tagTransgender & CrossdressersBrianna Goes to the Mall

Brianna Goes to the Mall


All characters are 18+ years of age.

*Also, this is the 5th installment in Brianna's story. It makes more sense if the others have been read, especially the first, "Brianna Finds a Father Figure." As I reference back to something that happened there. I would recommend reading the others first.

Also thanks for the support.


After that first day, Brianna continued to go to her new parents home after school every day, except for on Fridays and Saturdays because her actual mother was home those days. Brianna continued the regular routine, going and getting dressed, practicing doing some chores and doing her girly duties, practicing with her toys and her parents, getting dressed and doing makeup, and taking the hormones. At first, Brianna thought that the hormones weren't doing much of anything, but after ten days of taking them she began to feel a little different. She felt like her body was tingling or changing, and she felt like her mind was beginning to change also. She began to feel more emotional, she saw the world through a changing lens, a much brighter and giddy kind of lens. This topped with her Mommy's lessons in being girly helped her change her perspective ten fold.

One and a half weeks after her start, Brianna's school had the Monday off so she was at her parents house early. Her mother had left at the same time as she ever does, so she gave it a few minutes after that then went next door. Brianna got to her parents house and went up stairs to change. On the bed this time was a pair of skinny blue jeans, white panties, a white bra, a pink shirt, and the same pink converse. She took off her boy clothes and threw them into another pile on the ground then slipped into her new clothes. The jeans took a minute of struggling to get into them but she managed it. After that she went into her bathroom and put on her wig.

Brianna then sat down on the stool in front of the sink again and began to do her makeup. She knew that Diane would be in here any minute to help her out as usual, but she was beginning to get the basics and knew how to start. She had only applied the first layers of concealer and blush when Diane walked in humming a song through her smile. Diane poked her head in through the bathroom door and said, "Oh great Bri, you've gotten started. Let's get you dolled up then we're going to do something fun. We're going to the mall to get you some new clothes, to get your nails done, and to get you some earrings. It'll be so much fun!" Diane clapped her hands and walked up behind her daughter.

Brianna then sat there in her own thoughts as her Mommy took control and finished up her makeup. Brianna was beginning to worry a bit, she was nervous about going somewhere public fully dressed and feared about getting noticed. Brianna asked as her Mommy was adding color to her cheeks, "Mommy, do we have to go? What if someone recognizes me?"

Diane just scoffed, "So what? You're a beautiful girl, you should hope to be noticed. Besides, no daughter of mine is going to be an antisocial recluse. You have to get some people skills some time, so the sooner the better."

Brianna wasn't about to argue with her because her ass had already received many spankings for speaking out of line and failing to address her parents properly in the time she'd been their daughter. Diane finished her makeup and told her to stand up and bend over. Brianna, knowing what was next, bent over the counter and grabbed the sink, mentally preparing herself for the needle. Diane undid and pulled the jeans down just enough to uncover some of Brianna's smooth ass. And in one swift motion, the needle was in and out and Diane was already reaching for the pills. Brianna pulled back up her jeans, took the pills out of her Mommy's hand and swallowed them with the glass of water her Mommy ahd brought from the kitchen. Diane led her back into her bedroom and told her to get ready, they would be leaving in just a minute, then left the room.

Brianna fished her phone out of her boy pants and tucked it into her jean pocket. She sat back down on her bed and waited for a few moments before Diane came and got her. The two women marched down the stairs as Diane announced to Rick that they were heading off. Rick called back, "Goodbye, you two. Honey, make sure Bri has a fun time. Try not to embarrass her too much!" Diane only laughed and winked at Rick as they walked into the garage. Diane flipped on the light switch revealing the two cars in the garage. Over Brianna's time as Diane and Rick's daughter, she had figured out quickly that the two were well off. She found out that Diane was a lawyer and Rick was an accountant, so money was never a problem to them. But Brianna had never seen their cars, a 2017 BMW 5-series and a 2016 Porsche 911.

