tagNovels and NovellasBrick House Pt. 03 Ch. 05

Brick House Pt. 03 Ch. 05


All content copyright 2012 Ted Szabo

This is part 5 of a longer work, "Brick House."

Chapter 5

I didn't see much of Kate over the course of the next couple weeks, as we were both pretty thoroughly weighed down by other commitments. She spent about half of her weekends visiting her folks in Valparaiso, a routine which I both vaguely hoped and vaguely dreaded Kate might invite me to join. On one hand, meeting her folks would have cleared up any boy-friend-yes-or-no-is-he-or-isn't-he questions that were still floating around, but on the other—well, I would have to meet the parents. An assault on the rhetorical bastions of the grandchild-craving alliance's grand fortress of rectitude was something I just wasn't up for. I was pretty sure they'd had about ten good years to dig in around that fortress and I wasn't breaching the battlements.

During one such visit Kate gave me a call, cheerfully catching me on her doings. It sounded like she was doing well—hanging out with cousins with names like Nalech and Mo. I wasn't quite sure what was up with Kate's extended family, ethnicity-wise, but they seemed like a pleasant-enough bunch. After an hour or so Kate signed off, indicating that she was going sunbathing with some girls she had known since high school who had happened to roll into town.

The day Kate returned, a Sunday, we met for lunch. Her tan was a shade darker and she'd had a haircut, bringing her glossy mane up around shoulder length. Kate wore a short, loose skirt and a low-cut sleeveless top that showed off the top halves of her breasts in a wonderfully exuberant manner. We sat side-by-side as we ate, brushing up against each other in that cute, cuddly, goo-goo eyes way the other restaurant patrons must have found disgusting (I know I find it disgusting, when it's not me doing the cuddly thing goo goo thing, anyway). After I paid the check Kate kissed me on the cheek, just below my ear, and breathed "Your place" in a slightly hoarse whisper.

As we approached the apartment entrance, Kate and I were greeted by strains of recorded music. As it was muffled by the relatively thick outer door, almost all we could hear was the regularly timed thump of base notes. It was soulful, romantic stuff—what the guys like to call a "slow jam." I had learned that when a slow jam filled the air there was a better than even chance that one of my rommates had company, as tunes of this sort were employed strictly for purposes of seduction. The song echoed throughout the concrete stairwell, mixing, in irritating fashion, with faster-paced top forty stuff coming through an open doorway on the lower level.

Once we reached the door we were able to hear moans—one voice low, another high but husky, coming from the room. The music had been loud enough to cover the vocalizations from a distance, but at this point everything was coming through pretty clearly. As I moved to open the door Kate gave me a pensive look.

"Should we... go somewhere else?" she said.

I shook my head. "No. Remember, that's not how we do things here. In fact, Sam--that's who it sounds like, would actually be offended if he found out I did such a thing because then he'd have to start worrying about who might need the place to themselves when he wants to go in, and our whole system would be screwed. Also—remember, if there is something going on, don't look away or act embarrassed—if you do, that'll just make them embarrassed too and mess up their vibe."

Her expression uneasy, Kate nodded her head as I opened the door and we walked through. We were immediately greeted by a rather explicit tableau. Sam was stretched out naked on his bed and his girlfriend, Yolanda, was on top of him. Yolanda's bare hips rolled rhythmically in time to the music as she rode him, concentration and pleasure mixing in equal parts on her pretty, expressive face.

Yolanda had the mocha-hued skin tones that often accompany mixed parentage—one aspect of a remarkable complexion that had no truck with moles, freckles or any other sort of blemish. I had seen her nude before, but never more than glimpses, and was finding the view thoroughly acceptable. With a twinge of jealousy I wondered whether Kate was having an equally enjoyable time checking out Sam who, I had to admit, was no slouch in the physique department.

