tagNonHumanBree's Seduction

Bree's Seduction


(Edited by The Purv)

As I floated about outside the window, I gazed upon my prize; a beautiful young girl who was sitting on her vanity seat, brushing her long strawberry-blonde hair that flowed down her back and ended just past her hips. She was alone in her bedroom, wearing nothing but a white, silk nightgown that even the human eye could see through. I was able to hover about because I was still in my form as a bat, which is one of the shapes that I can become. Then I floated down into the room and transformed into my human shape as soon as I alit behind her. Although her gorgeous greenish-blue eyes were watching her own reflection in the mirror, and I was directly behind her, she still couldn't see me because my reflection doesn't appear to the human eye.

Hearing a noise, she turned around; and her eyes widened in terror upon seeing me; her arms quickly covering those lovely young breasts. I could see the increase in her breathing and although it's not noticeable to humans, my eyes were drawn to the pulsing of her blood through her throbbing veins. Her excitement was obvious; possibly matching mine.

However, she was afraid too. Suddenly a being had swooped in behind her as she was alone in the house.

"Please...Don't hurt me!" she whispered her frightful plea. Instinctively, she knew what was about to be. "I don't want to die."

I smiled gently. This beauty would be with me for eternity. With my eyes penetrating into hers I outstretched my hands in invitation. At the same time I held her blue green eyes in my gaze. Her power was becoming my power. She slowly and still nervously rotated on the seat to where she was facing me and then as her power ebbed she stretched her hands out to mine.

With me guiding her, this awesome beauty stood in front of me. In the manner of a husband taking his new bride I lifted her gently in my arms and gingerly placed her onto the side of the bed where she sat, as her eyes remained with my face.

We stared for a long moment as I awaited some indication that she was ready to become part of me. Finally she lowered her eyes as if she were silently agreeing to this submission. I moved up to her between her parted legs and reached out my hands and as I slowly opened and removed her nightgown; down over her shoulders and arms. I heard her gasp and felt her trembling from fright as more and more of her young flesh was exposed to me. I allowed it to fall behind her and the child's awesome naked beauty was mine to admire and yes, to ravage.

With her eyes wide in a sort of wonder and fright I removed my shirt. I watched in amusement as her lips trembled from the unknown that she was being asked to experience and for which she had abjectly consented, although it was unspoken. Her obvious hunger for her master to be was causing her breath to become much heavier and I dropped my shirt and slowly opened my pants. Of course I had no more covering beneath. With her eyes moving frantically all over me, I then pulled her by the hands to her feet again and there we stood. Face to face, body to body, inches separating us.

I too was so very excited as this mating with the human is such a rarity for me and it had taken me more than a year to select this beauty for my future. I moved my hands around to her spine and drew her into me. I could feel her whole body trembling. As our nude bodies pressed together I lowered my hands a few inches onto the soft mounds of the child's ass-flesh, so round, so tight and so perfect. I pulled her harder into me as my mouth began its first assault on the young flesh; first wandering up her soft, smooth neck, as a whimper came out from her throat, and then making my way over and onto her full delicious lips.

"No," a last trace of her human fears appeared as she suddenly barked out in alarm. With trembling voice she whispered a plea. "We can't do this! I-I'm a virgin; I'm saving myself."

As she half-heartedly murmured these words, I smothered her precious mouth with mine, sliding my probing tongue into her hot, wet interior. There was still a trace of tension in her body as the human part of her mind fought to obey a lifetime of teaching. Soon my tongue was exploring wildly within her mouth; the mouth of human flesh, the heat and moisture part of my need. Our tongues dueled and her resolve was weakening further.

But it wasn't only the mouth of the beauty that I needed to taste. For over a year I had built up this terrible need while making my decision on my final choice of flesh. Soon I allowed my mouth to explore her body, savoring the taste of her soft white skin; moving back to her neck, her shoulders and yes, even her arms. And then I was drawn to those beautiful taut mounds of tit-flesh. I felt her chest heaving from deep breaths as my mouth encircled one of those hot breasts, suckling on the rose colored nipple.

She was continuously moaning low and pushing her chest forward toward my hot mouth. An obvious conflict was at war within her brain as she then cried out softly, but with no fight, "Please stop. I can't do this."

She was gasping for breath as the pleasures invaded her being and her reactions were driving me to another step forward to the taking of my new being. As my mouth continued tasting the sweet, young flesh, her moans continued; while at the same time her earthly body was reacting to the wondrous pleasures that it was receiving. Her head bent low, almost as if in shame. Her eyes were closed as if shutting out the advancing betrayal from her whole being that she was about to experience.

