Breastfeeding Niece and Her Mom


She stood before me wearing only a thong, pearls and those fantastic heels. Her hips thrust as she rubbed her ass, her slim thighs and pulled on the thong which stretched causing her pussy lips to surround the soaked pussy material. My cock was straining through my pants. I had a spot where the precum had pushed its way through my khaki pants.

Taking another gulp of wine, she stood before me and pulled on her nipples. They stretched and hardened and stretched some more. Then she tossed some pillows on the floor and sat facing me with her legs spread open. Pulling aside her thong, she revealed a beautiful pink pussy with engorged and glistening pussy lips. I wish I had paid more attention the other evening as I was looking at a beautiful puffy pussy.

"Take your clothes off. I want to see what I've done to you," she commanded while stroking her clit. It was a fat clit for such a tiny woman.

I was naked in a second and she ordered that I sit again on the couch to watch her. Watch her? I wanted to join her, but she was having none of it ... yet.

"I loved your cock the other night," she huskily whispered. "When I'm done with my little show, will you give it to me again?"

I nodded eagerly as she slipped first a single finger in and then another and began finger fucking herself. I was worried that her moans would wake Mary as she thrust her tiny pelvis up in the air. Her fingers worked hard and then she suddenly stopped.

"Hmmm, I need something bigger, baby."

I hoped she meant me but she grabbed a baby toy that was the shape of a baseball bat. I don't know what it was but it was about 15 inches long with a handle and thick as a D sized battery. She worked it along her pussy lips getting it wet and watching my cock twitch with each movement.

She looked into my eyes, "You DO like this, don't you!"

I could only grunt and grip my cock and stroke it for her.

"Yeah, you stroke that big cock while I fuck this thing. Just keep stroking but save your cum for me!"

She pushed it inside and it kept going. Once she was all the way in, she began her fucking motion. It was long enough for both her hands to grip it. Her eyes never left mine as she kept fucking the toy. She tossed her hair as her climax neared. Suddenly she got up on her hands and knees and crawled to me with the toy still embedded in her pussy. She squatted down on it as she bounced up and down on it as she brushed my hands aside and gripped my cock. I watched her head bob and enjoyed the sight and sounds of a fantastic blow job.

Her petite mouth barely fit around the helmet of my cock. Her lips and tongue were so hot I thought I would scream and her hands never seemed to stop. How could she keep all the motion going? Her finger found and teased my asshole and sweat was dripping from her face. She grunted and groaned as I shot my load deep down her throat. She swallowed most of it and some dripped to her chest which she quickly scooped up with her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"I LOVE the taste of cum." she confided.

Pulling the toy from her hot cunt, she straddled my thighs. My wilting cock was no match for her adept hands as they massaged me back to life. Doing my part, I alternated sucking those pert tits and nibbling on her nipples. I was surprised that I was hard so quickly. By now we were both sweating and sliding on each other. Passion fueled our movements and we were done playing around.

She fed my cock into her pussy and slid quickly halfway down the shaft with a gasp.

"It's going to take a while to get used to your cock, baby." she whispered into my ear as she pressed more of me into her.

"I think our only option is to practice, practice, practice," I murmured back.

Sarah was full of energy. Her hair was like fire in my eyes. Her lips, ripe and full were entrancing as I kissed, licked and bit them. Our pace was maddening as her hot cunt enveloped my cock over and over again. She began to cry as several orgasms quickly peaked and subsided in rapid succession.

And then I heard Mary cry. So did Sarah. I kissed her neck and we slowed. My cock was sore and I'm sure her pussy was too.

Sarah kissed me quickly and climbed off. She grabbed the toy she had fucked and tossed it into the trash before grabbing a bathrobe and getting Mary. I dressed slowly and then cleaned up the living room and emptied the dishwasher. I found Sarah asleep on the couch with Mary on her chest. At least they were both sleeping better. I put Mary in her bed and kissed Sarah on the forehead and heard her murmur something as I left.

Though I called and we talked, we could not find a time when it made sense to get back together. I had evening commitments at work and so did she. We both couldn't seem to get our schedules to align.

Finally, almost two weeks later, I headed over to visit the whole family. Shaye met me at the door in a bathrobe tied at the waist and a wet towel on her head. Her full breasts pushed the robe open showing a long cleavage. "Didn't you get my text message?"

