With no more time for preparation, he thought 'My God, this is it, he is already here.' The moment of arrival came quicker than expected, but was well received by both husband and wife. He almost couldn't wait for this stranger to step into his home and meet the woman that he married.

She turned off the hair dryer at the sound of the bell and began quickly coming her hair straight. "Well, I guess he is going to have to meet me au' natural, then. No time for clothes and make up huh." A smile and nod to her husband signaled her acceptance that this was as ready as they were going to ever be.

As she finished putting final touches on her hair, her husband went back downstairs to answer the door. From the master bathroom, she could hear the heavy creek of the door opening and their voices as they greeted each other with enthusiasm. Grabbing her bath robe on the back of the bathroom door, she hurriedly threw it around herself and tied off the rope before heading to welcome their guest.

From the top stair, the sight of him took her breath away. There her suitor stood, incredibly tall and muscular under the expensively tailored business suit he wore. It couldn't cover up his remarkable figure from her however. His upper body was very broad at the shoulders, and it was clear his biceps were especially well developed. His thick neck left no doubt that he was a man dedicated to keeping in shape and working out. Being as muscular as he was, he seemed neither intimidating or uninviting. He carried himself with the grace of a gentleman and her strode into the foyer of their home like he owned it.

When she arrived at the bottom stair, it was clear he had also been blessed with incredibly good looks as his face was finely chiseled. He had the most amazing smile and very gentle features yet an elegant face with strong cheekbones, and a perfectly constructed nose, and thick kissable lips. His eyes were bright emerald and sparkled magnificently, dragging the married woman into a pleasant daze. No doubt in anyone's mind he was a decade and a half older than her, but a perfect mix of features that made him a remarkably handsome and matured black gentleman. He certainly possessed all qualities anyone would want in a biological father, his skin tone just made it all the more forbidden and erotic. She would happily let him have his way with her given his rugged good looks and commanding presence.

She reached out to greet him and the realization hit home. This was the man she would be having sex with, the very man standing in front of her in her own home. The attraction was certainly there and all the preparation set in motion, this was it. "Nice to meet you."

"Well, hello Mama. Very nice to finally meet you as well." His voice was deep and authoritative as he took her hand and held it to his lips for a soft kiss on the back of her hand. He cocked his head to the side and took in her voluptuous frame covered by her last minute bath robe as attire. "Looks like I got here ahead of your schedule, sorry to be abrupt."

Her husband shut the door behind their visitor, and noticed his wife visibly blushing in the presence of her gentleman caller. "We understand the necessity of course. We both appreciate you coming so quickly."

His wife's seducer still had a hold of her hand. "Why don't you show me your bedroom." He stared deep into her eyes as the blunt, yet confident words came from his mouth.

Not skipping a beat, she led him instantly up the stairs and into the bedroom while hubby followed intently. Not a moment in the bedroom door and she felt the stranger pull on her arm spinning her around to face himself. He reached down and pulled at the loose knot on her bathrobe, instantly exposing her gorgeous nude body for his feasting eyes. She pulled the robe off of her shoulders herself, showing him his advances were well received and more attention was welcomed.

He placed two hands on each side of her face and stared quietly for a moment into her eyes, taking her in. Her high cheekbones framed her well and complimented her beautiful deep blue eyes. Her skin tone was radiant from time in the summer sun, and not a blemish existed on her face. Pouty lips that inspired kissing and sucking finished off the perfect features. "You are a delicious cutie, good genes for sure." She blushed at the comment instantly and looked away shyly toward her husband.

His hands dropped to her shoulders and quickly down the front of her chest. He took each breast in his hands and squeezed them with a firm and repetitive motion, almost like he was testing fruit before he bought it. Her cup size was considerably large for her frame, there was certainly more flesh there than each hand could contain. He studied them for a few more moments while increasing the pressure of his grip on her tits. When he released his grasp, his attention, and fingers went immediately to her nipples. The size of her aerola, though large and bit dark, was proportionate to her boobs. They were capped of by amazing nipples that looked like large pencil erasers and stuck out a good distance from the rest of her fleshy globes. He gave each one a pinch between his thumb and forefinger which drew a low moan from her.

