tagSci-Fi & FantasyBreasticles Ch. 12

Breasticles Ch. 12


Author's Note: Read Chapter 1 first.

-Random Female Viewer-

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. More nothing. It was the internet, there should be something. Anything. The best I'd found was a somewhat decent Futanari story, but it didn't excite me really. I skimmed through it, felt myself up a little bit at the sex scenes, but nothing really stood out to me. Sometimes it really sucked having a fetish for more unorthodox things.

I wanted to see something new. Something I never thought I would see for real. As I was flipping through a series of websites that don't need to be mentioned, I stumbled upon a cam show advert. It's title simply read; Real Life Dickgirl! For a second I just stared at it. This couldn't be real, could it? I mean a hermaphrodite couldn't exist, at least, I didn't think so.

"Probably got a virus." I said and was about to close it, but I paused. I had been meaning to get a new computer, so a virus wouldn't be all that bad. Just give me another reason to replace my PC, "Fuck it." I muttered under my breath and clicked the link. To my surprise, I was immediately brought to a full screen video, on which I could see two women. No, I corrected myself, one woman and a Futanari!

"Holy shit!" I had to summon all my will to keep my voice under control, having to keep it down since my parents were in the house. This was actually real! Even if this was just some incredible special effects, I didn't care. It looked real and that's all that I cared about. It didn't hurt that both of them were hot, like wet dream hot, and making out passionately. I looked around the page for any information on them. The account name was generic; Gale91, but the description was not.

Hey there, everyone! If you're tuning into this, then you're either perverts who want to see a dickgirl for real, or haven't got any lives. Hopefully it's the former. Anyway, me, the brunette, and my girlfriend, the redhead, are in a bit of a predicament. We need money to live on! So we're hoping the perverts of the internet can unite and help us survive, all while bringing more content like this. Donate using the button below and we hope you enjoy the show... did that just rhyme? Whatever, just watch us fuck.

Without hesitating, I donated $20. I didn't care if they fucked like amateurs, I wanted to see more of this already. I pulled up my twitter and tweeted it out, posted on a series of sites about it as quickly as I could, before returning to the show. They were still kissing, but hands were beginning to explore one another.

The brunette, who I was pretty sure owned the account, was moaning lewdly. Their sound quality wasn't the best, nor was the video, but it was tolerable nonetheless. Her breasts were absolutely giant, straining against her shirt and easily outmatching the Futa's hand that was trying to grope them. I could already feel my pussy growing wet at the sight.

Overtime, I noticed the viewer count in the corner rising exponentially. It came into the hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands. If these people donated anywhere near the amount I had, I doubt these two would ever go hungry. In fact, I was tempted to donate more right then and there. But I held off. I wanted to see what they would do next.

All the same, my pants were around my ankles. My legs were spread in my chair, the cool air hitting my bare pussy. Without another thought, I had my hand on my pulsating heat, fingers dipping into my needy hole in a mockery of cock. Speaking of which, my eyes went wide as I continued to watch the screen.

"Where have these two been all my life?" I asked no one in particular, before all words - spoken or otherwise - dissolved into moans.


We were live. There were people watching me and Gale right this second, observing us from behind their computer screens, while we kissed as passionately as ever. My hand found her massive breast, groping at the enormous mound, feeling her cock and balls contained within. The other gripped her hair, pulling her to me. Likewise, her hands were around me, trying to urge my body closer to her. Eventually, we had to pull apart for breath.

Both of us were panting lustfully. I could feel the heat on my face, see it on hers, and the distinct throbbing at my crotch. The towel keeping my endowments hidden began to fall away. Gale reacted quickly, moving like lightning to straddle my legs, her groin pressing against me as we kissed once again. I could feel her hips moving, grinding against me. My cock was half-hard already, its incredible length trapped between our bodies. My legs were spread to give my balls room to breathe.

Just what did people think when seeing me? Were they horrified by a feminine figure such as mine possessing balls bigger than any mans'? Or did they feel intrigued, aroused even, wanting to see me in my full glory? Either way, anyone who stayed long enough would be treated to such a sight. In the meantime, Gale was kissing me, moaning into my mouth as she ground her hips against me. I could feel her actions getting faster, powered by lust.

