tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBridget Gets Initiated

Bridget Gets Initiated


All through high school Bridget was the quiet girl who spent most of her time doing charity work and other such events. She ran the Habitat for Humanity Club at her school and spent most of her weekday nights at the local retirement home helping out wherever she was needed. She was the one employee that all the people in the retirement home waited to see. The older women loved to sit around and talk with her, while the older men just dreamed of seeing her beautiful body naked. A beautiful body is one thing that Bridget defiantly had. She stood five foot four, had short blonde hair, amazing blue eyes and breasts that were fit for her 112 pound body. Bridget was viewed by the most popular guys in her high school as an absolute knockout, but no one was ever able to get their hands on her. As far as they were all concerned Bridget was still a virgin.

As the end of her high school career came to an end, Bridget often cried to her parents about how she did not want to go away to school and leave her family and work behind. But Bridget knew that if she wanted to be a teacher someday, that she would have to go to college, and there was nothing that she wanted more then to spend her life working with children.

That day that she dreaded so much finally came, and before Bridget knew it she was packing everything from her room into her car. She made sure to grab all of her clothes, not wanting to leave anything behind. She made sure that she had her favorite pillow and her special quilt that her grandmother had made for her. The last thing that she grabbed before she walked out her bedroom door and packed into the car was her favorite teddy bear that she had slept with since she got it for a birthday present in second grade. The car ride wasn't terribly long, but the 8 hours in the car seemed like such a short time because she knew that she wouldn't be seeing her parents again until Thanksgiving break. Once they arrived at school they unpacked the car, and her mom and dad gave her their final kisses and they got back on the rode for the long drive back home.

Bridget was surprised at how well her first two weeks of school went and even though she still cried about being away from home, she had met some new friends. It was Friday afternoon when Bridget got a phone call from one of the guys, Mike, that she knew from her English class. He had called to invite her to go with him to a party that evening. She had always thought that he was cute, and because she had no other plans, she said that she would be delighted to go.

For the evening she got dressed up in a mid-length tight skirt with a white tube top, and because of the open back of the tube top she chose not to wear a bra. Because of the white shirt and the lack of a bra, Bridget's nipples appeared to be constantly hard and the brown aureoles could be seen without much of a strain. When Mike arrived at her dorm to pick her up, he was amazed at how stunning she looked. When they got in Mike's car and as they headed to the party, Mike explained that he played rugby and this was a rugby initiation party. Since he had played for a year already he wasn't going to be initiated, but he was the one that was responsible for setting up the initiation party for all of the rookies..

When they arrived at the party most of the people besides Bridget and Mike were already drunk and dancing. Bridget wasn't a big drinker so she felt a bit uncomfortable. She also felt uncomfortable because there were only 3 other girls at the party and they were dancing all over other guys. She could tell by the actions of the 3 other girls that they were all very drunk, but they looked to be having a good time. She also noted that the 3 other girls were all very good looking.

Mike offered to get Bridget a drink and she accepted thinking that it would be one of the two drinks that she would have for the evening. While Mike was making her drink he made sure to drop a little white pill that one of his buddies on the team had given him to drug Bridget's drink. Mike was going to make sure that his date showed all the new recruits a good time this evening.

Before long Bridget started to become careless of her actions and while she was dancing other guys started grabbing her ass and feeling her tits. She did not like that the guys were doing this, but she couldn't find Mike who had left her 20 minutes earlier to go and do some initiation stuff, and not wanting to admit so, but she was starting to get a little horny. She could feel her large nipples getting very hard and her virgin pussy getting very wet. More hands started grabbing her, but this time, one slid under her arm and inside the front of her tube top.

Someone from behind her was playing with her now very hard nipples. The more her nipples were rubbed the more turned on she became. Bridget couldn't believe that she was allowing herself to do this, but she was unable to draw herself away from this touch. Soon she felt a hand rubbing the inside of her thighs and she started to softly moan thinking that for the first time in her life someone other then herself would touch her pussy. Just then the touching stopped and Mike appeared out of what seemed like nowhere. He grabbed her hand and led her off the dance floor. He had another drink for her that had more of the drugs mixed into it. Bridget was incredibly hot from the dancing so she grabbed the drink from his hand and drank it down instantly. This drink would put her completely over the edge, and she would very soon have no control of her body. The rest of the night, whether she knew it or not, she would be under Mike's control. The fact was that Mike was not the only one that had used the drug on his date, the three other girls at the party were also drugged by their dates that evening, and just waiting to do their part.

