tagErotic HorrorBringing an Old Woman to Bed

Bringing an Old Woman to Bed


Ever since I was bold enough to experience my first fuck, I was always going after girls, the younger the better for as long as they're of legal age. My first experience came when I was 20 years old. From then on I would even go for hookers. Good looks, decent size boobs and clean appearance was all the criteria to set my mood on fire. As I travelled a lot, I would not miss a single opportunity to search these girls out. Then from one experience to another, my taste changed.

I was in another town. My work brought me there for at least 2 weeks. I had to put up in a budget inn. After work each day I would sit at the cafe nearest the inn. I would like to see who were the other occupants of the inn. Sometimes we might be lucky to have some ladies sharing the same inn. Then I returned to my room to bath and dress up for dinner. Life was casual in this town. As night approaches, the people began thinning out. Some night shoppers thronged the mall. The other streets were deserted. Shops there were closed for the night. I strolled along the deserted street hoping to chance upon some hookers but there wasn't a soul to be seen.

As I strolled pass a lane in between two rows of shops, I caught sight of some one moving out of view upon seeing me. Curious, I retraced my steps and walked along the lane leading to the back of the shops. There I saw hookers gather in small groups. They stationed themselves at the rear entrance of the shops. In most cases, they rented rooms at the first or second floor of the buildings. The rear entrance stairs were the only access to the upper floors of the buildings.

As I moved nearer to them, they looked at me with suspicions. I might be an enforcement officer or even a policeman. These hookers be they full-timers or part-timers wouldn't want to have a brush with the law. So they would usually avoid these law enforcers. I stood there waiting for some hint that would tell me they were hookers as I didn't want to err on making the first move. Imagine the embarrassment should these ladies turned out to be workers, shop assistants or housemaids. After a couple of minutes, a likely client strolled by, these ladies quickly greeted asking him if he needed a "companion". That was the cue word, they were indeed hookers. After observing them for the last couple of minutes, I made up my mind to approach the one wearing a tight fitting mini skirt.

I approached her and asked if she was available. She replied straight to point. I charge $50. And my room is upstairs. So I followed her to her rented room. A small walled up space with one bed a side table and a chair. The room was quite stuffy. The ceiling fan made it a bit bearable. She was quite rude and impatient. She made me pay her the $50 first then she began undressing.

She instructed me again as I was getting on to the bed. No funny business, just fuck and make it quick. I did just that. I somehow lost the mood to fuck after being given that cold treatment. I kept my pumping rhythm but just couldn't get any nearer to ejaculation. She complained again that I was taking too much time. That killed my mood. Let me do it she demanded. She went on top and started to fuck me. Fucking was a job to them and finishing job fast was their main motive. This type of fucking definitely wasn't love making, no emotions whatsoever. Finally I did cum. She immediately stood up and left for the washroom. I removed the condom, put on my clothes and headed down stairs.

I left the area and strolled the other back lanes. I cursed my luck for making the wrong pick. Soon I came across another group of hookers. One of them greeted me and asked whether I wanted a companion. I observed each one carefully. Then I made my choice. What ensued were similar. Up the stairs to their rented rooms. I must say I'm a fast learner in this sense. Once in the room, I was made to cough out $50. Again the same instructions. No funny business, just fuck and be quick. This particular hooker removed all her garments except for the bra keeping her boobs intact. I offered to remove her bra, she refused. She instructed me to get on the bed. She came on after me. Assisted me with the condom, straddled me and started the fucking. As she bounced on me, she repeatedly reminded me to cum fast. This was my second shot and cum wasn't coming any sooner. Thanks to her similar cold treatment which made it even harder. As sweat ran down her forehead, she started swearing. Then she dismounted, she resorted to masturbate me.

Cum was still far in the horizon. I thought her arms would ached soon, as she jerked me vigorously. Yet my cum was still not forth coming. She removed the condom and resumed jerking. Her impatience grew. Her handjob was getting rough. Soon the handjob became painful. I lost my patience and demanded her to stop. Went over to where I piled my clothes, dressed up and left, not without cursing.

I returned to my room and immediately attended to my sore cock. Looked like abrasions, it was red all over. I was cursing those cheap whores. I called it a night and slept till morning.

I finished my job in this town without seeking pleasures from those hookers after the unpleasant experience. I was grossly discouraged by their antics. At least the bad experience kept me indoors for quite sometimes. I soon had this bad experience behind me. The appetite for sexual pleasures soon returned with a new task in a border town.

When I arrived at this border town, I searched for the best budget inn. My spirit ran high. I noticed a lot of young ladies around during the day. They don't seem to have any objectives in town. So I assumed that they're hookers. Tonight I'll check them out. I spent the rest of the day drinking coffee from one cafe to another. After my eyes had seen enough, I returned to my room.

