He heard his wife's heavy footsteps approach. It was the kind of loud stomp like she was trying to announce her presence as she walked into the living room. He expected to look up while sitting on the sofa, and see a look of anger or deep concern on her. He had learned over the years that's what usually happened when she stormed into a room as quickly and loudly as she just did.

He was pleasantly surprised however to look up and see a beaming smile on her. His wife stood there with her hands behind her back and had a grin running ear to ear. Immediately losing interest in the TV, she now had his full attention. What had her looking as happy as he'd seen her in months he wondered, she looked positively giddy.

She released a hand from hiding behind her back and produced a small object he instantly recognized. The white plastic device about the size of a pen he had become familiar with was no shock. What was displayed on it though was a bit different. A very visible and obvious plus sign stood out on the results window.

"Positive???" He questioned the result as these types of feminine devices had become tricky. "Your ovulating then right? Same time as last month?"

She reached her hand back out and retrieved the test back from him. "Apparently so. The box says they detect a surge in LH levels in your urine that say your fertile." She had such an upbeat tone in her voice, she was obviously over joyed with the results.

"Wow. So..." He tried to process the information while gripping the reality before him. Before his mind had fully accepted what she was saying, her other hand came free from it's hiding spot behind her. She had his cell phone already in hand and ready to go for him.

This was clearly beyond the point of fantasy or discussion for her. Her overpowering urges to bear a child was driving her actions. He knew her extreme desire to be a mother was the major factor in her decisions from their first discussion on the matter. The fact that he found the idea a bit of a kink and a fetish was seemingly secondary to her need to experience carrying a baby.

The first time she took an ovulation test it was new to both of them. Last month they both assumed it might be a fluke, not indicative of her real hormone levels, or that they might not be doing it right. But the reality of the same day of her cycle it showing up 2 months in a row was too much to argue with. He had to suddenly tell himself... this was really happening.

A million thoughts entered his mind suddenly. Was he as ready for this like he thought he was? Would their relationship be as stable as it was after this? Was she ready for this? Could he really handle watching idly by as she was inseminated?

"You know, the best chances for this to work is right after you begin to ovulate." Her statement was meant to rush him, but is wasn't helping his panicked train of thought either. He looked at the phone she was holding out and shaking as a signal for him to take it.

He reached out for the phone and noticed when looking at the screen that the contact list was already brought up to a particular entry. She had it ready to go so that all he had to do was hit send. She really did seem mentally prepared and emotionally ready to go through with this as planned.

Perhaps because the notion still seemed so taboo, he momentarily question himself and his previous motives as to why this intrigued him in the first place. Yes it was a bit forbidden and lewd, but he was the driving force behind all of this in the beginning. It was his initial fantasy and his idea to attempt a pregnancy in this unique way. He did in fact have to talk his wife into believing in this idea at first. He told himself that this was way more than just a fleeting sexual feeling, this was right in so many ways for them.

"I just can't believe..."

"This is really happening!" She cut him off and finished his sentence perfectly. As she did so she leaned over and pressed the send button on his phone for him.

He told himself there was no turning back now as he heard the dial tone emitting from his phone. He pulled his cell phone to his ear and prepared for one of the most bizarre conversations he had ever had, and one that would certainly alter their lives.

Before he could search for the words he wanted to say, the other end picked up. "Hey, I was hoping to hear from you." The deep voice answered quickly.

"Hi, um yeah. For us too, we were hoping to call you. You know, sooner rather than later." He thought he must have sounded like an idiot fumbling for the words.

"Cool, so tell me good news. It's happening now right?"

He looked up at his wife who was listening intently with a school girl like giddy grin on her face. "Yes. She um... took it again, just now." He tried to be brief, it was just easier to let this other man control the conversation.

"Excellent. The best time for fertilization is right after she begins to ovulate." He clearly reiterated what his wife had emphasized moments earlier, putting a sense of urgency on the matter. "And tell me, you haven't had sex with her yourself?"

