tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBreakfast with Anna Nicole Smith

Breakfast with Anna Nicole Smith


Last summer I was staying at a nice hotel in Texas while on a tour promoting an anthology of some of my stories. I came downstairs for breakfast and beheld a sight that was both beautiful and sad. It was Anna Nicole Smith, who is beautiful, and she was sitting by herself in a booth, drinking coffee and crying. That was the sad part, that any woman, especially one as gorgeous as she, would be crying like that.

Partly because of empathy I felt for her and partly because of a shortage of seating, I slid into the seat across from her and, when she looked quizzically at me, smiled and said, "There, there, Anna Nicole. Things can't be as bad as all that."

"Oh? What makes you say that? And, what do you know about it?"

"I know that you are fabulously rich, have your own television show and are one of the most beautiful women in the world. With all that going for you, things can't be too awfully bad."

"You really think I'm beautiful?"

"I think so and so do all the men I know. All the straight ones, at least."

"What about this review in the paper?"

She slid a newspaper across the table to me. It was folded to display the television reviews and there was one of her show by a local columnist. It described the show as inane, which was strong, but not too far off, and it described the star as a fat pig.

"I must agree that your show is a bit lightweight, but that's what it's supposed to be, fun, not serious. But describing you like that is not only hateful, it's just plain WRONG."

"You don't think I'm fat?"

"I think you're built the way a woman should be, nothing at all like the Allie McBeal type this jerk must prefer, thank God. "Playboy" thought so too, when they put you in the magazine as a centerfold, and their readers thought so when they voted you Playmate of the Year. That should mean something."

"I've put on some weight since then, though."

"I can see that, but you've put it on in the right places. Your body is even curvier and sexier now than it was then. Your face is prettier too. At least, it would be if your eyes weren't so red."

About that time the waitress came by and took our orders. As usual when I'm in a place like this, I ordered an omelet. Some of the print on the menu was quite small so I had to put on my glasses to read it. After the waitress had left, I saw Anna Nicole looking at me intently.

"Aren't you George Boxlicker, the author? With those glasses, you certainly look like him."

"Yes. I look like him because I am him. I am he." I believe in being grammatical whether I'm writing or speaking.

"Wow! I heard you were in town on a book signing tour. It's really great to meet you. I'm one of your biggest fans. I just love the hot stories you write on Literotica."

"Well, that's nice. I'm always glad to meet a fan. And, you're right; I do have a book signing appointment but that's not until three o'clock this afternoon."

"It's only eight o'clock now. That means we've got seven whole hours."

I wasn't sure what she meant by saying "we" had that time but I did like the sound of it, especially with the lascivious way she was looking at me. Spending hours in a hotel room and doing what comes naturally with a woman as hot as Anna Nicole Smith is one of the things I most like to do.

"I really do love the stories you write, George. When you describe what you're doing with the women, I always have my hands down my jeans wishing it was me. I hope you don't mind helping a girl's wishes come true."

I told her it would be a pleasure and a privilege, especially the former. The waitress was passing by just then and I stopped her and changed my order to add a big glass of tomato juice and a side dish of fried oysters. From the way my breakfast partner, apparently soon to be my sex partner, was looking at me, I believed I would need them. I certainly hoped I would. I washed down my Viagra with the juice.

Since I was on an expense account, I paid for both our breakfasts. We took the elevator to Anna Nicole's room, which was one of the more luxurious ones in the hotel, and had a heart-shaped bed. After hanging out the "Do not disturb" sign, she locked and bolted the door behind us. I was in a fancy hotel room with one of the sexiest women I had ever even heard of, and she had the hots for me!

With absolutely no coyness whatsoever, she opened her arms wide and, when I stepped up to her, hugged me while her mouth sought out mine. She had no trouble finding it and her tongue had no difficulty finding mine either. We smooched next to the door until she broke off a kiss, bent over to unzip my fly and reached in to fondle my cock, which became even more erect than it had already gotten from the kissing.

"This is for later," Anna Nicole said, smiling even more lewdly than she had before. "First, I want to cum from your tongue in my pussy, the way you write about so well." While she gently held my erection in one soft hand, I happily followed her over to the bed.

