Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.


When I first met Stephen, I was love struck. He was exactly the type of guy I would always fantasize about, but never have the courage to date. A tall, blonde, older white man of about 60 would never be an acceptable guy for me to date seriously. My family would never approve their smart 30 year old daughter wasting her promising career as a black lawyer on a guy who in all honesty would be a hindrance to her freedom.

Stephen was also a lawyer at the same firm, but in a separate division, on another floor where most of the senior staff had their offices. He was easily over 6 feet tall and his golden blonde hair was kept long and often fell into his brown eyes. Those eyes were the first thing I noticed about him. I had been sitting near him in a large meeting via teleconference with a sister office in Dallas Texas, when I felt like I was being watched. I looked up to see Stephen smoothing his hair to the side and our eyes locked. The gaze we became trapped in felt like it lasted minutes, and as far as I'm concerned, it did. His eyes set me on fire, and it was at that moment that I became attuned to his movements and began to hope that he desired me as much as I wanted him to.

Here in Canada, interracial relationships are pretty common, and really not a big deal. I've dated Asian guys, Spanish guys, and even a Swede (one brave summer while traveling abroad), and never had any issues with the fact that we came from different backgrounds. The exception of course was that they were all the same age more or less. My fantasy of being with a much older man has always remained hidden, out of fear of rejection, or some other devastating complication.

After that incident with Stephen in the meeting, I began to dress a little sexier around the office when I knew he would be around. At first it was just to tease him, then after a few extremely flirtatious interactions with him, I began to dress exclusively in ways than would have me ready for him if I got the chance. One particularly scintillating interaction was a stolen moment in a stairwell. I took the stairs hoping for a minute to myself. I had been thinking about sex while sitting in my cubicle and I needed to refocus and meditate...then I ran into Stephen.

At that moment all that I could think about was a deep, hot desire for him to fuck me. I needed his cock buried inside of me, and to punish me for being such a bad girl and wearing those sexy outfits to tease him. I imagined that he had a long and thick cock, because his height and overall size seemed to dictate that he would be packing serious meat. I didn't care that he was twice my age at all, in fact the idea only served to turn me on more.

It was as though Stephen could hear my thoughts. He took one giant step toward me and gathered me in his arms.

"Are you looking for me?" he said as his hand caressed my face. I stood motionless, unable to come up with a I leaned in and kissed him.

His lips answered my kiss by parting slightly and I took that as my cue to slip my pink tongue past his lips to show him that I wanted more. So much more.

Stephen backed me up against the wall of the stairwell and I felt my knees go weak. His large frame pressed against my body and I could feel his hard member through his pants and against my midsection. His strong muscular hands held my arms tight like one of those old fashioned kisses from the Humphrey Bogart Era, but much hotter and more interracial.

We broke our kiss after a little while to come up for air. I couldn't believe that I was so lucky to have my crush like me back, and be able to make out with this super gorgeous older man. I felt like I was 15 years old at that moment.

"Listen, I know you're married, and I know this was just a kiss, but would you like to come over to my apartment?" I was feeling lucky, so I decided to take a chance in case it was a hot streak.

"Yes, I would." He answered by whispering into my ear. He was seducing me, and the evidence of that was in my panties and dripping from inside of me.

We agreed to only call each other during work hours, and never send text messages or emails. If there was an emergency, we could only text 911 and wait for a call from the other person. I swear I've never been a mistress before! I just wanted him, and nothing else.

Stephen called me during my lunch break two days later to arrange our rendezvous. He told me that he couldn't wait to get me naked and that our kiss had given him multiple erections over the past 48 hours. He wanted to come over that night and I told him to knock on my door at 7pm.

I got home around 5pm and tidied my cozy apartment. I'm a spoiled brat, so I keep my apartment in tip top condition by having a cleaning service come by once per week. I always feel relaxed when I walk into a clean home, and my dark hardwood floors are more inviting when they sparkle.

Just as he had promised, Stephen arrived at 7pm with a faint knock at my apartment door. He looked sheepish when I opened the door, and held a crooked smile on his face as if he was a little embarrassed that he actually showed up, and I guess for making it clear that he wanted me that bad. When I warmly greeted him with a hug, his posture straightened.

