tagTransgender & CrossdressersBringing Daddy's Work Home

Bringing Daddy's Work Home


Cowritten by BrownCuriosity

* * * * *

"Whew! I can't believe this shit."

Marilyn Walker, recent high school graduate, stared into the reflection in the bathroom mirror and breathed deeply, thinking to herself about her latest situation. Here, she was standing in the bathroom of the office of some city bureaucrat whose name and title escaped her at the moment. As she slicked her hair back nervously with a free hand, she looked at the scene presented to her in the mirror. She was dressed in a light pink business suit, with the skirt coming down to a bit above her knees and her jacket hiding a white lace bra bulging with flesh. She stood a bit unstably on her short pink heels, nervous about the situation she was in, glancing around the mirror in a futile attempt to find something to calm her down. She bent down a bit to turn on the water, then bent down further to splash some cold water on her face to relax.

Marilyn took one last deep breath, then said to herself under her breath, "Here goes nothing."

She strode out, putting up a front of confidence as she walked up the short hallway up to the office. She took note of the nameplate on what she supposed was the secretary's desk. "Ah, Gerald Scott…that's the guy I'm working for," Marilyn thought, making a mental note to herself. She then knocked on the office door in front of her, trying to keep herself steady on her feet. Then, a somewhat tall middle-aged Black man dressed in a business suit answered the door.

"Uh…I take it that you're Mr. Scott?"

"Yes," Mr. Scott answered. "I take it that you're the new secretary that the temp agency sent over."


"The assignment is for two weeks while my regular secretary is out. It shouldn't be too hard. I'm often on the phone or holding meetings in or out the office. The instructions for the phone are written down next to it. Everything else should be pretty much self-explanatory. Got it?"


"Can I have your sheet from the agency? Thanks. Oh, and I'll be either in meetings or conference calls all morning, so just take messages of everything. My people for the meeting should be coming around 10, so let me know when they get here. Um…By the way, if a Ms. Reyes calls, make sure to take the message. She's a very important, um, business contact of mine."

Noticing the hesitation in Mr. Scott's voice, Marilyn wondered if this 'business contact' was a mistress of some kind. However, not wanting to rock the boat on a temp job, she barely chirped out "OK." As Mr. Scott turned away from the door and closed it behind her, she turned to her new desk. It was simply appointed, with the requisite computer, phone, appointment book and photos of the regular secretary's family. She sat down in the chair, and also leaned back to put her feet up when she realized that not only was she not home, anyone with the right angle could see her secret. Calming down from the minor crisis, she sat up to search the computer for Solitaire.


The morning seemed to drone on. Apparently, from what Marilyn gathered from the phone calls, her new boss was someone in middle management, making a living on dealing with bureaucratic bullshit and making sweetheart deals for himself and interested parties who wanted to work with the city. Her boss' scheduled appointment arrived on time, and getting Mr. Scott's attention on their arrival seemed simple enough. "This job is complete bullshit," Marilyn thought to herself. "And I'm getting paid 13 bucks an hour for this? No wonder taxes are so high around here."

She went back to her Solitaire game on her computer, where she seemed to be getting housed, when the thud of the closing door got her attention. Directly in front of her, walking down the hallway, stood a delicious looking creature dressed in the accoutrements of summer. Her shoulder length hair was pulled up in a ponytail, with sunglasses draped of it. Her white wifebeater revealed a tight figure, with average sized tits that seemed to float on her chest. The daisy dukes she was wearing, while maybe a bit too conservative for a Luke dancer, was short and tight enough to show off her hips and hint at a curvy ass. "Mmm, she has a nice body," Marilyn thought to herself. "Maybe that's the Ms. Reyes that Mr. Scott was talking about. And she look like she my age too? You go boy!"

"Hi! How's it going? Are you the new secretary?"

The comment broke Marilyn out of her carnal thoughts, and she responded "Oh, yeah. I'm the new secretary while the regular one's on vacation. The name's Marilyn. And you are?" She punctuated this last comment by extending her hand.

"Oh, I'm Kamesha, Mr. Scott's daughter. I swung by his office hoping he might be available to go out to lunch," the girl responded, shaking Marilyn's hand.

"Well, he's gonna be in a meeting for the next half-hour. However, according to his sched, he's free for lunch. Wanna wait?"

"Sure! Besides, I got nothing to do. Lemme chill up on this couch."

