tagMind ControlBreach of Confidentiality Ch. 03

Breach of Confidentiality Ch. 03


Part 3- Conclusion

Michelle sat at the bar of the Electric Raven nursing a Mike's Hard Lemonade. She was wearing a mini-skirt and a belly-baring crop top with a good deal of exposed cleavage. It was about the only thing she could wear and still be able to function. She still felt a low ebb of intense arousal and her hips wriggled unconsciously, but she was able to think at least semi-clearly.

Michelle was finally coming to terms with her condition. She was for all intents and purposes trapped in a bimbo body. Physically, her body now represented the stereotypical bimbo, with her blonde hair, highly exaggerated curves and soft, heated flesh just screaming to be touched. Her sexual areas...clit, nipples, lips and- humiliatingly- her anus all possessed increased sensitivity now, far beyond anything she had experienced before. A simple walk across the room left her giggling and squirming like a slut in heat. Michelle knew instinctively that she had to fight the overwhelming sensations, but her body was betraying her at every turn.

Not only did she have the exaggerated body, but she had to show it off. The more clothing she wore, the more intensely aroused she became. Too much clothing and the arousal overwhelmed her ability to think. It was simple math. She had to be practically naked to keep her wits about her.

And it wasn't just her body. Apparently the hypnotic programming left her thoughts untouched, but it had shaped her behaviors and body language. Michelle had always been a flirt, but now she positively radiated heat. Every move she made seemed to serve the purpose of showing off her exaggerated body. Her fingers unconsciously twirled her hair and she rolled her eyes and bit her lower lip when she was thinking really hard. Her speech was pure bimbo babble now. She couldn't help it. Somehow Blonde Concepts had managed to bypass her conscious thoughts and program her subconscious. She was a smart girl completely trapped in a bimbo body. And no one realized that she wasn't really like this!

She couldn't tell anybody what happened, either. She realized now that trying to talk about Blonde Concepts in any way triggered her helpless sucking obsession. Everyone thought she was a bimbo for real and she couldn't even *try* to convince them otherwise. Kelly was right. This was the most diabolical trap ever, and far more binding than any breach of confidentiality contract. She was trapped by pleasure!

"Well, look who's here!" said a voice. "I wasn't expecting to see you out and around. And don't you look adorable! I almost didn't recognize you!"

Michelle looked up, and there stood Cassandra. The redhead had a very smug, self-satisfied smile on her face.

Michelle clenched her teeth. She didn't need this. "Hello, Cassandwa. You can, like, see what's happened, 'kay? I hope you're happy."

Cassandra shrugged, nodding her thanks as the bartender put a shot glass with blue liquid in it in front of her. "Hey, it was your bright idea, alright? I'm the one who should be pissed. I'll be smooth for weeks, thanks to you, and I still have lipstick on my ass, thank you very much! Do you know how embarrassing it was to have to tell them you got me drunk and tricked me?"

Michelle giggled and stuck out her tongue. "I totally dommed you, cutie! You were, like, totally a redheaded slut. Heh. Toldja!"

Cassandra laughed. "Omigod, you sound hysterical! They really did a number on your speech, didn't they? Kelly told me some of what would happen to you, because she knew I was embarrassed about what you did."

Cassandra stopped talking. She had apparently realized that Michelle was squirming.

"What's wrong, Michelle? You're squirming like a slut." Then Cassandra's eyes widened. "Oh, that's right...you can't talk about Blonde Concepts anymore, can you? That means that by us discussing it now, you're having some really strong urges, aren't you?" Cassandra laughed. "Oh, this is rich! Look at you!"

Michelle's hips were wriggling and her mouth watered. She was struggling not to drool, and she needed to suck cock in the worst way. Gawd, she needed some cum in her belly. Damn that Cassandra!

Cassandra leaned forward and whispered in Michelle's ear. "Look at my little Domme girl, all hot and needy! And I know what you need. I'll tell you what. I know the bartender tonight. And I know what you need. If I ask him to, I bet he'll let you suck him off. Would you like that?"

Michelle mewled. Her thumb was back in her mouth. She couldn't help it. She needed to suck. To wrap her lips around a hard shaft. To have a cock pump her mouth.

Cassandra laughed. "I'll take that as a yes," she said, "but you'll have to do it my way. Unless you want to suck a stranger." She indicated the rest of the tavern with a wave of her hand. Michelle shook her head, eyes wide.

"Fine," said Cassandra. She slid her shot glass with the blue liquid over to Michelle. "Here. Drink this. I'll talk to Craig while you do that."

