tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBreaking in the Sub Pt. 08

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 08


Leading on from my first experience of being a voyeur, I spent long nights texting my naughty school girl about that night and different things that could eventuate from such an experience. She herself found it quite a turn on having sex knowing some one was watching what was happening. She had, had experience with multiple males before, but this added a different type of excitement for her. She was really putting on an actual show, in a real life situation. We had imagined out a number of situations, and the idea kind of died a natural death for a week or two. Until one night I text her to see if she wanted a coffee visitor and she said she was getting all done up getting ready for her men to show up for a 'quite' night in.

So I decided to put the idea to her, I said I didn't have to come and have a coffee with her so to speak, well this tweaked her curiosity... I told her to boil the jug, of course this set her off and she explained again that her man was coming around. She is a sensitive type and easily set off! I tell her to boil the jug and just trust me, I also told her to text me when her man was on his way. I had already left home and was wondering down to her place, it was just going on dark, so he wouldn't have seen me floating about if he showed up early, I walked in her gate and me phone vibrated 'He's just leaving the shop down the road, he's 60 seconds away' I told her to make me a coffee, open her kitchen window put it on the window sill and give me one hell of a show...

I waited just by the window, and sure enough she once again was an obedient girl, she even left the window open slightly so I could listen in. I grabbed my coffee, positioned the outdoor chair just off to the side of her dining room window, took out my cellphone, started recording and waited. He arrived and instantly she was all over him, like a dog on heat, I knew it wasn't just him arriving that was lighting her fire! She dropped to her knees, and undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor, now I didnt get a look at his weapon last time up at her parents house, this time I did, and it kind of put me to shame! 7 inches or so and a good girth, he was packing, it kind of turned me on to know I was going to be watching this. She struggled to get his meat in her mouth, unlike when she sucked me off, she was gagging left, right and centre, he was loving it!

Well after the way she was going to town on him, he didn't last long at all, I could see him stiffen up and get that look on his face, she stopped sucking him off and started wacking him off as fast as she could, she was pointing his hard cock straight at her face, she was licking and sucking on the very end of his cock, I knew exactly what was coming (no pun intended.) She wasn't expected the first shot, I saw her head jolt , it went right up her face, over one eye to her hair line, the second shot she opened her mouth and took the majority of it in her mouth, letting it dribble down her chin, the third coated her other eye blinding her completely. I giggled to myself, as her man took the opportunity to shoot off a couple of photos on his phone of her coated in cum, he had obviously never asked to take pics or make home videos, because he was very stealthy about it.

She took his cock and wiped it up her face covering it In his cum, and then took it in her mouth sucking it completely clean, she then did the same on the other side and then once across her face. I could see the pain in his face, he could've got pics of the whole lot as she kept her eyes closed, it was hilarious! She opened her eyes slowly and heard her say how good he tasted. She got up and said she was going to clean herself up, he said he would pop out to the car and grab his stuff since he was staying the night.

I took the opportunity to put the coffee cup back on the window sill, it was then I saw her phone, sitting on the sill inside, so I thought I'd have a bit of fun... I grabbed it and got his number of it. I switched over to my second sim that I use for my work, as she didn't have that number in her phone, so he could trace it back to me. I flicked through the video quickly, taking a couple of screenshots for him of her with cum on her face, wiping it off and sucking him clean. I sent them through to him with the message attached "Looked like you really wanted to video this part, but couldn't quite commit to it".

I jumped into the bushes and waited for his response as he had left his phone in the dining room, he came back into the house, grabbed his phone and went into the bathroom. He obviously didn't make it into the bathroom, as he came back out into the dining room like a rocket, looking at his phone in disbelief, he opened the dining room window and tried to whisper out so not to raise alarm. He looked at his phone again as he closed the window and had the biggest grin on his face, I think it's safe to say he won't be sharing the images with anyone, but only time will tell!

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