tagNovels and NovellasBrandon's Fuckslut Family Ch. 09

Brandon's Fuckslut Family Ch. 09


by BrettJ © 2013

I just want to take the time to thank all of you who have enjoyed this story and been so patient while waiting for this final chapter. I grew to really enjoy these characters and wanted to finish the story in a way that did them justice. I hope you readers feel that I have succeeded. ~~ BrettJ

Victoria Williams was normally a very sound sleeper. Her girls had often told their mommy that she could probably sleep through a hurricane. So the fact that she was restless and on the verge of waking up should have been the first clue that something was amiss.

She had gone to bed early, leaving her brother and her girls to tidy up and put things away. Her trip and her welcome-home party had exhausted Victoria and her family assured her that they would take care of things for her. She smiled weakly and made her way upstairs to bed. She doubted that it even took 5 minutes for her to fall fast asleep. It was nice to sleep in her own bed again. Her trip to Ireland had been a joy. She had met some wonderful people, including Brigid and Colleen, the two lovely sisters who had made her very welcome. She had also lost one idiot boyfriend in the process. She wasn't going to miss Kelly and she made that very clear to him when he had called earlier this evening. They were done, he had been a prick for most of their trip and she deserved better. Her girls had cheered, all of them. They didn't like Kelly and neither did her brother. "I've got the best sister in the world," he had told her supportively. "She deserves the best man in the world. But wouldja hurry up and find him?" He chuckled. "These little brats of yours are wearing me out." Four tongues stuck out at him and everyone laughed. Victoria's girls could not have asked for a more devoted uncle than Brandon. If they needed it, they got it. He had even given up his own home for the Autumn to move in here and look after the girls while she was away. Victoria was sure that they had driven him crazy, especially Julee and Bliss, her youngest. They almost hung off his arm whenever he was around. Not that Autumn and Tabitha didn't adore him almost as much. Victoria knew why. He was an all-male man who was surprisingly gentle. She herself adored her brother and was glad their mom had stopped at two. She had her older brother all to herself growing up.

The gorgeous mom was starting to come out of a deep sleep. Whatever was waking her up didn't feel – bad. In fact, it felt good. It felt familiar. Her eyes came open and she stared down at the reason for her lack of sleep.

Between her legs was a lovely little instigator of sexual merriment. "Heya mommy," Bliss grinned up at her and then returned to eating pussy. Victoria's tanned body moved a bit as her daughter licked her. Oh God, it was wrong, so very wrong, to let Bliss do these things to her, but from the very start, she had been powerless to resist. Her lesbian daughter could drive her crazy with one tiny kiss and a lot more than that was going on now.

"Oh fuck Bliss, you teasing little bitch, that's so not fair!" Victoria groaned, hoping that she wouldn't wake her brother, sleeping in the guest room, or the other girls. She didn't want any of them knowing about her clandestine arrangement with Bliss. Incest was not something a person discussed openly, even though she knew it was more common than some might think. Her head flopped back on the expensive pillow as her daughter's skilled little tongue brought her to orgasm. How did someone so young have so much fucking talent?

Victoria let Bliss cuddle close, holding the girl's slight body in her arms. "Sorry mommy, but I really did miss my favorite sex toy," she giggled naughtily. Of all her girls, Bliss had the most imp in her, although Julee was not far behind her. Autumn and Tabby could be playful, but they both possessed maturity and common sense.

"You don't play fair, little one," Victoria said as she kissed her daughter on the nose and ran her fingers through Bliss' long, blonde hair. "I can never resist you when you're in one of your moods. I just hope your sisters or your uncle never find out about us, there would be hell to pay."

"Why do you think that, mother?" Bliss asked as she sat up a bit. She looked at her mother with warmth and tenderness. "Don't you think the girls and Uncle B would understand that we're just expressing our love for each other in our own, unique way?"

"Oh darling, as much as I wish that were so, there isn't much chance of that," Victoria sighed wistfully. "I could see it with Julee perhaps; you and she are sometimes on the same wavelength. She can be a little scamp and I could see her understanding our desires. Your older sisters, no, I don't see it. They're a bit more like their father, serious and intellectual. You and Julee are passionate, like I am."

"You don't think Uncle Brandon ...?"

"Oh my God, don't even go there!" Victoria said to her daughter. "I love my brother, but I think he'd be shocked by our relationship. He might even report us to the authorities, although I doubt it – he's been my protector all of my life. It's just too risky sweetheart, there are still days where I can't believe that I let you seduce me."

"You didn't fight me too hard on it, mommy," Bliss giggled as she ran a soft hand along her mother's silky thigh.