Michelle drank the shot in one movement. She saw Cassandra talking to the bartender and she assumed that was Craig.

Cassandra returned moments later. "Okay, you're in. Get behind the bar."

Michelle blinked, then giggled. "Behind the bar?"

"Yes," said Cassandra. "Are you arguing with me?"

"No!" said Michelle, desperation driving her to her feet. She spotted an opening and quickly made her way behind the bar.

Craig gave Michelle a big smile. "Hiya, darlin'. You're looking fine tonight, aren't ya?"

Michelle giggled, her hip rolling out unconsciously. "Thanks, cutie!" Dammit!

Craig pushed a shot glass to Cassandra, then poured one for Michelle. "Here ya go, darlin'. A little somethin' somethin' to help the medicine go down, right?"

Michelle watched Cassandra drink her shot, so she did the same. This had possibilities. Michelle had already shown she could easily outdrink Cassandra, so if she kept matching drinks with the redhead, she could at least win this round.

Cassandra looked at Michelle with a smirk. "Hey, 'Chelle, tell me all about Blonde Concepts and the Fall lineup. C'mon, tell me!"

Michelle's eyes widened. She turned to Craig, pleading with her eyes.

Craig nodded. "Go 'head, girl. Do it."

Michelle squirmed. "Ummm...shouldn't we go, like, somewhere else...?"

Craig shook his head. "I can do whatever I want as long as I'm behind the bar," he said, "but I can't leave the bar. Sorry, darlin'."

Michelle couldn't wait any more. She dropped to her knees in front of Craig. She hoped nobody could see behind the bar, but she soon forgot about the crowd as her mouth slid over Craig's cock.

Craig apparently enjoyed performing in front of crowds, as he had no difficulties responding to Michelle's ministrations. He even prepared two drinks as Michelle's mouth stroked over his hard shaft. Her belly muscles were twitching and jumping in heated need, and she had been unable to stop even while Craig was preparing the drinks. The couple being served appeared to enjoy the sight of the blonde blowing their bartender while he prepared their liquid refreshment.

"There's never a dull moment here, is there?" said the woman.

"That's the Electric Raven for you," said the man.

Finally, Michelle was rewarded for her efforts when her mouth once again filled with hot cum. She moaned around Craig's shaft as her own intense orgasm began and she instinctively began swallowing the flood. She shuddered as she felt her belly filling. It was a hot and heavy load, and Michelle groaned as her orgasm intensified.

Her wild orgasm finally faded. His cock finally drained as well, and Michelle sat back on her heels, self-consciously wiping her chin. Craig handed her another shot to wash out the aftertaste and she drank it straight down.

"Wow, you're quite the adorable cocksucker, aren't you?" said Cassandra. "That's good...you're going to get a lot of experience now. Heh." Her words seemed slightly slurred, but she drank another shot. "Alright, come back over here and have another drink," she said.

Michelle felt a rush. A couple more drinks and Cassandra would be gone. Michelle giggled and made her way back around the bar, her hand on her full belly. Craig gave her a jaunty wave as she made it back to her stool.

Cassandra placed an order with Craig. Then she turned to Michelle. "I've got some more shots coming. You shouldn't drink too much, though, cuz you'll get all bimboey and stuff, okay?"

Michelle giggled. Cassandra was already half-gone. Michelle was feeling pretty buzzed herself, but she already knew she could out-drink Cassandra. She would be fine for another drink or two, and that would be enough to get Cassandra drunk enough to be dommed by a bimbo. Heh.

Craig arrived with six shots on a tray. He set three down in front of each woman. Cassandra grabbed the first one and said, "Race ya!"

Michelle giggled. "You're on!"

They knocked back their shots in quick sequence. Michelle was feeling very buzzed now, and she knew that Cassandra had to be even worse. When Craig placed another shot in front of them a few minutes later, Michelle reached out for the shot glass but she was having trouble coordinating her hand to reach it. She giggled. It seemed so funny!

Cassandra helped Michelle get the shot glass into her hand and helped guide the shot to Michelle's mouth. Michelle wavered slightly, blinking. She giggled, and a little of the drink trickled down her chin, but she got most of it in her mouth. She swallowed the drink, then hiccupped. She giggled again.