He had to think back to make sure, because it had been some time. "No. Uh, no we have not in a while. Like we discussed before, it's been almost 2 months since..." He tried to think of more appropriate words than HAD SEX, but nothing came out.

"Did you tell her to start the vitamins? I told you how important the folic acid can be in prenatal vitamins right?"

"Yes you did. I remember. She has been taking them, yes" This other guy sounded so knowledgeable on the matter he thought. Either he was well self educated on the matter or it seemed he was in the medical community. Either way he showed a genuine interest.

"I'll can be there very shortly." after a brief silence he continued. "Have her cleaned up and ready quickly."

As the immediacy of the situation hit him, he heard the phone hang up on the other end. Could this really be happening? It seemed like mere fantasy for so long. There was always an opportunity for anyone to back out at anytime it seemed. With things put in motion so quickly, the safety net seemed gone. He fought a mix of excitement and fear of the unknown. Though they tried unsuccessfully for years to conceive, they never consulted a physician on the matter. They certainly considered visiting a fertility specialist, but time, money, and a fear of bad news always got in the way. With no clue where the problem stemmed from, this experience was like playing with a loaded gun...And it was exciting!

She herself had been less than amused by the idea of artificial insemination when it came up. She always thought that if they ever arrived at that step, she would want to at least know the sperm donor in any case. To her it was more of a burden and clinical process that lacked true a true connection when becoming pregnant. Rather, she thought celebrating the creation of life while holding onto another person was an essential part of procreation. As time wore on and she struggled with these feelings, her husband's idea of using a strange man as a sperm donor seemed a more attractive option. There was something more sacred and special in creating a life inside her. It seemed sensible that it should be done with passion and carnal pleasure. She felt that way was more in tune with nature's design of our bodies as well. She now looked forward to holding onto a live human being and establishing an emotional and physical connection as that most precious seed was deposited deep inside her loins, even if it wasn't her husband's.

"What did he say?" She was dying to know.

A wickedly sexy grin took the place of shock on his face. "He's on his way... quickly. He wants you clean and ready pretty quickly it sounds like."

"Come on, Help me get ready then." She grabbed his hand and helped him off the couch in a second. Not releasing her grip, she pulled him toward the stairs in a hurried rush.

"Do you want me to pick up a bit? I didn't even turn off the TV." He took quick note that the house looked a mess. They definitely didn't expect company until she took that test.

"NO, he's only gonna see the bedroom anyway!" she replied with confidence in her voice.

Her husband agreed of course, but said nothing. He struggled to keep up with her pace as she bounded up the stairs toward their bedroom not releasing her grip on his hand. It was the most excited he had seen his wife in years, and certainly the most enthusiasm she had shown about the 'sperm donor' idea yet. It was no easy task working up to this moment. As he bounded up the last few stairs with his wife, he recalled how months ago she seemed so against this idea at first mention. It took time and patience, but her initial rejection of the idea eventually grew into skepticism and a bit of curiosity after some frank discussion. Then after months of incorporating the fantasy into some of their foreplay, and eventually into regular sexual routine, the fantasy accelerated into a mutual fetish and fascination. Now she seemed quite obsessed on the entire idea as obvious by her hurried efforts to prepare for this strangers arrival.

Once inside the bedroom door she released his hand and tore off her t-shirt in a flash. She spun around quickly facing away from him. "Undo my bra." Taking her cue, he released the clasp on the bra strap in the center of her back. She continued undressing herself by opening the button atop her jeans and dropping the zipper. Once done her hands went back to her chest to remove her bra, while her husband instinctively pulled her jeans to her ankles. She stepped forward out of her pants quickly and brought both feet together in her stance. That was his cue to help remove her panties. Putting each hand at the side of her hips, he slid an index finer inside her waistband then drew her underwear downward. As the sight of his wife's bare ass came into view, he felt his cock begin to harden. He stepped back to admire her nude body and his erection grew further at the thought he was going to share this gorgeous sight with another man. He thought, how could any man really not love the look of her. Her brown, wavy and radiant hair cascaded down her back, a canvas of beautiful soft glowing skin with a light golden complexion, curvy succulent legs led to a well rounded voluptuous ass. She was a vision from any angle though, with ample curves in all the perfect places. He found himself staring and gawking at her beauty.