The President of the Rugby House soon called everyone to attention, he yelled that he was glad that all the rookies had made it through their week of initiation and that this evening would prove to be a great start to each of their rugby career's. He then asked for the 4 girls to grab their dates and get in the front and face the crowd so that they could be introduced to the team. The five girls in front were all incredibly hot, and by the sounds of the rugby team each guy there wanted to fuck those girls. The first girl to be announced was Jodi, a 5'9" blonde with small tits and a very slim body, and as she stepped forward her date grabbed the bottom of her skirt and it rode up her leg to show that she was wearing no panties, something that several guys on the dance floor had earlier found out. The second girl to step forward was Jessica, a 5'5" brunette with an athletic build and large "c" cup tits.

As she stepped forward she lifted her shirt to reveal her large tits and rock hard nipples. Thirdly was Jamie, an absolute knockout at 5'6" with mi-length blonde hair, a very tight body and large breasts. She unzipped her skirt as she stepped forward, then turned around, bent over and showed the crowd her light blue thong. This left just Bridget, who was very nervous to step forward because she didn't want to show off any of her body. Though Mike had different plans for her, and as she stepped forward Mike grabbed the back of her tube top and pulled it down to reveal her wonderful breasts. Bridget felt humiliated, but since the other girls had done something as well, she didn't feel as badly.

After the introductions, the initiation celebration was about to begin. Everybody there filed down the stairs into the basement and all of the upstairs lights were turned out and the doors locked. The basement was very large with couches and chairs lining the walls, but best of all the basement was soundproof, so no one would ever know what was about to take place. Each girl was grabbed as they reached the bottom of the stairs and lead over to a table. The girls were then all tied spread eagle to their own table and their clothes were cut off of them. The drugs made this relatively easy with a minimal amount of fighting or screaming. To make sure that no screaming took place during the President's instructions, each girl had a penis gag placed in her mouth. Then the president stood up and announced to the group of 24 guys the instructions for the evening. He started off his speech announcing to all of the people in the room that they were in a sound proofed room and had nothing to worry about during the evening. This made the eyes of each girl get very large and in Bridget's case she had a very scared look in her eyes. To this point she thought the evening was fun, but now she was starting to get worried about what each of these guys was going to do to her!

The President continued his speech by saying that there was going to be an awards ceremony and that each award had a treat that went with it. He described it like this, the MVP will get to choose who he wants to fuck and then in descending order the offensive MVP, the defensive MVP and the Rookie of the Year! Then the other award winners will get to do the prep work for the MVP's who were going to get to fuck the girls. There would be 2 other awards that would be given out in groups of 4, so in turn, there would be 8 guys in charge of the prep work. This prep work consisted of playing with the girls' tits, pussies and asses, but none of these guys would be allowed to fuck the girls. That would leave 12 guys to watch, video tape, take pictures and cheer on their teammates. These 12 guys were also in charge of making sure that they took pictures with the girls untied so that the pictures could later be used as a way of blackmail and innocence in case the girls ever decided to talk.

The awards ceremony began and the first award to be given out went to the assholes of the year. The 4 individual winners were easy to choose this year. The winners happen Ned to be two separate sets of twins who were all incredibly mean to the incoming rookies. There assigned prep work was very simple, as assholes they were to do an asshole thing, they were all instructed to titty fuck the girls until they were about to cum and then blow their loads in the girls' hair. The four guys all climbed on top of the girls and fucked their tits and blew their loads in the girls hair while the rest of their teammates cheered them on.

While Bridget was getting her tits fucked she began to get very turned on as she saw a dick for the first time in her life sliding up and down her tits and occasionally touching her cheeks and lips leaving pre-cum all over her face and on her lips to taste. The whole while she felt very humiliated, but she realized that the humiliation was a complete turn-on. She also realized that every time the guys dick got close to her, she wanted to put it in her mouth and suck it, but she was unable to because of the penis gag that was still there.

The next award to be announced was one that was treasured year in and year out as the award to win. This award went to the four guys on the team with the biggest dicks. The winners were chosen earlier in the year at a party where three girls got each guy hard and chose the four largest cocks on the team. When Jodi, Jessica, Jamie and Bridget heard this they all got a little scared to see how big these penises actually were. This year the winners were all very gifted with penises larger than ten inches long when hard. The four guys were instructed to remove the penis gags from the girls' mouths and fuck their mouths as deeply as possible until they came. The girls were instructed to swallow every drop of cum that each guy had.