"You know, bimbo," said Cassandra, "Kelly didn't really tell you anything about what's happening to you, but she said I can give you a few pointers. I'm gonna give you two." Cassandra leaned close to Michelle and whispered in her ear. "The first thing I'm going to tell you is that accessories help. Paint your fingernails and toenails in bright, bimboey colors. Lots of earrings. Toe rings. Anklets. Bangle bracelets. Bright bimbo red lipstick. And makeup, sweetie. Lots of eye makeup. It won't stop the arousal, but it will help mute it a little. And I'm sure every little bit helps now, doesn't it, slut?"

Cassandra helped Michelle to her feet. Michelle's eyes were a bit glazed and she seemed to have trouble standing. Cassandra walked the stumbling Michelle through the door and towards her car in the parking lot.

"The second tip, sweetie," said Cassandra, "is to let you know that the chemicals that have turned you into a bimbo have also wiped out your resistance to alcohol. Bimbos are supposed to be easy to get drunk, and you are now no exception. Trying to get me drunk was cute. But now, you're going to find out what happens to horny little bimbos who can't hold their alcohol."


Michelle woke the next morning and immediately knew she was dying. She knew this because there could be no other explanation for how she felt.

She rolled over to block out the horrible light and gasped as she tumbled to the floor. She opened one eye and glanced around. She was in an unfamiliar living room. A living room of the damned.

It finally occurred to Michelle that she was naked. And moments later she made another unexpected discovery.

Two large hoops were dangling from her nipples.

Michelle's eyes widened. Pierced nipples! She had pierced nipples! What the hell had happened?

"Admiring your new accessories?" said a voice.

Michelle whirled around. Cassandra was leaning against a doorway. Michelle belatedly registered that she was in Cassandra's living room.

Michelle crossed her arms in front of her boobs. "I have nipple rings! My nipples got pierced!" she said.

Cassandra smiled and nodded lazily. "Yep. Don't bother trying to take them out. You need a special tool for those. You got some artwork, too, by the way. Take a look at that hot ass in the mirror, babe."

Michelle's mouth fell open, and she ran to the bathroom. She turned and looked over her shoulder at the mirror.

Sure enough, large letters were tattooed across her left ass cheek. The letters spelled, "BIMBO".

Michelle slapped her palm to her rounded ass cheek and rubbed vigorously, hoping it was just a bad joke. The letters remained as they were.

"Omigod!" said Michelle. "It's, like, totally permanent! It's a real tattoo!"

"He did good work," said Michelle from the bathroom doorway. "It suits you."

Michelle sat on the toilet lid, trying to take it all in. Memories from the night before were beginning to filter in.

"Oh, gawd," said Michelle. "I was...dancing. With guys."

Cassandra laughed. "Boy, were you ever. Topless, no less. Those guys followed you from the tattoo parlor like puppy dogs."

"Guys?" said Michelle. "How...how many...?" A lot of memories were filtering in now.

Cassandra shrugged. "Three. You blew one guy on the drive home. You did the other two here."

Michelle's cheeks turned rosy. "Omigod. You did me. You did my ass with a strap-on last night!"

Cassandra smirked. "Yes, I did. In front of everybody. I didn't even have to get undressed. And by the way, I tried to shave you, but apparently all your hair down there is gone. Anyway, I need to get to work, so you need to get dressed and get out, sweetie. I have a heart, though, so I'll drop you off at your car."

Naked, pierced and tattooed, Michelle gathered her scattered clothing. She had never felt like such a bimbo as she did now.


Michelle was only an hour late for work. She vaguely remembered Cassandra saying something about accessories and she loaded up. It turned out that Cassandra had been right...bimbo accessories didn't stop the arousal, but it helped lessen the heat somewhat. Also, they matched her plaid school girl mini and tight ruffled crop top well. She wasn't exactly tasteful, and she was still squirming in heat, but at least she wasn't completely overwhelmed by it.

The breathless blonde walked in the door and she was sure everyone could see her pierced nipples through her top. Somehow she made it to her desk and began laying out the strategy for her campaign. Or, at least, she tried to. Although she wasn't overwhelmed by need, the constant ebb of sexual heat was making it difficult for Michelle to concentrate. Her thighs kept unconsciously parting and she found her fingers sliding inside her pussy. Her aching nipples were rock hard and she shifted self-consciously on her new tattoo. Finally, she gave in. She leaned back in her seat and let her fingers slide over her burning clit. Yesssss. That was exactly what she...

"Michelle?" said a voice.

Michelle squealed in surprise and popped her hand out from beneath her skirt.

Chalmers stood in the doorway, eyebrows raised. "Ah...good morning," he said. "I didn't, ah, interrupt anything, did I?"

No door. How the hell could she forget that? She was such a bimbo. Cheeks flaming, she shook her head and mumbled, "Noperz, sir."