My hands found her shapely rear. I must've been so focused on her breasts growing, that I missed the subtler changes to the rest of her body. Her cheeks were so soft, my hands sinking into the flesh and thoroughly massaging them, all while she continued to grind against me. I could feel her tits against mine, her mounds overshadowing mine completely, but all the same I simply moaned into our kiss as she pressed herself into me. When we pulled apart, I couldn't speak.

I wanted nothing more than to push her onto the floor and force my overgrown cock into her. But I held back. Gale looked down at me, cheeks flushed and her lips parted, breaths coming fast and heavy.

"I love you." She said. There were only four words I could say.

"I love you too." With that we kissed once again. This time it was different, but just as passionate as ever. The difference was that lust didn't fuel it, not entirely. It was our love for one another. I wanted to fuck her, only to show how much she meant to me. But there was one other way I could show it right here and now. I pulled back from her, looking her in the air. Ignoring the camera filming us, I whispered the words I had asked before, however with far more conviction; "Gale Chambers, will you marry me?"

When I asked it before, we were in my parents' home. At the time, I had spoken partly out of fear, even if my affections for her was the main driving force. But now, in a place where I didn't feel my heart pound in terror every second of everyday, and with the woman I sincerely believed I loved, I was able to speak clearly. Gale looked at me for a second, continuing to pant lustfully, her eyes gazing into mine.

"Yes." She practically whispered the word, but it came loud and clear to me. That single word having been spoken with every emotion she could muster, all of them mirroring mine. If the viewers knew how long we'd been going out, I'm certain they would be shocked at how soon this was, but I didn't care. I mean, at least it wasn't like Disney princesses. And I would happily bet that we didn't look like a couple that had been dating for a few weeks.

As soon as the three letter word left her lips, ours were connected once more. This time, however, I managed to lift us up and move to the floor. Down there, I swiftly began to pull her shirt off, struggling to get it pass her expansive bosom. When I freed it, the twin mounds bounced free, as if jumping for joy. Her bra soon joined the discarded shirt. I could see her 'nipples' beginning to peak from their makeshift homes.

I glanced at the camera. For a moment, I had forgotten it was there, but now I realised what this could mean. I looked back to Gale, searching for her confirmation in regards to what I wanted to do. She understood clearly and only nodded. I dove down, mouth open and immediately finding the peak of her breast. Instantly, I began sucking, tongue poking at the overly large opening, attempting to coax out her own cock. My hand moved to the other, stimulating the tip as well.

Gale moaned, her own hands moving to stroke my hair and keep it away from my mouth. I could feel her dick beginning to poke out, centimetre by centimetre. The taste was unique; unlike anything I'd ever tried before. Not only that, but, as I looked to her other breast, I saw that her endowments were special in an entirely different way. I pulled back from her tit, staring in awe as her cock slipped out, moisture clinging to it. When it seemed to be at an end, her prick was astounding.

Aside from the beyond satisfying length, 10'' by my estimate. The head was far from human, with the exception of its purple colouration, flaring out over an inch wider than the shaft. I remembered going on a school fieldtrip to a farm, where I had the unfortunate, somewhat scaring, honour of seeing a horse's dong while it was walking about. In all fairness, it was pretty funny at the time.

Now I was face to face with a phallus very similar to it. Unable to hold off my curiosity, I began to study it, wondering why they'd changed since last night. Judging from Gale's expression, she wasn't too surprised by this, though she did say she fucked Blare earlier. Even so, she didn't seem worried by the odd shape. I pushed the thought aside as I looked it over from base to tip, taking in the staggering girth and her visibly pulsating veins. If not for how badly I wanted to penetrate her, I would gladly be riding one of these.

As it was, I had to sate some of my curiosity. Leaning down, I took in a long breath through my nose, taking in her heady musk. It was an odd scent, hard to describe, but also distinctly familiar and pleasant. I opened my mouth, tongue lolling out as I gave into my desire to taste her. The moisture that clung to the phalli had an intriguing flavour, not unlike milk, but also similar to cum, despite it being clear and fairly thin. Even so, I soon cleaned them off, feeling kind of like a cat washing its kitten. Gale was breathing deeply above me, occasionally moaning when I found a sensitive part.