Diane opened the door to the BMW as Brianna went around the front of it, admiring the dark blue shine on the nice car. She got around to the passenger side and opened the door, finding her seat. Diane pushed a button and the garage door began to open, the light from the warm mid day filling their eyes. Diane then began to pull out of the garage and drive down the street. It was a busy day, it seemed as though the whole neighborhood was out. The same man from across the street was on his deck and waved to Diane, possibly noticing Brianna in the passenger seat, and several other neighbors waved as they drove by. Brianna was pressing back into her seat and sliding down a bit to avoid being noticed.

The two girls got to the mall in about 25 minutes. They parked in the somewhat busy parking lot and Diane got out. Brianna hesitated, having to take a deep breath and force herself to get out of the car. As Brianna closed the door behind her, Diane locked the BMW and began to walk for the closest entrance with Brianna catching up behind her. Diane began to explain where they were going, how they were going to start at Victoria's secret and try to find her some clothes. Brianna was half listening, the other half scanning around and checking to see if anyone was looking at her. Of the people in the parking lot, no one seemed to notice her. This put her at ease a little bit, and as the two walked into the air conditioned mall, Brianna was met with the sight of the long building filled with bustling foot traffic. The mall had two levels, the lower level, and a second level that could look down on the first. She was again, having to force herself to take deep breaths and to act normal.

The two women found their way to Victoria's secret without arousing any attention. They shopped around for what felt like hours, but was probably only a single hour. Brianna was letting Diane handle the shopping, it was obvious to her that Diane cared more about it than she did, so she only spoke up when asked what she thought of something. Diane wanted her to try on some things, but Brianna looked at her with a look of worry. Diane must have gotten the hint, knowing how bad it could be if Brianna was caught in the woman's changing room. Though Diane still wanted to do it, she decided against it for Brianna's sake. The two bought the clothes, and only as they were walking out with five bags did Brianna realize how much stuff she had gotten.

Diane then dragged Brianna further down the mall into the nail salon to get a Mani-peti. The women in the shop tended to the ladies, speaking a different language to each other and chuckling. Brianna worried what they might be saying, but Diane talked to her to keep her mind off of it. Brianna had her nails cleaned up and trimmed, finishing with a red polish at the end. Diane and Brianna got up and paid the women as Brianna inspected her hands. She knew that she would have to take off the nail polish before school the next day, but she relished in having it on for what little time she did. Diane then continued to drag Brianna around the mall, jumping in and out of every little shop that had something that grabbed Diane's interest.

Finally, they reached the final store that Diane wanted to go to. It was a small shop that specialized in earrings, and even did piercings. Diane brought Brianna in and sat her down for the piercing lady, asking for a simple, single piercing on her ears. The lady smiled and started to direct Brianna to sit up straight and to avoid moving. While the lady worked with Brianna, Diane started to peruse the earrings, searching for what she saw to be the best fit for her daughter. The woman finished with Brianna, and as if on queue Diane walked over with two different pairs of earrings. One was a simple white gem in a thin gold ring while the others were some thin dangling gold rods off of a gold hook. Diane asked the lady to put the pair with the gem in right there, and to ring them up for both pairs. The lady was happy to oblige.

Diane and Brianna walked out of the shop with Brianna wearing her new pair of gold gem earrings, and with a second pair in their bag. Diane said with glee, "Oh, dear, you look so beautiful!" And hugged her daughter.

Brianna responded, "Thanks mommy." Hugging her back. As Brianna was looking behind her Mommy, she spotted a boy walking with his two friends on the second level of the mall. He was a handsome young man wearing black pants and a white T-shirt. His tousled black hair was halfway concealed by a grey beanie on the back of his head, and he was joking and laughing with the other two boys. Brianna recognized all three of them from school. The boy in the beanie's name was Jason, and the two others were Mat and Drake. Brian had Physics, Psychology, and Calculus with Jason and knew he was both bright and charismatic. Jason was one of the few people who tried to be inviting to Brian when he transferred to the new school, and if Brian was more social and outgoing they might have become close friends. The other two boys were nice too, but Brian didn't have many classes with them. Noticing them made Brianna begin to panic.