I looked over at Kate and had to stifle a chuckle that threated to sneak out of a traitorous rib cage that was clearly not completely on board with my romantic aspirations. Her mouth was gaping a bit, and her eyes looked huge. "Um, um well..." she mumbled. I took Kate's arm, intending to lead her over to kitchen so we could sit and pop open a couple of beers, but she seemed rooted to the spot, mesmerized. She glanced toward me but I could tell she was still not really able to shift her attention away from what was transpiring before us. She mumbled again, eyes moving back toward the bed. "Yes, ah, we should... we should..."

Yolanda's pace had quickened a bit, her breath escaping out in little bursts. She pulled Sam's hands to her breasts, which were definitely more than a handful, and he fondled them enthusiastically. I thought I heard him mutter something like "Freakin' awesome" under his breath.

The song that had been playing when we entered the room completed and the next one on the play list began, this one even more romantic and slow—some sort of duet. The plodding melody was jarringly inconsistent with the increasingly hectic pace of Yolanda's movements as she neared climax. Sam's face had that glazed look that told me he was trying to keep from ejaculating before Yolanda was done.

I leaned close to Kate and murmured "I think they're going to come pretty soon—if that's going to be a little much we could go sit in the kitchen." We started to move toward the back of the apartment, though Kate was still obviously having trouble looking away from Yolanda and Sam.

Once we entered the kitchen area Kate and I were a bit farther from the lovemaking but the view was, if anything, more graphic. Yolanda's bottom was fully visible, bobbing up and down, with a foot folded under each cheek. Sam's balls were prominently displayed, and the base of his shaft became visible each time Yolanda rose, her vaginal lips stretched out around it. Kate and I sat at the counter and I got out a couple beers. I took a swig from mine, but Kate left hers untouched.

The couple's moans became louder. Sam shouted "Oh—oh God" and started bucking his hips frantically. Yolanda shuddered and squeaked, raking her fingernails across Sam's chest. Their completion seemed to break Kate's spell and she turned to me.

"I think I need to go for a run. Want to go on a run with me?"

I nodded and gathered my exercise gear. We were soon on the way to the head of our favorite trail and, after dropping by Kate's room so she could change, spent the next half hour or so jogging around the north end of campus.

On a few occasions I tried to make conversation but Kate barely reacted. She didn't appear angry, or even really disturbed, just preoccupied. After one particularly long stretch of silence I asked Kate "You OK?" She took a moment to answer.

"I'm fine, it's just a lot, you know. It's not something I'm used to."

"I understand. It must have been a little shocking, with it being so abrupt like that."

Kate didn't answer, and seemed deep in thought.

"Do you, um, do you..." She hesitated for a moment, obviously feeling a bit shy about whatever she wanted to say.

"Go ahead Kate, you can ask me anything."

"It's just... Do you think Sam's girlfriend—that was Yolanda, right? Do you think she's better looking than me? Give me your honest opinion; don't just flatter me because we're dating."

We reached a traffic light and ran in place while we waited for the traffic to clear. I phrased my answer carefully, knowing I was entering a bit of a land mine.

"Really, honestly, it's not even close. Yolanda's a great-looking woman, but you're breathtaking. Your gorgeous features, the way you're toned and trim but still have great curves. I mean, guys just about get whiplash trying to check you when you enter a room."

Kate chuckled a bit, but still wore a look of concern. The way clear, we moved across the street, heading east back toward the apartment. "But, you know, her..."

"Yes, Yolanda's boobs are pretty big, and pretty nice, but you're definitely not bad in that respect either. Most women would kill to fill out a bikini top half as well as you do. Anyway, your body types are just different. Breasts the size of Yolanda's would just look funny on you."

Kate smiled, appearing a bit more relaxed, and said, "OK, if you say so. You better not be shittin' me, mister. I don't take kindly to false compliments."

"Hey, you don't have to take my word for it that people think you have an awesome bod. A few weeks back when the guys got a peek at you without your pants, they were blown away. They were going on for days about how hot you are."

"Really?" Kate answered. I had been a bit hesitant about bringing up that incident, afraid that doing so might remind her she had been slightly pissed with at me at the time, but this didn't appear to be the case at all. Kate seemed quietly pleased, confident.