Before climbing aboard the pink and white valentine, we undressed each other. She unbuttoned my shirt and I turned around so it could be pulled off. I did the same for her blouse and, ending up behind her. It was still my turn because I was naked above the waist and she was wearing her bra so I unhooked it. Anna Nicole held it in place while she turned around to face me, then removed it and spread her arms, presenting her lovely breasts.

"Ta-da!" she announced, smiling as she did.

They were easily worthy of a much grander presentation. I saw her first centerfold and also the edition where she was featured as Playmate of the Year. As beautiful as those photos showed her to be, they had not done justice to her truly gorgeous breasts. They were big, of course, and bouncy, the way they should be, almost seeming to have lives of their own.

She moved closer to me, her lovely, unfettered twins swaying. I cupped one hand under either of the beauties and bent down to begin paying homage by licking her big, pink nipples. They were both erect, very flattering to me, and my tongue caressed either one in turn, reveling in the feel of the multitude of tiny ridges.

"Mmmmm, I really love that, she murmured. "Why don't we lie down on the bed, though? It'll be even more fun for both of us."

That seemed like a good idea so I took my hands from her breasts and reached down to unfasten her belt and unbutton her tight jeans. As I peeled them down around her gorgeous hips and ass I went to my knees, leaving my face inches from the crotch of Anna Nicole's skimpy panties. They were so wet with her delectable pussy juices that her dark blonde pubic hair was visible. I stopped and breathed deeply of the heavenly aroma, before pulling her pants the rest of the way to her boot tops. While she raised her legs one at a time, I pulled off her boots, socks and her pants. She was still wearing her wet panties but I would remove them later.

Anna Nicole lay on her back, her hands holding her gorgeous breasts and offering them to me. It was an offer I could not refuse. After quickly yanking off all my clothes, I joined her on the bed, and my tongue resumed caressing her nipples. They felt just as good as they had a few minutes earlier, and my licking must have felt just as good too, because Anna Nicole's upper body was squirming on the bed as she murmured her delight. For several long and incredibly enjoyable minutes, I switched my tongue between the lovely globes, immensely enjoying the movements of her body and her blissful cooing.

Her breasts were much too big to get more than a small fraction inside my mouth but I did the best I could. The skin of the first luscious mound was soft and smooth to my lips while her areola had a pebbly texture on my tongue. Anna Nicole's nipples seemed to have gotten even more rigid as I licked, while sucking on the first of her incredible breasts. As I again switched back and forth between them, sucking and licking each in turn, her movements became more strenuous and her cooing changed to moans from the pleasure I was giving her. I was receiving enormous pleasure as well, from two of the most succulent breasts my mouth has ever known.

As marvelous as her breasts are, though, and as wonderful a time as we were both having, we knew that even greater pleasure lay farther down on her body. "Yes!" she murmured, urging me on as I started licking and kissing my way down her creamy body.

Her skin there was just as soft and smooth as it had been on her breasts, as my tongue meandered down her pleasantly rounded belly. Briefly, I swirled my tongue into her navel. Anna Nicole giggled and said "That feels nice, George, but we both know where I really want your tongue."

I certainly did, and I licked farther until I came to the waistband of her panties. Briefly I tasted the silky surface, relishing the flavor of the juices that had soaked through, but I knew they would be even more delicious when licked directly from her pussy. With that in mind, I got off the bed and got back on between Anna Nicole's legs, which she was spreading for me. When I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down, she raised her legs and lifted her ass off the bed.

Slowly, as if unveiling some national treasure, which is what I considered myself to be doing, I pulled the soaked garment around her hips, down her legs and off her feet, tossing it aside. Anna Nicole lowered her legs and spread them again for me. I gazed, enraptured, at her bare pussy. I had seen it before, in photos, but "Playboy" does not use open-crotch photographs so the camera had not truly done justice to one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

She had shaved or waxed her outer lips so they were smooth and inviting. The blonde hair above her clit was trimmed in the shape of a heart, which was appropriate because I loved what I was looking at. The skin around her pussy was creamy white, contrasting with her lips, which were dark pink and engorged with her lust. Anna Nicole's clit was also swollen, so much so that it was pushing its way out from under its protective hood. Between her inner lips, I could see her love hole itself, shiny pink and wet from the same juices that covered her entire pussy and were running down her crotch. I inhaled deeply of the fragrance of those juices and, as wonderful as her pussy was to look at, it was an even more delightful treat for my nose. From experience, I knew the nectar she was producing would taste even better than it smelled.

