Kailyn stood silently as the older woman inspected her. She fingered the sunshine strands, pinched her creamy thighs, slapped her bottom. Kailyn flinched as a hand squeezed her breast through the leather breast band.

"We'll have to plump you up. The general's men like something to grab ahold of." The woman laughed softly at Kailyn's sudden paleness. A breeding whore took her status from the mercenary company she served. The higher the company, the more freedoms and luxuries she would share. The Star Company was the smallest, yet wealthiest. They were well renowned for their strategic campaigns, earning them the reputation of relying on brains rather than brawn. If she was not found pleasing, she would be killed or sold to a lower company.

Brees wore the colours of the company, and their insignia branded on the small of their back. Kailyn wore the blue leather pleated skirt low on her hips that barely covered her bottom, and a thick band over her breasts. Embossed on the leather was the swirling tri-star insignia in silver. Around her neck was a smooth silver collar. She wore leather sandles on her feet, their tiny cords tied about her ankles. Kailyn knew enough about the life she had been sold into by her step-mother to realise her garments were a luxury.

"You will find being a Bree here is not so bad, if you're smart about it. Find one that takes a fancy to you and he might share his quarters with you. You're pretty on the eye, even if you are too skinny."

Fingers touched the shaved flesh beneath Kailyn's skirt, making her step back. The woman frowned. "Have you had a man?"

Kailyn blushed, shaking her head.

"There's nothing for it. You'll be sore the first few days. I'll send you to Jaikem. He's not too rough and the girls like him."

"Thank you," Kailyn whispered, grateful for this small kindness.

The woman seemed pleased. "You can walk freely around the fortress, but avoid the free women and the main hall. Make sure you wash daily and douche yourself after each man. If you stay out of trouble, and work hard, you'll soon fit in. You'll find the General is tough but fair. He doesn't like Bree's causing trouble among his men. If he catches men fighting over you, he'll get rid of you. Understood?"

Kailyn nodded, swallowing hard.

"Good. Let's see what Jaikem can do about your maidenhead. Follow me."


She was led through the strangely quiet courtyard, feeling the wind wisp beneath her skirt.

"You're lucky most of the men are out on patrols. Skinny or not, you'll be on your back for a week when they return."

Kailyn nodded, not wanting to seem rude.

When the Whore Mistress pointed out Jaikem, Kailyn wanted to turn and run. He was an incredibly tall warrior with broad shoulders and long muscled legs. He looked to be about ten years older than her eighteen. His walk told her he was confident and in command of himself and others around him. He wasn't pretty, but rugged in a way that told her he had lived and survived, making her heart do a curious thump.

Standing before him, she found he had interesting grey-blue eyes that crinkled when he smiled. Distracted, she only heard the tail end of what her Mistress was saying. "...the boys like blondes, so she'll be worked hard. Shame she's a virgin, and barely more than skin and bones for all that. Still, she'll learn on her back quick enough."

Truly, he wasn't unappealing, she told herself. Better than what she had cautiously allowed herself to mull over. He smelt like a man who had been working hard that day, but not unwashed. He didn't have a paunch or leery breath. And Mistress said he wouldn't be too rough.

When the Whore Mistress left, Jaikem placed her arms around his neck and gently caught her lips. She squeezed her eyes shut, letting her lips part under the pressure of his. He crowded closer, so that she felt the pressure of the stone wall at her back and his hips and thighs against hers. There was not much activity in the courtyard, and even if there was she knew a Bree losing her virginity against the stable wall would be of little interest.

The backs of his fingers lightly stroked up and down from hip to breast, making her flesh goose pimple. His kisses deepened, and she tried to focus completely on his kiss and not what was about to happen. She played with the black curls at his nape, feeling their silky texture slide between her fingers.

A gasp escaped her as he pushed her breast band down, revealing the small mounds of her breasts with their budding bee-stung nipples. "So sweet" he murmured, his warm hands gently cupping her. Truly not so bad she thought, feeling an answering trickle of warmth between her thighs at his unexpected gentleness.

His tongue tangled with hers, his thigh pushing between hers to press against her secret place. "Tell me what you like," he whispered against her mouth. Her eyes opened, gazing into the startling directness of his. She swallowed hard, a blush rising up over her cheeks.

"I – ah, I don't know," she mumbled shyly. The intimacy made her awkward, and knowing that this stranger would soon be inside of her as he took his pleasure only added to her discomfort. There was no denying his rising interest for he pressed against her thigh like a brand. She eased her legs apart, knowing her duty.

She felt his fingers then, touching her beneath her skirt. It was strange to have someone touch her there, stroking and parting her soft pink folds. It did feel good. Soft sighs escaped her as he coaxed shivery tingles of pleasure from her untried flesh. She buried her face against his neck, her mouth pressing tiny kisses against the salty flesh there.

"That's it," he murmured as his finger pushed through her thin barrier. The small sting was forgotten at the strange feel of his finger easing up inside of her. She squeezed down on him in shock. He groaned, his breathe stirring her golden mane as his finger plunged deeper. She didn't know how long she stood stock still pressed against the wall as fingers teased and massaged her flesh. His mouth pressed kisses down her cheek and across her eyelids, but her whole body was caught up in what was happening down there.

She cried out when he lifted her, putting her over his shoulder. One hand splayed over her bottom as fingers again found her. He gently plugged the snug entrance, making her squirm and a growing wetness gather. Her fingers gripped the band of his leather breaches as he strode around to the wide stable doors. He grabbed a horse rug and threw it over the hay in the first empty stall he found and tumbled her into her back. He stood above her, his booted foot nudging her knee and she spread her thighs wide apart. He didn't take his eyes off the glistening flesh there as he unlaced his Breeches.