After dinner, I strolled the streets. There were a few pubs around. I seldom patronize pubs. I prefer ladies out in the streets. I strolled along the back lanes too. Yes, there were groups of ladies around. As this was a border town, some of the ladies were from the neighbouring country.

I approached a group of 4 ladies. They immediately stated their price. One of them explained, $10 for a handjob, $25 for an oral job and $50 for a fuck. For a one night contract will be $200. She stressed further that not many ladies would offer their ass. There were only two ladies along that particular back lane that served their asshole as alternatives. The charges varies. I probed for more details. This lady then called out to the two foreign women.

They came forward and was told that I was interested in their services. Both of them were in their late thirties and had big round ass. I could figure out why they offered their ass while others don't. So I decided to venture fucking asshole tonight, something new to me. I asked them their charges. One of them replied, we'll confirm in the room. I insisted they state their price first. They both laughed. One of them explained that they charge their client depending on the size of their cock. They charged more for a big cock because it could be a very painful anal job. The other lady then playfully touched my cock. I agreed and chose the one with big boobs to compliment her big ass.

We went upstairs. The moment I stepped into the room, my cock stood fully erect. It's going to be fun I thought. The thoughts of seeing her asshole thrilled me. We both began stripping. She turned to check my cock. It'll be $30. Your cock isn't that big she added, and if you need a condom, it will be extra $5. I couldn't refused as I was very eager to start.

She bend over to let me have better access to her asshole. I was thrilled at the sight of her asshole. Her asshole was almost black in colour with some hair growing around it. I touched it and tried to insert my finger. It went in about an inch quite easily. I held my cock and placed it at her hole, gave it a little push and my cock slid in. It felt tighter than the pussy. I observed that the tightness was around the rim of her hole. While pumping her from behind, I bend forward to play her boobs while the other hand went under to rub her pussy. She responded by playing with my balls. It didn't take me long to climax. When I felt the urge built up, I doubled the speed and rushed headlong to a powerful cumshot.

I withdrew slowly and observed her asshole which by now had been very much puffed up. The experience was a worthy try. I didn't mind doing it again should I have the chance. Though the lady must have a clean hygienic asshole, otherwise it kills our appetite.

Each time I went for a hooker, the older ones were more polite and patient. The latest hooker was a granny. I came across them infront of the mall. They were part-timers I presumed. They didn't have rented rooms. Three of them were loitering infront of the mall. At first I didn't pay any attention to them. I was strolling by when one of them asked if I needed a companion. I replied yes. They asked if I have a room. The negotiation began. I took the opportunity to observe them. All were in their early 60s. All of them were plump. One was more jovial than the rest though all were talkatives. They rate were flat $50. per session and $200 for a whole night, meaning to say we keep them till morning.

I settled for the jovial granny. She followed me back to my rented room and kept persuading me to keep her till morning. I didn't agree to that because I content myself with a single session and very seldom do I go for a second session in a single night. Secondly, anything could happen while i'm asleep. There were incidents where clients were robbed. Yet there were stories of clients loosing their valuables, atm cards, credit cards and even wallet to hookers.

This granny were so patient and polite. She even took a shower before sex. I was given the freedom to choose having a protected or unprotected sex. With hookers, I do not take chances. I always go for protected sex. I did enquire if she offered anal sex to which she said no. I counter offer to take her one whole night if she agreed to have anal sex. Her decision was firm, no anal sex. Anyway I was already contented with her service. So it was one pleasant experience with a mature hooker.

Travelling in a bus along a dusty road to a small town was nothing pleasant. The bus air-conditions was down. The rustic scenery compensated all the inconveniences. The landscape against a range of mountain made it worth mentioning. Finally the rural town came to view.

The bus was driven through the town to its terminal where it made a final stop. There weren't many passengers then.

I went straight to the nearest cafe to freshen up with a cup of coffee. I was told there wasn't any inn around. I was assured there might be rooms for rent. It didn't took me long to locate an available room for rent. It was the first floor of a shop. Beside me, there was a working couple taking the bigger room. They have been tenants there for almost two years.

Late evening, as the sun was setting, I took a long walk familiarizing myself in this new place. Most shops were closed. Older people gathered at a small park, by the look of their uniformed t-shirts, I guessed they were certain club members. I decided to have dinner first in case all shops closed early. The town seemed deserted by now.

There wasn't any choice on the menu. It was a plain basic meal of salad chicken rice. I was never fussy when it comes to meal. All the while I was wondering if there were ladies around town. What I observed earlier on were housewives, shoppers, daily workers busy with their daily chores.

I began my night stroll looking as casual as possible. Only a few eateries were opened with few customers. I reached the park and saw those old people doing exercise, those must be the Tai Chi exercise I presumed, slow and graceful movements. No signs of those hookers, neither those part-timers. I strolled the back lane but not a soul to be seen. Maybe they'll appear later like some of the towns I have been to. So I settled down again in one of the eatery for a cup of coffee.