Before I could determine that, though, Anna Nicole handed me a pillow and raised her ass from the bed. The pillow was pink and heart-shaped, like the bed, and I slipped it under her ass, raising her pussy to where my mouth could reach her most easily. Keeping her legs spread, she raised them again, letting me duck under and place my shoulders against her thighs. I wrapped my arms around her legs and leaned forward to begin my feast.

Anna Nicole was extremely aroused and she knew what I like to do in that situation. "I'm really hot for you, George. Make me cum fast and then again slowly."

First I licked the nectar from the insides of her thighs and from her crotch. When I glanced up, I could see her face, tossing from side to side on her pillow, her eyes blissfully closed and a beatific smile on her face. Anna Nicole's pussy was so beautiful and her juices so fragrant and delicious, I decided to bring her to at least two orgasms with my mouth. Besides the ecstasy it would give her, I would also derive immense pleasure from spending a long time eating her pussy and bringing her to those climaxes.

Instead of licking between a pair of inner and outer lips as I would usually do, I started by probing the edges of her wet love hole with my tongue. Drops of her delicious juices squirted out and, as soon as my tongue touched her there, Anna Nicole expressed her delight by moaning, and her pussy started thrusting up into my face.

Both moans and thrusting continued as my tongue probed her wet hole from first one side then the other. I could feel and hear her getting closer to cumming as I moved my tongue across the source of her nectar, dipping in to savor its delicious taste as I passed over it. When I reached the top edge, I was just under her clit, which had become so swollen it had completely pushed its way out of the protective hood.

"Make me cum, George. Suck my clit," Anna Nicole was begging me.

Using more pressure than I had been up until then, I stroked all around the adorable button she wanted me to suck. I wanted to suck it too so I enveloped her clit with my mouth, clamping my lips on its base. As I sucked, my tongue caressed the engorged sides and base. After less than a minute, there was an abrupt upheaval under my face.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried, squeezing my temples between her thighs while her hands pressed on the back of my head. My face was buried in one of the most delightful places of its long experience, in Anna Nicole's beautiful pussy. While her thighs and hands held my head in place, her legs swung wildly from side to side and her ass bounced up and down on the bed. For some of the most pleasurable minutes of my life, she continued cumming while my mouth kept sucking and licking her clit.

"Ahhhhh!" Anna Nicole cried out joyfully as she climaxed, her back arching under me as her hands and pussy squeezed my face between themselves a final time.

After her orgasm, she relaxed completely, her legs draped peacefully on my back and her arms sprawled at her sides. There was a vast amount of fresh juices awaiting me and I devoured it all. Just as I finished licking the last of it off her pussy lips, I looked up at Anna Nicole's beautiful face. Her eyes were open and she was smiling contentedly at me, although she hoped to enjoy more of what we had just done.

"That was wonderful, George. You eat pussy just as well as you write about it. I hope you're not done, though. In your stories, when a girl cums right away, like I did, you keep eating her pussy until she cums again. Are you gonna do that for me?"

By way of answering, I smiled back at her, bent forward and started licking the very soft area between the origins of an inner and outer lip, just below her pink hole. Knowing she would be cumming at least once again, Anna Nicole smiled, nestled her head into her pillow and prepared to experience ecstasy again.

Her pussy is such a delight that it was as much fun for me as it was for her and I was determined to make the second time last a lot longer and bring us both as much pleasure as possible. I began by licking one of her smooth and inviting outer lips. She must have been even more sensitive there than I had thought because, by the time I reached her mons and licked the blonde heart, she was cooing in pleasure and her pussy was squirming on the bed. I licked her other outer lip the same way, including her feathery pubic hair.