As Bridget looked around the room she noticed that the guy walking towards her was a black man with a penis that was larger than all of the other guys and worst of all he seemed to still be quite limp. As the black man began to remove her penis gag, Bridget became very very scared. Not only had she never touched a penis, but this penis was huge and black and about to be slammed down her throat. As soon as the penis gag was released the black man put his penis into Bridget's mouth and instantaneously she began to suck it. By this time she could hear the other girls all gagging and coughing, but she did not realize why until the black man started to ease his huge dick further and further into her mouth. Before long he had about 8 inches in her mouth and she began to gag and cough, while his teammates that were watching were cheering the black man on to go deeper.

To please his buddies he decided to push until his full 13 inches were crammed down her throat and within a few seconds it was. As the black man pumped his dick in and out of her throat, Bridget cried and drooled down the cheeks of her face. She had taken so much of his dick into her mouth and throat that there was no room left for her to breathe. Then she heard the man whisper in her ear that she wasn't going to breathe again until she made him cum. This made Bridget very scared because she had no idea how long it would take him to cum, because she had never given anyone a blow job before. She continued to suck his cock harder and faster in hopes of making him cum quickly, and the more she did the more she heard him moan. Before long he was moaning very deeply and right then he blew his entire load down her throat. He made sure to keep his dick inside of her mouth to make sure that she swallowed every drop, and like a good girl she did. As the black man walked away from Bridget he stopped to say that Bridget gave the best blow job that he had ever had in his life.

The next four awards were given out in the following order; Team MVP, Offensive MVP, Defensive MVPand finally Rookie of the year. The MVP was the first one announced and after a long speech about this player the name announced was Mike's! Mike walked to the front to receive his award and then grabbed the microphone and said that he chose to fuck his date, Bridget.

As Bridget listened to this she got very excited that she would soon be having her date fucking her pussy. She knew that she was getting forced to do this, but she had begun to admit to herself that she actually wanted this. She wanted Mike to fuck her virgin pussy and take her virginity from her!

The other three guys each took their turn receiving their awards and choosing the girl that they wanted to fuck and then the celebration began. The four guys walked over to the girls that they had chosen and climbed on top of them. Bridget noticed right away that Mike had a little smaller penis then the black man did and she also noticed that Mike was not wearing a condom. This made Bridget very nervous because she knew that she wasn't on the pill and could very easily become pregnant.

Mike decided to start slow with Bridget. He began by just placing his dick up to her pussy lips and rubbing his dick slowly up and down. As he did he noticed that Bridget was soaking wet and had already begun to moan. The guys in the room started to laugh at how easily excited Bridget became, but she paid little attention to them. As Mike slid up and down the inside of her pussy lips, he made a conscience effort to rub over her clit every time. Each time that he did so, she would let out a very loud moan and her body would quiver with excitement. After a couple of minutes of this Mike decided that it was time to get inside of her. On his first attempt at getting in, he quickly realized that he would be getting the opportunity to fuck a Virgin. As quickly as he noticed this he yelled to his friends and teammates letting them know that Bridget was a virgin. By the third push he finally broke through her untouched pussy, and felt a pussy tighter than any that he had ever felt in his life. He started to pump in and out of her and before long he could tell that she was having her first orgasm by a man.

Bridget was amazed at how powerful that orgasm was, that she wanted to make sure that wasn't the only orgasm that she had that night. She began to ram her hips down every time that Mike pushed his dick into her once virgin pussy to make sure that he went as deep into her as he could. Before long they had a very rhythmic pattern of his dick sliding in and out of her pussy and moans that became simultaneous. Within minutes both were moaning as loudly as they could as they both came at the same time. Bridget was so overwhelmed by her first experience and by being in front of all those guys that she hardly noticed or cared that Mike had just cum deep inside of her.

At this point Mike whispered a "thank you" into her ear, and she looked him straight in the eyes and told him that they are going to fuck many more times in the days to come. Mike walked away very surprised, but with a huge smile of satisfaction on his face.

The rest of the evening consisted of the girls taking turns blowing different guys on the team whether they wanted to or not. They all had numerous pictures taken of them in compromising positions, just to make sure that they would keep their mouths quiet for a long time. Then they were all given a shower and clothes to change into before they walked back in a group to the dorms, all feeling very humiliated and used, but defiantly fulfilled. The four of them knew that this was just one experience with the rugby team and that there would be many more to come, and they couldn't wait for the next time!

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