Marilyn pulled her chair out from behind the desk so she could get a better look at the couch. She saw Kamesha sprawled out on the couch and saw how delicious her pretty face, smooth skin and tight body looked. The sight of her reminded Marilyn of the line from a Li'l Kim song that just popped in her head, "Girl I'll do things to you, Vanessa Del Rio be ashamed to do!"

"So Kamesha, um, how old are ya? And what are you doing with yourself?"

"Well, I'm 18, and chilling right now, enjoying a summer of freedom before college starts up. What about you?"

"Oh, I'm working this summer. I need the cash, for school and for other reasons."

"I feel ya, I feel ya. I'm heading to City U in the fall. Where are ya heading?"

"Oh, Jersey State. Heard of it?"


"So what brings you here for lunch with your pops? It isn't exactly normal for girls to randomly visit their pops like this you know?"

"Well, I'm just trying to be close to my dad, you know? I mean, recently, we had some probs, especially with all his quality time with his 'business contact', if you get my drift."

"Oh, so my first thought was right…"

"Yes, that's his mistress. I see he told you about her. Well, recently, I caught him with her in a set-up. After I caught them, things got a bit, well, interesting. Lemme put it to ya like this…kids ain't supposed to know their parents like that, you know? Anyway, after a few days, we've been working on our relationship and stuff. So I decided to swing by here and maybe chill with dear ol' dad. Hey, you mentioned some other reasons for working here. Care to talk about them while we're waiting?"

"Sure. Who cares. After all, I'm just a temp. I'm outtie in 2 weeks anyway. Well, I'm saving up some loot for my baby mamma and our soon-to-be born child. I fucked around and got her pregnant. Well, I didn't exactly fuck around, since that's what she wanted anyway. It just sucks that her parents had to send her over to her fam in Japan for her to give birth. A nigga should be able to see his firstborn born, you know?" Marilyn stopped when she noticed the shock on Kamesha's face. She got up out of her chair and closed the distance between them with a couple steps.

"Do you mean, like adoption?" Kamesha answered, her mind still reeling from what was just said. "I mean, I know lesbian couples can adopt and…"

"No," Marilyn said, cutting Kamesha off. She then bent down to whisper in Kamesha's ear. "I. Have. A. Penis. Though, I don't want that fact being put on blast in certain parts of my life, and especially at work." Recognizing the pure shock that remained on Kamesha's face, she continued. "Look, your dad won't be out for a while. Why don't I take you to the bathroom and show you what I mean."

Still in shock as to what her dad's new secretary just said, Kamesha allowed herself to be limply pulled up from the couch onto her feet. She followed the largely built secretary into the side hallway and into the bathroom, checking out the curves of her ass and her hips. "Damn, she's a big girl," Kamesha thought to herself. "She must be well over six feet, even without the heels. Maybe she's right? But no guy has skin that soft, and those transsexuals I see don't have an ass like that. But she does have those wide shoulders. But…"

"Are you ready to see me babe?"

Marilyn's comment brought Kamesha out of her reverie. She realized that she was sitting on the toilet seat of the bathroom, and that Marilyn had her fingers pulling on the buttons of her suit jacket, pulling them apart. "OK, first, lemme show you my boobs, just so you know that I'm not some cross-dresser. This is real life for me." With that, Marilyn pulled open her jacket, revealing that lacy bra bulging with flesh, her dark nipples showing through the opacity of the bra.

"Damn, you have some tig ol' biddies. But you gotta be a lesbian. I mean, if you aren't comfortable with that, that's fine. You know that I'm a bit bi…"

"Shh. Now tell me something, my dear," Marilyn said she pulled her skirt up with her right hand. "Since you just said yourself that you're bi, you should know what a woman has, right?" As she finished her sentence, the hem of Marilyn's skirt cleared her panties.

"Yeah…I'd suppose so."

"Well, my dear," Marilyn continued as she pressed her left hand to her left breast and pushed it all the way down her front until it reached her crotch. She rubbed her hand back and forth against her crotch as she spread her legs slightly. "Do you know any lesbians with a piece of equipment like…this?"

Kamesha's eyes opened wide at the sight in front of her, and both sets of her lips juiced in lust. Dangling between what was for all intents and purposes a female was a dick. And not an ordinary dick. Even though it appeared to only be semi-hard, it was the biggest dick she'd ever seen in the flesh. Her breath began to quicken, her heart began to beat fast and her nipples began to harden and rub against the rough textured wifebeater. She felt Marilyn's lips peck against her forehead, then heard her almost breathe into her ear, "well, you're more than welcome to touch it. Go ahead."

