Breaking Books


A wise man once said to never judge a book by its cover. Even though that is a true statement, nobody has ever mention about judging the book by the way it makes you feel.

Samantha was your normal college student. She always seen to be on top of everything in her classes, her job, night out with her friends. One day in psychology class, the teacher passed out graded tests. Samantha received a low grade which really upset her. Luckily for her, she had the chance to retake it. The teacher suggested that she get some tutoring from one of his top students name Chris.

Chris was a cute guy who was a major science student. He wasn't socially popular, but his IQ and test scores said otherwise. Samantha and him agreed to met each other in the library later on for tutoring. That afternoon, Samantha entered the library where Chris was there waiting for her. During their tutoring time, Chris tried his best to help her understand the psychology notes.

Noticing how nervous and jumpy he was, Samantha started to feel uncomfortable. Chris gazed at her, feeling embarrassed.

"I'm sorry if I am giving you an unease vibe I don't normally do this," he explained himself.

"Tutoring someone?" she questioned.

"Not really. I never tutored somebody as attractive as you," he answered. Samantha was a little surprised by his answer, Sure Chris was not a male model, but she started to wonder about him more than her retake teat. For a minute, there was silence till they resume the tutoring. They began to start a new chapter in psychology which talked about human sexuality. Soon, Chris got more nervous at that point while Samantha finds a way to make things a little more easier for her tutor.

"How would you respond if I was to kiss you?" she asked Chris. He was surprised by her question.

"Is that suppose to be a psychology question?" he questioned her. She smiled at him.

"It can be," she answered. Samantha began to notice that Chris was in lost of words.

"Well, let's see what the textbook says on sexual attraction," he quickly, focus on the book. Samantha stopped him by putting the book down. Slowly, she slide the glasses away from his hazel eyes. As she got closer to his face, so did the curiosity in her lips. His eyes lid up as he felt her mouth connect to his. Chris can feel her tongue hugging his, letting her take the lead. When she let go, their eyes gazed at each other.

"That was nice," Samantha responded, in an awkward way. Chris stood silent.

"Yes," he finally responded.

"We can do it again if you want to," she told him. Chris smiled in a nervous way, In that moment of their kiss, Samantha felt attracted to him and in his eyes, Chris felt the same way. At that point, she was not focusing on her retake test and he was not focusing on tutoring her. Samantha's lips connected to Chris again, but this time, there was passion between them. feeling his hand on her knee, she drew it farther in between her legs. Chris stopped for a moment feeling doubt. He escaped from the table to the nearest book self. Chris wasn't like all the other guys on campus; however, she wanted to gain his trust and affection in that moment. She walked towards the shelves where Chris stood.

Face to Face, Samantha got closer when he backed himself against the bookshelves. She pressed her body against his. She can feel his hands touching her in s delicate way. The soft and sexy way she moan his name fueled his body into action. Their lips grabbed each other. Samantha's legs traced against his while Chris kissed her down to her neck.

She found herself against the shelf as he explored her body with his hands and lips. Her body began to tremble with pleasure; while her fingers ran through his hair. His strong hands grabbed of her panties panties, making them drop down to the floor. Their eyes met again as he stood back up. Chris realized that he couldn't contain himself any longer; he became hungry for Samantha. She, soon, undo his pants. As he held her up, she slid himself inside her.

"oh fuck!" she cried in pleasure.

Am I hurting you?" he asked in a worry tone.

"No, I'm okay. keep going," she answered. He smiled as the two continued to fuck each other against the tall bookshelf. His body began to tense as he started to move faster. At that point, the two students were naked, but covered in sweat and lust. Samantha and Chris regain their tongues, pm top of the table. Her body began to bounce on top of him while gazing into his eyes like she loved him, She stopped when she heard footsteps from outside the library doors. As the footsteps from outside the library doors. As the footsteps faded away, Samantha and Chris looked at each other.

"I think we should be quiet before security hears us," Samantha's voice husked with passion. Chris made her lay on top of him on their table.

"I'll be quiet," he responded, "But can you?" he pressed her body against his, letting her ride in pleasure. His hands made Samantha's hips dance while having his cock inside her. Then Chris got on top of her while her body tensed underneath his muscles.

She held on to his arms as they moved as one faster and faster. Samantha grabbed Chris' face down to kiss him. As their textbooks flew off the table so did her insanity.

"Don't be scare, Chris," she cried, "Go Deeper." He did just that. Suddenly she began to feel herself climaxing like a time bomb. Soon, she cried out in ecstasy as she exploded with lust. Chris did the same and then dropped on top of Samantha.

Their sweat kept their bodies glued together as they kissed in a breathless way.

"I would have never thought you would be this great," she told him.

"Well this could be a good example for psychology," he responded.

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