Eager to hear those sounds more, I opened wider and shoved the head inside. Gale drew in a sharp breath, her back arching against me, though I knew she wasn't cumming. Not just yet at least. One of my hands, the right, went to her free cock, attempting and failing to wrap around her immense girth. She drew in another strong breath, releasing it in a high pitched moan. Grinning as best I could around her cock, I began to slowly push myself down her length. As I did so, my hand began to masturbate the other prick.

Unfortunately, I soon reached my limit with a resounding gag. I pulled back, though not completely off her cock, just enough to allow me to catch my breath, even as I coughed around her. Admittedly, it wasn't totally of my own volition, the flare of her tip having expanded even further, preventing me from extracting it from my mouth. But, at the same time, the feeling of my hand around her spit covered cock was delightfully filthy, even as I worked it into the taut flesh. Soon enough, I was ready for another dive.

Again and again I repeated this. Each time, I sunk a little closer to her breast. As I continued to do so, I could actually see her breasts inflating, filling with something. Cum? I thought, the idea latching itself onto my mind and embedding itself within, urging me to go faster and harder. My hand tightened around her right cock, all but bouncing up and down its length as I sucked, gagged on, and licked at the left prick. As I did so, her breasts began to fill out even faster.

I wanted them to grow more. The sight had ignited my fetish, and I wanted nothing more than for her to sport a pair of impossibly huge tits, twin massive dicks and all. My pace only increased further, seeing her now head sized breasts expansion beginning to slow, no doubt reaching capacity. No, I thought, humming around her cock invading my throat, I want them bigger and bigger and bigger. My pace somehow increased as I let my lust reign freely.

Gale began to pant loudly. Every other exhaled breath was a wanton moan, the sound of her pleasure only growing more akin to those of a slut, one that was fully enamoured with the sensations of their body. In my own lust crazed state, the sounds only spurred me on more. I wanted her to cum, to release all of that thick cream building in her chest... in her breasticles. The name was ridiculous, but it was growing on me.

I raised my eyes to her face. Her mouth hung open, tongue dangling on her chin, a line of drool running from the slight cleft down her neck. Gale's eyes were unfocused, half rolled back into her head, a glaze formed by her ever rising ecstasy. I bit down on her cock lightly, hearing her moan in response. I bit again, harder this time. She managed to focus and look down at me.

There was no way for me to know exactly what she saw in my eyes. Maybe it was such an overpowering lust that she was somehow infected by it, pushing her own sensations of bliss to new heights, or she read my insane need to make her cum. But the following event was certainly memorable. Gale threw her head back, ignoring the collision with her floor, mouth stretched open to the fullest and releasing a scream only a woman meeting a tidal wave of pleasure could understand. I cried out in shock as her dick stretched my own mouth even further.

The sound of my own cry soon turned to muffled gargles. Her cum raced through her length faster than I would have guessed, pouring down my throat and setting off my tamed gag reflex. I pulled back, but Gale's hands moved, seemingly of their own volition, to grip my hair and pull me back down. I struggled, but she was in a better position and stronger than I was; those years of drumming showing as her arms revealed her toned muscles beneath that soft exterior. Her cum simply kept on gushing into me.

There was no denying the cause of the warmth building in my stomach. Her seed continued to flood down my throat, gushing through my oesophagus and then filling out my cum hungry stomach. As I laid there on my hands and knees, face pinned to her breast and cock, I could feel the skin of my abdomen stretching. I was being inflated by her cum. My own prick throbbed in longing at the sensation.

I had resigned myself to her power. Her hands had gone slack on my head, only lightly gripping my hair as a kind of warning, but it wasn't needed. I was more than willing to give up air as I gulped down load upon load of her thick seed. In my peripheral vision, I could see her other cock spraying into air, viscous streams of white rising high up, before raining back down. I could feel heavy splatters of it falling into, and thoroughly drenching, my hair. All the while, my hand continued its movements.