Her breath caught at her first sight of him. A dozen thoughts ran through her mind at once. He was an Aran, his heavy sex branding him as royal blood. She was about to have sex with her first man. He was not her husband. He would try to put that thing in her.

Her wide lavender eyes darted nervously away from his sex and she moistened her suddenly dry lips. Yet the memory of his sex stayed with her. A long shaft rose up, surrounded by eight writhing feelers each the thickness of her small finger and almost twice the length of his shaft. Each feeler had a tiny mouth that would suck deep inside of her as he took his pleasure. Her sheath quivered and tightened. She had been prepared for two or four, what the general male populace carried. But eight...she felt dizzy, her shallow breathing lifting the mounds of her breasts with their puckered crowns.

He knelt between her thighs, his body lightly covering hers as he rested his weight on his forearms. She squirmed as the feelers brushed against her there. Then two feelers latched onto her outer lips, drawing them wide apart to allow their mates to explore her virgin channel. His hands framed her face as his mouth settled on hers. She lay writhing beneath him, her mouth parted, unable to do anything but accept his kiss as tiny suckers sipped and nuzzled her between her trembling thighs.

Her hips bucked as a feeler found her sensitive bud, dragging on it in tiny sucking motions. She screamed, uncaring that she startled the horses in nearby stalls, her nails digging into the golden column of his back. Intense pleasure rocked through her, so different from the stirrings of her own fingers beneath the furs at night. He guided her ankles around his hips and still the torment went on. A feeler slid inside her wet sheath causing her to arch with a gasp. Another explored lower, seeking the forbidden aperture nestled between her cheeks.

"Relax," he whispered as she tightened against the feeler there. She tried to do as he commanded, but the strange lightly burning sensation as the feeler wiggled deep into her bottom distracted her. Then she was lost as the feelers sawed back and forth in her pussy and ass, her body quivering as she gave herself up to the waves of pleasure drowning her. She trembled and shook, her head thrown back, dragging air into her desperate lungs as she came.

Everything went hazy and dim. Slowly Kailyn returned to reality as the head of his shaft nuzzled her slick entrance, coating itself with her dewy heat. He smiled into her dazed eyes from where he knelt between her spread thighs, her soft bottom gripped firmly in his hands. He prodded and pushed against her while a feeler rolled and writhed in her bottom. Her virginal pussy resisted as he slowly stole inside of her, forcing her to yield to his invasion.

Kailyn whimpered, a frown marring her forehead. She arched, and he slid impossibly deep, his groan rumbling in his chest. She felt stretched and hot and unbearable where his body joined hers. Then he began to move. Her nails raked down his arms. The breath rushed from her lungs. Need thrummed through her. Quivering arrows of heat licked at her raw flesh. When a feeler latched onto her throbbing nub, she screamed, everything going black.

"That's it, Kailyn. Come back to me." She stirred beneath him, the back of her hand resting against her damp forehead. His hand pushed up over her belly to ease between her breasts. Her back arched as she discovered three feelers plugging her bottom as he pounded her with his shaft. She could barely catch her breath. Still it went on.

He caught one of her legs and used it to roll her over onto her belly, his body easing out of hers before he positioned her on her knees. Her flushed face pressed against her crossed forearms, uncaring of the prickling hay poking her through the rug. He grabbed her cheeks in both hands, easing them wide apart. Surely he wouldn't...

A choked cry escaped her as his shaft bore down on the tiny opening as feelers plunged into her unsuspecting pussy. The tiny ring stretched around the hard length of him pushing deep within her inch by treacherous inch. The feelers massaged her abused pussy walls, coaxing her to relax as his shaft worked the last few inches to rest fully inside of her.

"Don't wiggle," he groaned, slapping her bottom. She almost wailed from the unfairness of it. Her conquered body was opened fully to his unyielding plunder. She felt speared unmercifully, her body no longer her own. He gripped her breasts as he began to move his shaft in her, small fiery stabs in her clinging heat. Soon his strokes lengthened, becoming more forceful. His breathing was harsh, his grunts mixing with her gasping moans as he forced her body to his will.

Kailyn felt a tiny vibrating sensation beginning at the base of his feelers, telling her of the force of his need. It grew, until the tiny heads sucking on her ribbed walls almost loosened with their intensity. The feelers wiggling against her sensitive bud began to gently suck, drowning her in pleasure. Lightening tore through her fluttering sheath, and she clenched down hard around him. He cried out, his hips surging against hers in lunging thrusts. He bucked fiercely inside of her as he gripped her hips. She moaned, feeling as though he swelled to double his size, threatening to stretch her to bursting. Then warm stickiness filled her clenching pussy and bottom as he worked furiously in and out of her.

Finally they collapsed. He drew them onto their sides so that her bottom nestled against the cradle of his pelvis, her head resting on his outstretched arm. His gulping breaths stirred her golden hair as his hand settled possessively over her breast.

He had softened inside of her, every twitch making her quiver. He pressed his lips against her shoulder. "Thank you," he breathed, rubbing his nose and lips back and forth across her sensitized flesh.

She dragged much needed air into her lungs. It felt as though her life had been tipped on its ear. He had branded her with his sex, opened her eyes to needs of her body and forged a connection with her that was not entirely wanted. Would she feel like this with every warrior that bedded her, or would she be left craving more?

She sat up and tugged the leather band over her breasts. She was conscious of his eyes on her as she tugged hay from her hair and smoothed down her skirt.

"I best see if there is more work," she mumbled shyly.

He sat up beside her. Fingers beneath her chin tipped her head back. She met those eyes, their closeness disconcerting. They fairly sparked with anger. "You're mine alone," he told her. His mouth settled firmly over hers, leaving her no opportunity to protest. Even if she was silly enough to want to.

The Absolute End

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