"Not that I would care what a couple of pervs who stared at me while I was on my way to the bathroom would think of how I look," Kate added unconvincingly.

We entered the apartment sweaty and fairly tired. The summer heat had lasted well into fall, with only the occasional storm system providing relief, and the last portion of our run and ended up being more laborious than pleasurable as a result. No one else was in the room, though a note had been left on my desk. It was in Yolanda's handwriting.

"The guys and I all went to dinner over at Dennys, will be back soon.

PS Hope you enjoyed the show!


Kate read the note with me. When she got to the second line she lifted her hands to her face, aghast.

"Oh my god, I was totally staring at them. She must hate me!"

I gave Kate a quick hug. "No, hon, that's not it at all. You're misunderstanding her completely. The part about enjoying the show isn't meant to be sarcastic at all. She really means it."

Kate brought her hands down, clasping them hopefully in front of her. "Are you sure?" Clearly she wanted to believe me and was trying to figure out whether or not she could.

"Actually, I am sure. Yolanda knows she's hot, and she knows Sam's hot, and she likes to show off—in fact, she loves showing off. Sam says that when they get walked in on it totally amps up her arousal."

This meshed well enough with what we had seen that Kate seemed to be buying it. "Yeah, I guess she didn't exactly seem to mind it when we came in." Kate looked back at the letter and then turned to me again, giving me a quick punch in the shoulder.

"What's with the hugs and kisses at the end there? That's pretty affectionate, sir."

"Hey, what can I say, she's flirtatious. Yolanda probably would have written the note the same way if she'd left it for one of the other guys—or you, for that matter."

This seemed to mollify Kate, at least somewhat. "Fine, just so she remembers who belongs to whom. You can't blame me for being a little weirded out when someone leaves you a firty note right after you've them buck naked and having an orgasm."

We downed a couple glasses of ice water and a few energy bars and then hopped in the shower. Kate and I washed each other off, and by the time we got out we were pretty worked up. I found Kate's form enticing in its entirety but on some occasions there were certain portions of her anatomy on which I found myself focusing with a libido-driven fascination that bordered on fervor. In this case it was the small of her back that had seized my attention as I drew slick, soapy hands down over it, amazed by the unutterably sexy manner in which it sat at the nexus of three arcs—the subtle widening of her torso as it opened up into her rib cage, the eye-catching, slightly curved line of her spine arching toward her upper back, and the dramatic flare of well-muscled but gorgeously feminine hips just below. The way a shallow dimple appeared to each side of the base of Kate's back when she stood perfectly erect, emphasizing the perfect quadratic Bezier countours of her suds-covered buttocks, drove me particular crazy--say what you will about the element of geekiness inherent in the wording of that observation.

At one point at had put placed my thumbs to either side of that nexus, wrapping my hands around Kate's taut obliques, and noted that when I did this the tips of fingers were only a few inches apart. "My lord, you have a tiny waist," I muttered, tightening my grip just enough to fully enjoy the firmness of her sides and belly.

"You're really into that, aren't you?" Kate had said softly, laughing. "It gets you all hot and bothered." By the time she'd completed the statement her voice was shaky with arousal, spread from my soul to hers like a fever-inducing contagion.

By the time we departed the show stall my penis was sticking out in front of me like a flag pole, its swollen knob of a tip bobbing around like then end of a drunken orchestra conductor's baton. The air was still pretty balmy, so I replaced the blanket on my bed with a light sheet. Kate and I slipped under it. Her body was still warm from the shower, hair wet and fragrant.

We kissed a few times, but were both breathing so hard it was hard to keep our lips together. I shifted, moved on top of Kate, supporting myself on my elbows.

Kate loosened her embrace, her eyes wandering toward the apartment door. In a husky voice she said, "They're... the others are going to be back soon." I placed a light kiss on her forehead.

"If you want we can stop when we hear them coming up the stairwell. You know how these cinderblock structures are. You can hear everyone coming from a mile away."