Perplexed, I answered "No, didn't see it."

"Oh geez. Umm, Mom had to go to work tonight so we postponed until Sunday afternoon."

"Ah, bummer. Sorry about that," I checked my phone and sure enough, the message indicator said I had a message.

"Well, you might as well come in. Mary is sleeping and I was just about to have a snack before pumping."

My mind went to pumping iron and working out but that didn't make sense. I entered anyway and followed her shapely ass down the hall to the kitchen.

"Yeah, I have to eat or drink something whenever I use this thing. It just seems to drain me so much more completely that Mary does," she grabbed a plate of nacho chips and put some salsa in a bowl and then opened two beers handing one to me. "Beer is supposed to be good for nursing mothers but I think that is probably bullshit."

I nodded, "But it tastes good so why not?"

She smiled calmly.

"Where's Mary?" I asked looking around.

"Well, since she has been breast feeding, she gets to bed a bit earlier and sleeps longer ... so she is napping in her crib."

"What's the pump for, then?"

"Oh, for the upcoming days and nights when Mom is taking care of her and I can't be here."

"Ah!" how dumb of me. I figured I'd better go before it gets any more uncomfortable. As it was, IT was already uncomfortable in my shorts.

"Check this out Uncle Ray," she spread her robe slightly and applied the suction cup to her breast.

I was fascinated. The motor hummed and her nipple extended inside the flange. Soon milk was squirting out into the bottle. My cock thickened and she smiled.

Her breast was full and there were several purple veins making their way to the nipple. I found it sexy to see her like that. The humming reminded me of a vibrator and I watched as Shaye bit her lower lip before looking up at me.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Umm, yeah. Kinda ok. It's embarrasing."

"What is?"

"I dunno. I just sometimes get these little climaxes when I pump. It's like such a strong sucking sensation, y'know? Well, I guess you wouldn't know but about 1 out of 3 times, I get these little orgasms."

"Must be nice," I was embarrassed too.

She switched the pump onto her other breast leaving the first breast mostly uncovered. Small drops of milk just hung there and I found myself licking my lips. Her nipple looked tender and slightly abused while her breast still looked round and thick. I took in the totality of her beautiful chest. Her big full breasts, her long and extended nipples and then I saw her smile as I realized that I was caught watching.

"You need to close your mouth or at least close your mouth on my nipple, Uncle Ray."

I didn't know how to respond. Actually, I DID know how to respond. I KNEW that I should run from the room and the house but I didn't want to. I told myself that I was horny in anticipation of an evening that would end with Sarah fucking my brains out. I was horny and thinking with the wrong head.

She hefted her breast toward me, "It's still got some milk in it. You might like to try it ... fresh from the source."

I reached out and held it. My mind was screaming at me to think of Sarah and what would happen if she found out that I was touching her daughter and my niece. My niece!! No shit, this was like ... well INCEST. My brother's widow was one thing but my brother's daughter?

Shaye's words were soft and filtered through the din of noise trying to convince me to get up and leave. Her voice won out. "That's it, Uncle Ray. That feels nice," she quietly offered. "Just suck it in and taste it. I'm sure you'll like it."

I leaned forward while my mind kept screaming at me to leave. I clamped on to her nipple and felt her hand on the back of my head encouraging me to lick and suck that nipple and tit. She groaned.

"Oh, that is much better," she turned off the pump and moved me over to the full tit and I began sucking that one.

I felt her nipple extend into my mouth and the warm slightly sweet milk flowed across my tongue and down my throat. My cock was raging in my pants.

I kept drinking until she was dry and she was cooing at my suckling of her other breast. I felt her hand rest on my cock and begin stroking me. Her breathing was ragged and harsh as another orgasm took her. She tensed and gripped my cock full and hard. I didn't stop her but enjoyed her hand and how her legs quivered as the orgasms coursed their way through her body. "Oh YES, Uncle Ray, suck my tits!"

She fumbled with my pants for only a moment and got my cock out. With a smile she stroked me as I nuzzled her fleshy pillow of tit. She pulled me to her bedroom and flopped on the bed and spread her legs wide for me. I watched her glistening pussy lips spread and open awaiting my touch and insertion. I stepped out of my pants and she gripped my cock and guided it to her mouth where she sucked and licked never taking her eyes from mine. Her sweet young face was filled with lust and her cheeks flushed. Her tongue played with my cock and balls.