As more of her semen riddled fluid gushed into me, I noticed her breasts were beginning to shrink down. Dismayed as I was by this, I couldn't help the sensations coursing through me as her cum continued to fill and stretch my stomach. Eventually, after what must've been a gallon of cum per breast, Gale's output finally dwindled. I could feel her throbs growing weaker, the amount pumping into me gradually becoming equivalent to the average man. Until, at long last, she was reduced to mere drops.

I pulled back with a long awaited gasp of air. Fortunately, Gale let me do this. She loosened her grip on my hair, her hand no longer keeping me against her, instead caressing my sperm drenched hair. I could hear her also panting. When I looked back to her eyes, I saw them alight with passion. As if her orgasm hadn't sated her in the slightest, rather it appeared to have ignited her near unquenchable lust. Without a word, she pulled me to her and kissed me.


Fuck, fuck, fuck... That one word seemed determined to echo through my head, like a troll pounding at the walls of its cage, doing so to the powerful beat of my climax. Each time its fist connected with a wall, and the word 'fuck' resounding throughout my mind, I felt a scalding hot pulse of my cum race through each of my cocks. I had my hands on Fae's head, keeping her mouth stretched over my right prick. My eyes had long since rolled back into my head from the pleasure.

Eventually, I had exhausted my seemingly endless supply of semen. Only then did I let Fae pull back, our eyes soon meeting. Both us were short of breath, though her cheeks were red from the effort of not inhaling for over a minute. She had one hell of a set of lungs. Her tongue hung out from her open mouth, a drop of white falling onto my bare stomach below. I glanced beneath her and saw that her cutely rounded stomach, now appeared to hold an entire buffet. And she was beautiful.

I couldn't find the will to speak any words. I'm not even sure I remember any beyond 'fuck' at this point, but that didn't matter for the moment. I pulled her down to me, our lips meeting and tongues beginning yet another dance, the taste of my cock and cum washing over my taste buds. We both moaned into each other's mouths, each of us feeling the other's desire like an open flame. Though Fae's fire was embodied by her throbbing cock.

Mine had gone limp, though they hadn't retracted back into my tits yet. Not that I particularly cared for the time being. My hands roamed over Fae's body, quickly finding, and latching onto, her shapely rear. Hers were at my chest, ignoring my flaccid pricks as she groped and teased the near head sized mounds. Part of me felt like I could stay there forever, but another side of me had distinctly opposite ideas.

Without any sign of warning, I rolled us over. I had my hands on her wrists, pinning them down to the floor, while I straddled her thighs, leaning over her and pressing my tits against hers. She looked up at me, wide-eyed from both surprise and unmitigated need. I kissed her again, this time the act being one of both love and dominance. Vaguely, I recalled telling her that I would tame the side of her that came out when she was aroused. And I had no intention of going against my word.

For her part, Fae didn't seem to mind. She arched her back, pressing her chest into mine, and moaned into the kiss. I could feel her cock against me, trapped beneath my torso, moved to the side in order for us to express our feelings for one another. However, kissing was quickly proving an ineffective way for us to do so. As I pulled back, Fae looked up into my eyes desperately.

"Please..." She begged. I didn't need to hear what she wanted, feeling it quite clearly as a pulse went through her cock, pushing against me. But, I still wanted to hear the words.

"Please what?" I asked, whispering into her ear. She shuddered as my warm breath washed over her sensitive lobe.

"... My cock..." She said, trying to form words but finding it difficult. I made a 'cooing' sound, leaning closer and gently biting her earlobe. A gasp passed her lips this time.

"What about your hard, throbbing cock?" I asked, using the other adjectives to further her excitement. It seemed work as her breathing became even more laboured.

"Please... suck it?" She pleaded, the word coming as little more than a breath. I began to kiss down her neck, biting each part of her tender throat that my lips had graced. Her hips rose up, showing her enjoyment at the sensations.

"And why would I do that?" I replied, now moving to her breasts. She realised where I was going and only whimpered, hoping the sound would be enough to convey what she so desperately needed. Fortunately for her, it was. I pulled away, fluidly moving my hands to heft her weighty prick up as I did so. When my back was straight, I had her cock pointing straight up, almost directly in front of me. As it was, its tip was level with my mouth. Once again I was shocked at just how huge it truly was.

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