Diane and Brianna finished the hug and Diane asked, "So, honey, do you wanna check out some more stores or should we just head on home?"

Brianna, trying to hide her panic, said, "Um, I'm a little tired of walking, we should just go home."

Diane, noticing the bit of panic side-eyed her daughter for a moment, trying to read what was going on. But finally she said, "Okay, dear. We can leave."

The two women then began to walk back down the mall. It was a long mall, and they had come in on the East side entrance, and the earring shop was on the farther west side of the mall. They had to walk down the whole mall to get to their parking lot, and it just so happened that Jason and his friend were walking that same direction. Brianna would take quick looks up to the second level to scan for Jason, and she would find him only a few paces in front of them. She hoped that with them being on the second level that they wouldn't look down and see her. But about two-thirds down the mall, there was a bridge that crossed over the top, allowing people on the second level to cut across, and after Diane and Brianna passed under it Brianna lost track of Jason and his friends.

Brianna assumed that Jason had cut across and gone into a shop, so she let out a breath and felt relieved. Brianna and Diane talked about doing some chores when they got home, and trying on the clothes that they bought. They approached the east side doors as a group of boys came out of nowhere on their left. It was Jason and his friends. They opened the doors and walked out, but Jason looked back and noticed the two women approaching, so he held the door open for them. Diane walked through and said to the young man, "Thank you."

Brianna walked through behind Diane, and knowing that Diane would want her to say the same, she said, "Thanks." With her head down looking at her feet, hoping that Jason wouldn't recognize her.

"No problem." Jason said, letting go of the door after them and catching up to his friends. Diane and Brianna continued to walk through the parking lot towards their car, with Jason and his friends walking adjacent to them for their own car. Brianna noticed when Mat took a peak at her and then tapped Jason's shoulder and began to whisper. Brianna could feel as Drake also looked over at her and looked back at Mat, whispering in response. Brianna's cheeks were getting flush with red and she could feel butterflies in her gut trying to tear their way out of her insides.

Diane, ever vigilant, noticed all of this and could tell that something was going on. So, quite obviously to embarrass her daughter, she asked Brianna in a voice purposefully loud enough for the boys to hear, "So, do you know them?" Brianna snapped her head up to look at Diane, who was looking a little smug. Brianna's face finished turning all red, and frustration was in her eyes.

Brianna just hissed under her breath, "Yeah, I've seen them before in school."

Brianna then heard as the boys went on to whisper some more. Diane let out a giggle and turned her attention to the car which was only a few paces away. Diane unlocked the car and opened her door to step in. Brianna once again went around the front to get in the passenger side, but this time she paused and looked up over the top of it toward Jason and his friends who were getting in their car some odd parking spots away. Mat and Drake were getting in the back and passenger seats while Jason was opening his drivers side door. Jason also looked over the top of his car at Brianna, and their eyes met. Jason smiled and waved, and Brianna forced herself to wave back. She then immediately dipped into her seat and pressed back into the car.

The two women drove back in silence for most of the ride. Finally, Diane broke the silence, "So, you knew them?"

And Brianna, still pouting with an angry look on her face, said, "No. They don't know Brianna. They're from school, I've only talked to them a couple times."

"Well why were you being so stubborn? Why didn't you talk to them? They were cute, especially that one with the beanie and black pants."

"BECAUSE, they don't KNOW me. Remember? THIS," Brianna said, waving her hands around herself, "Is still very much a secret."

"Hey, Bri, don't snap at me like that! I might have to get your father to punish you for that once we get home. But I don't get the problem, you'll have to come face to face with this soon enough, so why not get started and introduce yourself to them?"

Brianna didn't respond. She just pouted and looked out the window. The two girls got home and drove into the garage. They brought in their bags, and Diane helped Brianna take them to her room. They unloaded the clothes and began to hang them up in the closet. After they finished unloading, Brianna went into the bathroom to take off the nail polish as Diane went downstairs to talk to Rick. After a few minutes, Brianna came downstairs and came into the dining room with a curtsy. Diane and Rick were sitting at the table, and when they saw Brianna come in Rick patted the spot next to him and said, "Come here, Bri, we should talk about something."

