tagIncest/TabooBreeding Beth

Breeding Beth


Disclaimer- everyone is 18+.


Daddy had been using me as his fucktoy for weeks now. He'd made sure anyone else who wanted to play with me got a chance too. It had been a very busy time for me, learning to ride and suck so much cock, but I knew better than to argue with the rules Daddy had given me and my stepmom about our behavior. We were both now his cumsluts, and were not allowed clothes to wear unless he said so. I was forbidden to take birth control, or have a man use a condom while fucking me. And we fucked who ever Daddy said, whenever he said so. Last week he took me to Home Depot and had me suck off the manager so he could get a discount on some lumber he was buying.

When he called me down into the basement rec room, I hurried to him not wanting him upset for waiting. There was a daybed set up to one side of the room, with a frame that went around three sides and Daddy was standing near it holding some ropes.

"Get on your knees and crawl over here, Bethie. Suck Daddy's cock for a while" he told me. I got down and slowly crawled to him, then took him in my mouth. His cock was soon stretching my jaw wide as he used my hair to move my head up and down as he please. Before I could make him cum, he released me and stepped back. "Sit on the edge of the bed, spread your knees and lay back."

I did as he requested, which left my pussy open and my ass starting to hang off the edge of the bed. Daddy picked up a piece of the rope and wrapped one end around my thigh above my knee a few times then tied it off. The other end he ran through the bedframe, pulling so my knee was up and pulled out to the side. Once he had done the same to my other leg, I must have looked obscene. My pussy was spread wide and already starting to show wetness from my arousal.

"We're playing a game today, slut. I can see you getting wet already, so I know your excited" he tells me, using one hand to gently rub the lips of my sex. "The game is called "Breeding Bethie" and the other players should be here any second. Grandpa, and both your uncles volunteered to play. You'll be a good girl while we play, or Daddy will have to get his belt, is that clear?"

"Yes, Daddy" I whimper as he pushes two fingers inside me and starts to move them in and out of me slowly.

"Good. Now the rules of the game are pretty simple. Everyone draws a card, high card gets to ride this hot little cunt bareback and fill it up with a fresh load of sperm. If you cum more than once, they can draw again and try to give you another load" he explains to me.

"Of course, if they draw and ace," Daddy says as he pulls his fingers out of my cunt "that means they can fuck your tight little asshole" and pushes his wet fingers roughly into my back hole making me whimper.

Right on time I hear our doorbell ring and my stepmother go to answer it. Soon two of my uncles, Chris and JP, were coming downstairs followed by Earl my grandfather. My stepmother wasn't with them, so I guess Daddy told her to stay upstairs.

"Looks good, son" Grandpa says when he sees my open pussy already shiny with juices. The men all quickly strip off their clothes while Daddy goes to get a card deck. When he gets back I see him hand the others a small orange bottle and they each take a small pill, then the game begins.

All four men draw cards and show them at the same time, but I can't see them from where I'm restrained. I know the winner quickly though as Chris chuckles and started rubbing his cock as he walks over to me.

"Rub your clit little slut, show Uncle Chris how naughty that pussy is" he tells me. When I reach down and start to rub my clit it swells and I closed my eyes, starting to pant from how good it feels. Soon I felt the head of his erection starting to push into my pussy stretching me open. I was so wet he slid in easily and began to fuck me with hard deep strokes of his cock.

When I started to moan, he pushed my fingers away and began rubbing my clit harshly himself before finally pinching it sharply. It hurt but also made me cum, screaming out loudly from the sensations. He kept up his pace, fucking me as my cunt was spasming around him, till finally he pressed deep into me and grunted as he started to cum. I could feel it, hot and wet, filling my pussy and dripping out with my own cum when he pulled out.

"Damn, only got her off once. Guess I'm out, fellas. Time to see what Tonya's doing upstairs" he said. Uncle Chris pulled his jeans on, then headed up the steps probably to go a second round with my stepmom.

Daddy, JP and Grandpa had watched every second, and their hard cocks showed me how much they had enjoyed it. Without saying anything to me, they got the cards out and drew again. This time it was my grandfather who came forward. He wasted no time, lining his erection up with my entrance and pushing it quickly. Once he had buried his dick in me, he gestured to my uncle for something which ended up being a small vibrator. As he fucked me slowly, he rub the vibe in circles around my clit.

It was driving me crazy feel all the vibrations near my engorged nub, but never on it. I couldn't hold back very long and started cumming hard. When he felt the quivers in my pussy starting to slow down, Grandpa moved the vibe directly onto my clit. I started moaning desperately and came again, my cunt started to clench hard on the cock inside.

After that, Grandpa set the toy aside, stop caring if I was enjoying myself and started fucking me so hard he was knocking the air out of me with every thrust. His dick throbbed inside me before I felt his cum spurting into my. After he gave a few more thrust to make sure his whole load ended up in me, Grandpa grabbed my face. "Say thank you, bitch" he demanded.

"Thanks" I murmured quietly, still reeling from the three orgasms in less than twenty minutes. That apparently wasn't good enough though, because he gave me a light slap on the face and told me to try again with some respect. As enthusiastically as I could I replied "Yes, Grandpa. Thank you, sir for fucking me and making me cum twice. Thank you, Grandpa."