"I'm so glad you came" I told him with a smile. My greeting put him at ease to see that I was excited for this to happen too. As we sat in my living room and I poured him a glass of red wine, he took off his shoes and loosened his tie.

"I was apprehensive of coming. I was worried you would see me as a 'creepy old man'," Stephen admitted as I snuggled up to him with my glass. I took a long sip to garner some courage and proceeded to tell him some of my fantasies, what I found sexy about him, and how glad I was that he came.

I had laid all of my cards on the table. I told him how I felt about him. Looking at the situation, I thought that my fantasies would be more daring than his; I'm an attractive black woman in her prime, with a promising career and no dependents, while Stephen is a 60 year old white guy with a wife, adult children, and probably retirement on the horizon.

Mathematically speaking I should not have been so attracted to him! But his upper body and arms were so muscular and strong looking, mixed with his hardly grey hair, and towering height made him such a hot piece, that I needed to get me some.

"Do you remember that time you caught me checking you out in that meeting a while ago?" Stephen asked as I finished my glass of wine.

"Yes, I think so" I responded meekly.

"Yes, well that wasn't the first time I saw you. I've noticed you around the office for a while. Maybe even a year or two ago." Stephen was cradling me in his arms now with my back to him and my body laying across the seats of the sofa.

"I thought I didn't have a chance with you because of our age difference, and because I'm a married man. Until that day in the meeting, I don't think you even knew I existed, but I definitely wanted you."

I sat there listening to him, encircled in the warmth of his large grasping arms. His muscles were just as big as I imagined and I felt safe within them.

"I remember that day..." I began. "It was like I could feel your eyes on me. You were staring so intently."

"I know I was. Something about you, makes me so hard. I don't even think about my wife during sex since meeting you, and definitely not since our kiss."

I began to feel that familiar flutter in my stomach. The one that tells me I'm getting turned on. I could feel myself getting wet as I laid there, in his strong arms, with his ivory skin contrasting against my own dark skin. He set down his glass and cupped one of my breasts. My nipples reacted by standing at attention and a small moan escaped from my throat.

"I feel very fortunate to have connected with you, and I feel like we are really close right now. Do you feel the same?" he nearly whispered his question.

"Yes Stephen." I answered as he ran his large hand over my breasts and lightly teased my nipples.

"I know this might seem crazy, but I want to confess my fantasy to you. I'm afraid you will reject it. I need to be sure that you feel the same as I do." I turned to face Stephen and look into his eyes in anticipation.

"I want to make love to you, but there is more to it than just that." Hs voice trailed and he cleared his throat. "I want to breed you."

I sat motionless, and processed what he said. I didn't immediately understand, but I knew that he wanted to do something very taboo by the tone and intonation of his words. Stephen kissed me in the midst of my thoughts and broke me back into the moment. I stopped thinking when he began to kiss his way down my neck and helped me take my top off. He laid sweet kisses on my arms and legs with each article of clothing he removed from my body and I could feel my temperature rise.

Stephen inserted two fingers inside me. My pussy juices were already causing my area to becoming sopping wet, though he was a gentleman for allowing me to cum once before he ravished me without a condom.

I was still unsure of his size up until that moment, but I knew I would soon be greeted with a beautiful cock regardless of how endowed he was.

Stephen used his two fingers to stretch out my hole and tease me just near the point of feeling my climax. His touch was so wonderful and amazing that I found myself begging for his cock to send me over the edge and into sweet bliss.

"Please Stephen..." I breathed into his chest as he slowed his movements. His head was buried in my neck. "Please breed me Stephen.

Stephen paused and looked into my eyes. He withdrew his fingers from my pussy and ran the tips across his lips, taking time to taste each one with his tongue.

We walked on our toes across my apartment floor to the bedroom. He stripped the bed down to my top sheet and pulled me into a laying position on my side, and laid behind me.

We didn't get to much foreplay, but that didn't matter as I was wet enough and ready to go. Stephen buried his lips in the crook of my neck and slowly guided his unsheathed cock deep into my pussy. His pace was incredibly slow at first, almost painfully as he adjusted to the feeling of my 30 year old tight black pussy wrapped around his 60 year old cock.

He breathed in my scent deeply as he pushed his cock in as far as he could.