Besides her movements and sounds that indicated mounting pleasure, Anna Nicole's lovely pussy was producing a stream of delicious juices, so I happily devoured them. After pleasing my taste buds, I resumed pleasing the rest of my tongue, licking between an inner and outer lip. When I reached the point where the labia are close together, I probed my tongue between them, slowly licking and covering all the areas many times over. The closer I got to where the inner lips merge to form her clit hood, the stronger the movements of her pussy became, and I could smell more fresh juices and feel them trickling out onto my chin.

When I reached the hood that was there to protect her clit, I paused and looked up toward her face. Her whole upper body was writhing in pleasure, with her big, beautiful breasts swaying delightfully. Anna Nicole's eyes were closed and her head was tossing from side to side on the pillow. Her lips were peeled back from her teeth in a grimace of intense pleasure and her ecstatic moans were louder than ever. I didn't look for very long because I had things to do that were more pleasurable for both of us.

The first of these things was caressing her clit hood with my tongue. As I licked her there, her hips started swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders. It was obvious to me that Anna Nicole was a mass of sexual arousal, and ready for another orgasm. Bringing this about, followed by a third climax was certainly no hardship to me. Her pussy was one of the most marvelous I had ever eaten, and it would give me great joy to have my face plastered against it all day. I was even tempted to skip the book signing altogether, spending even more time with my head between her thighs.

Once again, her clit had pushed its way completely out from under its hood and I had no need to move it with my fingers. Before engulfing the little darling in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the sides, eliciting more ecstatic moans and more frenetic fucking up against my face. With everything clear, I drew Anna Nicole's adorable clit into my mouth and started sucking on it.

As I sucked, my lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed the swollen top and sides. "Oh, my God!" she cried out and a minute later, even more joyously, "Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!"

The ride was even wilder this time. Once again, Anna Nicole's thighs and hands made a willing prisoner of my head as she rocked wildly on her ass. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she trilled as her legs swung from side to side. I clung tightly to her thighs and continued sucking and licking her clit for as long as she was cumming.

At her climax, she seemed to explode, ramming her pussy into my face as she loosened her grip on my head. After that, all her muscles relaxed and she seemed to melt into the bed. I feasted on the delicious juices she had produced, licking them from her thighs, crotch and pussy lips and sucking the out of her precious love hole. She was still lying peacefully on her back when I started again licking an outer pussy lip.

"That was wonderful, George," she said and, when she realized what I was doing, "And you're doing it again!" Happily, Anna Nicole burrowed her head into her pillow and prepared to enjoy having her pussy eaten to another orgasm.

Once again, I slowly licked a smooth outer lip all the way to her mons, enjoying the feel of the moist skin and her fluffy pubic hair on my tongue. I licked the other outer lip the same way and when I was through with the second one, her pussy was writhing under my face and she was again cooing in pleasure. There was more fresh nectar and I devoured it and started licking between a pair of inner and outer lips.

By this time, my tongue knew the various folds of Anna Nicole's pussy quite well and I caressed all of them on my way to her clit hood. When I reached that goal, I stroked her there and curled my tongue underneath to fondle her precious love toy again. I wanted to bring her to an extremely high level of arousal and keep her there for a long time before bringing her to another orgasm. For several minutes, my tongue delicately laved her, completely covering her swollen clit, until her whole body was thrashing on the bed, with her head rolling back and forth on the pillow. Once again, her hips were swiveling under me, making her legs piston back and forth over my shoulders.

"Yes! Yes!" she pleaded. "Make me cum. Suck my clit."

For the time being, I ignored her entreaties and started licking between her other inner and outer lips. I would bring her to another climax but I wanted to take my time and make it truly memorable for both of us. With my tongue probing between the two lips and caressing all the wet surfaces over and over, I very slowly advanced toward the meeting of the inner lips. Anna Nicole's pussy was fucking up into my face while her whole body churned up the silk sheets. She was in a state of ecstasy from what I was doing and I wanted her to stay there. Ten minutes after I started on the pussy lips, I finally reached her clit hood. I caressed her with my tongue and very delicately reached underneath to fondle her sweetest of sweet spots.

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