Chalmers nodded, a bemused smile on his face. "That's good. Could you meet me in my office, please? I want to go over the Martin's account with you."

Mr. Chalmers actually wanted to go over the numbers! This was good. This was her chance to prove she wasn't just a hot piece of ass.

"Yes, sir! I'll be right there!" she said. Her teeth clenched at her bubbly perkiness, but she couldn't help that.

"Good," said Chalmers. "I'll see you in five minutes, then."

Five minutes? She had hoped for a little longer so she could relieve her growing heat. Her hips were wriggling unconsciously and she really needed a quick orgasm before having an extended meeting. No time now, though. Dammit.

The aroused blonde gathered her papers and made her way down the aisle and through the hall to Chalmers' office. He looked up from his desk as she walked through the door.

"You're here. Good. Close the door," he said.

Michelle turned around and closed the door. Her heart started pounding.

Chalmers stood up and walked around the desk. Then he smiled at Michelle. "Relax, sweetheart," he said. "I know you're going to do just fine on the Martin's account. You don't need me to hold your hand, right? That would be insulting! And you know I respect you too much to insult you, right?" He reached out and patted her well-rounded bottom.

Michelle had been around enough to know exactly what Chalmers was up to. He just wanted to see how far he could get with her, and, with her exaggerated curves right now, who could blame him? It would be easy enough to redirect it, though. She'd done it a dozen times before in her previous jobs.

However, when his hand slid over her ass, what came out instead was a vapid giggle.

Her eyes widened in surprise. She had forgotten about that programmed reaction. Chalmers, meanwhile, took her giggle as acquiescence and gave her ass a squeeze, which caused her to wiggle and giggle again. Chalmers' other hand slid over her boob then. His palm pressed against her new piercing and she gasped at the sudden heated swirl of pain and pleasure.

He paused for a moment as he registered the hoop in her nipple. Then his other hand came up and he stood groping her breasts with both hands.

"What a great rack!" he said.

Michelle was mewling in heat and need as he fondled her sensitive boobs. She lifted her arms and let him slide her top off her body. Despite the burning from her new piercings, the intense sensations coming from her sensitive nipples were driving her beyond rational thought. Then she felt his big hands on her hips, turning her around.

"Bend over the desk," he said.

Michelle felt herself pressed facedown onto the desk, her bare boobs flattening against the hard surface. She heard the sound of pants hitting the floor and then her skirt was flipped up over her bare ass.

Chalmers' meaty hand was casually resting on her right ass cheek. Then there was a pause. With sudden clarity, Michelle realized that Chalmers was reading her left ass cheek.

"Bimbo?" he said in an amused voice. "It fits. I like it." To prove it, he gave her ass a hearty slap.

She gasped, then wriggled helplessly. She really needed him to do her. Foreplay was great, but if he didn't stick his cock in her soon, she was going to scream.

"Please, sir, like, do me!" she said. She knew she was squirming like a slut in heat, but she couldn't help it.

Chalmers laughed. "Damn, girl, you're hot, you know that? Alright, get ready for Tommy Junior! Woot woot!"

Michelle felt Chalmers grab her hips and suddenly Tommy Junior was driving into her with surprising force. Michelle gasped, then hiccupped, then wriggled like a surprised bimbo. His cock seemed to be hitting every sensitive spot inside her at the same time, and not even the burning pain from his lower belly striking her fresh tattoo could distract her from the intense sensations washing over her. Unbidden words spilled from her lips.

"Oh! Oh! Pull my hair!" she cried out. "Oh! Yes! Oh! Call me a bitch! Oh! Oh! Slap my ass! Oh! Yes! Oh!"

Chalmers tried to do it all at the same time and nearly knocked Michelle off the desk, but not even the sudden drop in technique was enough to interfere with Michelle's sensory overload. Her hips bucked back to meet his thrusts as Tommy Junior stroked into her again and again.

Finally, she heard a moan behind her. Chalmers' big hands suddenly gripped her hips even tighter and he jammed his cock all the way inside her. She felt his shaft thicken inside her, and suddenly she realized that he was filling her with hot cum. Michelle shuddered, then moaned as his orgasm trigger her own, and then she was seeing colors and swirling in pure pleasure sensations.

Eventually the waves of intensity subsided, and Michelle realized she had been bent over a desk and screwed like a bimbo. Cheeks red, she waited as Chalmers slid his cock out of her. Then she gasped as he gave her bottom a final slap.

"Yep, nice ass, sweetheart," he said.

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