Marilyn drew her new friend's hand forward and up against the tip of her dick. She almost used her hand as her own toy, gently guiding it all over. She guided the hand all over her tip, all around the silky, veiny shaft, then around her base, and finally let her hairless balls weigh themselves into Kamesha's hand. When she let go, she left her gently caress her sac, giving her pause to try to calm down. Painfully, she pulled Kamesha's hand off of her, then reached her own hands forward to play with Kamesha's nipples. "You know, I don't have time to really get off at work. Plus, I doubt that you could handle all my…special, attributes," Marilyn whispered in her ear as she rubbed on Kamesha's nipples through her shirt. "However, since I know you're horny right now, I think I can provide some relief. Would you want that, my dear?"

"Oooooo…yes." Kamesha bit her lip and wondered what her answer should be. Here she was with some strange hybrid of extreme femininity and by the looks of what was in her face, extreme manhood. She only came to her father's office to see if the other part of her blackmail plan was going to work. The free apartment, the free car, or whatever she could negotiate for. Even though she had Gerald over a barrel, she knew he wouldn't just give in so easily.

She never expected to meet a girl like Marilyn. She was easily six-two, maybe even more. She was a big girl, thick but well toned, huge breasts, just all woman. She was a little intimidating. Kamesha kept thinking, "Maybe she's like some exotic model or something…" as she saw the beautiful Marilyn behind the usual secretary's desk. Immediately she knew it must be a temp or something, but she couldn't help wondering if this girl was some sort of mistress in training for Gerald. She couldn't believe how cool she and Marilyn got just talking, and how delayed her little meeting with her father would get, and she definitely didn't believe everything she was hearing now, or what she was touching, or even what she was feeling right now. It seemed like the best of both worlds.

She felt her pussy tingle as she grabbed Marilyn's huge cock, "Yeah well I'm sure…something can be arranged…" She bit her bottom lip and looked up at her with her big brown eyes.

Kamesha couldn't believe she could be turned on at a time like this, when she should be running out of this bathroom stall like any other girl would. But Kamesha was very understanding, and as of now, very sexual. This whole bizarre situation was so erotic to her.

Marilyn smiled and got down on her knees. She began to lift Kamesha's tight t-shirt. She exposed the firm caramel breasts with the mocha colored areolas and hard thick nipples. She began rubbing them with her big soft hands and began to kiss Kamesha's lips softly. Kamesha breathed a deep sigh and reached for one of Marilyn's breasts to fondle and thumb the nipples. "Damn, this is real…these are the biggest real tits I've ever seen and touched up close…" Kamesha said, leaning in more to kiss Marilyn more passionately. Their tongues played with each other and Kamesha couldn't believe the thrill that she felt by just kissing her. It felt so good. By now she knew her clit was hard and swollen, itching to be touched somehow and someway.

Marilyn bent down and gently licked one of Kamesha's nipples. Kamesha threw back her head and gritted her teeth. She knew that she couldn't make much noise in this bathroom. The wet warmness of Marilyn's tongue and the coolness of her saliva drying on her sensitive skin sent a jolt to her pussy. Marilyn moved over to the next breast, while fondling the other one. She licked and kissed and nipped with her teeth, she alternated between breasts, doing this slowly and methodically, as if she tried to set ablaze the fire that was slowly kindling inside of this girl. Marilyn then began to suck Kamesha's breasts, first gently, making suckling sounds and moaning, then harder. The roughness was a turn on. Kamesha reached down and grabbed Marilyn's big black dick, stroking it and grabbing it, feeling it get harder and become more alive in her hand. Marilyn responded to the attentions grunting into her breast and sucking harder. Kamesha found herself very close to cumming.

