tagNonHumanBrave New World

Brave New World


Bart Vasco was an asshole.

Jackie Cooper, Science Officer aboard the cargo ship Key West, swore softly under her breath as she slipped the lightweight enviro-suit over her ship uniform. Ten hours dirtside on a planet that had never been recorded, much less identified, and she wasn't to leave the ship? Chances like this came across once in a lifetime, if that. The asteroid storm that knocked them out of the established shipping lanes and onto this dirtball would keep Parks and Durgin busy making repairs, and Vasco would be too busy bemoaning the cost in time lost to notice that she was gone. Her suit safely sealed, she hit the release and stepped out into their brave new world.

It wasn't much. The gravity was close enough to Earth-normal that she could walk comfortably, and the yellow sun made things easy enough on the eyes. The vegetation was thick and low to the ground, making her feel very exposed as she walked away from the safety of the ship, her sample case at the ready.

An hour later the glamour had worn off and reality had set in. Specimen taking was hard work, and there was no sign at all of any native civilization. She rolled her shoulders and stretched. Now wouldn't be a bad time to update her notepad, if she could-there. Just to her right was a light purple outcropping that looked like rock. It would make as good a place as any. Jackie sat down and began to review her notes.

Something was brushing against her shoulder. She absently flicked one hand out without thinking, only to have that hand caught tightly at the wrist.


It was a vine-no, some kind of tentacle. It rose up from the "rock" she'd been sitting on, and, as she watched, coiled itself snugly around her wrist. She jerked away, more out of surprise than fear, but the tentacle refused to give. A second one, she now saw, was snugly wrapped around her left ankle, with a third slithering up her right thigh. She couldn't feel much through the protection of her suit, but the look of the things moving across her body made her ill. There was something...knowing...about how they were moving. Something deliberate. With her free hand she reached for her belt-whether for her communicator or her weapon she wasn't sure-but she never made it. With a speed that was surprising, another tentacle erupted from the "rock" and snatched her arm at the wrist.

"Shit." Panic was rising in her throat. No one knew she was out here. She flinched back as another tentacle rose from the rock directly between her legs, this one as thick around as her wrist, if not bigger. Its head moved slowly from side to side, then moved directly for her groin. "Hey! Get away from there!" It slid over her crotch, pressing heavily against the fabric, wrapping itself around one thigh and then coming around to press directly against her vagina through her suit. It pressed in, withdrew. Pressed in, withdrew. Other tentacles were appearing, sliding up and across her stomach, criss-crossing her breasts like some crazy alien bra. Some were as thick as her wrist, others little more than the thickness of her pinkie. All seemed strong and very flexible. "Somebody! Help me!"

The words were out before she realized how stupid they were. No one could help her. She'd seen to that.

The tentacles at her wrists began to slowly pull backward, lifting her arms up and over her head, gradually drawing her entire body back down against whatever life form this purple "rock" was. All the while the tentacle at her groin was pressing, withdrawing. Against her will she could feel her body begin to respond. It was a purely physical response-and a damned embarrassing one; she wasn't into flora, thanks-but something in the creature seemed to respond. Every tentacle tightened at once, then returned to their caressing behavior. The tentacle at her crotch shuddered.

Tap, tap.

Something was on the screen of her visor. Not quite like the others, this tentacle came to a sharp point. It bent its head to one side, as if sizing her up, then pulled back and slammed down into the visor. The visor, supposedly damned-near invulnerable, cracked down the middle. Alien air rushed in. Another tap, and the visor split away, exposing her face to the elements. She gasped, and the air tasted strange. Spiced and foreign, but not fatal. The tentacle that had destroyed her visor made short work of the rest of her 'suit and the clothing beneath it, leaving her naked beneath the caress of alien tentacles under an alien sky.

The tentacles were smooth and slightly hot to the touch. They squeezed her breasts, another pulling back to first nuzzle and then seem to suckle at one nipple. The tentacles had appeared smooth at the head, but she realized that they had a narrow slit at the top. Her nipples fit smoothly inside, and she writhed as tentacles began to suck at her with their awful wet heat.

The tentacle at her crotch was still there, rubbing back and forth across the wet entrance to her pussy. It was now joined by others, which coiled around her thighs and drew her legs even farther apart, exposing her completely to the alien creature. She was both terrified and aroused, and watched with both revulsion and a horrible kind of excitement as the one pressing against her pussy pulled back. What exactly did an alien want with a human female? She felt her breath catch in her chest.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" The scream was torn out of her as the tentacle thrust forward, parting her vagina lips and plunging deep within her. Its thick, hot, alien body forced itself in as far as it could go, making her whole body rock with impact. Just as suddenly it withdrew, and she cried out in pain a second time. "No, ple-aaaaaiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Again it thrust in, penetrating her ruthlessly. "Please don't, oh please..." she whispered. This had to be some kind of a dream. Their first sentient alien contact, and it was rape? "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh." Now the tentacle moved slower, sliding in deeply, then pulling back with a wet sucking sound, never completely leaving her body. It was...fucking her?

But there were other tentacles, and the thing that held her apparently wasn't satisfied with one kind of rape. A small one, roughly the thickness of her pinkie, had found her clitoris, and was flicking lightly back and forth across it knowingly. Her hips jerked in response as it hit an especially good place, and from then on it touched her there over and over. She bit back a moan. Meanwhile, something was sliding up from below her, caressing her buttocks. It slid up the cleft between her ass cheeks and she wriggled, trying to pull away. Surely it wouldn't-

It did. The tip of the tentacle rubbed lightly against the tight, tender skin of her anus. She hated anal sex, always had. Now an alien tentacle was pressing insistently against her asshole, pushing with increasing force. She moaned as it gained some access, forcing its way in perhaps a centimeter. Then two.