So Brianna came and sat down at the spot that Rick had tapped on. She then asked, "Whats going on?"

"Diane and I have been talking, and while we're extremely proud of your progress, we're not too happy with how you're refusing to accept your new life."

"Yeah, honey. If you're going to be a girl, you need to start integrating it into your life. Like those boys we met, I would've liked it if you introduced yourself then instead of putting it off until you absolutely had to. It's better to get on those things sooner than later." Diane said curtly.

"Well why do I ever have to? It's not like it's easy to just change my life like that, I'm trying but it's really not easy."

"Well you're going to have to starting in a few months. After another few weeks, those hormones will start really taking affect, and probably by spring you'll be looking like a real girl. There'll be no more pretending to be a boy then, not even at school. So you'll have to start preparing things for that time, honey." Ricky said.

Brianna thought about it for a second. She had known about that, but had blocked it out of her thought. Brianna was beginning to get heated, she raised her voice a bit, "Well this is your fault! You rushed me into this, so why do I have to deal with this? I would've been happy staying closeted, and now you're forcing me to face the world!"

Rick said, "Brianna, please don't lie to yourself. You wouldn't have been happy staying closeted, I could tell by those first few times we met. Brian was an unhappy boy who didn't fit in anywhere. But Brianna is a wonderful girl that just needs help finding her way out, then once she's there she's going to love life."

Brianna was beginning to yell, her new emotions from the hormones beginning to stir, "What do you know? Besides, I wouldn't have ever thought of taking hormones, or take it this far!"

"Brianna," Diane said, "Calm down, honey. You were so happy those first few times we were all together. This is the real you, you love being Brianna, it's what you were made to be."

Brianna looked down at her lap. She thought about it, still feeling very emotional. She remembered meeting Diane for the first time, and how she felt genuine happiness in her arms. She then remembered back to sitting in school as Brian, unhappy and alone. Brianna saw back to the way that Jason and his friends were talking about her, Brianna, the mystery girl they didn't know. She thought about it for a minute, and thought over what her parents said. She hated herself, but also loved herself, all at once. She had never felt so emotional, and she just didn't know how to handle it.

Rick broke the silence and said, "There, see? Brianna, we just want to help. You're a beautiful girl, and we just want you to realize your potential."

Diane then spoke up, "So, Bri, that's why we were talking about when we should tell your mother."

This got Brianna's attention. She looked back up and said, "What?"

"Yeah. She needs to know so you can start fully being who you are." Diane said, "In fact, it's probably best if she knows soon now so that she can help with the transition."

"Th-Th-that's really a jump, don't you think? How do you think she'll respond to such a thing? There's no way that my mom would be okay with this. It needs more time!" Brianna said with the familiar panic taking hold in her voice, replacing the anger.

"That's not true. Your mother is very open minded, actually. We've talked to her a lot, and from what we gather she just wants what's best for you. And She could also tell that you weren't like most other boys. I think that even she knows that you're best a girl, just doesn't want to push you into anything." Diane said.

Brianna just stared at them, not wanting to think about it too hard. So Rick then continued, "That's why we're thinking that in another week or two we're going to tell her."

Brianna just went on staring, her eyes getting wider the more they talked. It went back to Diane, "Once she knows, she can help you while you're still at home, and we can all help bring out the best in you. You'll love it, and so will she."

Brianna sat and listened as they continued to talk about their plans. But she was still just shocked at how fast things were moving. Once they finished talking, Diane and Brianna went on to do some chores and things. Once it was all over, it was getting late and Brianna's mother would be home soon, so Brianna went back upstairs and changed back into boy clothes. Brian now looked at himself in his mirror, and he felt a little disappointment in himself. Not for being Brianna, but for continuing to fight this. He didn't know why he fought it, he agreed with Diane and Rick about enjoying being a girl. He didn't feel right in his skin as a boy, but when he was Brianna things just made sense. He looked at his ever feminizing figure in his boy clothes and told himself, "They're right. You should accept it, it'll make you happy."

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