Victoria sighed. "You are an irresistible little pixie and no one could resist you, my little love," she told the girl. "I should have fought harder but what's done, is done."

"You shouldn't have fought me at all, mom," Bliss told her, her hand still gently moving. "I believe that family should be able to express their love sexually and I know a number of other people that feel the same way I do." She hadn't told her mom that her best friend and her mom slept together because it wasn't her place to tell. She didn't have permission from Sophie or from Jo, but maybe someday soon.

"In today's world, I am sure that there are people that feel that way, my little love, but we are keeping this between us," Victoria insisted.

"Okay mommy, but what if I could prove to you that there are other people who are cool with family loving?" Bliss asked her mom. "Then what would you say?"

"Just how do you intend on doing that, little lady?"

"Come with me!" Bliss said, throwing her mother a filmy negligee that she had set to one side. She led her mom down the hall to the guest room and quietly opened the door. Victoria let out a loud gasp as her hands flew to her mouth. When, oh when, would she learn not to underestimate Bliss?

On top of her brother Brandon, her ebony hair flailing about, was Julee. She was riding his cock for all she was worth and there was no way that it was her first time doing it because her movements were exacted to make him cum. Beside the fucking couple on the same bed were her twins, Autumn and Tabitha. The sisters were noisily engaged in eating each other's pussies – also quite obviously, not their first time either.

"See Mommy; now do you see what a kinky and loving family we have?" Bliss chirped happily. Her plan was finally coming to fruition. She was bringing all of her family together at last. At this moment in time, Bliss was the only one that had been with all of them. After tonight, that would change forever IF her mom could accept the situation. Sexy little Bliss had seduced every person present in this room, hoping to bring them all to this point. It all hung on her mom's decision. Victoria could make it work or bring it all crashing down in flames.

Bliss saw the look in her mom's eyes as Julee continued riding Brandon's thick cock. She was astonished that her brother possessed such a weapon. Bliss felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside as she remembered how that cock felt fucking her own, snug little cunt. Despite what she had allowed her mom to believe, Bliss was most certainly not a lesbian. She was just selective as regarded men. So far, the only cock she had ever fucked was her uncle's. She hadn't gone looking because their handsome Uncle B had managed to satisfy 4 sex-crazed girls. How many boys or men that were slightly older than her own age would be able to do that?

Victoria looked at the long cock that was going in and out of her daughter's pussy. Could it really be that big? It was also incredibly sexy to watch her girls doing each other. The toned Autumn and the curvy, blonde Tabby looked so happy in their love. How could Bliss be so wise about sex at such a young age?

As Brandon heard the gasp, his head spun around. He saw his sister watching them all having sex and his heart sunk deep into his belly. It was all over, game over, the final moments. He was sure that his sister would put an end to their shenanigans. He loved all of his girls and had become almost addicted to the daily fuckings they provided. They had even gone so far as to set him up with some other girls as a thank you for all that he had done for them. Now, that was at an end. The twins noticed that things had gotten quiet and looked up to see their mom with Bliss standing beside her. It was so sad that this was all going to end.

Julee was the last one to notice her mother and sister standing in the doorway, but she was also the first one to notice something else. Her mom was wearing a filmy negligee and Bliss was in a tiny bra and panties and her favorite pair of stiletto heels. They were holding hands. Julee watched and waited as her mother made her way to the bed. It was hard to read the expression on Victoria's face. "Girls," she finally said to all four of her daughters. "Why don't you leave your uncle and I alone for a bit?"

Bliss wasn't having it. "Uh-uh mommy, no way!" She knew what she had to do to make it all come together. "You want to fuck Uncle B mommy, and you should – he's a great lover, we've all fucked him. That's right mommy, I'm not a lesbian. Hey guys – get this. Mommy and I have been having sex since before she went away and we just finished having more sex. That's right; everyone in this family likes to fuck. So why don't we all just be honest about it and keep fucking?" Bliss urged them all.

Brandon took his sister's hand as Julee dismounted. "I should have fucked you first, sis," he breathed as he took in the sheer awesomeness of his kid sister. "Christ, look at you – you're still fine," he told her as he tried to pull her into the bed with him. "Bliss is right; I've fucked all four of your little hellions. I'm greedy – I want it all, the whole enchilada. Let me fuck you Vicki, please?"