Suddenly Marilyn lifted her head up and sat back, just watching Kamesha jerk her big dick with her little hands. Kamesha saw the sight of hard chocolate nipples and a hard dick on a soft sensual body and she licked her lips, nearly salivating with lust. Marilyn leaned in close to Kamesha's ear and licked it, then she whispered, "Yeah baby, jerk this big cock…" The words and the whisper sent another tingle to Kamesha's pussy. She watched the huge tip engorge with blood, and the veins become more pronounced as she jerked and rubbed the huge cock. Suddenly Marilyn said, "Really we'll have time for this later." She grabbed Kamesha's hand and pulled it away. "Pull down your shorts." Kamesha smiled and obliged. Luckily she wore no panties that day, in an attempt to drive her father crazy during her meeting with him. Marilyn smiled as she saw the shaved brown puffy lips, and the clit poking out between. "Umm…looks like you need some attention down there…" Marilyn purred as she reached between Kamesha's legs and began to rub her lips. Kamesha hissed as Marilyn rubbed, feeling the wetness began to emerge seeping from her lips. "Sit back down." She ordered Kamesha, and the orders were followed. She stuck two fingers inside of Kamesha and she gave a little gasp. She began pumping slowly inside and out feeling the syrupy hot wetness on her long fingers. She pulled her fingers outside of her pussy and began to lick off the wetness sensually.

"This is just a taste test Kamesha." Marilyn smiled, offering Kamesha the same wet fingers. Kamesha sucked the wetness off and tasted remnants of herself. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply looking into Marilyn's eyes. "This guy, I mean girl, I mean…Marilyn is so fucking sexy…" Kamesha thought.

Marilyn slid her hands up Kamesha's thighs and rubbed her hips. Then she parted her legs and flipped her own hair, so it wouldn't get in the way of what she was about to do next.

Kamesha could've came right there as Marilyn's tongue lapped at her pussy lips. She sucked on one then the other, pulling and nibbling on them, driving the girl mad. Kamesha began to pant fast as if she were hyperventilating, She threw her head back and held on to the walls of the stall on either side of her. Her toes curled inside of her sneakers as Marilyn began to dig inside of her with her tongue.

"Oh shit…yeah…just like that baby…yeah…" Kamesha moaned.

Marilyn looked up at the girl's contorted face and grunted, thinking to herself, "women were so sexy to her when they were on the verge of an orgasm. Mmmm." She held back Kamesha's lips with fingers of both hands and started to lick at her clit.

"Ohh shit…damn Marilyn…" Kamesha whined like a child being punished.

Marilyn licked around her clit, flicking the tip, and then covering the whole thing with her mouth, letting saliva and her tongue and lips gently massage the delicious pink pearl. Marilyn began to stab at Kamesha's clit with her tongue, going faster and faster, feeling Kamesha's body tense up in that familiar fashion.

"God damn, I'm cumming." Kamesha whispered huskily.

Marilyn just kept licking faster, and faster working that clit until Kamesha exploded violently inside of her mouth. Marilyn still didn't stop, tasting the sweet sticky cum, dripping down her throat. Kamesha's eyes rolled up in side of her head and she banged on the walls of the stall in desperation. She was cumming hard, over and over again. She finally cried out for Marilyn to stop, grabbing her head and pulling her away. Marilyn looked up with a come stained mouth and neck and kissed Kamesha again. Kamesha tasted all of herself on Marilyn's lips and tongue.

"Umm…Damn Marilyn…" Was all Kamesha could manage to get out.

Marilyn stood up and began to straighten herself up, "When can we continue this?"

Kamesha smiled. *** Kamesha left the office immediately after that encounter, she wasn't in the mood to deal with her father, she just wanted to get home to call Asia and tell her what happened. Asia was always joking about how Kamesha was a prude, and how inexperienced she was. But Kamesha knew Asia's ideas about her would change after she heard this story.

Kamesha approached the walkway of her house and saw Asia's car parked near. She went inside and saw Asia lounging on the couch having tea with her mother. "I'm glad you're here A. I was just about to call you…" Kamesha looked around, "Its like 90 degrees outside, what are you two doing drinking hot ass tea?" Kamesha's mother laughed, "That's a nice way to say hi when your mother's finally home."

Kamesha went over and kissed her mother on the cheek, "Sorry ma, I'm glad you're here. I'll annoy you in a minute, I just gotta tell Asia something…" She grabbed Asia's hand and pulled her off the couch. They bounded upstairs to Kamesha's room. Asia flopped down on Kamesha's bed as Kamesha closed the door. "I was waiting for you anyway," Asia said, "You know we haven't done any training for a minute, and its really time that we…"

"Asia I don't want to talk about cheering or working out…" Kamesha sat down next to Asia and pulled on her ponytail playfully.

"So what is it then…" Asia got a sly smile on her face, "You want to just play?" Asia said rubbing on Kamesha's thighs.

"Not now." Kamesha said. "Is that all you think about? I mean you got a boyfriend who you haven't worn out yet, you should be satisfied…"

Suddenly Asia stopped, she looked into Kamesha's eyes.

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