She threw her bra backward onto the pile of her other discarded clothes, in doing so turned her head to look backward at her husband over her shoulder. He had a sheepish grin, a hint of a wickedness in his eye, the look her usually gave her on nights he wanted to get frisky. Recognizing she had his undivided attention as she strutted into the bathroom, she put some extra shake in her hips with each step. Knowing full well she was still in his line of sight, she purposely kept her knees locked as she bent over to turn on the faucet in the tub. She understood she was teasing him horribly, and playing on his vulnerable sexual appetite. She felt a little guilty in that the poor man hadn't had her in months, but a bit of torment seemed appropriate in the moment. As she held her hand under the water waiting for just the right temperature, she swayed her hips slightly keeping his concentration on her for a few more moments.

As soon as the faucet ran warm, she quickly pulled the plunger to start the shower, and stepped inside the curtain disappearing from her spouses sight. He took it as an opportunity to prepare the room as abruptly as possible. He instantly scooped up the heap of clothing she left behind and tossed them inside the hamper. Turning immediately to the bed, it looked disheveled as it hadn't been made yet that day. Thinking spontaneously, he stripped the mattress of the sheet, blankets, and comforter leaving their bed a blank canvas for something other than sleeping.

"Honey, aren't you going to help me?" His bride beckoned him from the shower.

Being mostly happy with the way the rest of the room appeared, he heeded his wife's call for assistance. Rounding the corner into the bathroom, she had the curtain pulled back and a bottle of liquid soap in her outstretched hand, motioning for him to take it.

"I could use a hand here." the statement came with a smirk.

He knew she of course needed no help with cleaning herself, and if anything it only took longer. None the less, he played into the game and squeezed a large amount of soap into his open palm while she spun back around. He stepped up to the side of the tub, and tried not to get in the spray of water as the stream from the shower bounced off of her. She pulled her wet hair up into a ball and held it against the top of her head with both hands. He went to work with both palms working a lather up on her neck and shoulders. As he worked down her back, The notion occurred this was the first time he was touching his wife's nude body in months, it felt good to finally reconnect with her skin. He worked up a good soapy lather as he neared the small of her back and anticipated converging on her ass.

Finally, he massaged the flesh of each of her gorgeous ass cheeks with his soapy hands. He delighted in watching her round ass bounce and jiggle with his manipulation. He felt harshly denied her body's pleasures the last few months, but fully understood this process was his doing. It just felt good to put his hands on her in a way they had not shared in some time. All he could think of was how marvelous her ass was, to look at and especially to touch.

She knew he was lingering. "Alright, let's move onto my legs back there." She kept a level head knowing time was a factor.

He rather liked his wife's authoritative tone and gladly moved onto her well toned legs. When he completed washing the last of her calves and got down to her ankles, she spun around. She had her razor in hand and motioned for him to take it from her. "Tidy me up a bit honey. My pubes could use a trim if someone else is going to see it."

He said nothing but couldn't agree more. He wanted her sex looking it's best for the evening. The mental image of his wife proudly displaying her body to someone else was filling him with lust. She typically kept a full bush but would occasionally trim the edges to neaten it up into a shape, which her husband preferred.

"I'm thinking of taking it down more than normal tonight." She wanted to be sure her husband understood what she wanted.

He motioned for her to sit on the edge of the tub as he turned to retrieve small scissors and shaving foam from a nearby drawer. Composing himself as he knelt on front of her and tried not to get carried away with the sexuality of the moment. But the reality was that he was about to shave her pussy, preparing her for another man. He had always been very turned on about shaving a woman, his wife knew this and was clearly taunting him further. She seated herself on he edge of the bath tub and broadly spread her legs out exposing her dark patch of fuzzy hair.