"You know, you're still the only one I let call me Vicki, right?" She grinned as she let the negligee slide away from her body. Brandon grinned happily as his sister wrapped a gentle hand around his cock. "This is mine now, but I'll share it when I want to," she said to her girls. All four were on the floor, cuddled together. As they watched their mom slide her mouth down on Brandon's cock, they moved into a Daisy Chain with the twins leading off. They kept one eye on their partner and another on Victoria as she sucked the cock of the man she loved most in the world. She never should have married either of her previous husbands and now she knew that. Only Brandon loved her unreservedly and let her be totally free. She had seen his face when Bliss made her little announcement; he had just accepted it at face value. Now she knew that she could tell her brother anything and he would still love her. She was his lover from this day forward. His cock felt so good in her mouth, just like it belonged there. It did, in her mouth and one other place too. She watched Bliss interact with her sisters and felt an overwhelming love for her youngest daughter. The little scamp had set everything up; she had woven an intricate web that had ensnared all of them like sex-crazed flies. Whether or not she had engineered all of it or Victoria's trip had been the catalyst, she did not know. What she did know was that her daughter was going to get some kind of special and naughty treat when this was all over. She hadn't used a strap-on with Bliss before, believing her to be a lesbian. Now that she knew that not to be true, could she do so now? Would it thrill her brother and her girls to watch mommy fuck her youngest baby with a plastic cock? Even better yet, could she / would she dare to fuck Bliss' ass while her uncle screwed her pussy?

Then she realized that she had three other beautiful daughters she could make love with. For an instant, her desires focused on them, but then her brother's cock shot a load of cum down her throat. She took it all and Bliss jumped up to share some and then, so did all of the girls. Everyone in the room tasted Brandon's spunk before they were all on the bed. Five women and one man sharing one bed. Victoria thanked God it was an older bed, made when furniture was sturdy. It likely was going to get used a lot. Brandon couldn't believe it when five sets of hands combined with lips set about working him over. He didn't know at any given time who was doing what, only that his libido was rising rapidly. All of the girls were touching each other as well as him. His sister wasn't being left out and that made him the happiest of all. He wanted Victoria to know the love that he had experienced this past number of weeks and now, she did. His cock was solid again and he pulled her close. "Let's make love, all of us," he said to her. She nodded and mounted his cock. The architect of their adventures got on her uncle's face and let him eat her pussy so that she could face her mommy. The two of them played while the other three frolicked beside them, reaching out to touch beautiful, sexy bodies. Victoria took her brother's cock deep inside of her pussy and vowed that she would never be without it again. Whatever it took to keep Brandon here, she would gladly do it. Until death did them part.

Victoria rushed about the kitchen, making final preparations for their dinner party. Bliss' friend Jo and her mother Sophie were coming to dinner. Apparently, Sophie had some kind of announcement that she wanted to make.

Victoria knew all about her brother's brief fling with both Sophie and Jo, she knew everything about everybody now. There were no longer any secrets in the Williams' household. That's what it was now, as Brandon had sold his home and moved in.

Victoria felt strong arms around her waist as her brother-husband hugged her and kissed her neck. Had that glorious night really happened six months ago? She looked down at the golden wedding band on her finger, the one that matched Brandon's own. It was proof of Brandon's commitment to their life together. Last month, with the girls in tow, they had gone to Las Vegas and gotten "married". Then, they all shared a week of debauched family sex that was equal loving and kink. Victoria still got weak in the knees remembering it.

"Happy, sweetheart?" Brandon asked his sister-wife.

"Blissful," she smiled as their youngest bounded into the room.

"Someone mention my name?" She giggled as she watched her "parents" cuddling. She threw her arms around Brandon. "Heya uncle-daddy, do you have time to have a shower with me or grab a good fuck before Jo and her mom get here?" She asked. "If I know those two, they'll want to hog you all for themselves."

Brandon looked at Victoria for an opinion, she just shrugged. "Totally up to you darling, but you know our girls. If you fuck Bliss without fucking them too, they'll claim you're playing favorites again."

"But baby, she's so cute when she's like this," Brandon laughed, patting his niece-daughter on the butt. Last night, she had let him fuck that butt while she ate Tabby to three orgasms. Her older sister said she had never before cum like that, so naturally, all of them had to have Bliss do them. She laughed and said her tongue was numb by the time she was finished. Brandon shrugged and picked up the squealing teen, carrying her all the way upstairs to the shower. Victoria got the wine out to chill as she heard running water, then squeals and then moans. A few minutes later, she heard the other girls' voices echoing from the large shower. She looked at the clock, they had about an hour. That left plenty of time for mommy to join in. She would now and forever after be the matriarch of Brandon's fuckable family.

So there you have it, our little romp has reached its conclusion. However, as happens with many a writer, I found that I didn't want to completely let go of these fun, loving, naughty people. I got an idea for a new series – actually, two new series – and you will be seeing both of them shortly. Brandon and his family will not be the stars this time, but you will see them again. Bliss assures me that they're all too naughty to stay away forever.

Thanks again

Yours in family kink, BrettJ

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