He pulled his cock out, causing more cum to start leaking from inside me. Because he had made me cum more than once, Grandpa would be allowed to draw again. As I lay there dazed, once again the three men draw cards from the deck. This time Daddy laughs loudly and walks over to show me his ace.

"Guess Daddy won't get a chance to breed you this time slut. Just get to bust a nut in that tight butt" he tells me. He picks up a bottle of lube and rubs some onto his dick, making it nice and slippery. Then he pushes the head into my pussy and gets it wet with all the cum inside me, before pressing firmly against my ass. He hadn't played with my ass much, so it was still tight and unused to having a cock in it. Daddy didn't care though, he just kept pushing as I whimpered and moaned at the feeling of being split in two by his thick member.

When he had finally got his cock completely in me, Daddy took both my tits in his hands squeezing them tight to hold me still as he pulled out an inch then pushed back in with a small thrust. I couldn't hold back the small yelp of pain, which made him laugh and repeat the motion a few times a bit harder. Then he handed me the vibrator.

"Rub it on your clit, I want you to make yourself cum" he tells me. I turn it on low and begin circling my poor clit. Daddy began to slide slowly out of my ass. He left the head of his erection in my hole and poured a bit more lube along his length, then wrapped his hands around my thighs and shoved back into me roughly. He didn't stop, and I was starting to enjoy the vibrations on my clit even though my tight little ass was being pounded. "Put it on high, Bethie. You better cum before Daddy does little girl, or your pussy gets a spanking before bedtime tonight."

Images of his belt slapping against the bare lips of my cunt flashed in my mind making me moan helplessly. I turned the vibe up to high and the sensation made me start trying to hump my hips against it. All I managed to do was help Daddy as he continued fucking me. My orgasm exploded through me and I gave a high pitched scream as my pussy and asshole began to spasm wildly. Daddy buried his dick deep in me, appreciating the feel of my ass clenching his thick shaft.

"Such a little whore, aren't you Bethie? Good thing the game isn't over yet, you just can't get enough can you?" Daddy says to me as he starts to fuck me again. I know he likes me to answer his questions so I have to catch my breath and respond.

"Yes, Daddy, I can't get enough of being your slut." I groan. I still have the vibrator on my clit, knowing better than to move it without his permission. Thankfully hearing me say that seemed to be exactly what he was waiting for because I felt his cock start to jerk inside me and his cum was filling my ass. He pulled out and wiped off with a towel then picked his phone up from the table and took a few up close pictures of my dripping holes.

After he'd finished, it was time for JP and Grandpa to draw cards again. JP got the high card and didn't waste any time. My slit was a mess, dripping with a mix of semen and my own pussy cream, and he had no problem slamming his cock deep into me with his first thrust. He took a tight grip on my thighs and started to roughly use me, not seeming to care if I was getting off with him. I guess watching the other men take me had gotten him too worked up for him to take his time. In only a minute he moaned and I felt his jizz shoot into my pussy joining his brother's and father's. After he pulled out I felt him wipe his softening cock clean on the back of my thigh.

A second later my grandfather was between my thighs smirking at me holding up a card. And ace. Another cock in my ass. Grandpa handed me the lube and told me to rub some on his cock. I poured a generous amount in my hand, hoping to get him extra slick before he used my already sore ass, and used it to jerk his cock a few times.

"Put your hands down here and spread your ass cheeks extra wide for Grandpa, Bethie" he told me. As I gripped my cheeks and spread them, I felt his cockhead start pressing into my butt. I was still a little stretched from Daddy, but it hurt enough that I was whimpering as he quickly pressed his entire length into me. "Don't be a crybaby about it you little slut. I saw you cumming with your daddy's cock in this ass, I know you're loving this" he growled at me and gave my thigh a sharp slap to reprimand me.

He took his time, fucking me in a hard steady rhythm till I felt myself starting to grind back against him when he would thrust into me. When he noticed my enjoyment he picked the vibrator back up, but rather that putting it on my clit, he turned it on high and shoved it into my cunt. Having my pussy filled with the vibrations and my ass being pounded was driving me crazy. Grandpa made it worse by holding the vibe deep in me with his hand and using his thumb to rub back and forth over my clit. I couldn't take it and started to cum again. It seemed like the quaking feeling in my body would never stop as he just kept going, using my holes and really making me a fucktoy. Finally I could see him clench his jaw tight before he groaned and a final load of cum was unleashed into my ass.

When he'd gotten up, Daddy came over and took a few more pictures then lifted my hips up and set a pillow under them. "Give all that sperm a few minutes to settle in. We'll untie you when it's done. Of course by then your brothers will be home. They're pretty upset they didn't get a turn. Guess you'll be making it up to them."

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by StarField08/05/18

Multiple Fetishes

Well there should be a smorgasbord section then. There's some really freaky people out there. I've written several stories with multiple fetishes and they're all still awaiting audiences. Such mixed arrangementsmore...

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Love it!!

I love all your stories!! Please don't stop writing!!

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so wet

im a female and i loved it! wish i could be used and bred like beth

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