A low grumble came from his throat when I moved my hips backward to push into his pelvis.

I was in heaven. This was far from safe sex, but I didn't care.

Once I had all of the cock my pussy could accommodate from Stephen, he began to fuck me in long purposeful strokes. With each stroke he pulled all the way out, and eventually pressed all the way inside of me to my hilt to finish off the motion. I felt like a private getting drilled by her sergeant.

In and out.

In and out.

At the pace he kept, I thought I was going to soak a section of my mattress with my juices. Not to mention, my moaning and panting were beginning to get louder and louder. I signaled to him that my climax was imminent by squeezing my Kegel muscles as tight as I could.

"Oh fuck!" Stephen gasped into my neck. "What are you doing to me?"

The immediate tightness I held him with in that moment seemed to have given him a shock. I realized that he probably had not had sex with a woman like me in a very long time...if ever.

He began to mutter something I couldn't understand when he abruptly pulled out of me, and flipped my ass in the air while simultaneously forcing my head down on to the mattress. With my head down and my ass up, Stephen began to lick my asshole.

"Don't worry, I won't sodomize you tonight. I just want to taste and breed." He said between licks.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head when he said that; and they stayed back there when he dipped his tongue into my little asshole while rubbing my clitoris.

I was completely blindsided by his abilities in the bedroom, because I would have never thought a man of his age could ever make me feel like this.

I came hard from the ass play.

I came so hard.

Stephen kneeled behind me and proceeded to hook his large thumb into my softened asshole. My back arched at the feeling of being stretched out. He ran a large hand over my back as he whispered sweet nothings to me.

"You are so beautiful. I'm so happy. Oh you are such a doll, such a doll. Come here baby, bring that kitty cat to me." He gripped my waist and sunk his big white cock back into my pussy hole. I bit my lip as I felt myself get refilled over and over again.

Stephen's urgency increased and within a few minutes he began pounding into me; allowing his balls to slap against me.

"Ohhhhhhh" I moaned out into the room. I felt an intense orgasm swelling inside of me. The feeling of his bareback cock was so tantalizing, and I even thought I felt his tip hit my cervix and bottom out.

I let everything go in a moment. I pushed my face into the mattress, and even allowed him to grab my arms and hold them back behind me as he slammed into me in the doggy style position. The only muscles I held tight were helping to keep my ass in the air. I made sure to give him everything else. My pussy became ravaged as he pounded my soft flesh; all the while his thumb remained hooked in my butt. I had orgasms that seemed to layer on top of one another, and so it was in this way I was defeated.

The strong older white man who broke me slowed his pace and asked me to turn over on the bed onto my back. I was dazed and complied with his command. He began to kiss my lips and continued to adore me.

"So beautiful. I can't believe I have you. You are amazing, my sweet little dumpling. Open your eyes for me."

I opened my eyes to connect them with Stephen's. They looked completely saturated in lust for me, and for my body. I was his treat, his once in a lifetime find. I spread my legs wider as he entered me again, this time wiping off some of the soup we had created with our barrier free sex romp.

Our eyes remained locked as he slowly fucked me in the missionary position. He once again picked up his pace and in anticipation I squeezed my pussy around his cock.

This time, he let himself go.

He made a deep groan and thrusted four hard plunges inside of me, each time depositing his thick cum inside of me.

After a few seconds of holding our position, he began to thrust his cock in and out of me again.

"Mm yes. Time to breed that hot black kitty cat." He said under his breath, and continued to fuck his cum as deep into my pussy as it could go. I played with my tits as he bred me, and I fucking loved it. I felt like a dirty little slut getting used as she should.

Stephen withdrew his cock after a few thrusts and held my legs open. He marveled at the sight of his creamy white cum slowly dribbling out of my brown and pink pussy hole and onto the bed.

He didn't let me clean it up after that. Instead he brought the blanket back to the bed and gathered me in his arms, where I eventually fell asleep to the sound of his breathing, and the soft kisses he laid on my forehead.

**the End**

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by Sharpguy09/06/17


Well done. Hot, steamy, concise and well developed characters. As an older white guy whose been with younger ebony women, this is very real in my experience.

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by C_frommn08/15/17

The Story

Needs a follow-up Does he Breed her. Does he stick around or leave her to take care of their Child.

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