"Fantastic udders."

Her and hubby both quietly though it was an interesting choice of word, udders. It seemed appropriate given the nature of his visit though, and what they might soon become. They were so big... so fertile themselves, perfect to feed a child spawned from this night's affections.

His hand continued downward along the sides of her torso and stopped at her hips. She had a bit of meat on her bones and he exploited it as he squeezed her love handles. She had a healthy amount of weight on her, but her wide hips hid it well. He was very pleased with her hourglass figure. Curvy women had always drawn him in, and this white wife had perfect curves in all the right places. Her ample tits and large hips were a stereotypical black mans dream.

"Perfect child bearing hips."

The last comment excited everyone in the room, especially her. And while she was embarrassed by it, she felt her vagina moisten with excitement. The compliment might seem strange to some, but she relished it in light of the nature of their relationship.

Then he confidently moved in for a kiss.

Her shy yet romantic smile blossomed into a truly blissful kiss between the lovers. It was electric, intense yet a soft contact between their two lips. He ran his open palms up her soft arms teasing every nerve ending along the way. When his moth opened slowly to take in the flesh of her lower lip, he took his sweet time savoring the saucy taste of her flesh and the inside of her mouth. Then he went in for more, with his mouth wider and tongue prepared for an assault. He was now pulling her into his body causing her to feel the incredibly hard manhood hidden under his slacks. She was already putty in his hands and opened her lips to allow him to have his way with her tongue. Then the already passionate kiss heated up further as his tongue hungrily suckled and invaded every corner of the inside her mouth.

When her hubby heard the first slurp of their open mouthed kiss, he nearly came in a heartbeat. They looked like lovers who had known each other for years they way their mouths drew each other in. He had never seen his wife so aggressive in kissing, as she was clearly pushing back against him with an open mouth saying 'I want this too' with her body language. Her hands went to the side of his face and back to his shoulders quickly as the rest of her body struggled to keep up with the intensity and passion of her mouth, lips, and tongue. It was the most intense make out scene he had ever witnessed, and it involved his wife with another man, a stranger just minutes ago.

After a seemingly endless barrage of all-consuming and powerful kissing, her lover left her mouth for a tastier feast along her cheek, neck, and ear. He was hungry and anxious for to sample more of her body. Hubby could clearly see the animalistic nature of it too as a glistening trail of saliva coated her entire face as he moved along devouring her. She looked emotionally invested in the moment as her arms dropped to her sides in submission and she threw her head back inviting more attention.

His hands made their way down her back as his lips nestled into her neck. He was admiring the buxom shape of this married woman's body before feeling the plump goodness of her ass cheeks swell beneath his strong black hands. He lightly bit down on the flesh of her shoulder while confidently kneading and squeezing the gorgeous fleshy mounds on her backside.

Hubby watched his wife's hands fumble between them as she felt her way around his crotch and started rubbing his ever growing penis from outside his pants. Hearing the sound of the zipper come down in a quiet room took the married man by surprise. Time stopped momentarily as his wife was looking dead on at their guest while biting her lower lip with serious 'fuck me' eyes, the likes he had never seen before. He gasped uncontrollably as the thought of what was coming.

Her hand came free from the inside of the man's pants holding the now fully erect and colossal black cock everyone in the room was anticipating seeing. She grasped it mid shaft and still was unable to touch her thumb to her other fingers, it's girth was quite apparent in her dainty hand. A few well placed veins ran the course of the shaft making it look even more like the hulking muscle it truly was.

"Those balls could use a sucking Mama. Why don't you get a nice load warmed up for yourself?"

