He pulled out of her, readjusted himself and rubbed his cock on my face. I opened my lips and he slid the head of his cock into my mouth. Steadily he forced more and more of his cock into mouth until my lips kissed his groin and his balls rested on my forehead. He flexed his hips, back and forth, stroking his cock in and out, fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. After a dozen or so strokes, he pulled out of my mouth and drove his cock back into Roxanne's pussy. Back and forth he went, fucking Roxanne's pussy for a while them transferring his cock to my mouth and fucking it like a pussy.

Roxanne wasn't a passive recipient of Eric's cock; she pushed back at him with equal force. She also dropped her head between my legs and began licking my pussy. Roxanne may not have been with a woman for a while but she sure remembered how to please a woman. She used her tongue, lips, and fingers to bring me to brink of a mighty orgasm. She slowly worked me up, licking my pussy lips, sucking my clit and sliding her fingers in my pussy. I groaned and panted as she drove me edge over the cliff into orgasmic bliss over and over.

Eric's earlier orgasms must have dulled his sensitivity. He was able to fuck Roxanne's pussy and my mouth for a long time. He fucked Roxanne through two powerful orgasms before he cried out that he was cumming. His cock was buried deep in her pussy when he fired his first shots into her. As he pulled out, he dumped the last of his load on my face and in my mouth. We collapsed in a moaning and panting heap of tangled bodies.

Eric was the first to move. He got up and sat on the couch. I climbed off Roxanne, turned around and lay down next to her, face to face. She put her arms around me and pulled me close. She gathered up all the cum on my face with her tongue and feed it to me. We lay together for a while, kissing and stroking each other's bodies, just enjoying the feeling of naked flesh against naked flesh.

Roxanne was the first to speak, "Eric why don't you come over here and lay down behind Brandi. I want you to help me make love to her. I'm sure she'd like that."

Eric got up and lay down on the ottoman behind me. He kissed my neck, shoulders and back as his hands roamed all over my body. Roxanne took care of the front of my body. She kissed my face and breasts and worked her way down my body to my pussy. They soon had me panting and moaning.

Eric rolled over onto his back. He pulled me with him and I wound up on top of him on my back. My legs were splayed out wide on either side of his. I could feel his semi hard cock lying against the inside of my thighs. He pulled me back against his body as he reached around me and caressed my breasts, pinching and pulling my sensitive nipples. I tilted my head back and to the side and we kissed.

I broke the kiss when I felt Roxanne crawl between our legs. I looked down and watched as she sucked Eric's cock. He was hard in a short time. Next she moved onto my pussy. She licked the lips before she pulled them apart and drove her tongue deep into my pussy. I cried out as she worked me over and over, closer and closer to the orgasmic bliss I craved.

Roxanne stopped, delaying my orgasm, "You love getting your pussy licked but I bet you'd rather have a big fat cock in it, wouldn't you," She asked as she grabbed Eric's cock and rubbed it against the lips of my pussy.

"Yes, oh god yes," I moaned.

"You're like me, you just love cock don't you, Brandi?" She asked.

"Yes, oh my god yes, give me his cock, oh god please give me his cock," I moaned.

Roxanne took hold of Eric's cock and rubbed the head in the furrows of my pussy lips. Eric moved and brought his legs up. She lined his cock up with the opening of my pussy and he flexed his hips. About half of his cock slid inside me. Eric began working his hips up and down as his cock slid in and out of my pussy. Roxanne was still kneeling between our legs. She leaned in and gently kissed and licked the area around my clit. I cried out as the pleasure of her touch and Eric's cock drove me over the edge. My body shuddered and quivered as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over me.

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