A few units away, the only pub in town began opening for business. A few GROs were seen chit chatting outside, most probably no patrons yet. The loud music could be heard each time the pub opens. I have never tried taking those GROs out as I heard from friends that they were only available after their working hours, that's late. Further, you need to get acquainted to them by patronizing the pub first. Beers and liquors there were expensive. So I was contented with hookers who were readily available.

It was almost midnight and I 've yet to see anyone loitering around. By midnight it became misty. I have not given up hope yet. By now the streets were empty. I strolled casually along the main street. I was somewhere at the last row of shops when I noticed a lady standing alone near a lamp post. At last a lone hooker I said to myself. I walked straight to her. As I approached her, she looked down avoiding eye contact. Now, how shall I begin? I didn't want to commit any embarrassing mistakes as not all ladies hanging around town at night were hookers.

The lady might be shy as she had not uttered a word. I started in the most casual manner by asking if she was alone. She only nodded. I guessed she must be in her fifties by the look of her body, dressing and hair style. Still looking down, I couldn't see her face. I asked her again if she was waiting for someone, to which she shook her head. Then I asked if she 'd like to follow me back to my rented room. Again she shook her head. I asked her if she had a room and she nodded. I asked her wether she had someone with her in room. She shook her head. I proposed that we both go to her room. She nodded her head.

She turned and walked. After two steps she looked behind her, probably to see if I was following her. I noticed that she had a sad look on her face. Indeed she was in her fifties I said to myself. She must have been through some hard times. She might be a divorcee or might be a widow not too long ago I presumed.

We headed to an old wooden house a few metres off the road. She unlocked the main door and stepped inside. I followed her into the house. An oil lamp lit the sitting room. She told me to take a seat, gesturing with her hand to the sofa. So I did as I was told. She went into a room and came out again in her night dress. She sat next to me.

I took her hands in mine and gave her a gentle hand massage. She felt uneasy at first. She seemed very nervous and her hands were cold. You should not be outside on such a misty night I said. Your hands are cold. I moved closer to her and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. I could feel that she was more relaxed now. I had both arms around her and as I slowly move my hands to her breast she gave a sigh. I kissed her cheek and tried to move to her lips. She turned her face away.

Her tits were pointing hard under her thin night dress. She had big round boobs. I unbuttoned her night dress to get to her boobs. Massaging each boob gently and enjoying their softness. She unbuttoned my shirt, took it off and had it hung on a nail sticking out of the wooden wall. I had unbuttoned her night dress and began taking them off. She had such beautiful body of a mature women. I slowly removed her panty. She had a small patch of hair covering her pussy. I stood up to remove my jeans. My cock stood up totally erect. I took her hand and placed them on my cock. She immediately withdrew her hand. We sat down again and I began fingering her pussy. With my fingers parting her pubic hair, I managed to clear her entrance and insert a finger slowly into her pussy. It was dry.

My cock was now bone hard. I shifted to give space for her to lie. I wedged my body between her thighs. My cock now rested on her entrance and I gave it a push. After a few pushes, pre cum from my excited cock moistened her pussy. That made penetration easier. She responded to my thrust by pushing up her crotch. In no time I felt cum building up waiting to erupt. I pumped faster and she responded likewise pushing up her crotch to catch my thrusts. Every thrust was full with the whole length of my cock inside her. The moment of glory was near. I felt my ass muscle tensed.

From deep within, my sperm gushed out spurting into her pussy. She in the meantime maintained her movement, pushing up her crotch making her pussy swallow the full length of my cock. I remained on top of her all drained out. Exhausted, and still panting hard, I remained as I was. She remained under me. I felt tired and too lazy to move. I didn't even bother to put on my clothes. I fell asleep.

The sun was up shining brightly on me. I sat up trying to recall where I was. I looked around but couldn't figure out where was I. Still without my clothed, I look around for my shirt and jeans. Just then I recalled following a woman to her house. I was all the while on a broken down sofa. The house was old and broken down. The main door had long fell off it's hinges and now laying on the ground half covered by weeds. I found my shirt hooked on a rusty nail protruding from an old decayed wooden plank. I was very confused and panicky. I hurriedly left the ruin making my way through thick undergrowth to the main road.

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by Anonymous

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by trishotoy9910/03/17

erotic horror

Q no. 1 = the rough services provided by the young hookers put him off. Where as
the more mature hookers gave better services
Q no.2 = the last mature woman was not a human as the situationmore...

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by Anonymous10/01/17

Why was this in erotic horror?

Otherwise, well-written, though not very erotic, story.

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by Anonymous09/27/17

An intriguing tale, but...Nothing explains why he's now attracted to older women. The Hookers? I don't think so.
The woman he spent the night with? Maybe, but this IS horror and he wakens in a dump. That'smore...

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