With one hand still clasped around the shaft, she dropped to her knees and lifted the large fleshy sack with the other. His testicles and scrotum were hanging loose and low away from his pole. She was truly amazed by the bulk and weight of the twin orbs. They filled the entirety of one hand and she could actually feel them writhe in her palm. His testicles were generously sizable, and they were squirming in their sack, certainly swollen with sperm and ready to release. Her tongue reached out abruptly to work a wet path across the wrinkled surface and down below to the lowest point. Then, almost as if she were drawn to them, she bent her head and opened her lips as wide as possible welcoming his nuts into her warm mouth. She had to strain her mouth to open at full capacity in order to allow one testicle inside. She began to suck and roll her tongue about it, closing her lips and pulling at it gently. Releasing the first, she sucked in his other testicle to tongue bathe and nuzzle it as he looked on with a warm satisfied smile. Thinking it would please him even more, she attempted to get both balls in her mouth at once, but could not easily accomplish the feat until she gently pushed them into her mouth with the aide of her fingers. Even then, the dark skinned satchel and its globes filled her mouth to capacity and stretched her cheeks.

She could fell both of his sperm factories begin to draw up tight along with his sack. His body began the natural body function of constricting his reproductive organs up toward the base of his cock, it was to reach an ideal temperature in which sperm would be their healthiest and most virile. It was natures way of preparing him for a procreative sexual encounter. Instinctively, his balls released from her lips with a pop and they tumbled out of her mouth soaked by her own saliva. Then she extended her long, wet tongue to the underside of his prodigious shaft and ran the extended length of it back and forth, until strands of her spit and saliva dangled from both the black column and her own chin. Clear thick beads of pre cum started to escape from the slit at the tip. Then at last the head slipped between her lips and deep into her mouth while she sucked with a determined force. It was a beautiful specimen of anatomy, better than she had been imagining those thousands of times before this encounter. The stately mushroom tip pulsed with life in her oral cavity as the entire penis twitched and throbbed in her hand. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of her sucking mouth as she bobbed on his cock like an experienced porn star.

Watching with an unusual mix of excitement and fear, hubby's eyes were wide open. 'What am I doing letting this happen?' he thought. 'This is so wrong'. Yet, there was not a shred of willpower or strength in his body to stop her or any of this. He just couldn't believe how amazing the scene was as he watched her mouth slobber over that ebony rod. He had enjoyed oral sex in the rare times they practiced it as a couple, but she was never this enthusiastic. He didn't want to push the topic on his wife as he assumed she didn't enjoy it and it was more a chore to just get through. Not with this man or his dark and impressive cock however, she clearly loved this act and gave herself to the moment.

Although intensely gratifying and pleasurable, her dark lover did not let her continue for long. "Lets save that juice for your belly."

Her now moist crotch felt another flood of juices at the thought, a chill of anticipation run through her. As she released his shaft from her mouth, she looked up at him with acknowledgement. Her ass fell back against her ankles and she awaited his next move.

"Hubby, why don't you go ahead and get Mama wet and ready for me. It helps when a woman is sexually excited for this. More of her fluid production gives my little swimmers a better chance to find an egg further inside. And if she orgasms, it'll help open her cervix up even further than it is while she is already ovulating. So best we get her soaked and cumming, right?"

Her husband looked to his wife who nodded in agreement while rising from her knees to move toward the bed and drop onto her back. His candor on the subject of procreation though sensible and accurately detailed, had her sizzling in anticipation.

Her husband on the other hand pondered where this knowledge on the matter came from just a guy into white wives. Clearly he was well educated on the subject of conception. None the less he agreed on the course of action and moved into position between his spouses thighs.

No doubt he was nervous, but he looked forward to reconnecting sexually with his wife after so long. Thankfully their guest granted him permission to touch his other half in a way he had been missing for some time. He began nervously lapping away like a dog at his wife's slit. Fearing the stranger in the room might be grading his performance my have impacted his actions. In any case he liked being asked to be more than just an observer. The notion of prepping her honey hole for this gentleman consumed him, and he attempted to bathe her every fold with his tongue.