I kissed, tongued and sucked on the quivering flesh as I moved my eager mouth downward on her body; over the taut nervous belly and down to the pussy mound; kissing and licking as my nostrils flared from the fantastic aroma. Within that pussy was virginal blood, which was beckoning me.

At the same time my hands move deftly over the child's body and once more was cupping the ass cheeks that I would one day feast upon. For now I cupped and squeezed and allowed my fingers to play within the ass-crack; causing feelings that the girl had never known before.

When my mouth descended within the crotch, she parted her legs to allow me whatever space I needed to display my love. When I finally pushed my tongue into her slit I found it terribly wet, proving to me that she could not control her body's natural response to my oral and touching stimulations.

The clitoris swelled! Lovely, exciting! Her excitement has her blood force its way into that piece of flesh, which paradoxically brought on my own inflamed excitement knowing that blood was rushing to please us both. I sucked on and licked about on the hard nodule as the youngster groaned. Her whole body was shaking as her legs were giving way on her. I guided her back so that at first she sat back on the side of the bed and then she lay back, with me kneeling between her parted legs and my mouth eagerly working on her soaking pussy.

"You know that I intend to make you my bride dear?"

"Please no!!" she whispered, as the last vestiges of her human teachings fought through; but there was no fight in her because her soul wanted this...her total being wanted this.

My mouth opened; exposing my fangs to her. As I move to that clitoris again I look up at her face, her lips quivering. There is immense animal lust pleasure on her face. I bite deeply into the inflamed length of flesh.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried out as the puncture of the clit forced out my meaning of life. The girl's blood seeped into my mouth and I sucked upon that piece of flesh as if it was the straw of life..., which for me, it was.

I was slowly draining her human life away. Her body began to grow weak, and her color started to change. I needed that virginity blood. With that wonderful over-tongue that only vampires have and which only comes out on the night of a deflowering, I pushed into the depths of the child's pussy. Her legs parted even further and her hips pushed up into me, her cunt searching for true happiness from me. My over-tongue reached its goal at the hymen. It was almost as if her body was pushing it as an offer to me. The pierce penetrated and suddenly the inner virginal blood erupted within my mouth and the young girl groaned with the first of her new life pleasures.

I was beside myself from this total experience of filling my being's needs while at the same time exploding those human pleasures in my head from this deep pussy scent and juices of this wonderful child. She would now be my forever.

As always happen on a virginal night my cock became that animal thing that all my wives hunger for. One of a vampires greatest pleasures is when this happens and there is a broken virgin that not only can take it but has to have it because of what the piercing caused when it punctured the hymen and sucked the final human lifeblood out of her. My cock was at monster size!

"Now to mate with my bride," I whispered.

I finally allowed the head of my dick to slide into the warmth of her labia and I pushed forward, forcing the swollen head into her tight, wet hole; feeling her body shutter in despair. Because of my earlier deed there were no resistance from the hymen and her body hungrily swallowed the prick into her depths and she moaned wildly from her total pleasure.


I slowly worked my hips back and forth, inserting myself into her delicious, defeated cunt each time. My big hands were all over her body; touching, squeezing, pinching her taut breasts; and caressing her thighs and belly. My new wife could feel my fingers rubbing back and forth through her pubic hair, occasionally stroking your tender clitoris, while at the same time I pounded into her.

"You're all mine, Bree. I'm just about ready to plant a little seed in your garden," I whispered in her ear. "I want you to have my baby, dearest."

She squirmed wildly on my stiff rod that was soon going to shoot forth its creamy load.

She knew that when I came into her that she would become pregnant. Just about enough time has elapsed to make her fertile. The thought of becoming pregnant with a vampire's child suddenly sent her into frenzy; her cunt muscles squeezed tightly on the long thick tissue thrusting frantically into her.

"No please! I don't want your baby!" spoke a voice of the past.

Her mind was confused with a thousand different thoughts bombarding it at once. She could feel the immense pleasure of a hard male sliding in and out between her legs, titillating all of her nerve endings.

Then as I was fucking the last of my pleasures into her she realized that her fate was sealed and she clutched at me with abandon. She no longer gave a damn about anything by life with me forevermore. I began pounding at her like a pile driver. I mauled her breasts; biting the nipples. She was unable to stop the grunts and gasps emanating from within and bursting forth from lungs and throat. Holding her in position, I unloaded my seed into her fertile womb.

As she felt the warmth of my semen explode down deep in your canal, she screamed in total pleasure, "Oh yessss! I'm Cumming tooooo...give it to me baby...Oooooooooooohh... don't stop... not yet... ummmmmm... Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm... Make me pregnant baby! Oh please, make me pregnant! Ooooooooooooh, I love you!"

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