Breeding the Local Bitch Boy [F4M]

Femdom wolf girl knots your ass.
159 words
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Storyline: Punishment for stealing is a day in the stocks. Unfortunately for local law enforcement, you enjoy being in the stocks. Strangers come up and use you all day long so you tend to commit petty crimes more frequently then others. Today, while minding your business in the stocks, a wolf woman walks up to you. You've never felt a knot before...

Included: public (outdoors), bondage (via stocks), funishment, strangers, monster girl, wolf girl (like a werewolf, ya know?), monster anatomy, girl with a cock and knot, humiliation, degradation, slut shaming, compliments, feminization, breeding kink, mutual orgasms, cumming inside, creampie, knotting, anal, HFO (listener), and being stuck together

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: bitch, slut, whore, princess, and angel

Body Parts Mentioned: ass, hole, cock, leg(s), and cunt (reference to ass)

Pronouns Used: You/Your, He/Him, and She/Her (used once or twice in derogatory meaning)

Misc: In my head they are rival adventurers but none of this was stated

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surferjakesurferjake16 days ago

Love the voice and fun story!

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