tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrendi Lyn Ch. 04

Brendi Lyn Ch. 04

bydark suenos©

I shivered when the door slammed shut and looked at the sobbing girl in front of me. I hadn't realized how bad she'd been crying while he fucked me, then I thought about her ass, bleeding and oozing his come, when he sat her down and handcuffed her again. I swallowed to get my voice back. "Are- Are you okay?" I asked. She just glared at me, her eyes full of hate and pain. I felt guilty for what he'd done to her, but if I hadn't cooperated he'd have just hurt both of us more. "I'm sorry." She just kept crying. I didn't want her to keep crying. "Amanda," I said softly.

"Don't call me that! My names Gabriella, Gabbi," she snapped. Anger had torn her out of pain.

"I'm sorry. I'm Gwen. I guess he renamed you, too." She looked down at the ground in front of her. I was quiet a moment, then a thought struck me. "Do you think he'll let us go?"

"No, we've seen his face." I stared at her blankly. "He'd kill us before he'd let us go. Otherwise we could turn him in to the cops."

"Oh." I didn't know what else to say. I hadn't thought about him killing us since I'd woken up, since the other women had taken care of me.

"I don't think he'll kill us, I mean why bother teaching us who's master if he's just going to kill us." She wiggled a little and this set her off crying again. She didn't say anything, just cried.

"Gabbi!" She kept crying, she started making a hiccupping sound. "Gabriella!"

"I'm sorry," she hiccupped. "I hurt."

"Shh, sweetie, its okay. You'll feel better." I wanted to promise it to her that we'd get out of here and away from him. But I couldn't make myself lie to her.

"Why did you tell him what to do?" She choked out, the words spaced between sobs.

"If I hadn't he'd have hurt us both." He'd have hurt me, I'd been selfish.

"He's still going to hurt you." She looked somewhere behind me. "With that." I strained to turn my head to see whatever it was. "It's a whip, lots of tails, he said he was going to punish you with it." I shivered, a whip, a real whip, not just a belt like he'd used on her. The belt looked painful enough.

"God, a whip?" She just nodded. "I can't handle being whipped. God, I've never hurt so much and he's going to whip me?"

"Why do you think he fucked you first? He didn't want to get bloody." The door opened; he walked up to me and slapped me hard across the face.

"You fucking sluts! I leave you alone for five minutes and when I come back you've broken all the rules I set down for you. You both have to be punished."

"I- Master what did I do?"

"What did you do? You come sucking slut! You know what you did, Brendi! And you Amanda, after I punished you for your insistence that you be called by that name you tell that foul name to other people? You have no right to be called that name, your name is Amanda." He wheeled back to me. "You, you broke all of my rules, first you both spoke of me without calling me master! and second you told her to call you Gwen, third you prayed to God. Big mistake Brendi Lyn. You pray to me! You worship only me! I thought you were cooperating! I thought you were a fast learner!" He slapped me hard again, and then pinched my nipples viciously between his fingernails. I squealed in pain."All right, slave, seven lashings with our pretty cat over there. Amanda will do you the same honor you did her and count them for you." He walked behind me and I couldn't see him.

"Master, please, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" I howled, the whip hurt so bad. The leather tore through my skin and leather tips tucked themselves in and out of my back.

"Amanda had better count, the next one is still one because she took so long to say it." The whip cracked on my back to punctuate his last word. I screamed. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard Gabbi say one. The colors of the room were swirling when I opened my eyes and the whip crashed down again. My back, it hurt so much-- my whole body was tight with pain. Again the whip slammed into me.

"Gaaawd," I wailed.


"Another strike for that." He slammed it into me again. My back was on fire, I couldn't see. I couldn't think animal sounds came out of me.

"Four." I heard the whip fall to the ground, it made the same soft sound of leather and tinkling of metal as it fell. I heard languid, easy steps and felt his lips gently on mine.

"Brendi, you're not going to pass out on me are you?" I tried to shake my head, but moaned because my back hurt so much. "You need to answer me with words, Brendi Lyn."

"No, master." I gasped, light started coming back to my eyes.

"Good girl, no more praying to anyone but me, right?"

"Yes, Master." He walked behind me again and picked up the whip. It flew into my back again.


"You know girls, the nine really is a vicious bitch, but you, Brendi, are doing very well, almost as well as Amanda did with the belt. Factoring in of course experience and pain." The metal tips cruelly caressed my bloody back. I could feel blood down the back of my legs.

"Six." I started whimpering. And it smashed into my back again.

"Seven." My back felt like it was on fire, with the whip's tails being new pinpoints of heat. The whip slashed my back one last time.

"Eight." Then everything was gone, even the pain.

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