I moved between her legs and found her pussy shaven clean. I licked gently at first and more insistently soon after. My tongue explored her pussy lips and I gently bit and pulled them aside enjoying the aroma of her arousal. I slipped a finger deep inside her curling it up to find the fleshy mound of her g-spot. She grinned and I licked at her turgid clit that stood up so proud from its hood.

She responded to my licking and fingering with thrashing and her juices flowed down to my tongue ... a tasty treat but not nearly as wonderful as the taste of this young woman's milk. All thoughts of running out were far away now. Her tits flopped from side to side as she climaxed again on my tongue and I knew that my cock would invade her pussy very soon.

Shaye's breathing was returning to normal as I lifted her legs to my shoulders and my cock was poised at her entrance.

"Do you want it?"

"I do, Uncle Ray. I do." she responded.

I pushed the thick head against her swollen and soacked pussy lips and felt them part for me. Not easily but with some insistence, they parted and the tunnel was slowly mine. As I drove deeper and deeper, her eyes went wide and she climaxed again. My thickness had gotten to her. She was in a flurry of orgasms. Her head slammed from side to side as I pushed in to the hilt pressing my cockhead to her cervix. She was crying out and gripping the sheet on both sides of her.

"FUCK ME!" she cried out and I slammed her hard and fast, deep and long. Her eyes were wild as I held her ankles at my neck and entered again and again. I felt my balls strain as her legs dropped to my sides and I pushed one last time depositing my seed deep within her hot cunt ... and her womb.

Oh shit! What had I done? It was instant mental remorse. I fucked my niece, my dead brother's daughter, the young woman I was supposed to protect from idiots like me. Worse, I fucked the daughter of a woman I had been fucking. Better still, I was so stupid; I hadn't worn protection and she could be pregnant. I quickly climbed off her bed, grabbed my clothes, dressed and looked back at her. She was sleeping.

I feigned a bad cold and didn't show on Sunday. Over the next 3 weeks, I didn't answer calls and responded to text messages with cryptic and short answers. Even so, I waited for that email, text message or voice mail that told me that I was to be a father for the first time or that my sister-in-law had decided to move and take my sweet niece with her just to get her away from her perverted Uncle Ray.

It was a Saturday night and I was alone in my apartment. I was so confused. I knew a few things. I loved them both as family but I thought that maybe I could love Sarah as a wife. I found that I was missing her. I missed the way her smile was crooked at times and how she would tease me when I said dumb things. I thought about how she gave me that show, she touched herself for my benefit. She could be wild and edgy at a time in her life when most women were getting boring. I missed Shaye and Mary too but in a much different way.

As a I sat there with a scotch on the rocks in the dark of my apartment I thought about how my sexual appetite has pushed me into plowing into the fertile fields of Shaye and I remembered how her milk engorged tits were just there waiting for me to hold, lick and suck. I remembered watching her pump the milk and how horny I got. My cock was rock hard and I rubbed it. I wondered what it would be like to have Shaye riding my cock and her milk spraying out all over my chest and my face.

My heart wanted Sarah in my life but my cock wanted both of them and if it came out that I had fucked both of them then it was likely, I'd have neither of them! I gulped some more scotch and closed my eyes unable to see a way out of this mess.

Another week passed and I continued to avoid them and felt even worse about it. I knew that I was being stupid but I just threw myself into my work to make excuses. I wondered what would happen if I confessed. Would I feel better even though I would end up with neither of them? At night, as I closed my eyes for sleep, my fantasies included remembering our fucking either one or the other. As the work week concluded, my fantasies often included both women; Shaye and her fully engorged and leaking breasts and her mother, Sarah, small, limber and physically demanding. I awoke on Friday morning with a raging and pulsating hard-on. Bits and pieces of my dreams coming back to me as I stroked myself. I lay on my back with Shaye feeding me her tits while Sarah's taut pussy gripped my cock as she bounced on my fat cock. Shaye then straddled my face feeding me her juicy pussy. Sarah was in perpetual motion fucking me hard and pounding on my chest, her light red hair streaming around her shoulders bouncing with each slam onto my cock.