With that I pushed my knees between Kate's thighs, opening her up, and then lowered myself. I entered Kate almost immediately, pushing all the way into her. The quickness of it caught her by surprise. I usually took my time when initiating vaginal sex, moving my tip around her opening until she was thoroughly moistened and then gradually working my way in with increasingly deep thrusts. This time, though, I was pretty impatient, and I knew from feeling Kate in the shower that she was ready for me.

Kate made a choked sound, her head snapping back. I pulled out, withdrawing from her completely, and thrust all the way in again, hard. Kate yelled wordlessly, loud enough to be heard in the neighboring apartments, and spread her legs wide, kicking them so far out to each side she was almost doing the splits. Her left foot hit the window sill above the bed hard enough to leave a bruise and her right leg pushed out from under the sheet completely. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her toes were pointed sharply downward like a ballerina's.

I soon found a rhythm, glorying in the feel of Kate's responding beneath me. I brought my upper body further down onto her so I could feel her breasts pressed against me. She breathed my name in a high, quavering voice, urging me on.

"That's it, it's so good... keep doing that. You feel so good in me."

Footsteps and laughter echoed up the stairway, the others returning from their meal. Kate glanced at the apartment door, gulping, but didn't ask me to stop. There was now so much wetness between her legs that there was a moist popping sound every time I pulled back from a thrust.

Footsteps and voices could now be heard just beyond the door as Yolanda and the guys approached. The doorknob turned.

I kept going, ignoring the others—at that moment they pretty much didn't exist, as far as I was concerned—but Kate's eyes rolled toward the door. "Oh God..." she whispered hoarsely.

Yolanda and my roommates stepped into the room, continuing their conversation for a few seconds, and then noticed Kate and I. Their attention caught, they stopped talking, eyeing us with interest. I kept thrusting, no more willing to pause than Yolanda had been when Kate and I had walked in on her and Sam a couple hours before. Kate blushed furiously but kept moving beneath me, pushing her pelvis up toward me every time I thrust.

Al headed toward the bathroom, walking by us, and murmured admiringly as he passed Kate's outstretched right leg, no doubt noticing that the tousled sheet had exposed her hip and butt cheek as well. Dean and Sam started chatting with Yolanda again. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying over the creaking of the bedsprings but it seemed like they were discussing what Kate and I had seen earlier in the day. I heard Yolanda giggle and say something like "It's a little unfair, though. Sam and I showed them the full monte, while they're hidden underneath their blanky."

As was often the case when Kate neared climax, her vocalizations became increasingly fierce and foul-mouthed. "Oh Jesus Christ!" she howled, sounding like she might actually be seeking redress from some notable biblical personage. The next few words came out as distinct, sharp exhalations, Kate's entire chest convulsing with each utterance.







A minute or so later Kate and I cried out together and collapsed side by side. I could feel her upper thighs and abdominal muscles trembling—tiny involuntary convulsions that became gradually less frequent as she relaxed. Kate's face and neck were deeply flushed and her breath came in closely spaced gasps, each of which was accompanied by an almost imperceptible whine. The upper sheet was twisted and wrapped around us, wet in places, and there was a veritable pond of sweat, semen and vaginal secretions forming around our pelvises.

After giving us a few moments to catch our breath Yolanda walked over and introduced herself to Kate. Obviously not discomfited in the least by our post-coital state, the busty co-ed extended a hand, her expression welcoming and open. Kate sat up, using one hand to keep the sheet up over her chest and taking Yolanda's in the other.

"It's great to actually meet you," Kate said, sounding embarrassed but sincere. "I've heard quite a bit about you."

"Same here," said Yolanda. "Everyone thinks you're a lot nicer than Ted's other lady friends." Kate gave me the beginnings of glare and Yolanda laughed. "Not that there's been any other lady friends recently, really." Yolanda pulled up a chair and the three of us chatted for a while. Later on the lot of us broke out the chips and played a few rounds of poker, with Kate and Yolanda winning the bulk of the hands.

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