The first curls fell fast at the snip of the scissors. Working from left to right, he trimmed a neat row across the top of her bush. Bringing the shears right against her skin, he was cutting the hair as close to her body as possible while being delicate and gentle.

Grabbing the shaving cream, he worked up a rich lather in both hands and began applying it all around her folds. Silently he was enjoying the slippery feeling of it all while not saying a word. Picking up the razor, he then carefully began stroking a downward path on a slant following the angle of her bikini line. Upon reaching the outer border of her love slit, he gently eased the razor over the dainty cleft. He pinned down her left labium with his thumb and carefully maneuvered the razor in short gentle strokes until it was clean of any hair. Bit by bit the pale skin emerged on her twat. Her pussy was beauty in perfection. She had full outer lips that looked fantastic without any hair. As he finished up the first side the notion occurred that this would certainly intensify any sensation against her delicate skin tonight.

"Are you going to be OK seeing another mans dick in me?" As he looked up, she added "Seriously?"

He paused and contemplated what that scene might look like. He'd imagined it so many times before, but this moment was different. It was much more vivid and realistic now in his mind. The image of a strangers foreign cock, thrusting away at her open and willing pussy gave him instant goose bumps. This was ultimately what he wanted and it was so close to coming true now.

"Yes." his response was spoken with an upward inflection that told her he was being genuine.

He went back to work finishing up on the other side of her sex with the same attention to detail. Her beautiful labia were now hairless and the rest had been trimmed into a very small neat triangle that pointed to her clitoris. As he admired the handy work he thought how she looked so sexy, and so 'available'. When she looked suitable he politely asked her to lean further back so he could spread her taint and ass a bit more before finally moving further down her crack and shaving off every last trace along her pussy all the way to her anus.

Happy with the finishing touches, he stood up from the floor, retrieved a wash cloth and ran warm water from the faucet. Returning to her, he immediately realized on his approach that he could see her twat much more clearly than ever before. He proudly cleaned off the last traces of foamy lather and admired both her renewed pussy and his handy work.

As he gazed at her freshly shaven slit closely, thoughts quickly flooded his mind, "Was his wife fertile? Was his equipment the problem? Would her womb respond to another mans seed?" He couldn't help but become excited at the possibility that this might actually work. That her feminine body would in fact do as it was designed and fertilize with another mans seed. A shudder hit him as he contemplated the notion of a life being spawned from this very vestibule that was not his own, but in fact the result of another mans copulation with his wife.

Her sex looked so tight at the moment. Her labia was folded inward and hid her love hole from plain view. What would it look like AFTER her lover used it. Surely her labia would be engorged with blood, her folds swollen and red. He tried to imagine it as it would look after her stud withdrew his cock, gaping open and leaking a stream of cum from her flooded cervix.

"You did a wonderful job, no nicks. I may have to have you do this more often." Her appreciative voice interrupted his train of lewd thoughts. She stood up and grabbed a nearby towel from the rack and began drying herself off.

"Are YOU ready for this sweetie?" He asked his wife. She seemed excited about the entire situation, but he needed to check in with her verbally as well.

"Why don't you go pick out a pair of sexy panties and a nice bra for me, that would make me more ready." Clearly she was absolute in her desire to move ahead. She added, "One of your favorites perhaps that you think our friend might like." She turned toward the mirror away from him and switched on the hair dryer.

Eager to accept the task, he made his way over to her chest of drawers. He had never been so excited to help in dressing her for the occasion. He pulled open her underwear drawer looking for the trashiest thing to adorn her body. A pair of silky panties in white immediately caught his eye. He knew the pair well as he recalled the crotch was a lace design and VERY see through, it would display her newly shaved twat well he thought.

He dove into another drawer searching for an appropriate bra when the sound of the doorbell echoed through the house catching him by surprise. "DING DONG". He dropped the underwear back into the drawer and shot a look to his wife in the bathroom.

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