Work was boring that Friday and it was difficult to keep focused. I decided that this had to be resolved. Perhaps they hadn't talked to each other about me. Perhaps they didn't know and didn't need to know. Maybe I could spend time with Sarah and avoid Shaye to avoid her sexual draw on me. Could the genie get back in the bottle? Maybe I was just over reacting? Maybe it was just a one night stand for each of them. Was that the worst thought when I wanted something long-lasting with Sarah?

Still confused, I made the call to Sarah and she invited me over the house that evening. I hoped that Shaye would be out. She usually went out on Friday nights and as I drove over, I thought I might get lucky. I pondered what would happen if I confessed to just one of them, especially if I confessed to Sarah. Would she forgive me my transgression with her daughter or would she throw my ass out the front door. I laughed out loud as I turned the corner to their street. The image of that tiny nymph throwing a guy my size out a door was comical ... but I knew that if mad enough, she'd try and probably succeed!

The house was neat and tidy as I entered. It was actually cleaner than I had ever seen it before. Sarah grabbed my arm and held it to her side as she brought me down the hallway to the dining room table. Usually, the dining room table was covered with baby supplies, diapers and the like. Tonight, there were candles lit, 3 places set and the nice china laid out.

"What's this?" I asked with total surprise.

"Oh," smiled Sarah, "this is what you get for being a wonderful man in our lives. We needed you and you came. You saw problems and jumped in to help. You were there for us and we just thought we'd thank you with a nice evening."

Shaye darted out of the kitchen with Mary in one arm and a tray of steak on the other which she deposited in the center of the table.

"Wow, this looks fantastic!" I exclaimed.

Both Shaye and Sarah beamed and then they busied themselves getting vegetables, salad, and a large bottle of red wine. Shaye put Mary in the playpen where she looked at bright and pretty objects. I was ushered into a chair and watched as both women slipped into their bedrooms and emerged seconds later wearing stunning outfits.

Shaye's dress was similar to a thin robe where the front opened from the neck down to almost her waist. One side folded over one of her mammoth breasts while the other folded over the other. The tie at the waist was thin and threatened to untie itself. As she sat, the dress split up her long legs to mid thigh. She smiled seductively and smoothed out the thin, dark blue material. I noted that she was wearing her mother's pearls from the previous night. They looked very elegant on her.

Sarah strutted out of her bedroom wearing a form-fitting red dress that accentuated her long, reddish hair and striking green eyes. Her nipples pressed out the sweater material and the few freckles on her chest were seductive to me. I could feel my cock reacting under the table. Sarah's legs were tight and sensual with raw sexual energy. I noticed the faint line of her thong but nothing else under that dress as there was not room for it. Her heels were once again towering for a woman her size. I can only guess at their height, maybe 4 inches or maybe even 5 inches. I don't know as I was lost in her petite ankles, those slender calves, and her tight thighs. The dress was short and as she sat, I wondered if her dress was long enough to cover her butt on the chair.

We ate and enjoyed each other's company. I was nervous and on edge. They were being unusually nice and I felt like something was going to happen. At the time, I thought it was just me and I wanted to blurt out, "I've slept with both of you!"

The food was gone and Shaye brought out Jell-O with whipped cream for dessert. It was tasty and I felt full and almost sleepy.

"Oh dear!" stated Sarah calmly, "Honey, your leaking in that beautiful dress!"

Shaye looked down and there was a growing dark stain from her left nipple and a small one starting on the right. She smiled at her mother, then me and shrugged. I looked down at her breasts as she simply pulled the dress slightly to the sides revealing completely engorged tits almost bursting from her chest. The purple veins bulged as they wound their way toward her nipples. Those nipples dripped milk into Shaye's fingers and then a napkin as she dabbed at the milk trying to hide her nipples. "Yes, mom, they are leaking again."

She picked up Mary and went to her room saying "Good night" to each of us. I looked at Sarah and she smiled at me.

"A wonderful evening, Sarah," I remarked more calmly than I really felt.

She walked around the table and sat in my lap. Her diminutive body curled there and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my nose and then my forehead. Her tongue found my ear and she whispered, "I've been having trouble sleeping again." She suppressed a giggle.

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