"Ohhhhhhh." Her moan was low and long, and composed of as much pain as pleasure. The monstrous tentacle as big as her forearm continued to slowly slide in and out of her vagina to the rhythm of another tentacle's clitoral caress. She felt unbearably full, full to bursting. Below that was the slow, in sinuous movement of the anal tentacle, forcing itself deeper and deeper within her. Each wriggling movement was pain, and the thing showed no signs of stopping. Would it ever stop?

Something caressed her cheek and she turned her head, eyes going wide. Had she been found? Please, God, let them have followed me.

"Mmmmph!" A hot, slick tentacle parted her lips, catching her completely by surprise. It forced her mouth wide, sliding against the back of her throat and completely filling her airway. She began to thrash frantically and it pulled out, teasing her lips and tongue with quick little flicks of its head. It pulled away and then plunged in again before withdrawing to let her choke and gasp for air. Then it was at her again, thrusting in and out of her mouth. This time it didn't stop, leaving her barely enough time to gasp for breath before the alien tentacle forced itself into her mouth and down her throat yet again. And again.

Smaller tentacles writhed across her naked body, caressing her skin, twisting to pinch random bits of flesh. Others hovered over her, swaying, as if waiting for a chance to penetrate her. She struggled against the coils holding her, but it was no use. She couldn't even scream as the alien used her mouth for its own pleasure, procreation, or some unknowable third alternative.

The tentacle probing her anus was throbbing, growing thicker within her. She moaned, writhing in pain, as it began to slide in and out of her anus. She could feel skin tearing as the tentacle pulsated, forcing itself just a little deeper with each slow, excruciating thrust. What had been the thickness of a human thumb was now the thickness of three of her fingers, and was apparently intent on fucking her ass as its fellow tentacle was her pussy.

The tentacle in her pussy was still thrusting unmercifully, sliding in and out of her violated body tirelessly. Watching it slide in and out of her body was like watching a horror film. The pain in her anus and the shock of the thing in her mouth had overcome her pleasure, but now the tentacle caressing her clitoris latched onto it and began to suck. The effect was instantaneous.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh." The first wave of her climax hit her by surprise, and she threw her head back and arched her back with a soft moan. It lapped over the pain, not erasing it but running along side it, side by side. Now it felt like a man's penis was enthusiastically fucking her up the unlubricated ass and she wanted to scream from the pain. Then the pleasure intensified to match. She moaned around the tentacle still fucking her mouth, her entire body jerking in mindless pleasure. She was barely aware that the tentacle in her pussy was thrusting faster and faster, or that the one in her mouth was starting to throb. She was lost in pleasure, and at that moment would willingly have killed to keep feeling that way.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh." It was all she could manage. It was terrible. It was wonderful. It was-

spack spack spack

Without warning hot, foul-tasting fluid filled her mouth and ran down her throat. It was the tentacle, she realized, ejaculating a thick green fluid as it thrust in and out of her mouth. She coughed and tried to spit it out, but it just kept on coming. For one terrible moment the tentacle thrust itself deep, blocking her airway completely and forcing her to swallow what felt like a cup of hot seminal fluid before it finally withdrew.

"Oh!" She was still trying to catch her breath when the tentacle in her vagina exploded as well, filling her with wave after wave of alien semen. It spattered against her thighs and puddled beneath her, mixing with the blood and semen that trickled from her anus. All over her body tentacles tightened painfully, then loosened. It was over.

She sat up slowly. Every inch of her body was sore, and most of it seemed to be coated with what had to be alien semen. It lingered in her mouth and throat, slid down her thighs in slow trickles. With effort she managed to get to her feet and turned to face the thing.

It was a smooth surface again. Near it was what was left of her enviro-suit and uniform, along with her equipment. She didn't need to check it to see that, whether by accident or design, the comm unit and gun were broken beyond repair. Jackie looked around. The landscape appeared the same on every direction, the low vegetation removing any possible landmark. Which direction had she come from? Careful to stay clear of the purple alien, she retrieved the water cask from her belt and drank thirstily. At least she wouldn't starve. According to her initial survey. Several of the plants were edible, and one would provide a decent source of water, if it came to that.

"Let's just see that it doesn't, okay, Cooper?" She didn't sound any more confident than she felt. But she would get back to the ship. Of course she would. If nothing else, they'd notice that she was gone soon, and set up a search party. Scanners wouldn't work on this high-metal planet, but even on foot they'd find her fairly soon.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a dry cough. It was quickly followed by another, wetter one. A minute later she was on her knees, shaking as wave after wave of coughing wracked her body. Suddenly it felt like her lungs and sinuses were filled to bursting. She fell over, rolling helplessly as a series of explosive coughs roared through her. She could feel a rush as a flow of something flew from her nose and mouth. Stunned, she opened her eyes just in time to see the last of what appeared to be small purple flower petals drift away on the breeze.

Seedlings. Fucking thing used me as part of its reproductive cycle. I'll be damned.

She looked back at the purple alien. Its surface rippled slowly, as if in confirmation. Then, while she watched, a single tentacle rose from its surface. It was as thick as the last one to penetrate her vagina, but shaped like a man's penis. The invitation was clear.

Like hell. There's no guarantee it would let me get away a second time, or that this doesn't do humans permanent damage. I'd be crazy to even think about it.

But her body remembered the pleasure. More pleasure, in fact, than she'd ever experienced before. More than she would ever experience again, even if she lived a hundred years. It remembered.

It hungered.

While the small portion of her brain that remained uninfected screamed in horror, Jessica walked over to the alien and slid down onto that waiting tentacle.


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