The visitor watched the couple engage in oral pleasure while he removed the remainder of his clothing. The married woman's eyes were fixed on her new partner as a shirt came free it revealed a muscled, mocha colored body. He had incredible muscular definition, with a beautifully carved chest and abdominals. Her attention was transfixed more on the emerging nude body in her bedroom than her spouse between her legs attempting to moisten her up.

Her husband felt a foreign hand on his shoulder as the deep voice of the black Adonis spoke. "Thanks, I'll take over."

The black stud moved in quickly taking the place of her spouse between her open legs. Instantly he closed the gap between his face and her neatly trimmed pussy, diving into her fleshy crevice with an open mouth and burying his tongue in her fleshy folds. He clearly had experience and expertise on the matter of cunnilingus, a very far cry from the style she was accustomed to in her marriage. He found her love hole instantly as his tongue darted deep inside and lathered inside the fathoms of her living core. He withdrew it only after reaching as deeply as possible into her depths. Traveling back up to the top of her slit, his tongue summoned her susceptible clit inside his mouth, while his front teeth gently nibbled at it. The intense sensation made her gasp for air.

Her husband could clearly see his wife's juices were already coating his black lips, cheeks, and chin. He watched as he flicked his tongue on her swollen clit and thought how overtly aggressive he was with his wife. He had no reservations or inhibitions in being as assertive as he was, and attacked her slit as he wished. This was the raw passion and lust he had only seen in adult movies, and it was happening right where he slept, and with his wife. His wife was letting out whimpering pants that increased in volume by the second. Her hands ran over his bald black head repeatedly as her legs and thighs trembled and shook in ecstasy while laying across his back. His face was buried deep between her shapely legs and her hands seemed intent on keeping him in that position.

The black bull was intoxicated by the smell and taste of her married pussy as he dove into her wet hole for another sampling. Her hands moved to her own abdomen and slid down her mound and rested on the sides of her pussy. Her fingers found her outer labia and she spread herself open to him to grant him access.

She let out a low, guttural moan of pure lust when he boldly slipped the length of a finger into her pussy. He wiggled it against the walls of her love canal finding her g-spot while his tongue lashed against her clit. Her groaning intensified with the simultaneous attention of his probing finger combined with his unyielding tongue against her sex. He began to pump his finger in and out of her, then added a second finger quickly to fill her out. Her cunt convulsed to grip his fingers tightly as his finger-fucking intensified. She was surprised when he suddenly withdrew the digits and used his index finger to rub against the outside of her asshole. The sensation was intense and lit her on fire with passion. He was teasing the sensitive nerves surrounding her anus and smearing her own juices around the tightly puckered orifice, readying it. Then he slowly sliped the first of his finger into her ass.

It was a new experience and sensation for her. A tingling surge ran up her back as she caught her breath in her throat. Her marriage had its fair share of oral sex, but never like this. The feeling of her taught sphincter being penetrated combined with the intensity of every fold in her pussy being lapped was almost too much. All she could concentrate on was the pleasure that was coming from between her legs and deep within her.

She was losing herself in the pleasure when his finger withdrew from her rectum. Missing it almost instantly, she was delighted to feel his warm tongue take its place quickly. The heat of his tongue in her crack was driving her insane as he licked the length of her ass and pushed his tongue against her hole forcing himself inside. She let out several quick shivers as her lover's tongue wormed in and out of her anus. In an uncontrollable motion, she began flinging her arms about the mattress and was moaning in the forbidden lust of extramarital sex. These strange new sensations were certainly different and taboo. This was certainly nothing like she was accustomed to with her husband, dare she think better in every fulfilling way a woman should feel.

As he lifted up from her pussy his face was streaked with a mixture of cum and saliva. His face slick with her juices, he moved back up her body to kiss her. She felt his thick manhood pressed into her abdomen and stomach, and she turned her lips toward his for another prolonged and heated kiss. This time she could taste the familiar musk of her own juices on his lips. His tongue went deep in her and she greedily sucked at it relishing the flavor of pussy and ass in his mouth. She kissed him back in a deep and lustful manner, as if seeking some penetration by other means.

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